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  1. [High Tier BB's in the back, one takes a hit] Do you recommend braving the fires & working your Massachusetts in close or staying at range?
  2. I love competent Asashio players on mah team, especially if I'm in a gunboat DD. They can spot while I light stuff up, and they deliver the huge damage numbers when their torps connect. HUGE!
  3. Awesome! Although I'd make the captain's picture bigger.
  4. WoWs roadmap 2018-2020, (maybe)

    You have an eagle eye mister.
  5. isn't the guy in the Shima famous?? Anyways, Asashio players are real prima donnas, (Shima players too) sometimes you just want to.. I guess you just have to put up with them, cause they carry the nukes (Asashio has a distinct game-play, takes time to get used to, soo do you cap? do you torp?)
  6. This is true too, thanks for the reminder!
  7. You hardly recognize some bands during their "big hair" or folksy stages. Before they became hard rockers. (note the cape)
  8. Premium Ship Deals/Bundles

    What is the next ship to be bundled in the shop? Will there be a new premium tomorrow?
  9. New login isn't working

    Don't use the Game Center, it is a horrible waste of resources. Create a shortcut and your computer will thank you.
  10. Bluuaaaargh?!?! Black Sabbath?! Why, you do have your finger on the pulse of the WoWs community! Let's get these facilities in the works! (+1 for keeping WG on their toes)
  11. Tier 8 Premium: Clemenceau (Le Grenouille) - the Richelieu class BB hull that was laid down but never finished by Germany. Napkin'ed as a bow-tanking Vichy French Commerce raiding CV in the same vein as the Graf Z, but outfitted with Grumman Martlet MKII's and JU-87's. Speed, more speed, and tanky-ness. Please see napkin below: