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  1. German battleship Viribus Unitis, tier V. The Sigma value is decreased from 1.8 to 1.65; Changed the parameters of the consumable "Repair party": The restoration of the casemate (non-citadel) damage reduced from 50% to 40%; Restoration of hit points, after receiving damage to the citadel, increased from 10% to 33%. The battleship had excessive accuracy for its Main Battery salvoes with hard-hitting shells. Changing the parameter will bring the accuracy in line with other battleships of this tier. Viribus Unitis has good armor, allowing it to avoid sustaining large amounts of casemate damage, however, with the small number of hit points, penetrating the citadel (with shell, bomb or torpedo) is fatal for the ship, so changing the proportions of the restored hit points will reduce the severity of the damage received in the citadel. British cruiser Exeter, tier V. Main battery reload increased from 12 to 15 seconds; Removed the consumable "Smoke Generator". Exeter's reload is increased to the value of another heavy cruiser of this tier - Furutaka. "Smoke Generator" is removed, because in the presence "Repair party" and guns with the caliber of 203 mm, this consumable gives an excessive advantage in battle. Japanese cruiser Yahagi, tier V. Main battery reload reduced from 10 to 9 seconds. Soviet destroyer Neustrashimy, tier IX. Changed the parameters of the consumable "Repair party": The restoration of damage increased from 50% to 60%; Duration: 20 sec instead of 28; Healing: 2% instead of 0.5% of maximum hit points per second: Neustrashimy has a large hull and turning circle, and, as a result, when faced with other destroyers and detected, she lost a large amount of hit points. As a result, the destroyer was forced to spend all its charges of the "Repair party" and still did not get a full opportunity to return to the battle. Now the "Repair party" is similar to the British cruisers consumable of the high tiers.