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  1. I would be Interested if it was post WW2 all the way to current times. What you suggest can be done in the current game.
  2. Don’t forget to enable it!
  3. CO_Valle

    Playing one match and then logging off

    You might need a break,... a long one. Last September (2019), I grew tired of the game so I took a 5 month break, I only came back when Moskva was announced to go premium, my only intent was to play a single match so my account was still “active”,... to my surprise I enjoyed that match, so I played a couple more, and enjoyed those too, so I became active once more.
  4. By nature WOWS is an asymmetric game, even with mirror MM there is customization for each ship, did that red took radar or smoke?, hydro or DefAA?, capt. skills, etc. The opponents are trying to use Their strengths to defeat me. So to quote myself: In other words, what I enjoy is to face the best the reds have to offer and to beat them... and I they beat me, then it was a well fought battle. And the above applies to all ship types, not only CVs. Also, given the aforementioned statement, I do enjoy +/-2 MM. I quite enjoy being on the top BXP earners in my T8 with a bunch of T10s well below me.
  5. I like playing against CVs as much as against any other ship type. It brings an additional challenge to overcome. Edit: I learned how to play against RTS CVs, current CVs are not much different to play against, and are definitively less lethal.
  6. CO_Valle

    Atago or Alaska? What do YOU think?

    I have both and I enjoy both, the ships have different attributes, since you have researched both I would think you consider you can make them work. I got Atago in the premium shop and Alaska for FXP, I - as some other have done - would recommend to go that way; why have only one when you can have two?
  7. CO_Valle

    more ships like the Phoenix?

    The thing with Omaha and any T5+ is that you start fighting ships that outright outclass you as well as seeing more experienced players commanding them. My advice would be to try other several lines up to T5, and not only that but to try different types of ships (battleships, destroyers, carriers, and of course cruisers), even if you don't like them that much (I also like cruisers more), having some experience with all types of ships will teach you the conditions of your opponents, as a result you'll get to know what to expect from "the Reds", including their strengths and weaknesses; eventually you might even predict your opponent's actions and anticipate to them. As for similar ships to the Phoenix you might like the German T3 (Kolberg I think is its name).
  8. I’ve got the T4 and T6 from free containers. I’ve seen a few T8s here and there... even saw a T10 once (no idea how that player got it... ST maybe).
  9. CO_Valle

    Need Some Cit Tips

    I think I did that task with Wesser on Co-op, 17 citadels between rockets and bombs; just remember that even in coop it might be worth doing pre-drops.
  10. CO_Valle

    Twitch Stream Code just posted

    Works NA!
  11. @Spirit_of_76 May I congratulate you on your taste for forum pic?. Now into the topic, the most recent lines: - VMF Cruiser split. - KMS CVs - USN BB Split (next) - ??? So most likely a DD line/split... therefore I voted Italian DDs.
  12. CO_Valle

    "Either/Or" missions

    You do get credit for both, but I have noticed a bug in the post-battle result screen where only one of the conditions is taken into account. But if you do check the same mission in the mission-page in the port screen both results will be shown. The above doesn’t happen for all OR missions.
  13. CO_Valle

    Weekend Spree July 17-19 2020.

    Congrats! I finished the Dockyard and got the Odin, also got the Rhein and it’s permacamo.
  14. CO_Valle


    Still works, thanks.