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  1. How about something like: VF-84 Jolly Rogers Or the VF-101 Black Tail Grim Reaper
  2. Why did you pick your patch?

    A shark and a knife, what’s not to like?
  3. Ship controls bugging out

    Yeah, as Splash said, there is a feature to avoid terrain, this helps new players in navigating, you can disable it (I did), but for now you might be better with it. There a also tactical beaching.
  4. New player having a hard time.

    Yeah, don’t rush it; take your time to learn the game mechanics (there is a ton of stuff to learn), try different lines/classes and find the better suited for you. IJN T4 and T5 are different you are making the transition to heavy cruiser (hello 203 mm guns), and as you said you are facing far more menacing foes.
  5. Saipan & CVs-Brother/Sisterhood

    Because the enemy CV will use its fighters to negate your snipe while using its bombers to nuke your BBs anyway.
  6. Saipan & CVs-Brother/Sisterhood

    Why waste 5 minutes on a potentially (most likely) futile stricke when you can nuke a BB/DD/CL?... and be back in action (2nd stricke) by the time a CV snipe finishes? Thats what your fighters are for, to negate the enemy CV.
  7. That is harder to answer since it will chance from match to match, but I’ll give it a try. How much time is left? if there is enough time to turn the points advantage, you might try to cap. if there is not enough time to win by capturing, you might try to sink the enemy ships, if they are all sunk then can’t win. Also, as previously said, by sinking enemy ships you’ll reduce the points earned by the reds; but be sure not to loose ships yourself (the greens) for you will loose points and they will win more. Alway try to be proactive and organize the team towards a common goal, sometimes they won’t listen, sometimes they’ll provide a different plan, and sometimes everyone will do as they please. A piece of advice, “suggest” courses of action, people react better to suggestions than to orders. Also, keep an eye on the mínimap as often as possible (I’m still working on this myself) and be sure to chat alert the rest of the team, this could prevent you from being in the loosing side at all (if the team comes togetherness at all that is).
  8. I think the OP question is regarding victory conditions. in domination mode, what matters is the amount of points gathered when the match ends (either by reaching 1000 points, sinking all enemies, or by time out). So the fact that you controlled more caps at the end of the match does not mean that you have more points. Points are awarded by capping and holding your capture points (caps). If you have two caps and the enemy one you are being awarded twice as much points, but beware, losing a ship will reduce your points, and sinking an enemy will award you some more. Furthermore, you can neutralize the points being awarded to the enemy by entering their cap. Also, hitting the enemy ship that is capturing a cap will “reset” (actually just remove some of the capture progress made by that ship). What do you need to look at? Top center of the UI is the score and capture point status. Top right is the timer. keep an eye on those to know whether you are heading to victory or defeat and act accordingly (sometimes staying alive will be the better option)
  9. Saipan & CVs-Brother/Sisterhood

    Well, I can understand the frustration of going against a Saipan. But regarding the CV role of “attacking the other CV”, well... for the looks of it that was what happened, if the enemy CV neutralized your CV, there is no point in going to simply sink your ship, the other CV has closer targets, and since your CV no longer has the chance to contest the sky, you (as the opposing CV) are pretty much just floating around inconsequentially. The red CV did attack you, but simply ignored you once you were no longer a threat. If you are mad at being unable to do something, simply set the auto pilot to the nearest cap, or simply let yourself be seen, a few of the reds will go after you (because “gotta sink the CV”), and you’ll help the team, either by capping with your CV or by distracting the enemy ships from the objective.
  10. Bellerophon to Orion

    Yeah, I also couldn't make Bellerophon work (which is a shame because Dreadnought), but I've grinded through it, and man, I've barely played Orion and it feels so much better, as previously said, day and night!
  11. Last weekend I had like 5000ms lag in a few matches, but it kind of sorted out itself.
  12. shhh, it top serect

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foo_fighter? Alright, most probably the "local weather" I read somewhere (dev blog?)
  13. Beginner's concerns

    I'm around 1400 battles and still learning, so as others have said be patient, ... stuff like angling and overmatch will eventually make sense, the important thing here is that you are aware of them! (many players with far more battles than me are not!). A lot of good suggestions have been made by others, so instead of repeating I'll add just one thing: When you get sunk, ask yourself (several times if needed): what could I have done to prevent my death? i.e.: You were the first to die: perhaps you pushed too hard/fast into a cap perhaps you didn't noticed that your team went the other way and you ended up fighting half the enemy fleet by yourself (you were focused) You got hit by multiple torpedoes and died (some ships can fire their torpedos without being detected (stealth fire)): Did you knew torpedoes were on their way? > you didn't take a successful evasive action (hint: reducing speed while turning will make you turn faster/tighter) I didn't knew torpedos were fired > If you are detected but you see no one detecting you chances are that a DD has seen you (but you haven't seen it yet) > you better assume torpedoes are on their way, take proactive evasion, change speed and direction, the torps will miss you by a mile! Sometimes the answer will not be obvious, in these cases (as previously stated) the answer will likely be that you weren't map aware (I'm still working on this), you have to keep an eye on the minimap as often as possible; I often do the mistake of committing to an action course and not looking at the minimap until that action has been completed. i.e. you might be pushing into a cap with 3 more ships, but they turn away the moment the enemy showed up and you end up fighting alone. And sure.. sometimes you will have done the right thing but still end up with a one-way trip to the bottom, ... it happens. Oh!, one more thing, if you ever find yourself frustrated (i.e. a losing streak), but still want to play ships, change ship/class/tier. It often helps.
  14. WoWs Blitz is Live

    Just downloaded it, lets see if the pre-reg worked!