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  1. I got my first 8er today. Such security. Had the kraken with a mere 60k damage, and it still looked like we were losing.
  2. Ranked is Easy

    You died early and got carried the one time I saw you in a ranked match.
  3. WG, this seems a bit questionable...

    Premium consumables always set to cost gold by default. Crappy upgrades automatically being demounted for doubloons if you click through a ship sale too quickly. This has always been standard practise for WG.
  4. A Question to DD Players

    I've heard many dozens of times from DDs that get dev-struck in the first 2 minutes it's because they didn't get any support. I still have much to learn as I don't yet know what kind of support I could have provided to prevent that from happening.
  5. If we're talking about tier 1, even a single co-op game is usually enough to fully research it, though randoms do give more.
  6. Any other premiums like Anshan?

    HSF Harekaze has a few hull options that each come with different guns.
  7. Had this problem myself after a complete reinstall on the weekend. Playing with the default interface is so horrible I can't believe it's even a thing.
  8. Cannot Complete 3 German ships

    When the division commander selects scenarios, the div can take up to a full team of 7.
  9. DD teamkiller or stupid BB player?

    The EULA isn't really relevant to the forums, are the forum rules ok? https://forum.worldofwarships.com/announcement/21-world-of-warships-forum-rules/ 3.1 Language
  10. DD teamkiller or stupid BB player?

    I say torp them both and yell "SORRY!"
  11. Captain skills for Gearing

    Well obviously, but...
  12. Captain skills for Gearing

    Are you sure this is what you want to go with for your first post? Like really really sure?