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  1. BarneyMM2

    Continue Naval Battles?

    If I can only ever get 10 points max, and I keep getting paired with clans bigger than me, what's the point in continuing to play?
  2. BarneyMM2

    Navy ships in HUGE HEAVY SEAS!

    Yamato lands up on top of Midway. Yamway (Midmato) carries game.
  3. BarneyMM2

    CC question

    Give Alpha_Aries (twitch: Alpha_Aries88, you tube: Alpha Aries) a try.
  4. Got an email on this, this today "Recil Troxel is one of the few remaining veterans from World War II, and he would like nothing more for his 93rd birthday than to receive cards from fellow veterans and well-wishers. Recil is currently undergoing cancer treatment, and his family has asked us to help cheer him up by having folks send him cards. His birthday is not until April, but they are hoping cards can be sent now or anytime leading up to his special day. “He sits here in this chair looking out the window every day,” Anderson told KSWO. “When the mail is here, he’s like ‘the mail is here, we better go get the mail.’”" If you google his unique name, you'll get an article with his mailing address. (it was provided me in the email, but was unsure about posting it in the forums).
  5. BarneyMM2

    Not enough memory for update

    Didn't run a hard drive cleaner nor did I download one. The old windows updates cache was also deleted to free up space. Unfortunately copying it over from the desktop didn't work (not enough storage still). Will have to wait until next month for a gaming desktop if no other money sinks. Thanks again for everything!
  6. BarneyMM2

    Not enough memory for update

    Close, but no cigar (still 14.34 Meg shy). I have a desktop that took the update, but can't handle play, so I'm able to go to port for the daily free stuff (only none of the free stuff has posted for me since the update). Still looking to late next month for possibility of new machine. Again, thanks for all the help.
  7. BarneyMM2

    Not enough memory for update

    Hmmm. WIll give it a try.
  8. BarneyMM2

    Not enough memory for update

    Affirmative, I did use the Windows tool to clean up the drive. HD wasn't a biggie to begin with. Bought the laptop for work, so HD only had to be big enough for .ppt presentations and student graduation paperwork. I'm looking to get a gaming desktop after the 16th next month when I have the money and if a family thing doesn't suck the money away. Too bad I'll miss all the Ovechkin missions, Halloween scenarios, Ranked, Purrfurst flag, and more than likely the remainder of the RN DD stuff (extra too bad as I got the Jervis mission. Guess I'll have to work it). I'll continue to follow WoWs so I won't be the guy asking "Hey, what'd I miss?". Thanks again everybody, for everything. See you out there.
  9. BarneyMM2

    Not enough memory for update

    Thanks for all the help. It was hard drive (HD) storage space. After deleting a lot of stuff and clearing the update folder (thanks for that. wouldn't have thought of it) still no joy. Gonna have to get a new machine. Was playing on a couple year old laptop I got for work. (the win98 comment was a riot. glad I wasn't drinking anything, woulda had to get a new screen too.)
  10. 670 Meg shy of having enough memory for this update. Will try again on the next update.
  11. BarneyMM2

    A case for Last Stand

    USS Stormes (DD-780) was commissioned in late January 1945 and was in her first action five months later. On 25 May a kamikaze dropped a 500 pound bomb which exploded in handling room aft. The plane followed the bomb and hit the torpedo tubes. Gas from the plane burned out of control for 20 minutes. The entire aft end of the ship was destroyed by explosions, fire, and flooding. The crew not only saved the ship, they never lost propulsion or electrical power. The ship maintained 20 plus knots with both shafts bent down 6 inches. Source: The Tin Can Sailor, Summer 2018, page 11, last paragraph.
  12. BarneyMM2

    What's with the green blips in my recordings?

    No green blinks, but your consumables are chopped off at the bottom.
  13. BarneyMM2

    The U.S.S. The Sullivans is in trouble

    I don't see anything about it on HNSA either, so I just sent them a message.
  14. BarneyMM2

    The U.S.S. The Sullivans is in trouble

    I'm a member of Tin Can Sailors. Haven't heard anything through them. Just sent an email to their offices (even though thy're probably closed). Had been thinking about coming to the August Field Day up there.