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  1. Gerbertz

    T10 dd stat table shown - including yueyang

    Sometimes folks can get emotional, and that's something that can't be reduced to numbers...
  2. Gerbertz

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    Thanks for your post because it shows how much you and others sacrificed to get the gang together on time to play and wot? No clan battles!?!?! We were there to earn the Steel, we should have to opportunity to earn it, or credit the Steel to the clans who were there.
  3. Gerbertz

    T10 dd stat table shown - including yueyang

    it might also be that YueYang drivers are OP.! Us noobs made the grind to the Shimakaze. Only hardcore veterans and OP DD mains braved down the Panasian DD line to get the YueYang.. Nerfing the YY will only have those guys migrate to another DD, which will then get nerfed. Nerf the OP DD drivers!
  4. My clan, like many of your clans, decided to play on the Prime Time of another region on the weekend. We made plans. Our teams showed up. No Clan Battles! So this feels like a slap to the face. A lot of us made real sacrifices. (sleep! girlfriends!) Please tell me I've got it all wrong as I wouldn't have imagined WG would do this to us.
  5. Gerbertz

    First T10 Ship

    You are to be commended for just being able to spell out Congratuverylations correctly mister! most people would just write 'gratz!
  6. Gerbertz

    AFT question

    don't. don't be looking at dat aft.
  7. Gerbertz

    Forum web page

    you are supposed to be torping all the BB's in ranked with your kamikaze, not on the forums!
  8. Gerbertz

    Clan Battles Tier 6 - What a blast!

    We played your clan, the varsity team 1.75, and you know what? They were a great bunch of guys! I actually thought the matchmaker was MUCH better than last season, I hope clans who were turned off by the matchmaking go ahead and get yo teams in there!
  9. Gerbertz

    Can you give someone 2 karma?

    well, that sucks
  10. Gerbertz

    Clan Battles Tier 6 - What a blast!

    if you are a purple clan, wouldn't you prefer to be matched up against other purple clans? I thought the matchmaking went well, except we did get matched up against a whole club dedicated to... wait a minute!!
  11. I have to say..tier 6 felt great.! We came across a few seal clubbers, but i thought the matchmaking went really well. Every team we came across played their hearts out, and every match was a white knuckler. I can't wait to try it again tonight..woot!
  12. Gerbertz

    Two camos in a row from....

    I got 2 camos in a row yesterday too. I'm still waiting for a captain to drop.!
  13. Gerbertz

    Can you give someone 2 karma?

    So if i give someone 2 compliments, they only get one? That's too bad because i regularly give 2 compliments, sometimes 3, to players who have done extraordinary. (Think of the DD that smoked you up early to save you then went on to Kraken, he deserves more than 1 compliment.)
  14. Gerbertz

    Why add Le Terrible???

    I'm all for the Le Terrible! The more options, the better, and I'm happy this real historical ship is being included. I like that WG is trying to get creative with gameplay, mixing it up a bit! I don't know what will make fans happy, but lets get it done and hope to see these botes out soon!