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  1. Not selected, hopefully I’ll be called at a latter stage.
  2. I don’t see the need for a fully armed at start, there is simply no need for it, by the time you get to engagement ranges you are usually ready anyway.
  3. Does anyone play Arms Race?

    I’ve played a couple of times, I like the game mode, it’s somewhat refreshing to go aggressive on high tier ships... but the queue times is what kills it for me; my playtime is limited, so ...
  4. I’m joining the test because I want to influence the CV rework so we get the class we all (both CV and non-CV payers) deserve. Edit: All current options a too selfish may suggest adding an option for those that truly want to participate in Testing? EDIT 2: When I said "both CV and non-CV payers" I meant "players" but I'm leaving the original text for the lulz
  5. Also check your PSU (Power Supply Unit) if you don't have enough juice for your rig its as good as underclocked.
  6. What?! Girls play this game?

    I did!... my only gripe with that ad is that I didn't saw it sooner, I knew about the game way before seeing the ad, but those gif-style ads I kept seeing made no justice to the game.
  7. Waiting time in arms race

    I like this game mode, its refreshing... unfortunately my playtime is limited so I cannot afford to sit and wait for a match. I'm yet to have a T10 but I have a couple of matches in this mode on the Donskoi, so Legendary stuff isn't a deal breaker for me... but those queues, I hope there is more success for this on the other servers, I would welcome the addition to this mode to randoms.
  8. I've always thought that the power of T10 ships is what makes the game that way... any mistake is heavily punished, therefore, if you want to stay in the match you have to be more cautious, etc...
  9. Not sure if I'm understanding this right... 60,000,000 doubloon cost $126CAD? Sounds like quite the deal to me!
  10. Is the Boise good?

    It sounds like you are getting out of position / overextended / focused, in this circumstance any ship will melt quickly,... restrained aggression will be my advice.
  11. Is the Boise good?

    I'm by no means the greatest player, but I find Boise/NdJ to be good ships (I bought NdJ and finished the Boise mission); although they'll take some getting used to. A brief review of your stats shows only 9 battles played in Boise with 40k average damage, and 33% main battery hit ratio. I think you just need to get used to the ship, and you'll do better on it, but from your description, I would say: You are hitting the enemy, but you need to be more careful where to aim, I find that its guns can really punish any target, if aiming is right, sure, these are 152mm so you might consider targeting the superstructure rather than the main belts (depending on ship). You can get easily 10k damage per salvo. Your armor is paper, I've found that sometimes broadsiding to a BB is better than angling. Always mount the sierra mike flag for additional speed. You better use steering gears mod 2. Don't forget that you have a heal, and a very good one at that. Sure, you have to get close to use your guns... but getting within 5km of the enemy isn't the best idea given the somewhat poor maneuverability of the ship, of course, sometimes you have to push. Captain wise, I chose IFHE over Concealment expert for my first 10 pts. You should consider sending @Lord_Zath a replay for review. EDIT: Also, review your armor profile, the citadel is somewhat "smaller" than that of other cruisers!
  12. Any Yorck fans?

    I like the Yorck and have liked it for quite a while now; it was the only T7 I had for my first ranked season (T7) and managed some good results with it (including my first ever compliments). It was also the first ship I scored HE citadels with (at least that I noticed)... funnily, I didn’t have a hard time like others when transitioning from Nürnberg to Yorck.
  13. Another reason to withhold fire is to remain concealed, if (for example) a ship is capturing the enemy base it is best if it remains concealed, so the enemy cannot shoot it and therefore reset the capturing action. In this example, the allied getting shot is actually distracting the enemy from looking for you, and hopefully dragging them away from you.
  14. I haven’t tested them in PTS, and likely won’t have the chance as my playtime is limited but I’ll say this: Its a new class in the game with new mechanics (that will likely need tuning), don’t expect to do super unicum in the first couple of matches. i saw a couple of streams and certainly most people didn’t have good first matches on them but some eventually got it and started doing fine (some quite good actually)