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  1. How do you know the one you punished was the one that sat in queue for over 5 mins?
  2. BB AP

    They introduced the Republique.
  3. Sharks Eagles is there enough time?

    By getting +5 loyalty per day, you can max out your main team at 75 in 15 days, and still have enough time to get 50 on the other team, enough to buy 19 crates. Or you can get +3 loyalty per day by switching to your main team each day, max it out in 25 days, and get 25 extra crates from switching.
  4. Go Navy Tokens

    Well you can get 75 loyalty points for one team while switching every single day. The only thing you miss out on is the possibility of getting another 50 loyalty points for the opposite team, which isn't enough to get "the best awards" anyway.
  5. Disgusting

  6. Wrong Answers Only: 09

    That's a Templar, an Amarr fighter used by carriers.
  7. Eagles or Sharks... ?

    Thought I saw it on one of the Go Navy news pages, but after searching for it again, it looks like the achievement comes with the 100 tokens, not 100 loyalty points. So you get the achievement at 75 points. So, good news @JackG79, you shouldn't be missing out on anything
  8. Eagles or Sharks... ?

    You know, the badges on your profile. So not much really. You can max out your tokens for one team in 15 days, competition goes 25 or 26. Doesn't seem like a big loss if you can't make the 100.
  9. Eagles or Sharks... ?

    I hear you get an achievement medal for reaching 100 loyalty points on one team. Looks like you're gonna end up with 98.
  10. Boise: The road to Nueve de Julio

    Nope. That was a tier 7 game.
  11. Random tier X player who should know by now: Plan? Me: Use brain. Brain is OP.
  12. shark vs eagle

    Yes -- by playing tiers I - IV. You got something against getting free stuff for doing the same things you always do?
  13. Best Credit Machine

    Well 1 million of that was from completing the magnificent five challenge. So it was was really just a 360k game.