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  1. Well the same goes for you and your im better then this person attitude
  2. i'm guessing their hearts lol
  3. well it does have tier 9 guns so basically anything you shoot at a tier close to yours is gonna wreck em.
  4. ok you had your spiel now go climb back under donnies desk and resume your duties.
  5. If they properly test these changes before they release them we wouldn't have this problem
  6. what world are you living in fanboy?
  7. their too stupid to figure that one out bud. It's like they think if WG sees them defending WG then they will get a reward for it. Sad really that they think their opinions are the only ones that matter cause they are sucking up to WG.
  8. the same could be said for you. And no Taylor and myself are not the same person. We just agree that people like you dont know how to stay out of other peoples business!
  9. this is the problem with the forum, a person says how he feels about something whether hes right or wrong and next thing you know you got every slimebag troll coming out of the woodwork to bash him or her to death. Mind you not all the posts were negative towards him but most of them are down right unneeded. This happens in almost all the threads and WG seems to condone it which is shameful. You guys and girls with the snide remarks need to go take a class on humility and learn to just keep your mouths quite if you dont have something useful to say in response. And yes i already know you same trolls will attack my comment but i dont care.
  10. they should have never let this situation happen in the first place! As usual they only think about money!!
  11. plus the fact that he suggested that people that bought it should put a ticket in to WG. I think thats why he got fired cause he threatened WG's most important concern MONEY! not the people who play the game.
  12. Exactly this TK policy is flawed beyond belief
  13. yeah i guess pvp players are starting to see that the co-op bots aren't as mindless as they thought they were anymore.
  14. from looking at your screenshot you can get the next tier because of your free xp. That makes it where you dont need to upgrade the B hull.