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  1. geser98

    What tier would be USS Brooklyn?

    Mogami is T8.
  2. geser98

    Research Bureau derp, or me?

    You only need to win 1 game in every ship in the line from T5 and up and then you can freexp as much as you like.
  3. geser98

    13th Season Ranked Observations

    I've seen too few cruisers in a dozen games I'd played so far. Only in seven matches there were any cruisers at all, 5 others only had DDs and BBs. As expected - plenty of Kitakazes, Jutlands, few Fletchers and occasional Black or Z-46. So far I've been playing my Jutland and doing pretty well, the boat is solid as expected. Jutland should be fine to go all the way to R1 if I could be bothered with the grind. Kitakazes are actually doing really well, arguably better than in Season 12 from what I'd seen so far. I think it has to do with few cruisers around so they can freely gunboat in the open without much fear of repercussions. Benhams seem to be struggling. I never liked them, they are one-trick pony and in ranked they suck a lot. They don't have the gunpower or concealment to mess with Kitas, Jutlands or Black/Fletcher and their torps are less effective what with lots of Jutland and some Z-46 around spotting for their teams. Fletcher is pretty rubbish as expected too. She's been power-crept into oblivion. Could be more competitive with CVs around. Then at least DefAA would be an advantage over some of competition.
  4. geser98

    Nerfing Guepard - brilliant idea!

    I have a Guepard. Nerfs haven't happened yet, they are still being tested. Right now Guepard is quite rubbish, but at least she has some decent firepower. If these changes go through, it will be utter garbage.
  5. Depends from ship to ship. For example, I just amended my Jutland build with PM instead of PT. The reason for it is this: I have hydro special mod installed in slot 2, which means I can't have propulsion mod 1. I have found that what often happens to me is as i'm trying to smoke up, I get hit and lose part of my propulsion (of course I have LS), and since the smoke generation is so short on RN DDs, I often end up sliding out of it as I'm desperately trying to slow down. PM has fixed the issue quite a bit. For some, especially gunboats, PT is vastly superior to know when you've attracted too much attention of enemy team. On some torp boats I prefer PM, since I automatically assume that everyone in range will be shooting me when spotted, but increasing survivability of torpedo tubes is critical. If they are damaged, even if I fix them with damacon, the affected tube will have to reload from scratch. That's a lot of time and potential damage wasted.
  6. geser98

    Nerfing Guepard - brilliant idea!

    Read it here: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/195820-st-changes-to-vauquelin-and-guepard/?tab=comments#comment-4632299 Main battery reload is getting increased from 5.2 to 5.6. Not an enormous change, but still absolutely unnecessary. To me a gunboat is a DD with mediocre/poor torpedoes, usable guns and poor concealment. So Guepard fits.
  7. I mean, seriously. Who thought that it was a great idea to nerf that stupid boat? Not only is it sitting down the very bottom of T6 DDs in terms of WR and pretty low on damage too, but also a big indication is that on NA in the top 10 Guepard players by PR only 6 have win rates over 50% and one of them just barely. I know, there's not many people playing her yet and the statistics is pretty sketchy, but as much as I love gunboats, she seems quite underpowered at the moment. So why nerf her?
  8. Hahahaha! History much? I think you should have Italy in the middle instead. So what is the point for players to work hard or spend money to get these "OP" boats? Which T8 ships are OP?
  9. They don't. They are for most players simply outliers. How does this outlier dot represent the entire dataset? It just doesn't. Same with your achievements. They don't represent anything.
  10. Nope. You said that achievements are the most important factor to determine good player. They are not. Not even close.
  11. Nope. Dreadnought can be easily farmed with Soviet/German BBs in vast amounts. Confederate can be farmed in a CV much easier than any other class. Witherer can be farmed by playing RN BBs, CVs or Soviet/French gunboats. Even Kraken can be achieved with much more ease on a CV than any other ship type by finishing off damaged targets. Maybe a High Caliber is a bit hard to farm, although possible on ships like Conqueror. And in this case much of the damage done will be done to BBs and is entirely repairable so useless for most part. None of those achievements in on itself tells the story of how good a player you are. Not even a combination of those. Even a high number of these achievements can be got by seal clubbing so once again, it's not indicative of player quality. Other stats in combination are much-much more important.
  12. Uh-huh.. I know really well what achievements are given for. These awards are given for _achieving_ something that is considered a heroic performance, hence the name "Heroic Achievements". By the very definition these don't represent statistical trends, but are in fact outliers from these trends. With luck any one at any skill level can get a Kraken or a HC. And yes, a player with high % of those relative to the number of games played is likely to be a good player, but a lot of these, in particular - Confederate, Dreadnought and Witherer - can be farmed when using specific ships/types. And once again, they don't point any real statistical picture of a person's performance. Solo Warrior is so rare that a few players have more than one of those, if any.
  13. How can you talk about statistics and maths when you clearly don't understand them? Achievements by their nature mostly represent outliers. You can't possibly have a significant portion of your games with a Kraken or High Caliber. These, as are other most other achievements, are in no way representative of quality of a player. In reality what you want to have a look at is the combination of WR, av. XP, damage and kills.
  14. Why not have a 'multi-role DD' category? Because ships like USN DDs, Udaloi, Groz and some of RN/PA destroyers should in reality do all of the main functions of a DD, but will lose in contest with more specialized ships. With recent buffs Gearing for example becomes more and more of a torpedo boat. In fact out of T10 destroyers she can in a one-on-one scenario out-trade: Shimakaze (but only at very close ranges), same with Groz and Khaba and Z-52 if she doesn't have hydro ready. Yet all of these ships (except Z-52) will eat Gearing alive at 7 km range and up. And Z-52 will eat her alive with hydro or if Gearing shows broadside.
  15. geser98

    French DD Captain Spec

    First of all, even with hard-to-hit French gunboats it's unwise to get into a HE exchange with a cruiser so for those you use AP on broadside like with any destroyer. Get in close and blap them out of the water. In Guepard, I've hit Omahas, Furutakas, Aobas and Kirovs for 10-12k a salvo in a broadside and if you pop reload booster, they melt in seconds. Use of IFHE to spam battleships is questionable even at T5. Yes, you can pen extremities and superstructure, yet at the same time RU, KM and IJN BBs with armored decks will foil most of your shells anyway (unless you shoot from very close range and can reliably land shells on bow/stern), yet you lose on fire chance and 4 points that can be spend with much more use on things like AFT (which will be important at high tiers), RPF or any of SE/SI/BFT. I really doubt it's worth the investment.