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  1. Gerbertz Mostly plays horribly in Battleships, can't make enough credits even with the Missouri Very often spontaneously explodes (when in ships that have citadels) Often complains about lack of premium KMS destroyers Key vehicle - Leander
  2. Turning and burning like in lower tiers, I do that in my Omaha too with good results!
  3. What an animal, I can't get those damage numbers in a Tier 8 ship.!
  4. I was playing Operations the other day, and our trusty Operations leader barks over the Discord, something to the effect of: [Shoot the one with red "Attack!" icon we've only got 20 seconds!] I take a look in that direction and sure enough, amongst all the red ships, there was one with an [Attack!] icon above the ship name. I thought something like that in Randoms would be great, especially at lower tiers.
  5. More SHIP HAPPENS by WG

    El Slashio was promised..they give us..Ashitaki? We want El Slashio!
  6. Ranked T10 DD: Your pick?

    I've got 2 boats: Shima' : The ignored torp boat, no one even cares about the Shima. And I like it that way. Z-52 : The "get in close - torp! - get out thank God I'm alive" wunderbote in a radar world.
  7. Great suggestion! There should be an incentive for really low health players to stay alive, a flag, a medal...anything! Just today I lost a match because a low health BB started firing instead of running away and staying alive for points. (Standard Battle - lost by 6pts in the last 20 seconds) There has to be a way to educate and reward players who stick it out to the end even if it means hiding under a rock...
  8. I agree the Z-52 is awesome. Radar divs can really ruin a Z-52 drivers day trying to launch the 10.5km torps. Other than that, its fun, fun!
  9. I started the IJN DD line just like everyone else and it was a great ride! I somehow got a Leander last year and decided to try it and the RN CL line became my favorite.
  10. what did you do today?

    Usain Bolt, awesome. One of my dreams is to run in the Boston Marathon!
  11. Opinions of the CC Trip

    I hope they at least made a rockstar music video with the CC's, and included real dancing talent this time. And hey? Why did their video not have explosions?!? or Cher?
  12. Opinions of the CC Trip

    yes! YES! I haven't seen much other than Jingles and you know sometimes he's not too focused... Did they mention the T-61?!
  13. May I be the first to congratulate you sir? Well done! We've all had games like this and its heartbreaking for sure. [insert very sad trombone]