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  1. A_Crying_Hipster

    The Official "Carry Harder" thread

    Read my signature, it explains everything. And if sitting back isn't your thing, that is the result of a play style that runs against the grain of the fundamental game mechanics (not to mention the game wouldn't give you 20+km gun range unless there was some value in making use of that range, nor would the engineers who design the cannons for battleships in RL build them for that range without purpose). If suicidal, fast action aggression is more your play style, you'll have more enjoyment playing die every 5 minutes, rinse and repeat first person shooters. This game is a tactical simulator that requires patience, planning, forecasting and delayed gratification to be successful. It's ok if you still prefer to go against the grain, but it's a contradiction to get frustrated as if it's the fault of RNG as you claim or other factors. In other words, consciously going against the grain forfeits your right to blame anything external for your frustration if that makes sense. It would be like me refusing to dribble a basketball and complaining in frustration that it's the ref's fault for calling me for traveling.
  2. A_Crying_Hipster

    The Official "Carry Harder" thread

    What stat site are you using because you have a 40% win rate over the last 180 battles played (comprising of the last 7 days) and a .81 kill / death ratio which is anything but a high frag rate. And a very high average damage? How do you figure? Your average tier is 9.1 and 63% of the time that's in battleships, the highest average damage dealing ship type and you're only averaging 46k which is insanely below average for that tier. Even in the cherry picked post battle screenshots your avg base xp is in the toilet, even when your team performed mostly worse than you. Your survival rate is an abysmal 20% which means the primary reason why you're performing so far below average is because you're taking too much damage and dying early. Dial back the aggression meter a bit and your performance will improve tremendously.
  3. A_Crying_Hipster

    The Official "Carry Harder" thread

    Your gym meme does not accurately reflect the level of carrying you didn't really do in your match. Gotta at least break 2000 base xp, preferably 2500 base xp to be a worthy carry. Kills mean nothing when your base xp is that low because it means most of the damage done to those ships you killed were at the hands of your team mates. You did best on your team, don't get me wrong, but for your match, this meme is more appropriate:
  4. A_Crying_Hipster

    Why BBs Camp & Snipe

    Camping and sniping is based on skill. If you suck, it's camping. If you're good, it's sniping. And in this example, I am specifically defining "sniping" as successfully doing massive amounts of damage using the range the guns give you. If you (meaning anyone reading this, not just the OP) think 'sniping' is bad, it's only because you're specifically defining it as missing most of your shots from long range. Snipers wouldn't have that title for long if they couldn't neutralize targets successfully at long range. So you might want to consider using 'sniping' to only refer to skilled players that can do big damage at long range. And even camping isn't always bad. I've been accused of camping in a derogatory sense when no one else stayed back to defend the cap and I gently requested the failure of a human being to look at the minimap and reflect upon all the ghost markers of dead ships I killed in and around our base that he was too busy being a failure to notice. Bottom line, call it camping, sniping, hanging back, playing passive, or playing aggressive. Call it whatever you want. At the end of the day, your performance metrics will accurately reflect your contribution in this game and how you compare to the rest of the player base. If a person is below average, they need to spend less time telling others what they should be doing and spending more time observing above average players and mirroring their decision-making. That's how bad players become good players. It's just that simple. I'm a long range sniper in my cruisers and BBs. And both my average damage and win rate are comfortably above average. There are tons of players better than me, but my sniping generates far more wins than losses. My play style might not fit most players, and unless you're really good at predicting enemy movements and leading shots, you're probably better served getting in closer. But over-aggression is light years more of a problem causing losses in this game than passive players, yet you'd never think that based on the ratio of posts complaining about passive/camping players vs overly aggressive players. Ask yourself how many times have you seen a replay or played in a match where all 12 players lived past 10 min and lost. The answer is zero. Now ask yourself how many times you've seen a replay or played in a match where 4 or more players are sunk before half the battle duration? Nearly every other match. Why are there so few people trying to convince players to take more personal accountability for the health of their ship? Maybe it has to do with the fact that there are so few unicum players compared to the rest of the player base, and therefore there are so few voices out there explaining how to win matches compared to the endless supply of sub 50% win rate know it all's in this forum. And most unicums like it when derps suicide themselves within minutes of match start (when they're on the opposite team). Mmmmm foooood!!!
  5. A_Crying_Hipster


    Goes without saying but yeah, thanks for adding credibility. Won't make a difference to those on a life mission to be ambassadors of the former.
  6. A_Crying_Hipster


    Read again, i said even is situations where both can hit each other.
  7. A_Crying_Hipster


