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  1. Asashio - the two-faced murder cow

    Things have gotten slightly more tricky, but not due to radar, even though capping has become a bit more dangerous. More importantly, MM has become more CL/CA-rich and so there are fewer targets you can easily kill. And compared to the first days after release, BB captains learned WASD-hacking, especially when they see Asashio in the team list, so launching torps from afar doesn't yield good results at all. Otherwise 10 km radar is not scary. Soviet cruisers are more annoying. 194k damage - that should've been a nice game!
  2. Civilian's Path

    Nice game! Did you lose on points?
  3. Strongest T6 Cruiser

    As for me, I like both Budyonny and Nurnberg. Overall, Buddy is probably stronger, but Nurnberg can do a lot of damage if she manages to survive long enough. Graf Spee is strong but situational. Heal is good, 283mm is good, but she loses greatly on concealment, she's very clumsy and has little to offer against DDs. Also there's Molotov. Just as with Nurnberg - if she manages to survive long enough and if no CV is in game, she can deal a truly stupid amount of damage.
  4. Asashio - the two-faced murder cow

    If you read my review, you remember how I was sad that my torp hit rate was dropping fast. It was 9.25% yesterday. And now I'm back to using TA and as of this morning it is: So, it took just 5 battles to get it up by 0.24%. This means that on an average for the last 5 battles since getting it back I was getting an average of 11.76%(!!) of torps on target. That is compared to around 7% that I had without this skill.TA works and it works well. On this boat. As for RPF, I tried it on several occasions and didn't find it that useful. And particularly for the way of playing Asashio that I was describing in the review. Because what RPF is really good for? It's good for hunting enemy DDs and evading enemy DDs. Well, I don't want to actively hunt enemy DDs. Asashio is slow, turret layout doesn't work when chasing anyone and it gets you out of position. And I certainly don't want to run from enemy DDs. Well... occasionally I do, but those DDs I want to run from, like Khaba or Tashkent - I outspot them by miles. So I just want to engage enemy DDs when they try to mess with my cap and most times there are limited approach vectors to get there so I already have my guns trained to the right direction. And for the cost of RPF you can get TA that increases your torpedo effectiveness greatly AND Expert Marksman, that makes it easier to move guns in case enemy comes from an unexpected angle. I would say that those two are better, but of course you mileage might vary.
  5. Asashio - the two-faced murder cow

    No. As your guns are mostly to be used against other DDs and occasionally to set fires to BBs hit by torps, you don't need IFHE. It's not Akizuki with her 100mm guns that needs IFHE in order to be able to damage T8+ DDs with HE. 127 mm guns work fine. Other than Aki, there's not really a DD that I know of that needs IFHE. You can use it on something like Izyaslav, but it's just seal clubbing.
  6. Asashio - the two-faced murder cow

    Well, the new skill build is working well. 3 games of 100k+ tonight. Just waiting for the last 20k XP to finally get 19 point captain :)
  7. Asashio - the two-faced murder cow

    Glad you found it useful! Good luck and don't give up if at the start it will be not very successful. You need to get a feel and find your own limit and safety line between aggression and... well... trying to stay alive. Staying alive is still a priority, the longer you're in the battle, the more use you are to the team.
  8. Asashio - the two-faced murder cow

    Thanks for your comment. I'll amend the original post. Yes, I agree with that. That's why I put it along the lines of "don't abandon the cap without a good reason to do so". Totally forgot to write this, thanks! Seems like a second nature by now, especially when watching Flamu's videos and every time he engages enemy DD he always mentions that you need to always sail away when fighting DD v DD. I'll add this part. There are also a few DDs that are in fact good at chasing enemy like Gadjah Mada or Vampire with fantastic forward-looking arcs and much worse arcs to the back, but those are rare cases. Also, old Ognevoi was like that and I loved her. Yes, but it's so slightly smaller, it can get confusing in the heat of battle especially when these torps move at 72 knots so you don't have much time to think I usually use PT on most my lolibotes, except Soviet gunboats. I simply always assume the worst that everyone in range will be shooting at me and act accordingly, but both are good choices. It's good if it works for you. I found that it doesn't provide enough information to justify abandoning Survivability Expert, but at the same time I love it when enemy DDs have RPF - I always know that someone is coming for me and using the map and location of friendly ships, you can estimate quite accurately where the RPF-enabled ship is
  9. Roon help

    I finally decided to look at it yesterday and was a bit shocked. She has 27 mm upper belt, 25mm lower belt and 27 mm bow with a smaller, i think, 30mm plate on the waterline at the bow section. So with the exception of that 30mm plate, BBs with 406 guns and greater can overmatch you almost anywhere and Yamato can overmatch you from any angle and any part. There's still a turtleback around citadel, so you don't take too many citadel hits, but so much pen damage.
  10. Delete steamapi.dll in the root folder of the game, after that all good. To switch servers after first launch, delete or rename preferences.ini in the same folder
  11. Roon help

