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  1. CO_Valle

    So wargaming Russian CVs when o.O

    Tomorrow’s headline: Due to popular demand update 11 will see the release of Soviets CVs. Also, under condition of anonymity the inclusion of a new type of armament “ICBMs” is being discussed; such weapon will be deployed by Soviet SSBNs.
  2. CO_Valle


    That is because the coupon applies to ships only,… currently Ise is being sold in a “bundle” so the coupon cannot be used there.
  3. CO_Valle

    Thoughts on the ISE

    So far I like it. Planes are durable enough, I really like the launch sequence with the rocket boosters being dropped after launch. Mid turrets aren’t as awful if you are firing forward, but you have to forget about them if you are running away. Be mindful though, I have only done coop on her so far. Main guns cannot be fired if you are on “CV mode”, but you can turn your ship via the map view. It takes a BB slot.
  4. CO_Valle

    Who thought this up

    I would think that the ordinance was released before the aircraft were shot down, … otherwise it might be a bug. You should grab the replay for further analysis (even send it to WG), before it gets auto-deleted.
  5. CO_Valle

    So how did you come up with your WoW name?

    CO as in “Commanding Officer”,… then a part of my name.
  6. Nice!, looking forward to this one!
  7. “COMVOY” worked for me too.
  8. CO_Valle

    Monster Secondary Battle!

    Something similar happened to me years ago ... in a Myogi of all things
  9. CO_Valle

    Player Stats.

    Stats are useful if the person knows how to read/interpret them. Any meaningful feedback on your stats will come from people that took the time to analyze them, ... as for the others that know only to read your whole career average... pity them and ignore them.
  10. Others have already said enough, so I’ll only say this: I saw a red one in the morning, it got sunk by a Z-52 and it wasn’t the last red ship sunk.
  11. CO_Valle

    Free Cmdr Reset...Ends?

    Be mindful of the time zone.
  12. CO_Valle

    a forum issue

  13. I chose “full stealth” since it’s the closest one to my build, but to be honest I build to my play style and rarely use “standard” builds. Might try some of the new skills (well I’m already using heavy AP), but these aren’t among my first choice to spend points on.
  14. CO_Valle

    Trying to Buy Flint

    Just click the “buy” button, it will offer the option to convert the coal. But unless just must have it now, I recommend keeping the steel... to my knowledge Flint isn’t going anywhere soon.
  15. Another thing to take into consideration is time, and the quality of gameplay you seek when you can play. For example, I have little in the way of game-time so if I needed to recruit a new commander and start it from zero I would probably spend those credits... of course at this stage I have commanders for every nation so I do not foresee the need of doing so.