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  1. Thanos_Snap_

    Can I refund the Azuma?

    Again this might represent a new trend with how they handle premiums from now on, given the uproar from the GC changes fiasco. I can see them rethinking how they deal with things from now on. And also again. I would much prefer more Azuma level premiums introduced to the game rather than more Belfast level premiums. At least the former can be changed, while the latter cannot and continues to have detrimental effects to game balance post-release. If this is their insurance policy against more Belfast level mistakes, then I'm all for it. It just means YOU the consumer has to take more responsibility in researching if a product appeals to you at all even in the slightest. Azuma did for me. She met my expectations. Now any changes are welcome, but I'm not crying for a refund because I knew what I was getting in the first place
  2. Thanos_Snap_

    Can I refund the Azuma?

    What I don't understand is that all of this was blatantly obvious to anyone who followed the ship's development prior to her release. I knew exactly what this ship was going to be before I purchased her. So far she is meeting all my expectations for the ship. If people are too ignorant to do even the slightest bit of research before getting a ship then I have zero remorse for them. Plus it's very likely that WG will buff Azuma in some way in the future. Given WG's history with premiums, it makes sense to release a premium with mediocre stats, that way she doesn't enter the game in a overpowered state. From there, based on feedback, she can be buffed in the proper areas without the need for nerfs which would cause a community uproar. Really the way I see it, is that Azuma represents WG's lessons learned from previous overpowered premiums. I would much rather see mediocre premiums that get buffed later, as opposed to overpowered premiums that get removed later and receive Belfast and GC status.
  3. Thanos_Snap_

    Can I refund the Azuma?

    I will admit that the pricing of the ship might not be worth it. But the ship itself is not in a bad spot balance-wise. I can see why the hefty price tag can cause people to only look at the negative. I for one was excited for her since she was first announced and, am quite happy with having her. Besides, Yoshino will likely be much better and for coal which imo is a lot more accessible as a resource. I guess I have to admit that for some Azuma does seem like a letdown.
  4. Thanos_Snap_

    Can I refund the Azuma?

    I think Azuma is a nice change of pace in the trend of new ships released by Wargaming. Everyone seems to want to drool over new ships that have crazy competitive advantages. But Azuma is really nothing amazingly special. Is she for everyone? Absolutely not. But if you like Japanese cruisers and their playstyle she is perfectly serviceable. You can get good games in her, you just have to work for it. I for one like her. Is my Zao a better ship in all respects? Probably, but I find the differences enjoyable, and a fun challenge. By no means have I found her frustrating to play at all.
  5. Thanos_Snap_

    Ideas on how to lessen the abuse DDs take from CVs

    You can clearly see all the ships I have in my port in my signature, but tell me more about how I am apparently some member of this super sekret DD cult. I just happen to play the class fairly regularly, and noticed that compared to the other surface ships I play, that DDs seemed to suffer more from this rework. But by all means continue assuming more about me as a player. I have since played after the latest hotfix and now its nowhere near as bad as it was. It's a shame that you are so misguided that you think DDs are in some way this OP "I win class" in a surface only engagement. They may have a good skill ceiling to skill floor ratio, but they are still high risk high reward. And something CV mains don't seem to understand is, that a class that inherently doesn't follow the rules that everything else does, yet has no drawbacks for effectiveness is a design timebomb waiting to happen. All the combat characteristics that every other class of ship operates off of and are judged by, do not apply to CVs. This is extremely simplified but every other class operates off of a balancing between various combat characteristics such as mobility durability damage and concealment. BB= high damage, durability. Low Mobility, concealment CA/L = Average of everything with maybe some specialization depending on nation and type DD= High concealment, high mobility, low damage low durability. Again this is extremely simplified and alpha damage and DoT are also factors here too, but I digress, point is CVs do not operate off of these principles. And the only way to combat them is to reinforce some arbitrary virtual DPS mechanic, and some RNG flak barriers, OR just position in a way that keeps you safe while also at the same time prevents you from actually doing your job. BBs mostly don't care about AA blobbing because they have the range to still be effective. Cruisers either get decent enough range and AA to also not have to worry either, but what does a DD have? a 12km at best, depending heavily on tier, main battery range, and torps that have wildly varying characteristics that may or may not allow you the luxury to stay safe with allies and actually be effective and deal damage. If you so vehemently believe that DDs are unbalanced and unfair in surface engagements, Then at least theoretically they can be balanced by tweaking the aforementioned combat characteristics. But CVs required a whole rework update involving numerous new mechanics just to be brought to a barely workable state What does that say about the very concept of them in this game, and how they fit? Any other game with a class this out of place would have axed such a class very quickly. But WG continues to try and forcibly hammer the big square peg in the small round hole because of some misguided pledge to historical presence.
  6. Thanos_Snap_

