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  1. geser98

    Coming back after a break

    Wow! I hope they continue with mid-tier seasons!
  2. geser98

    Coming back after a break

    Wow! Subs? How is it working out?
  3. I have been playing WoWs for about 3 years now, but recently for the last 4 months I haven't been playing any ships, instead gitting gud with Dark Souls series which I'd just recently discovered (I know, I'm a Slowpoke). Now that the final obstacle (of DS2 being generally crap) is down, I wanted to go back to WoWs and was wondering what kind of major changes happened since early August? I's seen on Reddit some discussions of the change in BB vs DD pen mechanics, which would be a welcome change from what it used to be. Is it working fine? Any other big changes I should be aware of? Also, I remember that before suddenly finding Dark Souls fun I bought T-61 but never actually got to play it. Did it end up being good?
  4. geser98

    Looking at the Current Leaderboard for the Helena.....

    Warships.today only ranked people after at least 100 battles in a ship, but it's broken anyways. At the same time WoWS-numbers ranks people starting from 20 games, I think.
  5. geser98

    Question about Republique

    She's got more range on her secondaries and much better fire chance and more raw damage (if shells can pen), on the other hand she's not as good for brawling due to worse citadel protection. Also, secondaries are one of main strengths of German BBs so you can potentially afford taking Secondary Battery Mod 3, although it's not the ideal build. At the same time Rep is strong with her fast reload so to keep pumping out shells like crazy, it's best to take MBM3.
  6. geser98

    GPU overheating

    Thanks, I'll try that. I have Vsync turned off because in one of the past builds when I had it enabled, it caused screen tearing.
  7. geser98

    GPU overheating

    Something stupid is definitely happening in the port. Especially when putting on camos and signals, it is so poorly optimized even though I have a good setup with a gtx 1060.
  8. geser98

    Looking at the Current Leaderboard for the Helena.....

    When I made the first comment I was giving the OP a benefit of the doubt that maybe it was just bad wording and hence, rather than going to direct statements, I tried to phrase my opinion in a form of confused/not certain. If I had a comment like this to my post I'd take it into account and re-phrase what was said, but then OP ignored me and I only had to conclude that what was said in the post is the actual position and I didn't have to hold off any more. Anyway, what's the point of this discussion? Don't like my comments - you have report function and downvotes in your disposal. Ciao!
  9. In my comment I was talking about a more general case of 'damage saturation' of a particular section of a ship. Situations where (as shown in the video at 4:30), where both the entire hull HP and the compartment HP have been zeroed, are quite rare. The explanation in the video is more complete and explains mechanics better. In fact I'd say that explanation given in the wiki is confusing at best.
  10. Oh, simply the official "How it works" video. Start at 3 minutes. Proximity detection does. If you're within, can't remember the numbers exactly, 2km of another ship, you will detect them even if that ship is behind island.
  11. geser98

    Looking at the Current Leaderboard for the Helena.....

    Oh, I'm so sorry. Should I explain myself now? All right. When I first read the OP, only the blatant elitism struck me. Later though, when a more interesting discussion followed on, I was re-reading the OP more thoroughly to try and understand the logic of the conclusion made and couldn't find one. So, if originally only the elitism was that struck me as uncool, then now I had a person who made a conclusion on the overall power level of a ship based on a biased, non-random and very limited data set and also one who doesn't understand that overall PR doesn't tell the whole picture. All of these spiced up with blatant elitism did get me disgusted. Feel free to disagree with me. You might note, that I said that I'm 'disgusted' , not that the post was 'disgusting'. It's my personal opinion, deal with it.
  12. Not quite. A shell doesn't do damage to that 'saturated' section of the ship, yet it still does damage to the entire hull HP. Normal HE pen does 1/6 of listed damage to the compartment and 1/6 of listed damage to the entire hull HP, or 1/3 of listed damage combined for both sources. When a compartment is saturated, penetrating hit only does the damage to the entire hull so you only get 1/6 of the listed damage per hit, but you never do 0 damage.
  13. 1) Secondary builds are a derpy fun, but they are not the most effective in the current meta. Stealth or tank are generally favourable. Unlike many other current BBs, Frenchies have citadels and brawling in them is not recommended. French BBs from Normandie onward (with the exception of Richelieu) work best as flankers (hint: that's why they have the Speed Boost consumable).
  14. geser98

    Looking at the Current Leaderboard for the Helena.....

    Also to note that when looking at leaderboard you're essentially using the very extremes of distribution curve to make assumptions about the rest of it, in essence OP is using the part between two red vertical lines, to talk about average performance. Well, there is a point to it. She doe have the highest DPM and highest fire chance of all her counterparts and by a large margin. Honestly, I'm lost for words. Your elitist attitude disgusts me.
  15. geser98

    Looking at the Current Leaderboard for the Helena.....

    Being elitist, huh? I'm a yellow PR player overall, yet I'm in top 100 for several ships on several different servers. It doesn't really matter what your overall skill level is, it matters whether you click with the ship or you don't. The question whether the ship is OP or not will be seen after larger number of games is played. Otherwise just talking about top 100 players is pointless.