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  1. Well of course a ship will disappear when engaged in diapering ops, I mean, it’s just plain rude to attack a ship in a situation like that... you know maritime law and all. plus we don’t want to cause environmental damage by spills caused while diapering.
  2. CO_Valle

    Exeter worth a buy? July 2019

    I thought of it, ... but it scuttled itself. ... (not)
  3. CO_Valle

    Exeter worth a buy? July 2019

    I just got mine a couple of hours ago, so far I like it (I did little more than sea trials in coop and a single random). I was happily welcomed in my first match with Exeter by the presence of a Graf Spee, alas, it was on my side, but still...
  4. CO_Valle

    Can't see your #'s increasing

    I remember being a new player, everything was cool Tiers 1-3, then I reached Tier 4, and I just simply couldn't understand what was I doing wrong. First thing I did was research on the ship I was commanding (the Karlsruhe), I started looking in wikipedia, so I learned about the ship's intended role, that gave me some insight, then of course I checked the game's wiki, and some youtube channels... it was awful full of concepts I couldn't get the grasp on (i.e. what the *** is overmatch, and sigma, and <name whatever concept you hear more advanced players talking about> ?!?!). Of course, I gradually learned the mechanics of the game, just take it slowly, one thing at a time. Here are some recommendations: As others have pointed out, learn to read the interface, it will give you a lot of what you need to be more accurate. Keep an eye on the minimap, often times I used to complain that there was no support, when in reality I mindlessly charged the enemy without noticing the rest of the fleet went west and I went east by myself. And finally, always ask yourself "what could I have done better?", sure, the blame will sometimes be on the others, but by being self-analytical you'll start to recognize situations and act upon them based on your previous experiences.
  5. CO_Valle

    This, is World of Warships. Why We Play.

    As a small kid I remember watching documentaries on the Bismarck and the battle of Denmark Strait, the battle of Montevideo, Midway, etc. ... so suddenly I'm looking for something (can't remember what) on youtube and a wild ad appears! ... wait ... I can torpedo the Yamato on this game?!?!?!... I'm sold! I didn't even proceeded to watch whatever I was searching for, I started looking for wows gameplay and started to read the terms of service.
  6. CO_Valle

    Yoshino opinions?

    So far I've just played it on co-op for sea trialing her, I also just unlocked/bought the Des Moines so I'm running somewhat short on money (credits) so I'haven been able to outfit her properly, but so far I like it. Sure you need to play her to her strengths and she'll reward you, otherwise you can take massive damage.
  7. CO_Valle

    Weekend Spree

    I finally unlocked (and bought) the Des Moines... sadly I'm poor so I haven't fully customized it, so I'm taking my premium T7s in ranked to get my economy up and running again.
  8. CO_Valle

    Pacific Rim question, The battleship option

    It took them several days of conventional warfare (and ended up resorting to nukes) to kill the first kaijus, a BB operating in shallow waters (basically a coastal battery) would have one or two salvos before being wrecked by the Kaiju, so the nuke shells would need to be fired first. Based on the nuclear tests in the pacific only the crew in the most heavily armored sections of the ship would survive the blast, and would be unable to get out due to radiation.
  9. CO_Valle

    Pacific Rim question, The battleship option

    Kaijus can swim underwater so a BB wouldn’t work, ... ground based rail guns would be better... but as said by Ryuuoh Giant robots are cooler.
  10. CO_Valle

    NTC post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOVED !

    The mods are quite busy merging the NTC threads into a single trackable feedback thread, the thing is everyone is making NTC threads... and to an extent the amount of NTC threads created is a metric they should be monitoring.
  11. I was just thinking this,... all previous “end of the world” changes (that I can remember) had people for and against, but I haven’t seen anyone fully agreeing with NTC’s current planned rewards (combat buffs).
  12. The way I see it, the problem is not the existence of NTC but rather the type of rewards they are considering right now (combat buffs).
  13. CO_Valle

    Tune down the Frequency of Cyclones

    I like weather effects in my matches, these create tactical options that can be seized if you are willing to do so. If you found youself surrounded by 5 ships then the issue wasn’t the cyclone, you should have sought to form a battle group with the closest teammates. ”When the cyclone hits form battle groups”,... just say that in chat; sure people don’t always listen, but when they do it works like a charm.
  14. CO_Valle

    WoWSLauncher.cfg file

    Have you tried using the “repair game” option on the launcher?... or is the launcher itself not working?