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  1. CO_Valle

    The Show Must Go On!

    O7 Kelorn, thanks for your efforts all these years!, and thanks as well to Vanessaira, Aerroon, and Zoup for staying with us.
  2. CO_Valle

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    I’ve lost track of how many times I have heard that... and we are still here.
  3. CO_Valle

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    Too long of a thread to keep up, so I’ll just say I rejoice with the announcement. Easy mates, they are going to their own game mode, if balance is possible then they’ll go full game otherwise they’ll stay in its separate mode.
  4. CO_Valle

    Salem vs Yoshino

    I value uniqueness when it comes to premium/reward ships, in that regard I consider Yoshino more unique than Salem, so I got it first.
  5. I don’t mind SAP shells, and the Ducas rely heavily on IFHE, which is about to being changed. And as to the fire as a weapon, I can remember reading of a USN cruiser that ran out of shells and with nothing else to shoot they loaded starshells and fired them against an IJN DD, sure the DD didn’t sink but was rendered combat ineffective simply by ... nullifying the crew.
  6. CO_Valle

    Burn out time

    WG throws lots of bones to us,... you don’t have to chase all of them.
  7. CO_Valle

    WNN 57: signing off for the final time

    Sad to see you go. Good luck out there.
  8. CO_Valle

    Submarines & Random thoughts

    The "escort the convoy" mode WG is testing sounds like an ideal place to start with subs... while I'm not sure submarines can be fitted into the current game modes (i'm not against them trying), I think they could have their own game mode.
  9. CO_Valle

    WG Birthday Code

    Thanks! +1
  10. CO_Valle

    BONUS CODE from EU stream

    Apparently the code is time based (only while the stream is live)... so 10 more minutes aprox. EDIT: stream still alive so far. EDIT2: 45 more minutes to go (up to 14:00 UTC+5) EDIT3: Stream is over.
  11. IONLYCAME4CODES Gives a 5 stage mission (can't remember each stage reward)
  12. CO_Valle

    Consider these guys reported!!

    I told you man!, WG has made a lot of progress with bot AI... they act more like humans!
  13. CO_Valle

    What Would You Do?

    I'm no DD player, but I would have done what you did. One possible variant is to actively enlist the help of the BB in chat. (which you might have done anyway but didn't mention).
  14. CO_Valle

    Most cits in one salvo?

    I got 10 in my Atlanta (with AP) vs a broadside Omaha at point black range... I think he was trying to torp me but it had to clear some rocks before firing torps... my guns didn't have that problem.
  15. CO_Valle

    Rudder or concealment mod for Donskoi/Moskva?

    I use rudder on Donskoi, and although I would like to use it on Moskva too its detection by sea is just too large, so I use concealment on Moskva.