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  1. have you ever considered they just may be bad players in general?
  2. You do realize that this thread was an invitation to DISCUSSION right? Participation is completely voluntary. Do you just assume i go around in battle chat always asking people about their battle mode preferences and judging them for it? You have absolutely no right to tell me its none of my business in a discussion thread that I created. Enjoy your report to the mods for unsolicited insults.
  3. seriously what is wrong with both of you? is the concept of someone who is just generally curious about other people who play this game such a foreign one to you that you have to automatically assume its trolling? Seriously I would love to hear why you think this is true?
  4. Hot as in popular or just controversial. for the latter it really doesn't need to be. people just like to make a big stink about their favorite game mode. I am just curious to what others think and want to hear some rational friendly discussion
  5. what about this made you think I was trolling. Is it really that hard for you to comprehend that some people are just genuinely curious about things? I feel like your comment speaks more about yourself than anyone else. Please for the rest of our sanity get a life.
  6. heavily disagree here. this game is very easy to....function in. I am specifically talking about GOOD play
  7. Then why not say there are 3 kinds of..... instead of trying to be statistically misleading. Plus I don't know any decent PVP player who tried co-op later in their game career and thought it would be an easy clap if they did exactly what they did in randoms. If they did it probably took them a handful games to figure it out. Success in co-op isn't exactly rocket science. The bots are extremely predictable.
  8. the problem is that the people that need to hear this don't bother with the forums or any kind of outside resources for improvement
  9. You pretty much hit the nail on the head. Although I would say WG balancing while not perfect is not the disaster that everyone makes it out to be. Russian bias is a meme. I'm sure you've heard it before, but those that think its serious and real are the oddballs. Every nation in this game has OP ships some paper some not. Russians are nowhere unique in that regard other than having a lot of paper ships because its easy for devs to access those resources when designing ships.
  10. I apologize for not responding to the rest of your post but I do largely agree with it. This thread has been going on all day and i'm honestly a bit exasperated at this point. Some people just seem to take offense when I try to counterargument their opinions. No one is entitled to have to back up their opinions, but I prefer it when participating in a discussion thread where it was encouraged in the first place. I am a very argumentative person. This should not be confused with hostility either.
  11. why is it so hard to believe that I maybe just want to hear other people's opinions, and that just because I can construct a counterargument to an opinion doesnt mean i am trying to invalidate it or anything I am just looking for well reasoned discussion.
  12. @Otago_F111 @Skuggsja That is my caveat for all co-op mains. I will gladly respect your favorite game mode. but if all you do is play co-op you have absolutely no place commenting on the balance between ships. They may find hiding behind the islands and all the intricate positioning of randoms to be boring, but its called min-maxing. And is what competitve games do. Its the same people who main one or two classes of ship only and think everything else is OP.
  13. Okay phantom downvoter, we get it you disagree with me. Would you care to have a rational discussion like I intended with this thread or do you want to continue being passively aggressive behind your emotes. I really don't care either way, go ahead and downvote this one too.
  14. I can gladly accept it, I just would prefer if people could be a little more articulate with their thoughts on things since I cannot step inside their brain and interpret their likes and dislikes for them. People are free to do whatever pleases them in game. But when I set out to create an in-depth discussion thread, I expect in-depth discussion
  15. agree to disagree here. to me a trial is akin to a most likely scenario. Think sea trials. but a test is something that must be conducted in a controlled environment like an artillery ballistics test