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  1. I just went to play my Simms for the first time in a while and it is gone. Did WoWS take it down? I paid for that ship.
  2. Warlock_75075

    Player Stats

    I used to be able to look at the stats for players and see various rankings. The link was https://na.warships.today. This link is broken. Is there a new site?
  3. Warlock_75075


    OK....thanks. Another ship that never got off the drawing boards that WoWS is making into a "terror" to generate income. What they fail to understand, those of us that are normal people without extra $$ to spend will just leave because it no longer is fun....just saying.
  4. Warlock_75075


    OK....I just saw a video of the Colbert yet I can find nothing about it in game. Is it a "test" ship or are only the high rolllers able to get one?
  5. I just bought the Mass because it has been raping me in game. Just went up against a Mass B and got clocked. What is the difference?
  6. Warlock_75075

    Critical Error

    I will give it a try....thanks
  7. Warlock_75075

    Critical Error

    Ever since the roll out of the new version I keep getting a Critical Error message and it asks me if I want to Restart or Terminate. It usual happens about 5 to 6 minutes in. This has never happened before in three years of playing WoWs. Is this a bug or do I have issues.
  8. Warlock_75075

    Update Patch Notes

    Since this patch went live I have a Fatal Error and as asked if I want to Terminate or Restart. This happens about 33% of the time and usually in the first 6 minutes. Is this a patch error or a problem on my end. It has never happened before, about 3 years.
  9. Warlock_75075

    CV rework as made random battles unenjoyable

    Well said...it is not fun anymore. In the last two days I have played 9 games and been on a winning team only twice and survived only once. Always spotted, dodging multiple aircraft squards even when I am buffed on AA. Even when I hide in smoke I get nailed by a US cruiser 10.8 km away.... nuff said.
  10. Warlock_75075

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Probably not the right place for this, but where do I compalin to the "honchos" about their penalty system. Twice in the past week I have been hit with a penalty "pink" because some idiot cuts in front of me after I launce torps....
  11. Warlock_75075

    Aiming Mods

    I have been playing for over two years now and just read that there are several different firing/range indicators I can use instead of the default "Binocular" view. Where can I review these and decide which one to use? Thanks in advance... Warlock75075