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  1. grumpymunky

    WG, it's time for Blyskawica to get buffs.

    No matter how many times you repeat that, it doesn't get any less moronic.
  2. grumpymunky

    Is the Russian DD line worth pursuing?

    You can try, but unless you're in a French DD, you won't catch them.
  3. grumpymunky

    WG want to encourage team play? try this

    This is exactly what we want!!
  4. grumpymunky

    I hate the state of the game now.

    Your first post ever, and you use it to necro something that's been dead over a year.
  5. grumpymunky


  6. grumpymunky

    What ship is this?

    That's a Templar fighter used by carriers.
  7. grumpymunky

    This Is Newport (Song)

  8. grumpymunky

    How to Counter Play the New Ships?

    Just dodge the AA.
  9. I might consider reinstalling for permanent Torpedobeats.
  10. grumpymunky

    Payard for Bayard?

    Cashio for Asashio? Coalensk for Smolensk?
  11. grumpymunky

    MM at it's finest

    Why would you assume MM had "given" that one to you in a 4 DD/side game where your team doesn't have a single radar?
  12. grumpymunky

    IFHE and DE combo on Schors

    You were thinking of the Schorshorst perhaps? Or the Grosser Schorsfurst? Maybe the Schorstenburg?
  13. grumpymunky

    IFHE and DE combo on Schors

    It's only good for the secondaries on the German Shchors.
  14. grumpymunky

    IFHE and DE combo on Schors

    Both are good for Shchors, but you'll want to re-think the 3rd and 4th tier skills if you take that captain further up the line. (SuperNintendo becomes more valuable at tier 8 and up. IFHE is good up to tier 9, but not at 10)
  15. Doesn't "most-played" in ranked mean it took the longest to rank out?