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  1. ^ This perhaps @Boggzy or @Ahskance can do/find something more. You could also consider: But by rolling back your account to a previous point in time you’ll likely loose all progress made since then (I have never done this so not entirely sure how it works).
  2. CO_Valle

    disconnect issues HELP!!!

    Have you tried clearing your DNS cache?: ipconfig /flushdns It could be weird routing of the packages.
  3. CO_Valle

    PSA: Bonus Code (OMEN Gaming Hub HP)

    Still works, thanks!
  4. CO_Valle

    How many years and the still is not awake.

    Sometimes when I play, my 4 year old sits in my lap to “see the ships”, so I pick North Carolina with the KOTS camo, she likes to see the octopus tentacles, and the skull. So, when looking to the skull I zoom into it’s mouth while saying “it’s going to eat you!”, then she (mildly) screams, then she laughs… then we do it again.
  5. CO_Valle


    This ^ Some people argue that “o7” is disrespectful because that salute is with the left hand… the counter argument is that the point of view might be from the back. So this “<O” is more like:
  6. CO_Valle


  7. New insurance collaboration?
  8. CO_Valle

    Riga! Who knew?? ( prob everyone but me)

    Riga can be a beast if you manage to flank and angle, get close enough and it’s AP will get all those citadels,… that being said if you get flanked… ouch.
  9. CO_Valle

    Waterline: Roadmap Update – Spring 2022

    Thanks for bringing back operations!.
  10. CO_Valle

    1980's version of wows?

    Part of me was hoping that tier XI was the beginning of this, alas, they went the fantasy road.
  11. It’s certainly an interesting interaction, although the first thing I thought was: ”man it will really hurt if someone was to cancel that perfectly aligned torp spread that costed you so much to prepare” However, with the huge amounts of quality team play that we see in every match such a thing is going to be quite rare. And if you have the capability to deploy ship-borne “countermeasures” you are already in evasive attitude. Still as the animation shows there would be cases where it could be an interesting interaction. Still such mechanic can screw the attacker’s gameplay experience (although increasing the defender’s)… may be if there was a dice-roll so that an intercept only has a % chance of stopping an incoming torpedo, that way the attacker still has a chance of a successful (or partially successful) strike. And stopping torpedoes with air-borne depth charges would be nigh unlikely; so not every ship will have an effective-enough use of this mechanic, further reducing the chances of a disappointed attacking player.
  12. Weekly rotation is fine. To random-queue you first need a larger pool of ops… bring back the other ops! (Cherry Blossom, Dunkerke, etc.).
  13. CO_Valle

    Dutch DE-7 Sales Rotation?

    Hopefully dockyard ships will eventually be available.
  14. CO_Valle

    Dido is garbag

    I just got it yesterday, I’m still sea trialing her in coop, but I wouldn’t say it’s bad. Probably just a case of “need to learn how to play it”. That being said half of my shells shattered on my last game, you have to be careful where you aim.
  15. The “spaceport” port has no water; you might try to see if it makes a difference.