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  1. Where's the logic in this ad?

    Not triggered. "You haven't used iPhone? Why the hell not?!", "You haven't tried Coca-Cola? Why the hell not?"... You see, this line has absolutely zero product identity. It can be used absolutely for anything and as such it's a failed copy and a totally lazy piece of work which for whatever reason has been approved by managers.
  2. IFHE for Friedrich and/or GK

    Not arguing about fun. It's certainly more fun with a secondary build, no questions about that. Just watching your secondary batteries going like it's the 4th of July is a treat in on itself. It's just that this build, while fun, is occasionally useful, but tank build is useful in almost any situation.
  3. This has been bugging me for a while - there's a WoWs ad on Youtube that features Atlanta and a punch line - "You haven't played World of Warships yet? Why the hell not?!" Many people have probably seen this ad many times. So, first of all, WG should really fire the copywriter who came up with this copy, because it's offensively stupid. Secondly, the only times I get this ad playing is when I go to some CC channel to watch a WoWs replay. What is the logic of playing an ad for the game before a 20-minute video of that same game? Do they have too big of an advertising budget they desperately need to spend?
  4. Yugumo Get?

    I don't know. I play to win so of course I like big damage numbers, but I very much prefer winning games and I don't care at all about money. I can lose a couple games in a Missouri and get myself 1.5 million credits if I really need them But why would you need money? You only play a few ships so you don't really need to buy stuff except for consumables. Just wondering... I don't mind spotting if it gets me wins. I think i got the record of 205k spotting damage in a game and several times breaking 190k. If you don't play battleships, you can not even imagine the fuuuuu-ru-stration a Monata or Missori, or especially Conq player feels when they can't disengage from action and are constantly spotted and taking shots. It's so fun not being on the receiving end of this evil prank
  5. Akatsuki Guide?

    Best concealment on Akatsuki is 6.4 km IIRC. Only Kagero has 5.4 km concealment with full concealment build and most T8-9 will be better, but by a more manageable ranges between 100-600 meters.
  6. Yugumo Get?

    "Consistently - in every case or on every occasion; invariably" You should, in that case, get yourself a Fletcher ASAP, because you should be the top player on NA Or could it be that you're exaggerating? This really depends on what you consider as underdogs. For most tiers DDs are on top if you filter by WR or average exp. In fact, dds are what makes or breaks the team, not BBabies that just hide in the back or CA/Cls the just... explode. Or do you mean, they are underdogs in terms of damage dealt?
  7. Speaking of the Nicholas

    Lol, no it's fine. There's still Mutsucky that makes any other boat feel strong by comparison
  8. Yugumo Get?

    Then maybe you should try and play other lines first. Often ships that seem completely OP when I play against them are in fact quite tough and it takes a good player to make them work. I'm not a DD main, I play all classes equally (except broken carriers), but I play a lot of DD and I can't in all fairness say, that IJN line is weak. It was stronger before torpedo detection nerf, yes, but I think it's fairly well balanced now. Historically speaking, though, it's unfair to have Japanese oxygen-fueled torpedoes have worse detection than those of other nations, but in a sense of game balance it is fine.
  9. Akatsuki Guide?

    They are just very different play styles. I actually missed Akatsuki thanks to IJN DD line split, but came back to see what it's like a few days ago. The ship is very nice, but as all T7 dds she struggles with poor concealment, especially when up-tiered, I mean, proper T8-T9 gunboats have better concealment than her. But on the other hand, her torp armament is very versatile, much more so than Kagero or Yugumo. With Kagero, though, you rely on your amazing stealth more than anything, so this is a big change from Akatsuki. Torp reload booster helps get a more versatile torpedo loadout. Guns on Kagero are more or less the same as Akatsuki, just with slightly worse range. You don't get good IJN guns until you get to Yugumo. I mean... technically they are the same guns as on Kagero, same model, they just fire faster.
  10. Yugumo Get?

