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  1. Pulptenks

    Hangout by the Sea

    *Throws Twinkies* REEEE! Don't ignore me!
  2. Pulptenks

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    @GhostSwordsman You should join -AL- , just because we've been at Azur Lane since the very start of this thread. 0 requirements, only Azur Lane, come be our Grey Ghost
  3. Pulptenks

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Well my first go will be Amagi for sure. Goddess Taihou needs a good girl at her side!
  4. Pulptenks

    Holidays really show WoWs at its absolutely worst.

    That's okay I still love you!
  5. Pulptenks

    Your closest link to Ships we drive in WOW

    No real link to any ship but I did sleep on Haida when I was cadets.
  6. Pulptenks

    How to grow a clan?

    I'd say persistence. Be yourself about it, people who can affiliates themselves with the type of association you try to sell will show interest. It is not a particularly easy task. Here's what been working for me before when I founded a clan in the past. Doing a lot of promotion, this never can be enough. Having some quality of life such as a voice chat server, or messenger place such a Teamspeak or Discord. Interacting with members. Seeing what they want and how you can assist them. Having event or hangout outside the game seems to work well. Befriending them, members are not just a number, they should become a community. With that I wish you best of luck with your clan, hopefully this will help out!
  7. Pulptenks

    This game is a MMORPG and here's why

    ^^^^^ Really is not.
  8. Pulptenks

    Hangout by the Sea

    I'll be naked by then.
  9. Pulptenks

    Not wasting a dime until MM is fixed

    Oh yeah I forgot this was off, this is actually valid point. Think I got tired of padders at some point in the past. Will change that.
  10. Pulptenks

    Hangout by the Sea

    I sent you plot on discord.
  11. Or just assume that I got zero issue and my internet and computer is way superior to yours. So deal with it.
  12. Pulptenks

    Not wasting a dime until MM is fixed

    Please you and I are old school. And look at my battle count, it's clear I gave up and am nothing more then a filthy casual who only play when I get a random urge now. Those whales, ruined the game for us. That as an overall general value of "money". And result is, less players on this game! The only thing keeping it a float is the fact is F2P and bored people every now and then will try it. And of course, whales!