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  1. Thanos_Snap_

    It took me 4 years and 14096 games....

    On the whole subject of stats and their importance. Why do people care so much? I've struggled hard to get to above 50% overall from my days of blissful ignorance. If quite a lot of players like me and yourself are on a journey like this one, why do people tend to use stats as such a strict measure of what a player is capable of? Stats are a snapshot of a moving picture yet people treat them as final judgements. Then proceeding to look up the stats of someone if they piss them off and then judging that player (sometimes in game) as being a "scrub", "noob", "terrible player", "go uninstall" etc. I may have decidedly average stats, mediocre even. But that doesn't mean I don't regularly have kickass games where I top the team quite often. Or that I don't possess an extensive working knowledge and understanding. The way I see it at a certain point it's very hard to look at someone in the Yellow-Blue range of stats and decide whether or not they are a "good player" If there is someone with red all over and zero signs of improvement over time then it's safe to say that player is indeed "bad" but that unassuming yellow or green player in your game may be totally capable of carrying the team, his stats just haven't caught up with his learning improvement yet. And yeah I get that good looking stats indicate a player is consistently good and capable of carrying very often. That is good. But honestly the more I learn about stats the more I see how easy it is to pad them. Only playing at certain times, with certain people, with certain ships. What actually is the difference in personal skill between a tryhard statpadder and someone who knows what they are doing, but just doesn't care about maintaining oh so precious stats?
  2. Thanos_Snap_

    Genova Review - A Dumpster Fire Without The Fire

    I don't exactly disagree with any of the points presented. Everyone is pretty much in agreement that Genova is bad in her current state. But my question is...who actually cares? Why is this such a hot topic? It's a bad ship. End of story. No arguments from me. Time to move on. There are plenty of terrible ships in the game some Premium some not. If people are salty about wasted money, then that's on them for not researching ahead of time before buying. I honestly can't stand the contradictory nature of the vocal playerbase when it comes to ships being terrible or OP. The only difference between the two is that bad ships don't ruin the health of the game. Player skill still can make up for such things. There is a small minority of skilled players who see bad ships as challenges to get good stats in. And people do. Live and let live I say. If we want WG to stop making busted OP premiums then we as a playerbase need to not whine and moan about every bad or mediocre premium out there, and stop with the sensationalist and clickbaity reviews and videos about how so horribly awful a ship is. Just point out it's stats, flaws, and why its objectively bad in a levelheaded and no nonsense way. Not calling you out specifically author, but just putting it out there that I am seeing this more and that it needs to stop.
  3. I have a Baltimore that I earned a space permanent camouflage for. I don't hate it and I've never been a hater of unique exterior ships. I even have all the ARP ships too. But after awhile I start to get sick of the space sounds when playing with the permacamo. So I figured "no big deal" I'll just disable the appearance and that way I'll get to have my permanent camouflage bonuses while not being driven insane. But nope. As soon as I hit the button my ship lost its concealment bonus indicating that the camo is simply demounted. Why is this feature implemented this way? If you can visually remove the appearance from enemy ships, why can't this feature simply only visually remove a camouflage? Additionally this can be expanded on by asking why can't we just disable all camouflage visuals while still retaining the effects the camouflages have? Many people consider a lot of expendable camouflages to be quite obnoxious. And I know there is a camo remover mod, however, I am reluctant to use it because there are some camos I actually like and you can't turn the mod on and off while ingame like you can with the current feature. The reverse can be applied to the ARP ships. Why do they not have the option to mount camouflages simply for the bonuses, even if they remain invisible. The only exception I can think of that is somewhat justified is the ARP Takao which is an Atago clone that was obtainable for free. But then again WG includes permanent camouflages with free premiums anyway. I seriously doubt that during the collaboration negotiations the Arpeggio studio was all like : "yo we want you to use your game as advertising for our IP, but we demand that you completely throw away simple quality of life features so that no one will want to play them". I get that there are things WG can and can't do with the ARP ships as all negotiations would have some kind of terms. But do they really have such a stranglehold on you that you can't retroactively apply QoL updates to them? Anyways, I am getting a little off topic. I'm just getting more and more frustrated with things like this after 3 years of playing. WG you may not see QoL features as essential or most important, but overtime nuisances like this are what contribute to older players leaving, Every time you make a blunder like the Naval Training Center. You drive people away who honestly might have not quit if simple QoL things like this were addressed. If player retention was truly your goal you would put more effort into such things. Rant over.
  4. Thanos_Snap_

    Nelson, Yay! or Nay!

