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  1. If it rarely happens, the removing it wouldn't even be noticed. (I am not advocating removing it, just changing how it works) The truth is, it's not that rare in a match. It's one percent (averaged) per person in a match. There are 24 people in a match if you're playing Random, so there is 24% chance it happens in a match. That is not trivial.
  2. I never insulted you. I also find it pretty insulting to participate in thread topics for no other reason than "I'm bored and I'm going to mix things up." So if you don't want to talk to me, by all means, I am not going to feel the loss.
  3. No. You think he's averse to dying. He's not. In fact, he played cruisers mostly, so he got plenty of opportunity to burn other ships. Being one shot happened plenty, and I tried to explain why and assure them it's common. He even tried BB's to be able to do it to others. Cross dropping someone is something he could do if he wanted. He understood this. Torps hits are part of gameplay and the mechanics are clear. He could just not live with the fact that sometimes the software would roll a dice and someone would die because of that roll.
  4. What does that have anything to do with what I've said, or with detonations being dumb?
  5. I don't need to say anything more.
  6. Well tell him to come back. There's one on the Missouri when you are in port.
  7. Well it made sense for you. It didn't make sense for him and he's playing other games now. And my other friend won't play either because it doesn't make sense for him.
  8. I never said this game was crappy. I said detonations as a gameplay mechanic is crappy.
  9. It's evidence that it DOES happen. As for your story, did you have someone there to explain how you died when you died? Or did you find out about it 100 games later? And I'm not a hypocrite. I experienced detonations, learned about them, and stuck to the game anyway. My point is, others, maybe MANY others, don't.
  10. It's not dumb at all. There are many other games that are just as fun, yet are more consistent and understandable. WG competes against these other games for player dollars.
  11. If you believe that there is no way WG will ever change it, then why do you bother even replying in the threads? If it's a given as you state it to be, then all you are doing is wasting your time, or trolling people that think that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Maybe you're not so convinced of your own argument? There are tons of threads in these forums every day. When someone posts about something I don't care about, I don't feel the need to reply or to crap on that person's post.
  12. Don't be obstinant. How many people try this game WITHOUT a friend to guide them, and get to experience a detonation? How many people would bother doing google searches to even figure out what happened? Or would they just move on to other games?
  13. Go look at my post history for today. I made a post in the other detonation thread about player retention. The level 5 skill cliff is absolutely something I mentioned. That doesn't make the detonation argument invalid. That's just obfuscation. Detonations is a low hanging fruit. It could be changed so the cause of a detonation isn't an RNG roll. Everything else stays the same. Detonations stay in the game for the "historical" nod, RNG is removed. Who loses?
  14. That kind of reasoning explains why this game has such a low population. The only thing he wanted was to look at the damage from the shells and know for sure that he could do 1x damage for a Cit, .33x damage for a Pen and .1x damage for an OverPen. That kind of consistency is all he was looking for. But knowing about detonations bugged him and it was the straw that broke the camel's back.
  15. It's one person that I know personally. I've already explained what happened with this guy, a RL gamer friend. He's not an idiot or anything, but when the game says a shell should do X damage, to him it should always do X damage. Anyway, he got detonated by a bot, in his very first game after I told him to angle to reduce his profile and have the possibility to bounce incoming fire. After that, he pretty much stopped listening to my "advice" and proceeded to spend many more games being deleted by devastating strikes because he figured it is not safer angling, so he might as well get his guns and torpedoes in the action. He stuck to the game until he unlocked all the ARP ships, because he's an anime fan, then got fed up being deleted and left, blaming Detonations. His problem wasn't even detonations, but it was detonations that set him on the wrong path. And it was his justification to me for leaving the game. AND he poopoo'd the game to a second gaming buddy I was trying to convince to play, who decided a game with that much RNG wasn't for him either. So one gone because of detonations (directly or indirectly), and another who will never try because of detonations. Moral of the story? Don't implement pointless game mechanics that fuel people's justifications for dropping or never trying the game.