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  1. grumpymunky

    mini map

    Because if you're firing your AA guns without smoke cover, you're guaranteed to be detected by the planes you're firing at. You don't need a bloom radius like with your main battery because it instantly switches between "AA detection range" and "max AA range" with with a press of the "P" key.
  2. They're waiting for their damage control to come back up after they used it on a single fire.
  3. grumpymunky

    No CV sniping...

    Your team has a better chance of winning when the CV isn't wasting time and resources trying to snipe and failing anyway. No-snipe agreements should not be allowed because they simultaneously increase both teams' chances of winning, which is mathematically impossible and could crash the internet.
  4. They would be so far away our 20-minute battles would be over before the first wave of planes arrived.
  5. grumpymunky

    Any one got ship from in game FREE black boxes?

    His comment was making fun of those mistaking their bought containers for the FREE ones the topic was asking about. Obviously you knew the difference, so that doesn't include you.
  6. grumpymunky

    Is it time to buff the Gearing?

    Just give it the Grozovoi treatment -- split the DFAA and Spood Beast into their own slots, and add a few extra consumables all the way across to the O or P key.
  7. Statistically it looks almost even with Daring, Harugumo and Khabarovsk, but it's the Yueyang that's the problem? Did they even consider improving the performance of the Gearing and Z-52? At least they're doing something nice to Shima for once.
  8. grumpymunky

    Karma may be useless, but it's still pretty funny

    That was for having no account strikes, and had nothing to do with karma.
  9. grumpymunky

    New Issue With The Sub

    Connection issues?
  10. grumpymunky

    How does AP work at 90°?

    When a bounce can't happen, you still get 0-damage shatters if the shell doesn't have enough penetration.
  11. grumpymunky

    Sub Quests and Port Slots

    You get a mission to acquire each of the subs, even though you were given 3 of them to begin with. It's the missions for the ones you already have that give the port slots. They can't exactly remove the empty port slots you were given, considering you can fill them up with regular tech tree ships in the meantime.
  12. Of all the tier 8 destroyers, Le Terrible has the #1 win rate and is #2 in both average damage and kills. Making it stronger doesn't look like a great idea at this point. Maybe if a few thousand more battles show it underperforming. It's the poor Cossack sitting in absolute last place that needs some love.
  13. Yeah, that's short. 4:47 is my best time.