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  1. Dead_Shot_CW

    PTS 0.10.3 BUG REPORTS

    As above, so below:
  2. Dead_Shot_CW

    Brawls in Update 0.10.0

    @Hapa_Fodder Requesting clarification for the NA Server's starting date. The post states that all times are UTC, so does the NA Server's event start at 27-Jan at 00:00 UTC? Later on in the post, it looks like the earliest start date is 27-Jan., 15:00 UTC. If so, then the NA Server would actually kick off on the 28th at 00:00 UTC.
  3. Why create a battle royale mode where you can't go into division BEFORE entering the game? Where sync-dropping is, technically, a violation of TOS, Wargaming is creating an environment that encourages exactly that.
  4. Dead_Shot_CW

    Clan battles maps

    Barely two-and-a-half days left until the presumed start of Clan Battles, and we are still waiting for the full details to give to our clans. This is not good!
  5. Dead_Shot_CW

    Clan Brawl

    22:00 UTC is actually 6PM EST. Not sure that is any better, but there it is.
  6. Dead_Shot_CW

    Public Test 0.8.3 - Bugs Report

    All due respect, this problem did not plague only Mac users. I was never able to get logged in during the entire weekend of Round 1 of PTS 0.8.3 and I use Windows 10. This has been a problem that seems to be unique to this patch, as I have never seen this happen to this extent in over a year of participating in the PTS program. I guess we will never know what the issue was, but it seems to have been resolved. For the record, Wargaming, I've had no issues logging in during this entire weekend of Round 2 testing.
  7. Dead_Shot_CW

    Public Test 0.8.3 - Bugs Report

    "Let the spinning wheel spin..." The problem still persists. I am unable to get past the loading screen. The last attempt was Sunday, April 7 at 09:45 ET. WG Check Tool files and python logs for both attempts contained in the two zip files herein. report-2019-04-06_05-04-31_v0. report-2019-04-07_09-52-07_v0.
  8. Dead_Shot_CW

    Public Test 0.8.3 - Bugs Report

    I am wondering if it's not a network issue but a problem with the conversion over to the 64-bit client. If the current iteration of WG Game Center is 32-bit, yet the client it is trying to launch is 64-bit, is this causing a conflict that cannot be resolved and thus the failure to fully load in?
  9. Dead_Shot_CW

    Public Test 0.8.3 - Bugs Report

    Unable to log in to the PTS as of 05:30 ET on Saturday, April 6. Support ticket with attached WGCheck diagnostic reports submitted.