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  1. Cursed Supercontainer

    Today I got TWO supercontainers. The first was yet another damage control modification. The second was 100 signals to reduce burn time, to add to the 700 I already have. Of the two, I was happier with the signals.

    Every dog has its day.
  3. If you're getting chat bans, it's not necessarily because of something you said in chat. People have learned that the only report that actually does anything other than remove karma is the "misbehaviour in chat" one, thus, chat bans for playing poorly, playing a ship that someone doesn't understand, being the last player alive on the losing team, playing a CV, etc...
  4. T10!

    You make it sound like you finally got to T10, but that pic only shows 4 others already in your port.
  5. But they can only TK battleships and carriers, so it's ok, right?
  6. Noob friendly cruiser line?

    If you're looking for something noob friendly that can get away with doing something stupid, then cruisers aren't for you.
  7. When is something "spam?"

    Ah, but this is where you are mistaken. The moment a BB switches to HE, it becomes skill-less easy-mode broken HE spam.
  8. So is this a new feature WG?

    I had all the terrain disappear from my port leaving a bunch of hovering trees, but not in a game.
  9. This New Port is Funny

    Good news everyone! Crate #23 was a "super" so I opened them all. Sadly, the trees have since returned to solid ground.
  10. This New Port is Funny

    But these pictures of little girls keep popping out of them.
  11. This New Port is Funny

    It's been this way since my last match. I'm a big fan of these magical floating trees. I think it was a nice touch.
  12. Rant on Tier 8 MM

    I don't mind being bottom of a tier 10 game, I don't even mind when it happens more often than not, as long as there's a good mix of 8-9-10 in it. But what I've been seeing too frequently lately is the games with 1-2 tier 8s per side, and I wonder if they couldn't have just made it a 9-10 match with slightly smaller teams instead.
  13. Yamato Captain

  14. Nothing a few teamkills won't cure.