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  1. KRKroenen

    Storm detection ranges.

    I explained quite clearly not only where but why you were wrong, and you are now going on again with the size of ships in the game, which is something that your hypothesis and evidence doesn't support at all. Your claim made a rational based purely on math, fine. A dd is just a mathematical representation named that way for the sake of the game. Saying the smallest countering the largest is not a conclusion based on your evidence in any way shape or form. I am sorry that you can't comprehend logical arguments at all, and you continue with ad hominem, tu quoque, and the good old fallacy fallacy. I also didn't say you were wrong, I simply pointed out the logical fallacies of your argument. See how that works, I can't help that you don't understand argumentative premises and you find it to be a personal attack. I even pointed out your data was very good, and that there was no need to degrade your stance with superfluous illogical arguments. You also want to dismiss the claim that actual use of a dd is to take the capture points, which like it or not is a winning condition of the game, and therefore can't be simply dismissed as one condition when it is fully half of the victory conditions in the game. I know that a logical presentation of argumentative positions is difficult, especially on the internet, but you should really try it. If you would like I can link you a guide on what a logical argument is, I think even an engineer is capable of understanding that.
  2. KRKroenen

    Storm detection ranges.

    CVs won't work as 1 of 3 if you go that route, as they can't play the current objective set. Remove control points and it might be feasible. Using history to support a mathematical argument also doesn't work and is highly illogical. As this is a game, and as you have stated many times, it is based in pure math. The DD is just a given set of numbers and the way they interact within their environment. You could simply call them pink flying elephants and still work out the same way. You can't make a call to logic based on mathematics principals and then take umbrage with what that mathematics principle is called in game. Also, the appeal to authority is not needed and an argumentative logical fallacy in and of itself and why delve into ad hominem as well. If you truly believe you have a sound argument then that is certainly not necessary. The information you present was absolutely outstanding, just leave it at that.
  3. KRKroenen

    Legal Notice to All Forum Participants

    Change the name to Wa®gaming.
  4. KRKroenen

    In the name of your highness event

    Steel Monsters?
  5. KRKroenen

    2000 battles in a Graf Zeppelin

    You and Dante need to have a talk about which circle of hell you shall be sent, if not an entirely new level created entirely for yourself. In all seriousness I feel bad for the CV players not wanting this change, but hey, maybe you all can just become u-boat commanders instead.
  6. KRKroenen

    Biggest premium ship regret!

    All of them :P I keep looking at them in port going why on earth did I buy that many damn premiums, and then turn right around and buy a couple of more haha. Honestly for me it has almost become any battleship, just don't find them all that fun right now.
  7. KRKroenen

    Can my laptop graphics card handle WoWs?

    XTU is for CPU not GPU, but if you have the desktop then yeah, not worth the bother and shorter overall life.
  8. KRKroenen

    Can my laptop graphics card handle WoWs?

    Depending on processor, try using Intel XTU and undervolting 0.100volts, and lowering the time turbo boost is active. Did that on mine and can now hold steady at around 63-65C CPU and 70C GPU with settings pushed to HIGH. Might also be worth looking into something like speedfan and lowering the target temps using that. My fans spin up way earlier now. Speedfan will obviously make the laptop louder for normal use but it does help with the games.
  9. KRKroenen

    Can my laptop graphics card handle WoWs?

    Information provided doesn't say enough. My 1060ti equipped laptop should run the game flawlessly, if that was the only consideration, but it has cooling issues and thermal throttles. Some brands have higher thermal limiting in the bios, which will help, need to drop cores which can help. Post up specifically what it is and its configuration and that will lead to better responses.
  10. KRKroenen

    Quitting until Belfast comes back

    This reminds me I need to play mine as well, and the gremy, t61, kamikaze, or whatever other unworldly powerful unicorn I can come up with. If you don't have the ship, you have no one to blame but yourself.
  11. Bought the big pack, All ships but the Mass, 42 days premium, 6250 doubloons, 200 of the shadow camo, 140k free xp, 20 type 59, so all in all not bad.
  12. KRKroenen

    Should good players give advice?

    Hate to say it but most of those that would listen to the advice are the good players, the rest just won't care. Still they shouldn't stop, I'm all for advice, like figuring out how to win vs damage farm. I have too many habits from WOT that I just can't seem to break.
  13. All those Jean Bart sales killed it :D
  14. KRKroenen

    Please buff radar

    Yeah, I was just being facetious. Like you not seeing anyone really wanting the game to be longer but I do think radar needs a change. This is how it was in WOT as well, one swing to the other, always chasing the newest perks, or tanks, or skills, ect.