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  1. What really burns me is WASD hacking to avoid torps you know are coming. But because you changed direction and speed, you end up in the path of the torpedoes. If I'd just sailed straight and steady, they would have missed....
  2. The fail div is intentional. I played a similar match where two fail divs in a high tier match had it's members trying to explain the whole match how it's an advantage since MM rarely allows this to happen. In fact it only happened because TWO similar fail divs were in the queue at the same time. When there's no other fail div in queue, it's almost guaranteed to allow the 5's to be top tier.
  3. What are you doing to your windows installation? How much junk do you install? Does your computer meet the recommended requirements? Windows 10 has been rock solid for me for years now.
  4. Steam Hardware survey: http://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/ 71% of PC's with steam accounts play with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The majority of the remaining 29% play at resolutions below that. 4K is hardly mainstream.
  5. I installed and started using Match Making Monitor about a week ago. I am about 80-90% accurate in predicting win/loss based on the team aggregate win rate. It's not complicated. A skill based MM could be one simple step, of looking at player win rates after the teams are made, and swapping ships from one side to the other, so the balance of red/yellow and blue/purple players are more evenly matched between the teams. The randomness of MM, where it can create these stacked teams, is just one more layer of RNG that isn't necessary and IS fixable.
  6. I started WoWS by going down the US BB line. I was particularly aggressive, pushing into caps early and often. I'd get great games, or potato early on, for a mediocre average, a non-existent survival rate and a bad win rate. Then I tried Ranked play with the only reasonable ship/captain I had available at the time: a cruiser. It took me some time to adapt to that, but after ranked was over, I stuck to cruisers for a good while. And that's when things started to improve. My mistakes were punished quick and early, which made for a much better learning environment than BB's. And I effectively took the fight to my nemesis while in BB's... DD's. Now, even when I play BB's, I protect myself as I would playing a cruiser, and I shoot at DD's with the same fervor I did when playing Cruisers. All in all, it seems to be working well enough that I pulled up my win rate from sub 50% to around 52%.
  7. And what exactly are you doing by saying "A player won't"?
  8. I don't think he's saying HE is being detonated every few games. I think he's saying it's not rare to SEE a detonation every few games.
  9. You are speaking FOR other people, when you say "A player won't"... I dropped Elite:Dangerous for ONE single reason. Oops, there goes your blanket statement, since I am "a player" too.
  10. I see you are now speaking for my friends too. You think I never asked them why they don't play anymore? Detonation is the FIRST thing they bring up. Being fodder for higher tiers (+2/-2 MM) is the second. Having to grind to get ships, only to find out your new ship is crap because it's stock and facing even higher tiers, is #3. Stop talking for other people, plz.
  11. It doesn't happen overnight. Let me put it this way. Out of all the friends I tried to get to play this game, exactly ZERO continue to play, for various reasons, among them: Detonations.
  12. What are you saying? If a company puts out a product, then it is "logically" perfect? Are you not aware that many companies go under because of poor choices? There are SOOOOOO many game companies that no longer exist because their game was poorly executed and no one wanted to keep playing. I'd argue that there are many more failures than successes. I'd hardly dare make the "logical" jump that because the product exists, it is perfect or well executed. Now, I'm not saying that WoWS is one of those companies. The game still has "a" playerbase. However, WoWS is not hugely popular, nor would it ever be a candidate for esports or anything similar that would thrust the game into the spotlight. And one of the many reasons for this, is too much needless randomness.
  13. No no. Take out RNG from the DETONATION mechanic.
  14. What are you implying? That it isn't that way right now? That some people ignore the citadels to shoot magazines with the intent to cause detonations? Are you saying that there are some unicum players out there who are unicum because they aim to detonate, instead of landing citadel hits? Your argument is self defeating. The game is ALREADY like this. The Unicums are unicums because they have great aim, great map awareness and they go for the largest consistent damage, always. IE: Citadels.
  15. But that wasn't the point of his post. In reply to your "always fight with the advantage because that's how it's done in real life" argument, he stated that in a game like WoWS, no one plans on detonations to win a match. It is not part of a game plan, ever. Detonations, as an idea, is fine. But making it 99% RNG, is not. The flags and the modules can all stay. Just make detonations something that can be reliably accomplished with skill, and reliably countered with skill. Remove the RNG.