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  1. Ethermaster_1

    Seeking a casual Clan to Join

    Check out BOBS (brotherhood of beards), there is no requirements other then enjoying derping about in Warships with friends. :)
  2. Ethermaster_1

    BOBS - Brotherhood of beards NA

    Brotherhood of beards are now recruiting on the NA server, beards are not required to apply: Come and join a clan with 3 wargaming community contributors on the EU server which is reaching out for new and old players alike, it doesn't matter if you're tier 1 and just started the game or a battle hardened vet!. We're looking to build a community so player skill is not important but, we do want to play the game with friends including operations, clan battles and naval battles. Apply via joining our Discord our TeamSpeak 3 server, details are below: Discords: https://discord.gg/hkeRenj TeamSpeak 3: bobs.tserverhq.com Please include your in game name and the server that you play on so that you can been assigned to the correct clan as we have 3 clans on the EU and NA server. Regards, Ethermaster
  3. Ethermaster_1

    How Many Ships

    148, got all the important ones including Missouri, Krons, Alaska, Mushy, Kutuzov, Belfast, Nico and GC, still a few t10's to get as well.
  4. Ethermaster_1

    Signal flags are missing from the shop?

    Please keep us posted! As the flags are still on sale on other servers I hope this is really just a mistake.
  5. Ethermaster_1

    Signal flags are missing from the shop?

    Well done in doing the maths!, that is a rather large increase in the doubloon cost of the signal flags. Hopefully they will return soon and as PrairiePlayer said only a temporary outage, Hopefully WG will see this thread and comment to let us know!
  6. Ethermaster_1

    Signal flags are missing from the shop?

    I disagree with you as a player that has done a reroll and know how bad this game is to new player these signals are a lifeline to get up the tech tree quicker!
  7. Ethermaster_1

    Signal flags are missing from the shop?

    I'm actually surprised that they didn't keep the signal bundles on sale at least..
  8. Ethermaster_1


    No, especially as Solo Warrior's and Kraken are quite hard to come across and you can't get them in the shop anymore as they were removed last night.
  9. Ethermaster_1

    Signal flags are missing from the shop?

    I completely agree with you as I do the same, I'm just surprised I was the first to notice tbh..
  10. Ethermaster_1

    Signal flags are missing from the shop?

    Na they were there at the start of last week, just seems strange that they disappeared like that.
  11. Has anyone noticed that the signal flags (papa papa) and the what not have been removed from the premium shop? I used to buy them now and again so that I could grind ships much quicker when I had a holiday from the office, but I logged into day to see that they have disappeared. Is there a reason WG removed them and was there any notice given?
  12. Not long now until the event starts, I for one can't wait
  13. LOD = League of Defiance
  14. Beards are not thankfully required :) just a clan of people that like to derp about in Warships :P
  15. Cause LOD is the NA clan that I'm the commander of Hubster!