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  1. Diddy_Kongs_Quest

    Missouri is just a normal T9 for new owners

    Guess, I will be selling my MO after this 10.7 patch drops... WG always has the dumbest ideas.
  2. Diddy_Kongs_Quest

    Missouri is just a normal T9 for new owners

    So, your telling people to just buy something purely on fun factor? Is choosing something that has a benefit, not a fun factor? T10 is expensive as it is. Dictating what people should buy tells me you have issues already sir.
  3. Diddy_Kongs_Quest

    A warning before you rush to get missouri

    And just wait till 10.7 patch, we will see then who on this thread makes a moose of themselves....I bet it will be "It was never nerfed before. So why would it be nerfed now". Almost as the famous saying "The world has always continued as it has before. So, drink and be marry for tomorrow we die." It's cool you can tell people the Titanic is sinking and people will still be sleeping in their beds as if the ship was never damaged.
  4. Diddy_Kongs_Quest

    Game fun is 6-years low.

    You might want to look up the definition of whining and making an observation. It seems you have the two confused.
  5. Diddy_Kongs_Quest

    Game fun is 6-years low.

    You probably should stop changing the definitions of words to fit your narrative. It might make you look like a honest person. An observation is not a complaint nor is a complaint whining. If you can't tell the difference between these categories, you are better off just not posting and saving yourself the embarrassment. It is like saying "Hey, I see a crack in the wall". Another guy across the room "Why are you complaining about a crack in the wall?:" When the crack is obviously large enough to be a problem that could hurt someone. The cracks in this game are so large the player base has already been damaged by it and to ignore it is to be compliant with it.
  6. Diddy_Kongs_Quest

    Carriers penalised for Concealment Captain skill

    Let me make it easier for you. The only thing you risk is losing your ammunition. The other ship types risk losing their ship if detected. So, your ship type having a penalty is perfect for this skill. Need more nerfs to CVs anyways. You risk nothing in attacking enemy ships other than your ammunition/planes. Plus the fact you can create a crossfire exposing BBs and CAs broadsides literally giving your team the ability to freely blap any target whenever you coordinate with them is broken. The fact CVs already know the enemies position on the other side of the map is broken. Starting out as a CV you have many advantages that other ship types do not. Sure all players know where the enemy spawns but none can deal damage based on approximate location like CVs can. It's not fair...it is not fair CVs can perma spot anyone anytime based on location. The fact it doesn't matter if you have 3 AA ships shooting at the same plane group you still make 1st and 2nd strike. Get over yourself.
  7. Diddy_Kongs_Quest

    Adventures of the modern World of Warships player

    Not quite, depending on how you play as a DD which most DDs will die first. You can honestly control how the enemy pushes into caps which means you get to control the Battle flow of the match. One DD being alive means all ships have to watch for you. You definitely can make or break the match as a DD.
  8. Diddy_Kongs_Quest

    Positive things only please!!

    Being only positive, only presents half of the information needed to make an informed decision. I prefer both sides to make an informed decision about a particular subject. This rework does have some good things about it, but the negatives outweigh it. At least from an observation standpoint of things not my own opinion.
  9. Diddy_Kongs_Quest

    Adventures of the modern World of Warships player

    GOLDEN RULE 1 OF DD PLAY: SCOUT FIRST That way you can adjust to the team you are on and the enemy team you are up against. Do not cap first. EZ way to die
  10. Diddy_Kongs_Quest

    will WG ever address our 10.0 skill rework concerns?

    I just can't believe they honestly killed secondary builds for CAs....its unbelievable.
  11. Diddy_Kongs_Quest

    Real World AA Effectiveness

    uh thats a significant amount of kill for AA guns....dang.
  12. Diddy_Kongs_Quest

    Positive thread to restore Balance

    Yea, something is off about that DLC. I have it but it is so little for the amount they want. Gets sad after a while watching the DLC get smaller and smaller for each release. Crumbs for gold.
  13. Diddy_Kongs_Quest

    Positive thread to restore Balance

    Fair enough, I might have to start up Stellaris or Gladius myself again...