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  1. swifttex1

    does Narai hate my Algerie?

    Algerie has great guns... torps... What more do you need?
  2. swifttex1

    Hood AP change. Buff or Nerf?

    Takes a Meh status to a status of Blahh...
  3. swifttex1

    Ranked Comparison: Black vs. Kitakaze

    Kitakaze first... Jutland second... from my Port... also, Cheng Mu third...
  4. swifttex1

    ST Heavy Cruiser Changes

    I think this fire duration nerf is nonsense... Absolutely not reasonable... I have Kron and do not have Stalingrad... I have no issue playing against Stalingrad in the form it is in now... Belfast is OP? Not as far as I'm concerned... YueYang nerf was and is [edited]...
  5. send in a ticket right away to support...
  6. swifttex1

    Refund for Kronstadt

    My opinion...... I don't think a refund is in order... Happy sailing!
  7. swifttex1

    is alaska here?

    A Winter Dump... AKA, Straining At The Stool Time...
  8. Give me a break... Akizuki or Daring will burn you down if allowed to continually shoot on target... It is situational after all... Next time position yourself better or take what's coming to you...
  9. swifttex1

    Any Idea What Next Week's Operation Is?

    Crystal Ball says...
  10. swifttex1

    Premium Ships

    Lots... Soon (sans trademark) more...
  11. swifttex1

    Signal flags are missing from the shop?

    Let us hope this is just an error...
  12. swifttex1

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year !
  13. I can relate to most of the posts in this thread and thank the OP for starting it...
  14. swifttex1

    Premium Ship Review #116: Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    with the ram flag we're off to the races...
  15. Dictionary soon /so͞on/ adverb 1. in or after a short time. "everyone will soon know the truth" synonyms: shortly, presently, in the near future, before long, in a little while, in a minute, in a moment, in an instant, in a bit, in the twinkling of an eye, in no time, before you know it, any minute (now), any day (now), by and by; More 2. used to indicate one's preference in a particular matter. "I'd just as soon Tim did it" synonyms: rather, preferably, by preference, by choice, more willingly, more readily "I would sooner stay"