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  1. The player base could go nuts if steel was the requirement, it’s a ship long awaited for a lot of people and making it that exclusive is not a good idea. Furthermore Alaska is T9, I suppose WG will offer another T10 as “reward”.
  2. when will this end

    Ship happens, been there myself, on the other hand tomorrow you’ll be on the other side of MM. It will balance out itself.
  3. Not sure how many, but yes there are a few of us around here ;) Quite interesting thread here, it deserves to be read, I’m posting from my phone but will come back later. +1
  4. clam wars

  5. hows the boysee and 6 of june?

    From a few games experience: - Overall a gudbote - Turns like a brick (stock) - Needs steering gears mod, this makes her turn OK - Good health recovery -Don’t forget to equip Sierra Mikes for a little bit of additional speed -Nice alpha strike -Acceleration is somewhat poor (better than BBs of course) :P - It is a CL so don’t rely just on armor (naturally) ...still on sea trials tho
  6. Should Ocean Come Back?

    I’m yet to fight a match on that map, but I’m looking forward to it. And I’m a Cruiser main, no worries, I can kite.
  7. hows the boysee and 6 of june?

    DOES ...NOT... COMPUTE... :P Joke aside, I’m on a similar position, I’ll tell you when my 7 months old daughter falls asleep...
  8. Se viene el Nueve de Julio

    I don't mind about it that much, I rarely have gotten a bundle (Hood) but now that you bring it to the table... that is a huge amount of flags/consumables. ---- A mi no me importa mucho, rara vez he comprado un bundle (Hood), pero ahora que lo mencionas, son un montón de señales/consumibles (¿? yo tengo el cliente en inglés... no me sé los terminos en español :P )
  9. But no Exocets please!... oh, you mean the other one,... yeah I support this too
  10. Se viene el Nueve de Julio

    Y... puede ser una prueba de concepto para medir que tanto resulta factible el modelo de negocio, con poco esfuerzo se incrementa el alcance (deseabilidad) de un mismo navio,... si funciona lo podrían replicar en otros (ej.: Agincourt).
  11. How about HMS Exeter?, Graf Spee needs its friends to play with... and us a RN Cruiser :)
  12. Se viene el Nueve de Julio

    Vamos muchach@s!, Ya hay dos threads en el foro en inglés hablando sobre la liberacion del NdJ/Boise! En la compra de uno obtienes una misión para obtener al otro, al parecer el requerimiento es obtener 300k XP, aunque no se si es en general o si solo aplica en dicho navío.
  13. Well this stunk

    I only enable auto resuply on permanent camos.
  14. Throwdown Thursday - Go Navy!

    #TeamDasha but honestly those camos aren’t my cup of tea so once I get the cheap stuff I’m switching to sharks. I feel like a mercenary.