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  1. Loved the video zath, I will do my best to work on all the things you pointed out. Especially the mouse wheel situation ( Sometimes I have missed perfect targets by taking too long to aim), ive been using it so long that I have gotten used to it. Thanks again!

    Hmmm..thats true. I guess ill wait till I get more options. Thanks!

    Great game! That silver income is insane. I need to get myself missouri, im always having silver problems.
  4. Your 'Fun' Ship

    Fletcher and Montana. In my opinion, two of the best ships in the game. Love giving a full broadside to other BBs and cruisers in my monty and love the firepower on the Fletcher.
  5. Hi there!

    Hello all! Hope you all are doing great. Just wanted to say hey as this is my first time stopping by the forums. I have quite a bit of battles under my belt but I still consider myself a newbie, im not the best as you can tell by my stats but im working on it. I have seen myself improving over time and hopefully one day ill reach the top! If I run into any of you in battle, ill be sure to make it quick and destroy you! See you guys around. -Raptor