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  1. CO_Valle

    TX Permanent Camo?

    Eventually some are on sale on the premium shop, but most likely vía doubloons in game.
  2. FYI HMS Hood is T7: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Hood
  3. Fem also showcased CV PTS on her latest stream, looking better than on TST: https://youtu.be/5qANbpT4DeY
  4. CO_Valle

    Hear me out.. As a DD main post patch

    Sure Permaspotting a DD (or any other ship) is a possibility under the CV rework, but so it is under the current CV interface. AA is currently tuned for current CV, AA will be reworked in live, so don’t take a DDs inability to shoot down aircraft as a given, it will be balanced. Also as others have said the CV will have to spot you, and do nothing else, the CV driver might event try to shoot you, but the most reliable weapons against DDs are rocket and they do little damage, and fires are not 100% guaranteed. If the CV is so focused on you, just drive away, either the CV will chase you (becoming inefective as its team mates guns are no longer in effective range), or it will switch to someone else. It is simply not economically viable for the CV to stay flying over you for the whole match, chances are the CV will go to either farm damage (not easy to do against a DD), or will look at the minimap and go where needed (no point on keeping you spotted if the team is firing somewhere else and you are not an immediate threat.... on the other hand, if you are an immediate threat ... what did you expected to happen m?, under both current or reworked CV you become a priority target. A CV can perma spot you now and after the rework, but under the rework only a part of the map (instead of the whole map) will be CV spotted. And finally... its still a WIP even if on the live server, it will be balanced as needed!
  5. CO_Valle

    Tips for the USS Dallas

    Welcome to WoWS, a lot has already been said, so I’lol just say this, when you are that uptiered don’t be the tip of the spear, rather play more of a support role, wait a little until the engagement starts (or find a nice island to hug) before opening fire, you definitely do not want to be the first target the enemy sees.
  6. I disagree, sure many of the points you brought up may be true but the way I see the impact the reworked CV has on a match has been lowered, and as such the “negativity” some players perceive when in a CV match will be drastically lowered; sure new tactics will arise by both surface and air combatants... and we will adapt... just like with all the previous apocalypses. And as for campy games, those do exist currently even with no CVs in a match...
  7. CO_Valle

    About Scnellboot

    I use sequential fire and try to saturate the area rather than attempt to hit with a full salvo... at least while I get the right lead, though by that time I get such lead right I sometimes have to switch targets.
  8. CO_Valle

    So many do NOT want the CV rework.

    I'll just say that I'm one of those that approve the rework with restrictions.
  9. CO_Valle

    Selling Premium CVs after rework goes live

    Man, I've been wanting to get the GZ for quite some time... surely they'll sell them again, but will likely need to rebalance them, get them to finalized state (or whatever is called), and then sell them again.
  10. CO_Valle

    Potato it is!

    So, you hit a saturated section on the Baltimore... or your AP shells ricocheted..
  11. You are likely just a little bit rusty, sure you might need a crash course on the latest ships but it will all come together.
  12. CO_Valle


    I think he means "connection speed". To the OP there is likely nothing WG can do to help you, unless there is a massive spike through the whole player base it is likely your connection (some one else in your own network using the bandwidth), o any hop in between your PC and the WG servers.
  13. CO_Valle

    Odd game visuals

    Sounds like latency to me.
  14. CO_Valle

    Bot shows negative number in ships sunk ?

    These bots are getting more human everyday!
  15. CO_Valle

    AA increase on PTS - a concern

    Hello everyone, I haven't been able to play PTS, but I played the TST CV rework. A word about balancing: Making small increments to an item (AA in this thread) is doable but will likely take too many iterations (more than needed), it is generally easier to have a given starting point, and then make a big jump. Then we have a base line, and will start to iterate towards the middle until good enough balance is met. With this approach we know how much is too little or too much.