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  1. geser98

    DD meta really bad at the moment?

    The meta is pretty harsh to DDs and it will take some adjusting of play styles until DD mafia is back in power. I went to play cruisers for the time being at least until next couple patches roll in. Then we'll see. There are plenty of good T8 DDs - Cossack is good when you have other DDs to fight, which is not at all guaranteed nowadays. Kidd is good thanks to the AA and the heal. Also she seems to be doing well in the current meta. Lightning seems all right especially thanks to British smokes - there's a lot of charges and it's much easier to just use one to hide from the carrier. Le Terrible seems largely unaffected by the meta since it's really hard for CVs to kill off a ship moving at 50+ knots. Still 'le terrible' though. But all of them suffer a lot when in a match with T10 carrier.
  2. PT -> AR -> SI -> CE -> DE -> EL - generalist build that will have more value on US CAs from T8+ or PT -> AR -> BFT -> CE -> ManAA for AA build
  3. I wouldn't call 30kn slow for a battleship. It's the same speed as Mighty Monty and Republique and faster than both Yamato and Conqueror. Than you're doing something wrong. BTW you shouldn't charge in the first rank, let the enemy come closer to you and then approach. DDs and CAs will get into range very early on and there's normally plenty of targets to shoot at. A bit of range wouldn't hurt, but what she currently has is sufficient to do well.
  4. geser98

    Ship Camoflage - What are your favourites?

    Mighty Mo's alternative blue camo. This one actually does work like a camouflage and makes it harder to see the waterline especially at long ranges.
  5. As you pointed out yourself, low velocity shells are accurate when coupled with high sigma. One one hand you have Alabama, but on the other you have New Mexico with her infamous "shotgun" - if it hits, it hits like a truck, but more often it just doesn't. Same with the russkies - their guns have been reported as having rather low sigma, and then low velocity guns are just awful. It will be really hard to hit someone who uses WASD hax.
  6. I found a perfect picture to summarize the Soviet BB line: I haven't seen any information about dispersion except for sigma was disclosed in the first announcement. But very heavily protected so even minor angling should deny citadel hits, but we'll have to wait and see how they actually play.
  7. geser98

    Significant Win Rate Drop

    Ratings on Wow-numbers are based on normal distribution. For example, unicums are those on the high side of 3-sigma value which makes it equal to (100%-99.7%)/2 = 0.15%. Close enough.
  8. Yeah, I messed up the gun caliber. I thought of correcting it, but then I forgot somehow Corrected.
  9. geser98

    Significant Win Rate Drop

    Only with a limited dataset. If you flip it 100 times, the likelihood of all of those to be heads is essentially nonexistent. I don't know what this means. 2v2 matches? 3v3? I only see something even remotely resembling that late at night and if there's a CV in the queue. I'm sorry, but I've never had that happen to me with over 5k battles across 3 servers. This is somewhat flawed logic. The total number of hitpoints that enemy team has is constant. Doesn't matter who gets hits, if you kill all enemy ships, the total damage between all ships will be constant and hence a constant payout. Random selection of people with various WR levels will also make an interesting match without any extra work.
  10. I generally agree that rework was required, but maybe introducing LoS mechanics into radar and hydro would've been better than this change. On the other hand, one issue with the current rework is that some ships that don't need team support to kill target during radar have received a huge buff. Black's radar increased to 22 seconds from 20 seconds. wth? 20 seconds with Black's DPM is way more than enough to kill enemy DD and now with the special module it will be working for the whole 26 seconds. Same issue with other radar DDs. They essentially got a double buff. So at the end of the day, while this change reduces the team's influence on killing, say, and enemy DD, radar destroyers will become slightly OP, which is an indirect nerf to the remainder of DD population.
  11. geser98

    Significant Win Rate Drop

    Agree to disagree. Since you've decided to come from the perspective of modal logic, I'd like to bring your attention to the fact that I never specified how much of the responsibility for the defeat lies with the player. Therefore the logic of that statement looks like this: - If every player on the team play their best, team is more likely to win - A player X didn't play their best - The team lost - Hence part of the blame for the defeat lies on the player X. I would like to remind you that this was said in a response to the notion that if 'player X' gets a certain damage number they are automatically never bear any responsibility for the defeat. I believe that you could write this code, but being a programmer and probably having some background in math, you should agree that statistically a random streak of wins/losses would average out by itself if MM is random, which brings us to the two questions: - Why would WG want to do this? (I've asked this before, but no one wants to answer this). - Such a change will increase queue times and on some servers, SEA, where I play for example, may not be sustainable at all. Well, you should. If @LittleWhiteMouse is correct in regards to the player WR distribution, then back of the hand calculations say that having an entire enemy team of unicums has a probability of about 1 in 1015 and the combined probability of this and your own team having all players between 35-45% WR is in the vicinity of 1 in 1020, which is approximately a 2 trillion (million million) times less likely than winning a jackpot in the National Lottery. I'm pretty sure people would love to see that! P.S. As far as team lists are concerned I was always wondering - in what order are ships placed in each group? It's certainly not alphabetic, because sometimes my GK will be on top of the list where a Conq is present on the team, and sometimes Montana is above me in team list. Anyone has any ideas?
  12. geser98

    Significant Win Rate Drop

    In the beginning you asked a question as to why your WR was dropping and I told you that there's a part of responsibility that lies on you and you need to practice more and it's best done on a single ship. I also recommended you a good guide that would help you greatly improve your game if you follow it for a bit. Which here is inflammatory rhetoric? I think I was being very helpful. Later on it became obvious that you really didn't want to hear that you are in part responsible for defeats and you should learn to carry better and the only purpose of creating this topic was to seek approval from people like yourself who believe conspiracy theories of the like: "MM is rigged", "WG is intentionally messing with my WR" and "I regularly get teams with all 35 WR people and enemy team all consists of unicums". And not only you refused to listen to me, but also to a well-respected and knowledgeable community contributor who was giving you a sound advice in a much more civil manner than I probably did. And I haven't even been talking to you ever since as now I believe that you are beyond repair. Believe what you must, I care not. Yes, if one is presenting outrageous stories without anything but anecdotal evidence I'm completely in the right at asking people to come with some kind of data. Ciao!
  13. Radio Positioning - it does provide you with information, but at the same time it also provides valuable information to the enemy as well and I can't justify spending 4 points on it.
  14. geser98

    Significant Win Rate Drop

    Learn to accept some responsibility. Of course it's always everyone else's fault, never yours. It's strange to even assume that.
  15. geser98

    Significant Win Rate Drop

    Can you say that on every loss that you had you did everything perfectly to give your team a win? If not, then it's on you, buddy. In the other case, I wholeheartedly commend you on being a perfect role model for everyone ever.