    Nelson is pretty much the high tier British BB experience but at tier 7. If you've got yourself a Lion or Conqueror you'll feel right at home in her. The super heal really helps when bottom tier. That said she has really slow speed similar to Nagato. Armor eats damage everywhere with raised citadel. And no consumables other than DCP and heal. So no sniping. She definitely will feel different from Lenin. But I like her.
  5. Thanos_Snap_

    Re-grind is not fun

    I'm honestly pretty okay with the line resets. Of all my T10 ships, Kurfurst was the one I decided I could live without temporarily. I'm now on Bismarck but I find myself rarely actually putting in the games to regrind. I don't particularly hate that. I'm comfortable with just finishing it when it's done. I have my eye on Ohio for purely fanboy reasons but I do shudder to think that I have to endure the german BB line multiple times. I definitely am in the camp that german BBs need some love after regrinding them.
  6. Thanos_Snap_

    "Bravery" vs not being awful.

    A lot of the people you describe most likely don't ever look at the forums, reddit, youtube etc. They just want to make pixel boats esplode. If they think you in some way interfered with their ability to enjoy themselves at the cost of the team prepare to be flamed for "no support noob team gg". Like I'm sorry I don't actively suicide my ship at your command.
  7. Thanos_Snap_

    Done trying to play this game at 20 fps

    According to your post history as of July your system consisted of " i7-8700K with an Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti". I see no reason why you can't play this game at a comfortable framerate. I run mostly stable 60-75 fps at medium high settings on a gaming laptop with a 1050ti. If you've updated your drivers, set your settings reasonably, and this is a total shot in the dark, made sure you are running in fullscreen as opposed to windowed or something. You shouldn't be having these issues. Something doesn't add up here.
  8. Absolutely amazing. Such a fine display of reading comprehension there. Again. This isn't a whine. It's an idea. A discussion. I wrote everything nice and constructively. You of course probably just skimmed the title and autopiloted that useless response. Now, shoo. Go be unhelpful somewhere else.
  9. That's why I think a limit of 3 to 5 per day is perfectly reasonable enough to reduce frustration while also preserving the original intent of the waiting system.
  10. I understand what you mean. I too have similar practices. Heck I have over 80 ships in my port I am never out of something to play. I'm more interested in the viability of a system like this from a QoL perspective. Is it something people want? I sure would love it. It would keep me sane for slightly longer during play sessions.
  11. Thanos_Snap_

