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  1. GilHooverII

    Next Torp Boat line to grind

    Fletcher is versatile enough for a torpedo build, but Gearing is even more so. My Gearing build boasts an 89 second torpedo reload, a torp speed of 74 knots, and a torpedo range of 13.2 km for its twin 5-torpedo mounts. With a gun reload of 3 seconds, I have found it to be a strong torpedo boat that can defend itself from other DDs in a pinch.
  2. GilHooverII

    Special Captains...

    I have Jack Dunkirk in my Jutland, and before that, in the Lightning, preceded by the Jervis. All the British DD's benefit greatly by his JOAT skill, which reduces the cooldown time on the smoke generator.
  3. GilHooverII


    I don't believe the Okie is viable even as a coop ship! I would play my Texas instead.
  4. GilHooverII

    Izumo — Japanese Tier IX battleship.

    IMO, if you are not expert at angling (or at least highly focused on it), stay away from the Izumo.
  5. GilHooverII

    Alabama or Massachusetts??

    Yes, Wargaming has announced that the Massy is being removed from availability. Get the Massy while you can. I have both, and enjoy both. The Alabama now seems to have been power-crept a bit. In the current meta, the greater accuracy of the 'Bama seems to lose out to the secondaries of the Massy.
  6. GilHooverII

    ST 0.9.11, changes to test ships

    In regard to Strasbourg vs. Dunkerque, think about Jean Bart compared to Richelieu...and the effect of the main battery reload on a sister ship one tier higher. With it, the T-9 Jean Bart is OP, and even in T10 matches. The improvement in sigma is good to see; even with the longer base reload, I suspect the Strasbourg may be a bit OP at Tier 7 and play like a Tier 8. Anyway, I hope so....I love the very fun play of Dunkerque, Richelieu, and Jean Bart. Really looking forward to Strasbourg.
  7. GilHooverII

    Which cruiser line

    You have experience with a number of different cruiser lines. Bottom line: the game is supposed to be fun to play...so choose the line that is the most enjoyable/comfortable for you and best fits your playstyle. Keep that in mind and there is no wrong choice.
  8. GilHooverII

    Halsey w/Georgia or Dunkirk w/Thunderer?

    I have both...with a 19 point Halsey in my Georgia and a 19 point Dunkirk in my Thunderer. They are two of my favorite, most-fun, most-played ships. I recommend getting Thunderer first, as I fear it will be removed from the armory for the same reasons the Jean Bart and Smolensk were removed.
  9. GilHooverII

    Tier 6 Choice

    Dunkerque is more fun IMO. I certainly average more damage in it than Warspite...almost twice as much. But that may be due to my particular playstyle. Richelieu and Jean Bart are also in my shortlist of favorite BBs.
  10. GilHooverII

    Georgia T9 Premium Battleship Thread

    I finally pulled the trigger and obtained Georgia with coal. My first impression is "Why on earth did I wait so long!". So much fun! And a good earner, too! Plus, at last, a ship that can share my Massy captain.
  11. Republique is my favorite BB, but randoms made me evolve from my initial hybrid survivability/secondary build to a straight survivability build. The hybrid survivability/secondary build was fun in clan battles, though.
  12. GilHooverII

    ST, changes to the commander skills system.

    I wholly agree.
  13. GilHooverII

    Z-52 — German Tier X destroyer.

    Well, the Z-52 is a much better gunboat and DD hunter, without question. In randoms with the Z-52, let a red DD blunder into you, then smoke up, hydro up, detect him, he can't detect you, and Viola! Any DD without radar is in bad trouble.
  14. GilHooverII

    Z-52 — German Tier X destroyer.

    The extra km of range for the hydro, and 4 bow guns vs 2 on the Z-46, and slightly faster reload are pretty it. I use the Z-52 in the more aggressive role of a gunboat, while the Z-46 with a torp build is best all-around torp boat, IMO. Personally, I've found the Z-46 to be more fun in co-op and I play it much more than the Z-52. In randoms, I dislike the Z-46...that extra hydro range for the Z-52 is crucial vs non-German DDs and cruisers.
  15. GilHooverII

    ST 0.9.9, new ships

    The Strasbourg seems to be the love child of a T6 Dunkerque and the T9 Jean Bart...two of my favorites. I am cautiously optimistic, but fear Wargaming will breaking my heart, again. [California being the most recent example.]