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  1. Very_Quiet

    Giving up on MODS are we?

    Only use one mod, would highly recommend. Have to reinstall mod(s) every patch.
  2. Very_Quiet

    Good AA

    Jager is not final, has a bigger range and can be changed. Also is a IX.
  3. Very_Quiet

    Good AA

    Somers has the worst AA at X https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Somers
  4. Ship plays between Dido and Perth. Would say pass for now, unless you really like the Dido Perth play style. To survive in Hector have to play conservative . Ship has the downsides of, low health pool, sinks easily, island dependent, hard time doing damage vs super ships.
  5. See the note under consumables. 

  6. Very_Quiet

    State Yer Name

    Was wondering if your name was a Douglas Adams reference, where white mice being hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings.
  7. Very_Quiet

    Forum Contest - Black Friday (But Longer)

    Tosses hat into ring. Brandenburg & Bayern
  8. Very_Quiet

    Event Around the World

    Have you used the in game browser?
  9. This is really good or bad depending on how the "bonus" is rewarded. For example have +400 ships in port so can receive 4 bonus gifts in a match. If you play well earning 1200 base XP, take the extra ships stars off how many gifts do you get? If you are not getting any bonus gifts on the additional ships, you are severely decreasing your rewards.
  10. Very_Quiet

    Torpedo Plushie Giveaway!

    "The Hunt for Bismarck" mission chain was released 1 hour before the "Torpedo Plushie Giveaway!" mission chain. Had completed the first part of the "The Hunt for Bismarck" before any information was released for "Torpedo Plushie Giveaway!" mission chain. In past events completing a mission to quickly has caused issues. Would like a Torpedo Plushie.
  11. Very_Quiet

    Torpedo Plushie Giveaway!

    Is there going to be any issues when Step 2 is completed before Step 1?
  12. Very_Quiet

    Frame Rate Limit

    Thank you Wargaming for making this change to preferences.xml <renderer> <maxFrameRate> 144 </maxFrameRate> <maxDockFrameRate> 75 </maxDockFrameRate> Enjoying a mush smoother framerate in battle. Original post from Reddit: