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  1. FOCUS_1_

    Pensacola — American Tier VI cruiser.

    the Pensacola is nothing more then a POS! Wargaming continually knows how to break these ships. Thats about all they know how to do.
  2. guess what genius its still not fixed you morons at WG need to fix your servers. FUBAR as usual!!!!!!
  3. FOCUS_1_

    Wargaming.net Game Center Feedback

    dont you know buddy they dont care what we all think they just want our money. Its sad really but attitudes like what WG is showing will only decrease the player count not increase it.
  4. Thank you bud. Sorry to be a nuisance.
  5. Hi Major i have been trying all day to get your rainbow crosshairs mod to work but neither install that you say to use is working for me is it maybe cause their still version 5.5.0? and i have the current 5.12.0 version of the game running? Any help would be appreciated.