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  1. BTW, I'm really confuse whether this type of action is the player's personal action or a common action base on their clan's suggestion. If its what their clan required, did they use the same way to get point in clan battle?
  2. I met these two players in rank and they might planed to use forbidden way to gain stars. They put one player in one side, and the second player do something like AFK and TK to cause the second team lose. Then the player in the win team show broadside to the player in lose team and save star. I met them in rank and got TK by them, so I write a ticket to WG and get reply like this. I'm confuse what should I do to against this type of actions, maybe we should all join them and make rank become a spy game? I share all the information and the replay and might need some suggestion about how to punish these players violated the player's rule. (If the answer is we cannot do anything to these idiot, maybe we should all join in this type of actions?) 20210126_163656_PISC110-Venezia_18_NE_ice_islands.wowsreplay
  3. deluge__

    PTS 0.10.0

    As a player started playing wows from 2016 and experienced more than 15k games with 60%+ win rate, I'm really sad about 0.10.0 patch. Some old balance problems was solved by the new skills (e.g. smol), but much more problems appear because of the change(flint, high tier CLs with low initial speed, close range fight bbs). And unfortunately, the largest problem(thun and CVs) didn't solved at all, and become even stronger due to the change. The new skill push all cruiser players give up their conceal and fire on wide open area to gain the bonus damage, which means the cruisers that was not strong enough get further nerfed(e.g wor and mino) while they have lacked long range fight ability. These ships will no-longer playable outside of CW or Rank anymore(just like the krem today). And the tank ability of BBs was nerfed a lot(but the sniper ability increased a lot), this change will largely buff the ships like thun and slava, and nerf ships like GK, ohio and krem. This change will absolutely push BB players to flank and give up the action of pushing the cap(because they no longer gain profit from push, no idiots care about win if the cost is making themselves sunk). Skilled player will not push, too. While no one follow, new BBs will no longer have the ability of pushing cap. As for DDs, while almost all Cruisers that have the ability of helping dd get nerfed by your new skills, the battle of DDs will never gain support with in 13km, and the lose of DD in one side will directly lead to lose of one team(cruisers don't have the ability to support, nor the ability of cap the point back; BBs don't have the ability of push). The balance will be broken due to the changes. As for CV, I don't want to say anything about the new CVs as a RTS CV player, the new CV didn't get nerfed, but the importance of skill is largely decreased while the importance of luck largely increased(base on the new skill points). Following above analysis, I can expect all servers will have environments as awful as that of the Asia Servers today, so does the daily active players. The second problem is the cost of new skills. I found that the real value of 21 skill points in future is almost the same as the 19 skill points today(DDs slightly higher, BBs significantly lower, CA give up conceal for damage, CVs damage increased with worse concealment), but the captain experience required was increased by 1200k. I'm a player have more than 30 t19 captains, but I don't think this cost is affordable for me. More than 90% of players will no longer have the ability of own more than 3 t21 captain in future due to your change(while means worse experience for new players and low skilled players, and further player losing). I do think the captain experience requirement increased too much, and +500k experience from old t19 to new t21 might be a more balanced change.(But of course, you will never heard players, just like what you did to RTS CVs) I already put more than three thousand dollar on this game, and I used to enjoy this game a lot. I played this game for more than 4 years and I only AFK for about a half year because of the RTS CV change. I'm really sad about the new captain skill changes, and might think about give up this game this time. You will never heard what skilled players or well-played ST said, but always make awful changes for the players who neither pay for the game nor play this game with brain.