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  1. Ethermaster_1

    How do I lower my PING?

    Well I'm from the UK and play on the NA sever and have a ping about 50-60ms. Looks like you will have to move or change ISP unfortunately :(
  2. Ethermaster_1

    Alright noob question: screenshots...

    I just linked the exe file to steam as a non steam game so I can use steams overlays and the F12 key for screenshot, best of all steam then keeps all your lovely screens in the cloud so you don't lose them should you want to look back at them another time.
  3. Ethermaster_1

    Who have you seen in game

    Just seen @Silverado_99 and gave him a gentle ram :P
  4. Ethermaster_1

    Who have you seen in game

    He was on the red team unfortunately :(
  5. Ethermaster_1

    Who have you seen in game

    Saw @Business6 yesterday in battle :)
  6. Ethermaster_1

    About WOLF clans

    I don't have any beef with the wolf clans, most seem to be decent people. I was surprised to find out just how many of them there are!, and if I didn't have a community already when I created my clan I may have joined or created one too.
  7. Ethermaster_1

    What's your favorite ship?

    Warspite, the number of derpitz drivers I have killed with her is amasing!
  8. Ethermaster_1

    Soviet BB mission receipt probability

    I got V, VI and VII form the first 10 perm boxes, got Lazo and went hunting the VIII over 15 more perm boxes and countless of the normal one still no sign :'(
  9. Ethermaster_1

    Fix the Port FFS PLEASE!!!!

    I've been having a super laggy port as of late, I've got circa 170 ships and play at 4k with no UI scaling. Running Intel Core i7 5960X, 32Gb 3000MHz DDR4 and RTX 2080. Game is installed on a 1tb Samsung 960 Evo NVME SSD, strangely I don't have any issues with the EU client I have installed on the same drive but I only have 80ish ships on that account. Edit: Once in battle the game plays fine with no lost of performance.
  10. Ethermaster_1

    BOBS - Brotherhood of beards NA

    Coming Soon TM.... BOBS Forecast NA where the community comes together and play operations :)
  11. Ethermaster_1

    Seeking a casual Clan to Join

    Check out BOBS (brotherhood of beards), there is no requirements other then enjoying derping about in Warships with friends. :)
  12. Ethermaster_1

    BOBS - Brotherhood of beards NA

    Brotherhood of beards are now recruiting on the NA server, beards are not required to apply: Come and join a clan with 3 wargaming community contributors on the EU server which is reaching out for new and old players alike, it doesn't matter if you're tier 1 and just started the game or a battle hardened vet!. We're looking to build a community so player skill is not important but, we do want to play the game with friends including operations, clan battles and naval battles. Apply via joining our Discord our TeamSpeak 3 server, details are below: Discords: https://discord.gg/hkeRenj TeamSpeak 3: bobs.tserverhq.com Please include your in game name and the server that you play on so that you can been assigned to the correct clan as we have 3 clans on the EU and NA server. Regards, Ethermaster
  13. Ethermaster_1

    How Many Ships

    148, got all the important ones including Missouri, Krons, Alaska, Mushy, Kutuzov, Belfast, Nico and GC, still a few t10's to get as well.
  14. Ethermaster_1

    Signal flags are missing from the shop?

    Please keep us posted! As the flags are still on sale on other servers I hope this is really just a mistake.
  15. Ethermaster_1

    Signal flags are missing from the shop?

    Well done in doing the maths!, that is a rather large increase in the doubloon cost of the signal flags. Hopefully they will return soon and as PrairiePlayer said only a temporary outage, Hopefully WG will see this thread and comment to let us know!