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  1. Gerbertz

    the Puerto Rico IS NOT a premium ship

    he paid the $260, soo much pain and shame....
  2. I would like Dasha Captains and an autographed picture of Dasha please! :))
  3. i have been robbed of points and progressions.! :((
  4. Gerbertz

    Puerto Rico grind is offensive

    i too feel offended.!
  5. I admire your enthusiasm for this bote, i won't judge what a man has to do and for how long just to get it...
  6. Anyone have any suggestions for when I eventually grind out this bote?
  7. Gerbertz

    I think it is time

    I thought we were friends... They just wanted mah money this whole time.! (like all of it!)
  8. Gerbertz

    Snowflake Event is Great

    i am a little insulted.!
  9. Gerbertz

    Halloween ships still in port

    We need more port slots...double rations!!! I really feel 3 slots is not even coming close to covering the pain and shame we've suffered #portslotshaming
  10. Gerbertz


    no one want to see you nekkid...
  11. Gerbertz

    STOP RUINING COOPS FOR US again 9x9 joke

    I'm glad to see WG has heard our voices and is investigating! I just asked in co-op what people felt and it went something like this: Gerbertz: "Do you think the mercy rule is hurting coop?!" :Upham: "No mercy."
  12. Gerbertz

    STOP RUINING COOPS FOR US again 9x9 joke

    The Mercy rule cheats Co-op players. It is unfair and WG should fix it.!
  13. Gerbertz

    Snowflakes are coming back

    oOoh..thank you sir
  14. Gerbertz


    I love WoWs and I love Dasha too. I know Dasha loves me too because I'm one of her many fans. Is she our darling? You bet yer sweet aft she is, the same way Fem is the CV driver community's darling. Dasha represents us regular non-purple players who are playing for fun, and not worrying about how many millimeters of bow armor at 10 miles can be penetrated. (i don't want to know) We are the first ones in the cap.! That's right. And you're not even tryin' if your secondaries ain't firing. And you are wrong about Dasha not knowing anything about Wows. She gives great advice.