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  1. blast_invader

    Anniversary SC, what did you get?

    Been playing since October 2016, never gotten a ship from any container except on the PTS, a California from a gift container.
  2. blast_invader

    Choose the Look of a New Map!

    The maps most likely aren't designed yet, they probably want an area to base it on before they continue with designing it. No point paying to design 3 and use 1.
  3. blast_invader

    FDR needs a second round of tuning

    I'm saying, WG's logic with numbers has so far been number of battles played total to see if a ship is balanced, how many Zao's do you see? (Yes I know everyone has heard this) but the method of interpreting the data is where the mistakes are, also API has been pretty dead since 2017. No CB stats, ranked stats, or anything past that year.
  4. blast_invader

    Your most FUN ship in the game?

    I have to add Atago to my list, hadn't played it in a year, but played it this morning and holy crap that thing is good.
  5. Some battleships are OP, but anyone who wants to tell me my Missouri, Montana, and Kurfurst are the most powerful ships is clearly not thinking right. I can understand thunderer and ohio, but a kurfurst???
  6. blast_invader

    FDR needs a second round of tuning

    Old RTS CVs were far more powerful, you see all the people that have done over 400k in the old Midway? They provided better spotting as well. They did much more damage. However, people enjoyed fighting them more than they do nowadays. You used to be able to deplane a CV. Planes were much easier to shoot down, and things like Worcester or DM that have moderate AA, (or bad in DM's case) were able to do significant damage to a CV if it tried to strike them. They were also much funner to play for the CV. Instead of flying in a straight line for a minute to reach a target, you had 9 squadrons on Haku to command, you could do many different things at once. As a former Starcraft 2 player, I enjoyed that style. The old CVs were better at spotting, and did more damage, and a modern CV VS. an old CV in a 1v1 is no contest at all, a haku would devastate a FDR without a sweat. But, the lack of seeing your effect on a CV like you could with RTS with diminishing plane numbers, along with the nerfs to AA, make new CVs much worse to fight against.
  7. How are CVs supposed to counter subs, that's one thing that has confused me.
  8. Or, we could have subs exclusively in Ops and modes, which would be far more realistic than ship on ship combat, and more fun for all players involved.
  9. blast_invader

    FDR needs a second round of tuning

    This is one flaw, WG API is royally screwed up, it hasn't been updated since 2017, hopefully the data is reliable enough for this.
  10. blast_invader

    FDR needs a second round of tuning

    He was able to back up his claims with evidence, and WG has made numbers mistakes before... they saw a lack of popularity, and tried to fix it. The numbers of CV players has gone up, as WG suggested during rework, but so has the number of players. I have much more respect for a person who can make claims, back them up with evidence, and doesn't run to another point when the one they're using is proven wrong or only partially true. Thank you @El2aZeR for this, it actually provides useful statistics that I can use.
  11. blast_invader

    Your most FUN ship in the game?

    Bayard, or Friesland
  12. blast_invader

    Carriers have no value

    Japanese would be pretty well off, they relied on rockets the least, and their torps are suitable for DD hunting. American CVs can still bomb, just more skill required than rockets. With the recent change, MVR and the germans can hit 2 bombs on most strikes and cit with both, and it's torps are good for DDs. AP rockets have the shortest machine gun delay, basically not there so they are the best of the bunch for DD hunting with rockets, regardless of overpen. I don't think anything needs to be said about british CVs. Also, can someone tell me who here has ever ground the Jap CVs for rockets? And also when do you really use them? You torp all game occasionally AP bombing. The rockets never were really any good on them.
  13. It only goes 28 with flags, 26 base, at least according to the wiki, the Balao goes 30.25
  14. Also gonna point out, if we're talking useless against subs, CVs that can bomb the sub, rocket it, or torpedo it, all of which only works if the sub is the right depth.
  15. You loved Halland torpedoes, but they weren't enough, we decided to make them home in on you and do citadel damage! Wait, where's the applause?