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  1. grumpymunky


    You mean you get team-mates that don't yolo into the enemy and die in under 5 minutes for no reason? How do I get more of these "cowards" on my team?
  2. grumpymunky

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    This thread has shown me the vast majority of BB players don't realise they can switch ammo types.
  3. The use of paragraphs can't hurt your weekend stats.
  4. Over 200k, but I already have Des Moines and Yamato with perma-camos, so I might just wait and see if anything more interesting comes to the arsenal.
  5. grumpymunky

    Hall Of Fame Rewards?

    I'm going to assume you posted this in another thread that got merged into this one. ... or you posted a link in this thread pointing to this thread.
  6. grumpymunky

    To get Nelson or not to get Nelson....

    Since you need random people on the internet to make up your mind for you, I'm going to throw in my "no" vote for a bit of balance.
  7. grumpymunky

    When Are We Getting A Submarine Subforum

    A subforum. Please, Dad, stop. A SUBforum, Coral!
  8. grumpymunky

    DD Grinds border to win knife fight

    A big mistake a lot of people make when shooting at ships on the border is shooting ahead of the ship. Ship is going "forward" and pointing outside the border, so they try to lead the target by shooting outside the border... a place where target will never be. You want to hit a ship riding the border, you need to be hitting a point on the border. Allow me to demonstrate with my legendary paint skills.
  9. grumpymunky

    Terrifying Players and Clan Tags

    Lies, my div mates and I had a good laugh about "DarthZeppelin in the Graf Zeppelin" last night. "Did he roll that account just to play that ship?" "Probably has 17k games in it and nothing else."
  10. grumpymunky

    How closely related to WR is the First Blood achievement?

    I've seen it happen a few times, maybe 1 in a thousand games. I've even seen 2 first bloods on the same team, after which I announced, "my first blood was firster!"
  11. grumpymunky

    Ranked did me in!

    I have really enjoyed this season of ranked, aside from that one ranked game I actually played.
  12. I know many of you think battleships would be defenseless against destroyers if they removed your ability to do devastating damage to them with AP, but fear not, rumour has it WG would compensate you by giving battleships a 2nd ammo type that is meant to be more effective on targets with little armour.