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  1. Thanos_Snap_

    Seal Clubbing makes newer players want to quit.

    Hey, it would be nice if us mature people could have a rational conversation without having this thread getting locked by admins because you don't know how to act like a decent human.
  2. Thanos_Snap_

    Seal Clubbing makes newer players want to quit.

    It's sad that a lot of the replies in this topic have to get political and personal. I don't see why this topic can't be discussed like rational human beings. While there are people out there who play low tiers solely to prey upon less experienced players, I feel like it really isn't that much of an issue. sure if you are aware of what is happening it might be frustrating or distressing, but I have the feeling that a lot of newbie players don't really notice or care. They'll go back to port and continue on and probably die early in the next match anyway. And the fact of the matter is low tiers exists and for the most part are pretty fun and stable places to play. There is a lot less tryharding, and less overpowered ships and annoying game mechanics. I don't think that just because someone is an experienced player, that they should be barred from playing what they enjoy simply because there are less experienced players in their games. And with the way things are right now, its easier to get into higher tiers than a few years ago. There are more newbie players present at all tiers now, and it really shows.
  3. Thanos_Snap_

    Blowouts.... something need to change soon

    I just had 4 straight losses in a row in my JB. Two of them I can confirm were thrown directly due to the actions of our DD players. One game was a 6v6 on two brothers and our Fletcher decided to head down middle and got eaten alive by a Neptune waiting on the other side. That put us at a permanent points disadvantage the whole match. Even though I dev-struck two cruisers and earned a high caliber it wasn't enough and they eventually won on points. Another game I was able to find a great corridor to push and ended up killing 3 ships earning a high caliber and did around 160k damage. At the end of the match it was down to 3 ships on each side. All our Yugumo had to do was take the last cap and stop their points gain. What does he do? ignores my advice and decided to brawl another Yugumo and ate torps. Meanwhile the last DD on the enemy team just ran away while they again won on points. The other two games I didn't see directly what our DDs did on the far flank but whatever it was put us way behind on kills and thus the rest of the match was a struggle to find good targets to engage properly. Games were over in about 8 minutes before I could deal any significant damage. I am honestly so tired of games like this. I don't expect super unicum level of play from my teams, but at the very least a basic level of competence in one's chosen ship. That's too much to ask apparently and I feel like I'm trapped and forced to watch while my team just feeds the enemy team kills and makes massive misplays that throw the match. I'm not perfect either but sometimes I feel nothing can carry teams these days.
  4. Wow thats crazy. Are you sure that's not actually one of those ship museum kiosks? (seriously though, those museum accounts should not be allowed to play in randoms, or co-op)
  5. Thanos_Snap_

    BSP - Lets call bxp what it really is!

    Why is it "Voodoo math" just because you lack the intelligence to comprehend it? If you knew anything about game design you would know that disclosing the exact values would lead to people exploiting it. But I think WG has done a good job of revealing enough info for transparencys sake
  6. Thanos_Snap_


    I know that feeling. Every day it seems like more and more games are these very one sided curbstomps, where a large portion of the team has no clue what they are doing. I don't expect my teammates to play like unicums but even the slightest display of competence in the ship one is playing is just too much to ask apparently.
  7. Thanos_Snap_

    Seriously how hard would it have been?

    I already have more high point japanese commanders than I can count, PLUS 2 duplicates of the Takao 11 point commander already. Even with the doubloon compensation this bundle is questionable at best. And sorry to say I don't really want the doubloons. I would rather just pay a reasonable price for just the camo, but with WG business practices that's unlikely to happen.
  8. Thanos_Snap_

    Seriously how hard would it have been?

    Why is it impossible in your eyes to both enjoy aesthetics and collection and also not want to be swindled by WG? Do tell me why this is such a hard concept to grasp for you?
  9. Thanos_Snap_

    Seriously how hard would it have been?

    finally someone who understands and isn't just immediately dismissive because "EW ANIME"
  10. Thanos_Snap_

    Seriously how hard would it have been?

    You seriously believe WG doesn't know full well they are forcing previous participants in ARP content to pay for a full price premium to get a unique camouflage?
  11. Thanos_Snap_

    Seriously how hard would it have been?

    Or maybe, imagine this. I am a fan of the content being featured. And am upset that WG is using their trademark sales tactics.
  12. Thanos_Snap_

    Seriously how hard would it have been?

    please tell me you aren't ignorant of people who like to collect things or people who enjoy aesthetics and customizations
  13. Thanos_Snap_

    Seriously how hard would it have been?

    Yes I am. Aesthetics and customizations are incredibly lucrative for gaming companies to monetize. Entire free to play games are funded off of them alone so yes people like to pay for aesthetics and when a company is just going for a mindless cash grab insisting people pay for full-price premiums to get a unique camouflage then yes it is understandable that people would get upset.
  14. To provide players who already have ARP Takao in their ports access to the new red alternative camouflage for doubloons (even at a markup) via the exterior camouflage screen. I guess my only option is to whale over $50 on a ship bundle that I already have 2 other clones of to get a camo worth 5k doubloons at the absolute worse-case . This is just sad Wargaming and shows a complete lack of consideration for longtime players.
  15. Thanos_Snap_

    PT, balance changes

    I think you're missing the mark with Kremlin....yet again. The problem with Kremlin is that its a ship with amazing close range performance that also is pretty good at everything else. No one would bat an eye if the ship was amazing up close the way it is, if it was just meh at everything else. This ship has better Stealth Turret traverse Rudder shift while being larger than Kurfurst Bring in line the ship's ergonomic outliers with the other tier X BBs and preserve her close range performance. That's what you need to do to fix this ship. Actually balance her with her competition in mind. Now some people who regularly whine about anything Soviet in this game want to see this ship nerfed into the dust. That is not OK and not what needs to be done. It needs to be tweaked so that she excels in her specialty without outclassing other BBs in quality of life/ergonomics/handling like she does currently. And oh god the AA don't even get me started. There is ZERO reason this ship should outclass a Montana in AA power seriously look at this. If there is anything indicative of sovietbias in this game it's this right here.