    It's reasonable to assume that you wouldn't be playing her so much if you didn't like Yugumo quite a bit and you're having quite a bit of success in her, so what exactly is the point of your complaining? - "Please WG make my weabote completely broken and OP"?
  11. It's a try-hard skill, meaning that it's great if you're into min-maxing your capabilities, but it doesn't provide enough to justify 4 points until you have other skills to supplement it. I have a 18 point captain and i still struggle to justify the cost. On my Yugumo I have a setup similar to what SgtSpud uses, with only BFT removed for AR, since I have one point less. I use Torp Reload build and the idea for this skill set-up for me is to have good gun performance, even though i use them very rarely, but when I do have to use them they must perform.
  12. Speaking of the Nicholas

    Fair enough. My Nicholas stats on my main account are pretty poor as well. I played her when I was very new to the game and it shows. USN DDs do require a bit more skill on an average than a similar tier Soviet or IJN DD, at least early on. Recently I've been playing Nich a bit on my RU account and it was glorious. Granted, I only played 13 games, that was enough to unlock Farragut.
  13. Speaking of the Nicholas

    I looked up your stats and dare say you might be playing too cautiously with your Nicholas. Your survival rate is almost twice that of the server average, but other stats are lagging behind. 1. Torpedo rushes to pump your damage totals. It's always a viable tactic in low-tier DDs, where battleships are very inaccurate. Find yourself an isolated BB and rush her. Don't drop your fish until you're 2-3 km away. This will give them very little reaction time. Then let them take a shot and drop smoke so that smoke mechanics works against them. Light them up with your guns. Use other side torps if still alive. 2. Rush caps. If enemy team consists of the following DDs, you can rush caps and bully anyone out of there with high success rate: any IJN DD (except Shinonome), any German DD up to Gaede inclusive, Clemson, most Soviet DDs (maybe except Gremy or Lenny) and things like Gallant. When PA DDs are released, you don't have to worry about those much at all. Rush into cap, smoke up if you spot one of them and they can't really do anything other than trying to rush your smoke, and you can torp their smoke in return. Sometimes you'll die, but more often you'll force them out of the cap or kill them outright. If worse comes to worst, you can out-last them in your smoke (not PA DDs though). Killing DDs will not push your damage totals much, but it's great to get good WR and lots of XP. 3. Your hit rate is not very good. It's either you can't lead targets properly in which case practice in training room with bots or you're trying to hit excessively far away targets. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, USE AFT! You should only ever engage targets within, say, 9, maybe 10 km at most. Anything further than that is too far. 4. Do smoke hops. Get within 8-9 km of enemy ships, smoke up, light them up with guns. Depending on their movement, once smoke runs out, close the distance to 7-9 km again and smoke up again. Keep lighting them up and keep doing that until you run out of smoke charges or everyone is dead. 5. Get the following skills for the first 10 points: PM, LS, SI and CE. After that get DE for 13 points build followed by SE for 16 points. Alternatively, don't take DE at all and replace it with BFT. It's a more balanced set-up that works both for burning down BBs and contesting caps. Don't take try-hard skills like IFHE or RPF. 6. Finally, learn when to use AP. If you stay at ranges I recommended, any broadside target is a perfect candidate for AP. Don't just spam HE, you will get too many shatters. Hope this helps.
  14. Izzy Tha Bizzy Beazty

    But first it transitioned through a maturing phase while going through "Gnevny vs Mahan" discussion
  15. Yugumo Get?

    From what I'd seen, this is not universal, since PA DDs come from different nations and each tier is quite different from the other. I'm very much looking forward to them getting released, but I don't think that they will be all that game breaking. I think you're over-reacting. Some things you say are subject to very much discussion as well. Top tiers of PA are essentially ex-USN dds. If you consider USN 127-mm guns great, then maybe they are. I, on the other hand, don't. If you struggle to hit an object the size small town at 12 km range (GK for example) it's really hard to make a case of guns being great. Radar is possible, but you have to sacrifice smoke and given how great PA smoke is, it might be a poor trade. Concealment on top tiers is worse than their US counterparts and much worse than IJN. OH, and they've got the ship with the best name ever - T7 PA dd "Gadjah Mada" back when serving in Dutch navy was called... TJERK HIDDLES!!! OMFG!!! This name is so awesome!!!! BTW, I know there's no "L" in the second part, but it sounds even better that way