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  1. Dasha_Eyes

    Forced changed country of residence

    This is Geographical discrimination...
  2. Dasha_Eyes

    Forced changed country of residence

    I had the same thing happen to me....and I used to do videos for WG.!
  3. Dasha_Eyes

    Where is the half off Premium Time?

    ahhh ok ,thank you
  4. Dasha_Eyes

    Dubs for Commanders XP worth it?

    I appreciate the info. I was trying to see if it was worth dismissing 6pt and lower captains with dubs to recoup the max amount of Commander XP.
  5. Dasha_Eyes

    New Commanders for Armory?

    We need more Dasha Commanders please.! I love the WW2 themed women's outfits, and her voice overs are great, very easy on the ears! What we need now are Dasha Commanders for each nation and barking orders!! Honestly, WG could really dive into the Dasha mythos and create a rich backstory
  6. Is Dismissing a Commander then using Dubs to convert the XP to Elite Commander XP worth it? Or is it better to use credits? is there another way to get Elite XP.?
  7. We need a commander than can use all the botes in a nation, and switch up as we level up in tier. No, not this commander. THIS Commander!
  8. Dasha_Eyes

    Dasha presents: Sekrit Weapons

    While most subs were slow, Stronk subs go fast... Soviet Submarine circa 1937 (colorized) Tier 6 or tier 8 if you include Smoke generator
  9. Circa 1936, should be tier 6
  10. Dasha_Eyes

    Dasha presents 11.10

    How did we lose Dasha to the Russians? Its like Wheel of Fortune without Vanna.... We NEED Dasha back!
  11. I think now is really the time to offer Dasha Captains in uniform!!! Also, can we buy buffs for credits or is it only dubs.? Buffs for Credits please!
  12. Dasha_Eyes

    Alvaro De Bazan for Coal this week?

    is this a gud bote?
  13. Dasha_Eyes

    Samsonetti advice

    I have Samsonetti and I still haven't got the hang the captain...
  14. Dasha_Eyes

    Looking for a 3rd for Div

    I'm always up for thirds.!