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  1. grumpymunky

    89 plane kills in a single battle.

    I've seen scoreboards with over 100. 89 puts your friend in 715th place, tied with like 70 other poeple.
  2. grumpymunky

    Long Term Goals

    Still putting off carriers, eh?
  3. grumpymunky

    Hello Mr. Nelson, What are you doing Here?

    Let's all agree to ignore his div-mate's clan tag?
  4. grumpymunky

    Which steel ship to get

    Black's toolkit while powerful in PvP isn't really going to be that useful against the yoloing tendancies of the bots, particularly with its super slow sea mines. Smoke cruisers on the other hand are almost invincible in PVE since the bots don't know how to deal with you. Also keep in mind that there are no scenarios that the Black or Bourgogne could play if those interest you, but there are a couple where Tier 7 premium cruisers are fantastic XP and money makers.
  5. grumpymunky

    Secret to Doing Massive Damage with CVs Found!

    So everyone's just going to accept that the ram did all 90k+ of that damage to a ship that has less than 80k to begin with?
  6. grumpymunky

    Sometimes the teams are imbalanced

    It's not MatchMaker's fault that potatoes play the way they do. The only imbalance I see is the red team got a Le Terrible.
  7. grumpymunky

    Daily Xp Containers

    Yes. The XP containers of all types have a chance to drop something from whatever collection you have active, as well as random badges.
  8. grumpymunky

    Curious Carriers Carry No Magazine?

    I saw a carrier detonate a couple of years ago. Sadly I didn't realise at the time it was supposed to be impossible, so no screenshots and therefore it didn't happen.
  9. grumpymunky

    Passive Play

    If you have no interest in improving your own play, what right do you have to complain about anyone else's?
  10. grumpymunky

    Does the new midway suck, or do I

    Use your DBs. Rockets and torps are merely for scouting and passing the time between DBs.
  11. grumpymunky

    For the new CV players part 2

    That is until you get down to the last 5 or 6 ships per side in a double CV game. Then you get to play a tedious neverending game of HERE COMES THE AEROPLANE!
  12. grumpymunky

    Wows NIghtly News 17: Hydro or Def AA!?

    We talked about this...
  13. grumpymunky

    Recording a Game

    Find your WoWS installation folder. It has a folder called "replays" which automatically saves your last 30 games.
  14. grumpymunky

    I Am Furious!

    You can get pills for that.
  15. grumpymunky

    i can almost taste it

    With that "taste like ice cream" tag, I expected something more like this...