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  1. Why the [edited] has some sealclubbing potato been dropping my name (Flamu) and blaming me for something I've had zero influence over? CCs decided the course of clan battles? What? LWM already cleared that up for you, you literally have been spewing pages worth of uninformed nonsense, making the other potatoes on this forum jealous over how one man can spew so much garbage at once. Impressive. Most of the time when I read the hilariously stupid stuff that get linked to me on the potato discord I tend to ignore it, but there was so sheer brain death in this thread that you got an actual response, well done mr Beneej_Spoor, the first time I've heard of you and I'm already certain you'll fit in perfectly with the other regular posters on this forum.
  2. 12 minutes into the game, all 5 heals remaining, zero damage tanked, 7 out of 12 teammates killed, enemy leading 862 to 337 points, while playing the biggest and tankiest ship in the match. But the real issue is clearly being called out for this. The real depressing part is that OP clearly didn't even understand that she is the worst kind of teammate. Neither does the average forum commenter it seems. "I farmed damage at the expense of my team, that means I played well."