    Ideas on how to lessen the abuse DDs take from CVs

    Except that with regards to DDs, unless you are playing an inherently strong AA DD and spec into it, you have very little chances of shooting down more than a handful of planes before dying. Have you played shima lately at all? None of these random sledgehammer balances by WG are actually cutting to the core issue, that CVs are currently just not implemented fairly or correctly. They should not get the luxury of being able spot for the team, and to deal precise and constant damage to targets, or to commandeer the roles of a class while simultaneously abusing it like they do now. People are currently terrified of the new CVs hence the passive AA blobbing, but once that subsides CVs should be able to strike most targets fairly easy. But at least from my perspective, other classes do not have it nearly as bad as DDs do now. Even in a tier 8 BB in a tier 10 CV match I don't fear for my life like I do in a DD currently. This is absolutely unacceptable and something needs to be done.
  7. Thanos_Snap_

    Ideas on how to lessen the abuse DDs take from CVs

    I even went so far as to equip 20km torps on my shima just so I don't have to get so suicidally close, but still have a chance to get some damage in if I am lucky. But I am not exactly happy about it lol.
  8. Instead of just whining about how unplayable DDs are currently, which unless you've been living under a rock......they definitely are so. I have decided to actually offer a solution to the problem and I invite anyone else to come forward with any ideas they also might have. First, the problem with CVs in this rework is the control they have over engaging practically any target, and there is little to nothing that you can actually do to stop it. Yes, blobbing up in big no-fly-zones still works but that has the same problems it always has. It prevents you from actually strategically positioning, and being where you need to be to do your job for the team. With the global reduction in AA ranges, this is even truer now. As a DD, being forced to blob up with the skittish BBs in the back is unacceptable. A DD's job should be to provide reconnaissance for the team, as well as capturing key areas, and area-denying the enemy with torps. As well as carrying out ambush strikes on cocky ships that overextend. Currently, CVs commandeer almost all of the DD main roles save for capping, which is a rare occurrence for a CV. Additionally Since everyone else is too busy staying in spawn in giant AA blobs, combined with the inherent vulnerability of DDs to air strikes, CVs usually make it their top priority as soon as the battle starts to seek out the first DD they can find and perma spot it and rocket spam it to death. Meanwhile the DD shoots down maybe a handful of planes. Even with sector reinforcement, anticipation, and actively WASD'ing to avoid the incoming death spam, in most cases the ability of a DD to fend off an air strike without just staying in the back with the team is practically nonexistent. And this is rightfully so, I am not advocating just mindlessly buffing DD AA, as that will not actually solve anything other than angering CV mains. In the hierarchy of AA capability and resources, DDs should get the short end of the stick, they just simply smaller boats with smaller crews, and smaller resources. They should not be AA powerhouses, conceptually. Even though there is nothing wrong with bending logic in the interest of game balance. Simply put though, tweaking random stats back and forth with each hotfix will not solve this issue, or if it does get rid of it will just cause the game to deteriorate. There needs to be a massive conceptual shift in how CVs operate in this game. So this is what I personally propose will be the most effective way to mitigate the unfair interaction between these two classes. (note I am not the first person to think of this general idea, but I am going to outline it quite heavily here) CV Attack Planes should not be able to spot their targets. At least not to the degree that current plane spotting mechanics work. As counterintuitive as that sounds it would go a long way to actually easing this issue while maintaining mostly the same effectiveness currently against other classes, provided they aren't blobbing. Taking a page from WoT, specifically arty, despite being the broken mess it is in that game, at least arty still has to rely on the team to spot for it in order to be effective. Now put down the pitchforks CV mains. There will still be ways for Attack planes to still be able to spot a target. First, if the planes literally fly directly over a target they could be spotted for a certain duration, say 15 seconds. Meaning if you get lucky and do cross paths with a DD that was careless enough to not avoid your squad, then you still have a