    I found my problem with her. For some reason she seemed so much less tanky than Hipper and now I know why that is - she IS less tanky. Hipper had a 50mm plate protecting the side, while Roon has 25mm of armor in the same area and 25mm can be overmatched by anything starting from 380mm guns, which is all of the battleships you're going to face. So you can't just angle and bounce shots like in Hipper. It's a stupid ship design and I don't like it. I'll have to re-think of how to get her to work better.
  12. Asashio - the two-faced murder cow

    I thinks that has happened already, I'm seeing more threads like "Asashio sucks, give me back my money" and that's why I decided to share my experiences to help those struggling, because she's not an easy ship to play. It can get pretty tricky. I don't think I'm anywhere near as good Though I am in top-100 players (on WoWS-numbers) for Izyaslav both on Asia and RU, but that's a long shot from torp boat. It is quite fun. It was hilarious when I murdered Z-52, who misplayed the situation big time and nearby red Yamato was observing our engagement waiting for guns to turn. He then went to say: "Z-52... really? Well played Asashio and now I'm dead". Totally made my day
  13. With first 50 battles done, several builds tried out and many ships "made to have a really bad day" I wanted to share my experiences on this interesting little ship that appears to have a crisis of identity. I hope this will help some people who are struggling with Asashio and I certainly learned quite a lot of new things about IJN DDs and DD play in general that I wanted to share. If you don't want to read the entire review - skip to Tl;dr in the end. I had a very decent run in Kagero, getting 16k over server average damage and over 55% WR and so when this boat was announced I knew that I really want to have her in my port, but I was certainly not under the impression that she was going to be OP. I knew very well all the limitations of Kagero-class and so came to play testing Sasha, as I like to call my fat girl, with an open mind. The all-too-well known problems of Kagero-class destroyers are the very limited maneuverability - it's embarrassing when "ze Germans" are faster and more agile than your IJN DD; her gun dpm is among the lowest in her tier, with only Ognevoi being just a touch behind and as usual for all IJN ships, using what amounts to hamsters turning turrets doesn't work all too well - turret rotation is glacial. On the other hand you have the best in class concealment, good torpedoes, very comfortable gun handling and decent fire chance per shell. So when she finally got released, I put my Yamamoto captain on her and decided that probably the gunnery can't really be salvaged, so I'll improve torpedoes instead. So I went with the standard IJN DD build for first 10 points and then added TA, AR and TAE on top to make torpedoes absolutely ridiculously strong. The reason for getting Torp Acceleration is simple - there are three main factors affecting torpedo hit rate: detection range, speed and travel time to range. First and second ensure that once detected, target has little to no time to do torpedo beats and the short travel to range helps to mitigate any potential maneuvers that target may take prior to detecting torpedoes. The less time between launch and hit - the less chance for enemy BB to randomly change course and speed and cause your fish to miss. 20 km range is also excessive - unless you can see the future, there's no telling what other ship may decide to do in 3+ minutes it takes torps to travel that far.And this build certainly did work magically. After 22-odd games I was sitting comfortable at 93k average damage and having had my highest-ever damage game in a DD and highest base XP game ever. Yet, one thing was bothering me - my WR. I normally care most about winning rather than getting best possible personal score and with this build I was feeling uncomfortable. Damage was good, personal rating was good, but WR was sitting at 42% and often I felt like I couldn't really influence outcome of the match other than sinking battleships. Drastic changes were needed. And so a new captain took helm on Asashio, bringing with him the following "gunboat" build: And suddenly everything has changed. Ship started to feel completely different. I got confident (and often overconfident) in my ability to contest caps and drive off or even outright kill opposing enemy DDs regardless of what nation or sub-type of destroyers they belonged to. It really doesn't matter if enemy has better DPM (to an extent of course) if I can hit them with more shells on a regular basis. It doesn't matter if they have RPF or even hydro when I control engagement range. It doesn't hurt that turret rotation is slow if I can chose when to engage the enemy and have my turrets facing correct direction beforehand. Enemy DDs started dying right and left. I wouldn't call Asashio played in this way a cap bully or a proper gunboat, but more of a ninja. You come out of the shadows when you see opportunity, unleash several 2k+ salvos and then disengage. Rinse and repeat until enemy is dead. On one occasion this tactic came to ridiculous situation where I solo-killed a Z-52, while only having lost 3k of my own HP. But all this bonanza came at a cost of torpedo damage. With TA build I was sitting at a ridiculous ~12% torp hit rate by battle 22, yet at the moment it dropped down to 9.25%, which means that for the last 25 battles I was running at about 7% hit rate. But not only lack of TA was a fault - I was now doing more team work and used torpedoes more to herd enemy BBs where they don't want to be. Like launching torps behind a Yamato to force her