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  1. yeah, around 1k battles to know the game mechanics... now... properly taking action based on that knowledge ... I’m still working on it.
  2. New Maps Please

    I want to see the Castaway (CA stay away) map that Fem and her team did on the CC summit.
  3. I remember seeing my fighters break their course to intercept the enemy, it might be as Clutch says.
  4. Ctrl + click the enemy airplanes to instruct your fighter to engage them.
  5. On the same side

    You have control of where they go upon launching them. You knew there was a friendly in the area and fired them anyway. They might even attempt to dodge them only to show their broadside to the enemy. You fired them, you own them.
  6. Unless your spotter plane was flying near that DD it wouldn’t detect it.
  7. Why does WG hate me so much???

    lol Looks like you were on a date when WG took a shot at you :P
  8. S_bmarin_s! All right, I'll see myself out. :P
  9. I agree that while interesting missiles do not fit WoWs,... now ... rockets, that could be a thing... but can't remember if there were any ship mounted surface-to-surface rockets (at least in the current vessels/classes we have in game). Still, Hood has AA rockets and some aircraft carried them (British CV flavor perhaps?).
  10. Storms absolutely ruin games

    I really like cyclones, and I'm looking forward to thunderstorms getting into randoms and day/night effects and the likes of it. They spice up matches, and open tactical opportunities that otherwise would not be possible. Every time I see a cyclone warning I chat: "When the cyclone hits, form battlegroups. Don't get caught alone" And I repeat it once the cyclone has hit. People usually listens, and guess what, ... yep... you ready?.... TEAMWORK! Every cyclone I've been in since I started doing so has been a win.
  11. Same thing happened to me, the URL is kind of messed up, try the following one: The URL on the website: https://worldofwarships.com/en/userbonus
  12. Last time I ran into a lemming like that one I decided not only to join it but to lead it: ”Once the BBs reach the proximity of B cap WE ALL PUSH” Thankfully three others agreed and so we pushed, with us on point (drawing fire and ruining the 3 red DDs parade) the rest of the team grew some basketballs and followed (add some encouragement in chat); then the train part of the lemming came to be. We became unstoppable.
  13. @jason199506 Ninja'd me @Dr_Venture May the 4th be with you! EDIT Article says it has to be completed with T6+ VMF ships, so no (straight) Coop-mirroring. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/victorious/
  14. British aircraft carriers

    I would like British CVs to have rockets instead of bombs for their planes, more accurate but less alfa. Still I agree, this won’t happen until after the CV rework... if ever.
  15. player occupation

    If you read the OPs initial post it’s clear that he wasn’t at the hospital; he was likely at home when duty called and he did the right thing! Having said that, AFK/leavers should be punished if they are recurrent on such actions, only TK should be instant punishment.