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  1. RayearthIX

    Azur Lane: Third Wave

    This is a questions I've wondered for a while now as well.
  2. RayearthIX

    Premium Ship Review - AL Littorio

    Well, this went from being the only ship I planned to purchase and the only Italian ship in my collection to... not bothering. I don't want a reskin at premium prices. :(
  3. This is sad... I was considering Littorio because it's an AL ship and unique, but if it is literally just Roma with a skin... then no. :(
  4. RayearthIX

    Al littorio is Roma

    This was the only item I was even considering, but it it's this lazy that it is literally a reskin of another ship... then no.
  5. No. The commanders are just that, commanders. The only ones that come with ships are the 4 items that have you actually buy the ship.
  6. RayearthIX

    Azur Lane: Third Wave

    This this this. I basically play this game because of the anime content, and bought a lot, but not all, of the 1st wave of AL stuff. However, I bought 0 items from wave 2 because it was all bundled. And now it is again? Not just that, they barely reduced the price of the wave 2 captains! Further, they still have the 50 camos included to up the price of them, which makes no sense! I literally want to give you money for Prinz Eugen, Kaga, and Atago, and am actively being prevented from doing so because I'm required to pay extra for content I don't want, and that doesn't even include the new captains. The rewards are the same again also for the missions, meaning people who did AL Wave 1 and/or Wave 2 already have Nelson and Azuma! And why is Azuma in the premium containers for those who choose RNG when she isn't new?!
  7. Lies! IJN torp boats have no guns! ... looks at Harekaze, Akizuki, and Harugumo... None I say! Yeah... don't really know their steams. When I watch VTubers at all its usually Kizuna Ai's gaming channel (watching her play horror games is fun). Marine has the captain hat, which feels like it fits, so I was leaning that way.
  8. To anyone who got them, who comes across as the more fun captain? I'd like to get one of them, and have plenty of JP ships (with anime captains), but don't have much experience with HoloLive past the AL event related to it...
  9. RayearthIX

    Ark Royal - I don't get some of these decisions.

    Personally, yes. I want to go back to RTS CVs. Pre-rework, RTS CVs were my favorite ship class to play in the game. Post rework, they might be my least favorite class. The correct answer to "fixing CVs was never a complete rework that has a brand new host of issues and balance problems, it was to tweak it. Damage is too high? okay, reduce the damage then. Skill floor/ceiling too far apart? okay, get rid of strafing runs (which is what caused that issue to begin with). It's not like bad CV players now are better. They still are infinitely worse than better players, just in different ways now. There were numerous ways to fix the old system and make it more balanced that didn't require you to change it into a bad pseudo-flight sim.
  10. RayearthIX

    You favorite anime

    Macross Frontier is one of my favorite anime. Too bad Harmony Gold works to F us in the west by preventing us from getting any Macross content.
  11. RayearthIX

    You favorite anime

    How dare you hurt Lacus and Cagali! I love those characters! That's worse than hurting Four! ... Poor four... she didn't deserve that...
  12. RayearthIX

    You favorite anime

    Shin is the initial lead, right? (looks for confirmation...) Yep! Yes. I hate him. I find him to be one of the worse anime leads in any anime I've ever seen. He's so far up his own rage pocket he can't even comprehend that maybe, just maybe, he's an idiot and everyone else is smarter than him. As to Gate, yeah. I kind of wanted some medieval pushback, but I found it to be a fun romp anyway.
  13. RayearthIX

    You favorite anime

    There are so... many... good... anime! But... I'll give it a shot. Top 10: 1. Fate series (This is the entire Fate universe. F/SN, F/UBW, F/Zero, F/Apocrypha, F/KLPI, F/Extra, F/GO... I love Fate through and through.) 2. Gosick 3. Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) 4. Macross Frontier 5. Spice and Wolf 6. Puella Magi Madoka Magica 7. Angel Beats 8. Goblin Slayer (love the light novel series) 9. Aria (this might be the most relaxing anime I've ever seen) 10. Mobile Suite Gundam Seed (not Destiny, hate Destiny) Honorable Mentions in no order (cause there are so many good ones!): Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought Here, Sailor Moon, Food Wars, No Game No Life, A Silent Voice, Summer Wars, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, RE: Zero, SAO, Crest of the Stars So... yeah... I guess I gave a Top 20... XD Also, generally I'll take subs over dubs, but a good dub is very enjoyable as well as it means I can multitask while watching more easily since I don't have to read while watching.
  14. RayearthIX

    Summer Savings Deals PSA (will be updated daily).

    Sigh... Prinz Eugen is the only premium available in the game I want and don't have... so wth does it need to be packaged like this? If it was on 30% sale, I'd get it immediately! Sigh. Still no Prinz for my port.
  15. RayearthIX

    Prinz Eugen - Deal or No Deal

    It's only really a deal if you don't get the DDs. Those are only $40, so while you still get a discount, its not as much of one when compared to the $50 BBs