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  1. Very_Quiet

    Torpedo Plushie Giveaway!

    "The Hunt for Bismarck" mission chain was released 1 hour before the "Torpedo Plushie Giveaway!" mission chain. Had completed the first part of the "The Hunt for Bismarck" before any information was released for "Torpedo Plushie Giveaway!" mission chain. In past events completing a mission to quickly has caused issues. Would like a Torpedo Plushie.
  2. Very_Quiet

    Torpedo Plushie Giveaway!

    Is there going to be any issues when Step 2 is completed before Step 1?
  3. Very_Quiet

    Frame Rate Limit

    Thank you Wargaming for making this change to preferences.xml <renderer> <maxFrameRate> 144 </maxFrameRate> <maxDockFrameRate> 75 </maxDockFrameRate> Enjoying a mush smoother framerate in battle. Original post from Reddit:
  4. Very_Quiet

    Wastelander Hall of Fame

    Do not know how many other 9 destroyed games happened, do know lost the tiebreaker and finished #2 on ships destroyed. Already have Benham, Kidd and Sims in port.
  5. Very_Quiet

    [Results] The Wastelander Hall of Fame

    Thank you @Comassion congratulations on Benham and torplushie. Already have a Benham, Kidd and Sims in port. Have enjoyed playing the Benham and also a destroyer main.
  6. Very_Quiet

    Are you in the Hall of Fame?

    Thank you @Navalpride33 Can quietly sink 9 ships. Already have Benham, Kidd and Sims in port. Do not know what was won. Won 9100 doubloons, 11 point captain, and a port slot.
  7. Very_Quiet

    [Results] The Wastelander Hall of Fame

    Congratulation on winning IX Benham Comassion hopefully you enjoy her :)
  8. Very_Quiet

    [Results] The Wastelander Hall of Fame

    Congratulations on sinking 8 ships.
  9. Very_Quiet


    Do you have a list of additional volunteers to fill in for the people who do not respond? Along with @Navalpride33 have been a veteran of these events. Personally completing 70-161 matches every event given the honor to participate in.
  10. What are the rewards for having this ships during World of Warships Anniversary event and Holladay event? Thinking that far ahead. Also do they count as premium ships or tech tree ships? Is another 21 point captain required for each "Supership" or can I transfer a existing 21 point captain without retraining? Will Ranked battle or any other game mode, ever be exclusively "Superships?"
  11. Very_Quiet

    Catch Leprechauns and get Rewards!

    Agree with this valid point.
  12. Very_Quiet

    It’s Time for Pumpkin Smash!

    Have all 300 Pumpkins confirmed that they are participating? Do you have a list of replacements?
  13. Very_Quiet

    Question about damaged modules.

    Was more concerned with surviving constant attacks from the CV at the beginning of the match. 20200127_130603_PRSD210-Grozovoy-pr-40N_44_Path_warrior.wowsreplay
  14. In Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers patch notes: "Soviet Tier X battleship Kremlin The HP pool of her AA mounts has been reduced by half." Did this inadvertently affect other ships? Just finished a game in Grozovoi where the second time HE hit both torpedo tubes and all short and mid range AA guns were destroyed. Have noticed this trend on other ships where after 3 salvos of HE all my AA defense is 0% and secondaries are 0%. Basically every time hit with HE salvo AA defense and secondaries are reduced by 1/3. Is this working as intended?
  15. Very_Quiet

    Thank you Femennenly

    Want to thank @Femennenly for running the Remember the 'Mericans - 27th - 3rd was one of the three fortunate to win a "Up to T7 (currently available) Premium US Ship." Chose the Sims, due to a fondness for American DD's, their ability to slot Def AA, long lasting smokes and being a good all around hybrid. Just going to share results, not running any signals or level II consumables.