    Loser - Initiates a conversation by blaming others or whining about a game mechanic that others have figured out how to overcome, never posts replay videos but will just as easily write elaborately about their version of events that happened in a past game where they weren't to blame, hides their stats and runs from anything that objectively reflects performance Winner - Initiates a conversation by asking questions, seeking solutions, taking ownership, posts replay videos and isn't afraid to receive constructive criticism, shows their stats because they are excited to see where they are today and where they were yesterday and what others can see from them that can make them aware of opportunities to improve. The contrast in linguistic style between winners and losers not just in this forum, but in game and outside of the game is like night and day.
  8. A_Crying_Hipster


    Let me guess @ash403A, you're the "one ship." Just like in poker, if you haven't figured out who the sucker is in the first 30 minutes, you're the sucker. And your survival rate reflects that. You're new to the game (assuming you have no other accounts) so let me offer some advice. This isn't WoT. Don't play this like WoT or you will continue to perform below average. There's this thing called 'kiting' where you can let someone chase you where they can't hit you because as their shells are in the air, you are moving further away and by the time they land, you are out of their gun range. Meanwhile, while they can't hit you, you can fire behind you and hit them as they are moving further into the range of your guns. Now even if both ships are close enough to hit each other, by kiting, you are still at the advantage because generally you should be kiting in such a way as to draw them out of position and have your team assist in killing him, but also it's easier for you to hit him than he can hit you because again, shell hang time is shorter for you and longer for him. This gives you longer time to dodge their fire. Here's another clue. If at any point you have more than one ship shooting at you at the same time where the rate of fire and damage taken to your ship's hitpoints are such that you cannot exchange—at the very minimum—an equal return in damage, then you are out of position which is 100%, undeniably your fault. The minimap is your friend and one of the biggest skills in this game to master is not just reading it to understand the current state of everyone's positioning, but forecasting future state so that you have already moved in such a way as to never be out of position.
  9. A_Crying_Hipster

    After all it is just a game

    Crappy players saying "it's just a game" is like when ugly people say "beauty is on the inside." When a person sucks at something, it's a natural coping mechanism to engage in an act of discrediting the activity. Devaluing it. Trivializing it. It's not about how important the game is. It's the fact that after thousands of games played, a person with a healthy mind and attitude would naturally progress through the learning curve... EVEN IF THEY DIDN'T CARE. If a person can't even subconsciously learn from past mistakes and creatively find solutions to challenges in something that is "just a game," they have two choices: #1. Acknowledge they may not be the sharpest tool in the shed #2. Deny they may not be the sharpest tool in the shed by acts of deflection (I don't care.... It's just a game... etc.) Which do you think is easier to do when pride is at stake? I suck at dancing. Everyone knows I suck at dancing because I'll be the first to admit I suck at dancing. I even make fun of myself about it. Same with singing. Better have an ambulance on standby if you want me to sing because I'll precipitate a public health emergency as crowds flee the building with blood coming out of their ears. See how easy and fun it is to just come out and be honest? Own it. Humility is the greatest form of strength.
  10. A_Crying_Hipster

    How would you feel about fully armed at start?

    You do you, but I intend to continue playing with one arm behind my back at all times just to make the game challenging.
  11. A_Crying_Hipster

    Sudden credit earnings nerf?

    LoL, not really back. But welcome back to you too. :P Most of the time when I surf the forums, I'm on the crapper, which is poetic when you think about the relationship that has with the quality of the player base. With the baby now, I really don't have any time to play this or any other game.
  12. You love the Blyskawica because it's just damn fun to say Blyskawica. Say it with me... Blyskawica...
  13. A_Crying_Hipster

    Sudden credit earnings nerf?

    Think it depends on the ship type that the damage was done. You do more to DDs, you get more credits. I could be wrong.
  14. A_Crying_Hipster

    After all it is just a game

    People only ever use the "it's just a game" card when justifying poor behavior or performance. It's complacency and a lack of self respect. If you're going to put time into something, it takes self respect to care about the quality that you produce wherever that time is spent. Otherwise it's an empty calorie activity. Like drinking soda. It has zero nutritional value. Now you could argue you have every right to drink soda, and in the case of WoWs, waste your time derping to the bottom of the ocean and causing losses, but there's a stark difference. Drinking soda is a solo activity. WoWs is a team game. With joining a team comes the expectation that team members set aside their individual desires for the benefit of the team and carry their weight. If they don't care enough to do so, they toss out the "it's just a game" card in predictable fashion instead of self regulating (sticking to co-op, low tiers, training room, or solo games) like a caring and respectful person who thinks beyond themselves.
  15. A_Crying_Hipster

    Five Websites to Improve Your Game

    I see no websites that get to the core of what really improves a player's game. Websites that help raise a person's self respect (desire to raise the quality of all that they do because it's their personal stamp) and changes their attitude/mindset from an external locus of control to an internal locus of control. For example, if someone believes much of their metrics shown in those websites is due to RNG, they'll never focus as strongly on things they can do to affect outcomes compared to someone who believes RNG plays a smaller role.