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  1. Don't be obtuse. The time it would take to count the squares, do the multiplication and apply the answer to the mini map + hud combined, would make the result outdated. A mod that does it all instantaneously is beyond superior to what you are talking about.
  2. Hindenburgs have pretty flat arcs. If you're hitting a DM behind an island with that ship, then the island is more than just "a low island". It's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about islands that are higher than the DM is tall, and I'm close enough to said island that my rainbow arcs just clear the island.
  3. Sure. But the time it would take to measure the distance on your mini map with a ruler, whip out the calculator to convert that into km's in game, then move your cursor to the right place makes that information impractical. Having a MOD do it for you in real time though, makes all that available information so useful, that it gives an advantage versus those who do not have it.
  4. Go back to my initial test. Go to the training room, target a broadside ship you can actually SEE. Aim above the deck, or below the waterline, at the bow or stern. Count how many salvos it takes to sink that ship. Then repeat the test, but aim exactly at center of mass, waterline. Count how salvos it takes to hit that ship. Just because you can target a ship, doesn't mean it aims for you. You still have to put your pointer at the correct spot, or else most of your shots will miss. The X in this mod helps you put your pointer IN THE RIGHT SPOT, to maximize hits, even when you can't see where you are aiming on the enemy ship.
  5. Recently got my Des Moines and I've been learning to play it. I try to take advantage of the firing arcs, radar and such, by parking behind islands where LOS is broken to the big bad ships that want to blap me, while leaving a small arc open where I can shoot at ships, often DD's, trying to cap. On several occasions now, hugging islands as close as I can while still being able to fire over them, I've been blapped by BB's who had no LOS to me. Don't get me wrong, I was spotted by the ships I was shooting at, but not in LOS of the BB's. Dev Strikes by those ships, or cits that leave me so cripped all I can do is hide and not give points away by dying is frustrating. My reaction is "Total [edited]!". Then I remember this MOD, and of course, I was parked or barely moving next to an island. BB's don't need to actually SEE me to land an accurate shot, all they need is to target me and line an X up on the map. I play with a vanilla client, and even though I KNOW this kind of MOD is beyond useful, I am proud of the progress I've made in my own stats, and all of it was earned... no gimmicks or 3rd party "advantages" to use as a crutch. Make it part of the base client, or ban it. That's my opinion.
  6. What really burns me is WASD hacking to avoid torps you know are coming. But because you changed direction and speed, you end up in the path of the torpedoes. If I'd just sailed straight and steady, they would have missed....
  7. The fail div is intentional. I played a similar match where two fail divs in a high tier match had it's members trying to explain the whole match how it's an advantage since MM rarely allows this to happen. In fact it only happened because TWO similar fail divs were in the queue at the same time. When there's no other fail div in queue, it's almost guaranteed to allow the 5's to be top tier.
  8. What are you doing to your windows installation? How much junk do you install? Does your computer meet the recommended requirements? Windows 10 has been rock solid for me for years now.
  9. Steam Hardware survey: http://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/ 71% of PC's with steam accounts play with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The majority of the remaining 29% play at resolutions below that. 4K is hardly mainstream.
  10. I installed and started using Match Making Monitor about a week ago. I am about 80-90% accurate in predicting win/loss based on the team aggregate win rate. It's not complicated. A skill based MM could be one simple step, of looking at player win rates after the teams are made, and swapping ships from one side to the other, so the balance of red/yellow and blue/purple players are more evenly matched between the teams. The randomness of MM, where it can create these stacked teams, is just one more layer of RNG that isn't necessary and IS fixable.
  11. I started WoWS by going down the US BB line. I was particularly aggressive, pushing into caps early and often. I'd get great games, or potato early on, for a mediocre average, a non-existent survival rate and a bad win rate. Then I tried Ranked play with the only reasonable ship/captain I had available at the time: a cruiser. It took me some time to adapt to that, but after ranked was over, I stuck to cruisers for a good while. And that's when things started to improve. My mistakes were punished quick and early, which made for a much better learning environment than BB's. And I effectively took the fight to my nemesis while in BB's... DD's. Now, even when I play BB's, I protect myself as I would playing a cruiser, and I shoot at DD's with the same fervor I did when playing Cruisers. All in all, it seems to be working well enough that I pulled up my win rate from sub 50% to around 52%.
  12. Detonation needs to go

    And what exactly are you doing by saying "A player won't"?
  13. Detonation needs to go

    I don't think he's saying HE is being detonated every few games. I think he's saying it's not rare to SEE a detonation every few games.
  14. Detonation needs to go

    You are speaking FOR other people, when you say "A player won't"... I dropped Elite:Dangerous for ONE single reason. Oops, there goes your blanket statement, since I am "a player" too.
  15. Detonation needs to go

    I see you are now speaking for my friends too. You think I never asked them why they don't play anymore? Detonation is the FIRST thing they bring up. Being fodder for higher tiers (+2/-2 MM) is the second. Having to grind to get ships, only to find out your new ship is crap because it's stock and facing even higher tiers, is #3. Stop talking for other people, plz.