    Black Friday Ships

    I would prefer these B ship appearances be available as permacamos for those of us who already own said ships and have no need for a duplicate, But still like the appearance. I love the look of Atago B but have no desire for a 3rd atago clone. Would rather just pay some dubs for a nice skin. Shame WG didn't think of this option.
  12. Disclaimer: (since this very concept is pretty much taboo in WG titles.) After over 4k games, and 3 years of playing this game I would say I've at least earned the right to put forth this idea without being immediately shot down by the forum gatekeepers. I've seen similar topics in the past before and they were all pretty much shot down with Git gud noob, just play another ship. I perfectly understand why the current waiting system is in place. There are many reasons, to establish a harsh learning curve, and to deter people from botting or just throwing their ship into 20 suicide matches. Or even to prevent people from getting burned out on playing one ship. This makes sense and for the most part I heartily agree that this limitation should exist in some form. But I've been around the block long enough to know that sometimes you just get unlucky or cheesed too early in a match but you still both A: want to play that same ship, or B: want to get the bad taste out of your mouth and redeem yourself. Similar to how the order system lets you play PvE matches again. Imagine an item called, for now, "Battle pass" This item would function in the same way as the order system, that from the port screen you can use it on a ship that is currently in battle to play that ship again in a new match. Now there are many ways that this can be implemented so as not to completely ruin the game, and to simultaneously be a nice QoL feature that reduces tilt and anger at frustrating scenarios. The quick and dirty option. Each player gets 3 free battle passes each server reset. These do not accumulate. You either use them or lose them. The good thing about this option is that no one can whale their way into getting more, if say they cost 500 doubloons instead. The bad part about it is that WG cannot monetize this QoL feature like they can with commander transfers and respecs, So it is unlikely to to be considered. But who knows maybe they could implement this version out of the goodness of their hearts. I would certainly appreciate it. The semi-monetizeable but still reasonably fair option: Standard account gets 3 free passes per day. Premium accounts get more. How much, I'm not exactly sure. I'm comfortable with 5 but some might think 4 is better. Either seems fine to me. What I like about this version is that WG can somewhat monetize this version as it already capitalizes on the perks of premium account time purchases. I personally would always make sure to have Premium account time if it meant that I could have 4 or 5 extra matches per day without having to wait. Now what would be an absolute disaster would be if there were an unlimited amount of accumulable battle passes that were for doubloons. Even if they were exorbitantly overpriced it would still give whales and unfair grinding advantage as they could just throw money directly at a ship and earn at least some amount of XP even for absolutely terrible play. That is NOT the way to do this and I am NOT advocating that. Now just to nip it in the bud because I know someone is going to skim the title of the post and reply with "Just git gud and never have to worry about waiting" Yes I understand and agree that if you play well you will never have to wait for a new match ever. But nobody is perfect. Even the best players still get cheesed or unlucky from time to time. And for me, personally, I am at the point where if I do happen to die early in a match then I just get a sour taste in my mouth and a slight tilt, and have no desire to continue playing WoWs for a little while. Sometimes for the rest of the day or sometimes just a few hours. Having this system, where if I do genuinely get cheesed or detonated or outplayed or whatever, would extremely extend my motivation to play and significantly reduce burnout and frustration. I hope that I am not alone in this line of thought. Please understand that I am not whining about something that I currently dislike. I am giving constructive feedback and hope to encourage a discussion on this topic because I love this game and would genuinely love to see QoL improvements like this that show WG does actually care about their playerbase and player retention. Cheers if you read all this. Have a nice day.
  13. First impression time. I was not a part of the first round of testing so I have no frame of reference for how things have changed if they have changed at all. So here is all my feedback. Start of match torpedo loading time: Why is this even a thing on subs? It makes sense on surface ships to discourage yolo torping people at the beginning of a game but subs neither have the speed nor the torpedo power to grief people this way. Its very annoying to have to wait over two minutes to be able to use your only armaments at the beginning of a match. I've been in a few situations where I am in position and some targets have already presented themselves but I still have around 15-25 seconds before my torpedoes are even ready. Torpedo Reload: Waaaaaaaay too slow. I get not wanting the game to be filled with soups of homing torps. That can get out of hand very very quickly. But currently the sub torpedo reload is just awful to play with. In the German sub you get 4 torpedoes in the front that take a whopping 2 minutes and 10 seconds to reload. Which is exacerbated by the lack of upgrades or functioning torpedo armament expertise on subs. Your lock-on is not very reliable, so more often than not your torpedoes will miss or be dodged. Then you have to wait an annoyingly long time to re-engage. I feel that the subs need a substantial buff to their torpedo reload. To not just feel viable, but at the very least, fun. It is not fun to sit around doing nothing in between your torp reload. Every other class can always be doing something. Why not subs? Inability to fire torps at surface depth or deep underwater at other subs: Now I get that there may be some sort of historical precedence for these limitations but we all know that we are more than welcome to see these ignored in the name of enjoyable gameplay. Being unable to tactically fire torpedoes at surface depth to conserve oxygen is absolutely painful to deal with. I don't want to always be underwater wasting my oxygen when I can easily fire at this target from the surface without being detected. Underwater enemy subs can sail right up to your face and unless you either ram or both surface you have no counterplay against each other but at the same time are giving your positions away to enemy DDs. I see absolutely no reason the current sonar pinging gameplay loop cant work underwater against other subs. Again I understand that historical precedence may play a role here but I can safely say I am much more interested in a fun gameplay experience. Overall tankiness of subs: I get that these are supposed to be the most fragile things in the game. But currently the whole idea of getting oneshot if anyone gets a good hit on you is not very fun to play against at all. CV strikes will one hit you from full health+SE even at periscope depth. I also understand that misplays should be punished. But currently I think that punishment is a little too severe. The sub hunting classes have a massive advantage in terms of play and counterplay right now and the current testing environment just feels like its full of people who want to do nothing other than club the unfinished subs at the moment. Minor glitches and oversights. I found myself a couple times for no explicable reason able to use my sonar pings correctly. I also once found myself "beached" underwater with absolutely no way to move or even surface until I ran out of Oxygen and the emergency blow kicked in. And finally the Maximum Depth consumable apparently will activate but not take any effect until you disarm your torpedoes. This seems odd for a consumable intended to save your butt in emergencies. If I want to emergency dive, I want to emergency dive NOW, not shoot at something. Activating this consumable should disarm your torpedoes and overwrite any depth settings, At least for a little while so you can regain control if you need to. So my final impression is that subs can and should have a place in this game. They can fit. Their gameplay loop has strong foundations and there exists play and counterplay options. For each side. But currently the characteristics of subs are extremely sub-par (hah see what I did there) and could use substantial buffs which would not even make them OP. Just fun. Primarily in torpedo reload and engagement options on the surface and deep underwater.
  14. I was so happy to find the email hidden in my promotions inbox. But by the time I downloaded everything the time window for the server has passed. I will never understand Wargaming's apparent need to try and corral everyone in a certain prime time. Active times for any given population in a server naturally form. But all this does is lock people out. Please reconsider this prime time mentality. I'm extremely discouraged to try out testing now. Knowing that I have to schedule my life around WoWs.
  15. Thanos_Snap_

    DD vs BB - Discussion

    You removed half of a DDs health in one salvo and you want BBs to be STRONGER???