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  1. I like the T6 frog cruiser but one thing i have noticed is it turns like a battleship so you have to plan out your moves ahead of time and above all else keep your distance.
  2. haha dont i know it! i hear you say that all the time buddy.
  3. well hopefully you get your wish
  4. lol it would hurt the elitists feelings.
  5. Notser actually put out an interesting rant on his youtube channel last night about this subject and i gotta say i agree with him.
  6. Interesting hmmmm!!!! :}
  7. i just played a round and there was a guy in it that was driving one of those gallants. he did pretty good and we ended up getting the 5 stars. I came in 2nd place but never got any containers.
  8. Maybe the mod owner hasn't updated it yet usually thats why a mod gets dropped until the modder updates the particular mod or maybe he sent Aslain a message saying that hes not updating it anymore. hope that helps.
  9. yes you dumba__ i did contact them now go away
  10. oh so true lol!! But watchout the Trolls will come attacking you like bees that had their hive bumped.
  11. and maybe you should just mind your own business instead of getting into mine. did you ever stop to think i was talking to wg and not trolls like you?
  12. This is becoming an everyday thing and makes it where the game cant be played. In my opinion WG needs to address this issue before anything else. I know for a fact im not alone in experiencing this issue cause i have talked with many players im online with and they experience the same issue. Look at it this way WG if people cant play because they are lagging out of the game with 6500 ping or more then they wont spend more money on your shinny new ships you try to peddle to everyone. Just something to think about. Hopefully they fix this issue soon.
  13. i have noticed that since 2 updates ago the servers are loaded with lag and it causes us to either freeze up in the loading screen or get kicked off the game during a match. This problem needs to be addressed immediatly. Look at it this way if people cant keep a connection to the game how do you expect them to spend money on your game?
  14. the German BB Nassau is pretty bed in my opinion.