to move forward into a crossfire. As a result my damage numbers started to plummet. I dropped to 68k average, but on the other hand my WR climbed to 56.25% as of this morning and I have won last 8 games straight, in many of those being instrumental to the win, and had only 1 defeat in last 13 battles. My kill statistic changed in an interesting fashion too. If prior to build change I had only torpedo kills and I think I killed 1 cruiser with my guns, then nowadays I mostly stopped getting torp kills - I mostly nibble on BBs, but never kill them outright.At the same time, all the DDs I kill keep mounting up so soon enough I'll have more gun kills than with torps: And my average game results look more in line with this example below. Very low damage totals, but nice base XP, solo capture, cap defenses and a solo kill on a T9 gunboat DD. And it's not like that Fletcher was a noob - no he's a 54% WR rank 5 player who knew what he was doing for the most part, except for underestimating my POWAAAAA! Yet as you can see in the last screenshot, I did 18k damage to him in two engagements, yet he only managed to do 11k to me. Trust in Asashio's guns, they won't let you down if you show the some loving as well. So, with these two different approaches I found how to be good at killing BBs and how to be a good team player and murder enemy lolibotes. Yet, a more balanced approach is required. So starting from today a new build will come in place. I will abandon TAE for TA. Reasoning is as follows: based on my experience TA provides at least 50% better hit rate and I feel it's of greater use than being able to launch extra 1 or two salvoes per match. I would really like to slot in Superintendent but will have to lose AR and don't want to do it. Really helps in gunfights. I'm expecting to have lots more fun with my Sasha and she's definitely a worthy premium. She got me to think of various strategies, experiment with builds and taught me a lot of things about DD play in general. So here's my advice to all IJN dd players and Asahio players in particular. Tl;dr 1. Captain Obvious here. Scouting and cap control are main functions of a DD, even if you're as great at dealing damage as Asashio. Never sit and snipe at the back, never abandon caps without a fight and a very good reason to do so. If you don't scout for the team you will leave your flank blind and vulnerable. 2. Use your guns. IJN guns may have inferior DPM compared to other nations and turrets traverse is slow, but if used correctly they are scary. What you lose in DPM you gain at least in large part in accuracy and good concealment allows you to prepare for the engagement and have guns pointing to the target. 3. Using a smoke to sit and shoot at enemy BB is a waste of resource. This same smoke can do more if used to cover friendly cruiser or to contest a cap. Using it for your own damage's sake shows a very selfish player. 4. Show dominance. Too often I see IJN dds when under fire from a USN DD simply run away with their cat ears tucked in and tail between legs. By doing so you're showing that you're scared of her and they will feel confident in the future to seek out and murder you. That's not to say, that you're giving your HP away for free. Don't be that guy. You see an enemy lolibote - punch her in the face with a 2k salvo, let her know that if she shows up again, she'll be punished again. Win mind game against your opponent. 4.1. EDIT: When engaging enemy DD always sail away from them at an angle. This still allows you to shoot all your guns at the enemy, while making you a smaller target. It also increases shell flight time for the enemy, which means they have to take bigger lead, which is especially important when fighting USN or PA DDs. Also, away from them is usually towards friendly ships that can offer covering fire. 5. Screw RPF. Just don't care about RPF. Few people know how to use it well. In all my DD play I can count on one hand the number of cases where I got sunk specifically because of RPF. It's not a scary skill, but gives you information that an enemy is approaching so you have time to prepare and once again, in most situations, you'll have spotting advantage. 6. Using torpedoes in a DD v DD engagement. This doesn't relate to Asashio since her torps down't work against other DDs. Unless it's an absolute knife fight (which you shouldn't engage in to start with) time it takes to launch torps costs you around 2 full reloads and this is ~5k of damage you could potentially do to an enemy and if they're not a potato, they will dodge anyways. Use your guns against DD, that's what they are for. 7. With Asashio's torps you can play tricks on enemy DDs and CAs if they don't know that it's you who is launching torps. Deep water torps look the same as normal to the enemy ship until the moment they harmlessly pass underneath and they still get the standard torp warning. You can use them to force enemy cruisers/dds to turn away or to turn broadside to be devastated by friendly battleships. I've done it quite a few times and it cracks me up every time. 8. 20 km torpedoes are rather useless. Use Torp Acceleration and try to launch devastating strikes from within 10-12 km. 9. Map awareness. Just like the rest of IJN line (except Akizuki), Asashio works best in open caps, where you can use and abuse your concealment. Any island cover allows enemy DD or cruisers to come unspotted which could have disastrous consequences. If you have to go into the cap where island cover exists, move around the cap to have line of sight into potential hiding place. Otherwise cap contest turns into a slugfest, which we don't want. Well, that's about it. I'll add some if I remember more. Hope you enjoy the read.