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  1. Ethermaster_1

    Micro stuttering / pausing since patch

    This issue is driving me mad, not had any issue with the game doing this until the latest patch.
  2. Not happy with the name Belfast as she was in WW2 with the same ship in the dock yard, I think WG should reconsider the name of the ship to HMS Manchester personally.
  3. Hiya Ladies, I have been running the voice mod pack for a while now and moved the files to the new location since the 9.6.1 update (worked in 9.6.0) however this is still not working, is this something that you are aware of and working to resolve or have I (more then likely to be honest) done something wrong?
  4. Not happy..... my Mermaids Wrath (voice mod) has stopped working and this wasn't even installed in this new folder! The mod worked in 9.6.0 no issues and when I install it on 9.6.1 it still doesn't work... is this WG's effort to stop voice modification to the game?
  5. Ethermaster_1

    Who have you seen in game

    Also saw @Badnova the other day as well and it was a pleasure to play with him, after he noticed me in a match and reached out to say hello :)
  6. Ethermaster_1

    Who have you seen in game

    Saw @AdmiralThunder yesterday, unfortunately he was deleted by a BB in his little cruiser thankfully I came across and avenged him with my kitty purfurst!
  7. Ethermaster_1

    What ships are best for what operation ?

    Aegis, I would highly recommend the pepsicola as with the big 203mm guns you can citadel the Bb's too. For a BB you can't go wrong with the Warspite. Narai, I would take the Fiji, Belfast, Hotlanta, Boise or Lazo as my main cruiser line up with the Lyon, Shinny horse, Sinop or KGV.
  8. Personally I would rather just clone my account to another server so that I could keep both account so that they would be completely mirrored. I would then treat them as separate accounts again from that point forward with maybe this sync'ing / transfer offer coming about once a year as it seems that WG will never just have a universal server (like the public test server) worldwide due to franchise model it operates on outside of its RU base. Just my 2 pence.
  9. Ethermaster_1

    How do I lower my PING?

    Well I'm from the UK and play on the NA sever and have a ping about 50-60ms. Looks like you will have to move or change ISP unfortunately :(
  10. Ethermaster_1

    Alright noob question: screenshots...

    I just linked the exe file to steam as a non steam game so I can use steams overlays and the F12 key for screenshot, best of all steam then keeps all your lovely screens in the cloud so you don't lose them should you want to look back at them another time.
  11. Ethermaster_1

    Who have you seen in game

    Just seen @Silverado_99 and gave him a gentle ram :P
  12. Ethermaster_1

    Who have you seen in game

    He was on the red team unfortunately :(
  13. Ethermaster_1

    Who have you seen in game

    Saw @Business6 yesterday in battle :)
  14. Ethermaster_1

    About WOLF clans

    I don't have any beef with the wolf clans, most seem to be decent people. I was surprised to find out just how many of them there are!, and if I didn't have a community already when I created my clan I may have joined or created one too.
  15. Ethermaster_1

    What's your favorite ship?

    Warspite, the number of derpitz drivers I have killed with her is amasing!