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  1. CO_Valle

    Question about chasing the Moskva

    Moskva is a good ship, but you still have time to grind to it, don’t use FXP to get it unless the date grows near.
  2. ...when you start pulling maneuvers such as the ones used by CCs (i.e. a Notser).
  3. CO_Valle

    Patch 9.2.1 - whats in it?

    April fools?
  4. I got one a few days ago (also first of the year) it was 15 ouroboros.
  5. CO_Valle

    Meesa back!

    Glad to see you around again!
  6. I was watching it too!, can’t wait to read the in-game chats!
  7. CO_Valle

    where is my Taihou?

    Well, odd tier CVs are supposed to fulfill other missions, currently there is no such mission, but maybe once subs are implemented they’ll return with an ASW role.
  8. CO_Valle

    Starting the game

    I’ve been using the WGC launcher for sometime now without issues, and I also only play WOWS.
  9. CO_Valle

    Visby Gun Reload Problem

    FYI I think this bug might not only affect Visby, I took Smolensk for a sea trial (just got it a few days ago), I was going to ambush a Zao with my torps when I noticed only one rack was ready to fire (port), and the red ship was to my starboard (still loading torps). I have not experienced this again in any ship (including Smolensk).
  10. If you are no longer having fun with the game, I would advise you to take a few months break from it, I just got back to WOWS from a 5 months break and found enjoyment again on it. You just might be burnt out.
  11. CO_Valle

    PSA: WEEK 3 Crate Code

  12. Is there any actual proof of this?. I have had to “allow” every game that tries to access the internet on my firewall, so to me the fact that I had to do this for WGC/WOWS is no different; and yes in any case I do not store sensitive data on my gaming PC.
  13. I have had WGC for quite a while, so far no issues.
  14. CO_Valle

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    I have had WGC for quite a while now, so far no issues.