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  1. Daily Ship Sales for July

    All three are good choices...
  2. Daily Ship Sales for July

    Put the $25 back in your pocket. Call it a home-made Port Queen...
  3. Dasha being added as commander

    Dasha Doe has a nice ring to it...
  4. Salem... Take forever, because the flow of coal is controlled.
  5. Simple Solution, World of Submarines... the thread will terminate in sixty seconds...
  6. Submarines are now in the game

    Saddling up Loyang, dropping depth charges to get an errant sub...this brushing my teeth with vodka has me on a proverbial roll this morning...
  7. I have no issues with tier 8 at 9 and above.
  8. I want a refund for Roma!

    Good ship.
  9. Interesting concept. Dutch cruisers would provide an interesting alternative to what presently exists.
  10. As has been said many times before, "Need to try different ships to know what works for YOU" - "A new ship may not work with you at the beginning, but, after a few games or more it works WELL" Yorck was a, can't move to the next ship "quickly enough" moment... Your experience was different which is good...
  11. You can't fix stupid...