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  1. swifttex1

    KMS Siegfried

    Jerry Brown the Governor... They played Pirate Games.....
  2. swifttex1

    WNN 53: Diapering!

    I'll have a pepperoni pizza... and hold the Diapers!...
  3. swifttex1

    WNN 53: Diapering!

    He's definitely a trendsetter... Holy Diapering Batman!!!!!
  4. swifttex1

    WNN 53: Diapering!

    Boomer Generation says: "Zip It" No longer do we say "Zip It" Official WOWS Teamspeak Now we say "Diaper It" Stay dialed in for more breaking news from the roving "Underwater" raconteur...
  5. Must be up to your neck in Diapers.............doh!
  6. swifttex1

    WNN 53: Diapering!

    I want to learn Diapering... Great Post BTW
  7. Got an email from Butthead? Having problems controlling yourself? Did life get you down in the dumps? CC's need to do an instructional video... How to Diaper a Ship... Aaaah Relief...
  8. swifttex1

    KMS Siegfried

    Call it "Retro Night Hosted by Jerry Brown"...
  9. swifttex1

    High tier coal ships

    I have all 3... All good ships... Prefer cruiser lately so Yoshino gets the nod...
  10. swifttex1

    My Review Of IJN Yoshino

    Stay tuned for further developments from our roving field reporter...
  11. swifttex1

    Premium Ship Review #127 - Yoshino

    Agreed... Asashio is quirky as well...
  12. swifttex1

    Premium Ship Review #127 - Yoshino

    I use the same build for Azuma, Yoshino, and Musashi... Using a different build for dd's, and Atago...
  13. swifttex1

    Premium Ship Review #127 - Yoshino

    Thanks, LMW. Get well soon kiddo!
  14. swifttex1

    What is the Point of the Yoshino?

    Azuma, I have a 51% WR with 84 Battles... I enjoy Azuma, Alaska, Salem, Minotaur, Donskoi, and Kron...
  15. swifttex1

    How to Kremlin

    Well, Pilgrim... Do you think you may need to learn to communicate better? Thank you for your time and keep up the good work beta testing!...