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  1. JosephSantora

    Alaska is better than Iowa/Missouri!

    n No expert here but I thought the rational for the Iowas was the Japanese conversion of their Kongos into fast battleships and the rumours of them building 45,000+ ton battleships. Joe
  2. I got hit by torps dropped THROUGH an island. The game is really turning to garbage.
  3. My three pet peeves; 1- Radar through islands is bogus 2 -A DD should not be able to sink a BB with it's guns. I don't care HOW many times I hit it. 3-Giving the CVs unlimited aircraft is also bogus
  4. What's the thoughts. Does it make better sense to use it on one boat or another? Joe
  5. JosephSantora

    New video card?

    I sent in a ticketbecause the game was crashing every game and this was the responset Hello Commander, I'm trying to copy the ticket response.According to Windows Event Log the following error occurred:Display 4101 (0) Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.This error is usually caused by the following reasons:- corrupted, outdated or unsuitable graphics driver;- GPU overheating;- graphics card hardware malfunction;- damaged disk drive sector which contains graphics driver files.We recommend you to contact a service center representative since the issue may be hardware related.We hope that everything works out well for you!Have a nice day. I've reinstelled both the game and the drivers91030) to no avail. Is a card replacement next
  6. JosephSantora

    Atago B doubloon missions not working

  7. JosephSantora

    What the hell is going on with lag

    It's hard playing at 1-2 fps since Friday.
  8. JosephSantora

    Horrible lag issues since friday

    I'm on the NA server and I've been at 1-2 fps since Friday.
  9. JosephSantora

    Smoking BBs

    I usually use up more than half my smokes for teammates. (cause it's my job). I had a player tell me that smoking a bb is a waist. True? Joe