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  1. grumpymunky

    Less bots

    70 battles and you'll never see bots in randoms again. You're almost there.
  2. grumpymunky

    Bots shooting at wrecks?

    They shoot the wrecks so ninjas can't loot them.
  3. grumpymunky

    After 4 years, still not good enough

    Quit Asia and just build up your NA reroll stats.
  4. Anchoring tier 10's with a 9 will guarantee that you don't get the all 10 match. You see tier 8's about 95% of the time and the odd 9/10 game for the rest. Occasionally this will give you a long queue though.
  5. grumpymunky

    watch out for people

    Being pink doesn't make you a target for your own team. All being pink does is... ummm... what does it do again? It... makes you more pink?
  6. grumpymunky

    Just becuse you can doesnt mean it right

    That isn't right! They should've brought a CV and a Smolensk too.
  7. grumpymunky

    How to post Game Replay?

    Use left-click.
  8. grumpymunky

    How to post Game Replay?

    If you've got a Warships shortcut on your desktop, drag and drop the replay file onto that.
  9. grumpymunky

    Visby Camo missions gone?

    Seems like the camo is working.
  10. grumpymunky

    T8 Itialin is there an XP modifier built in?

    Maybe you claimed your 2 weeks free premium around the same time you got into the Amalfi.
  11. grumpymunky

    New Euro DD's are Garbage

    Yes, they were specifically designed for missions and directives that require lots of torpedo hits.
  12. grumpymunky

    Six Containers 90 tokens

    I intend to get to tier 10 with no whaling whatsoever.
  13. I don't know what the code did, but it wasn't premium time.
  14. grumpymunky

    Pointers on Fuso please?

    I don't think a winning, top-scoring 100k-while-bottom-tier game is a great example of "struggling."