chance to set up an attack run against them, especially considering how mediocre DD AA is. Additionally, any previously unspotted ship that fires its AA guns at a squad of attack planes would cause said ship to become spotted as long as those AA guns are active. Meaning again, that careless DDs who leave their AA guns on will still get spotted early. Giving you a chance to punish their mistake. Give CVs access to a squadron of recon planes that operate off of current traditional plane spotting mechanics. This squad would not be able to attack offensively whatsoever, however it would be quite fast and able to zip in and out of AA bubbles quickly to maximize its longevity. This would force CVs to have to choose between, being able to deal consistent damage on targets already spotted by the team, or provide assistance to the team's spotting in crucial moments in a match. But not both. Now someone might ask, "What is a CV supposed to do to defend itself against being hunted down, or in a late game scenario when there is no one left to spot for them."? Well I have several answers to you. To avoid being hunted down by an enemy DD who for some reason decided to abandon his duties as a DD. The solution is be proactive in your positioning. Don't just sit in one spot the whole game. Make use of cover or sticking close to well-pushed flanks on your team. Additionally it is your team's duty to screen against such threats in the first place. In the scenario where no one is left alive to spot for the CV, I have to say simply this. If your team failed you that immensely, then I think The Reds deserve the win on that one. A DD in this game is literally designed to be a hunter killer, and in a late game scenario like that, I believe they are fully entitled to the kill if there is absolutely no one left alive on your team to stand in between them and you. You could also try a mixture of the spotting methods I mentioned earlier along with last known positioning markers to help you get off one last ditch attack. So not all is lost. My final thoughts on this proposal would be, CVs don't have to choose between just spotting and dealing damage. I'm sure there are plenty of selfish players out there who would never even touch the recon planes, and just farm damage. I would say use your best judgement. If you think it would be more prudent to assist the team in spotting to help secure the win. Then by all means do it, and conversely if you think that the situation calls for the precision offensive power that CVs are supposed to have then by all means play offensively. I think having this choice would greatly benefit CV players' enjoyment of the class, while not curbing their offensive power against already spotted and lone targets. And would greatly improve the state of DDs in the game after this rework. Thanks a whole lot for making it this far in this very long post, but I feel that I have some good points to make. Please tell me what you think, and don't forget to give your own ideas, but remember that complaining to complain, doesn't solve anything, so lets try to be constructive here. I think with all the toxicity lately, surrounding this rework, that some calm rational discussion is just what this forum and community needs.
  9. Thanos_Snap_

    "seemingly" Random free PEF for some players

    And I feel like I'm in the boat of people who almost got it but couldn't due to time constraints. Now I have to buy it? When some people got it for free? What is this metric that WG used to determine if you were "close enough" to get it?
  10. I mean, I was literally 3 war economy missions away from getting it but had to stop because of real life obligations, where's mine?
  11. Thanos_Snap_

    "seemingly" Random free PEF for some players

    I am quite curious as to why this is happening. Bump because lol 3am post
  12. I know of at least 2 people in my clan's discord server who for no explicable reason logged in with a free non-rental PEF in their port. They had not purchased it, received a gift, or even actually completed the event to get it. Is there a particular reason why, did I miss something?
  13. Thanos_Snap_

    Vanishing Ships

    You do know how the concealment and spotting system works in this game? Right? Trust me, ships aren't just disappearing randomly. There is a system at play here. One that anyone can look up and figure out.
  14. Thanos_Snap_

    What EXACTLY is Devastating Strike?

    Look, you only have 75 battles here, so I am not trying to be mean or butt-hurt and neither are others in this post. You simply lack the experience to understand fully what this is and how it can be avoided. Almost every game has some kind of instant death mechanic. If this was a shooter, you basically got head-shot. There really isn't much else to say other than don't make the same mistakes again.