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  1. MichaelJakaSwifty

    Need to vent.

    We call that a "Banana Split"...oh my!...
  2. MichaelJakaSwifty

    Spend coupon: buy Yoshino or Marceau? Need advice

    They are both good... The Question: Do you want a cruiser or destroyer?...
  3. MichaelJakaSwifty

    New Citadel King....The Nevsky

    Give me a break... Big Al is not OP...
  4. MichaelJakaSwifty

    the mighty jingles lies!

    Oh my! What shall we do?...
  5. MichaelJakaSwifty

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    Errrrr.... Like, wth! What about the grind for the Ultimate Upgrade?... Really impressed with the one-dimensional point of view...
  6. MichaelJakaSwifty

    The coming Califailure: simple fix

  7. MichaelJakaSwifty

    The coming Califailure: simple fix

    No doubt... Anything constructive to add to the conversation?...
  8. MichaelJakaSwifty

    Why do people in random battles run away?

    because no-one wants to die...
  9. MichaelJakaSwifty

    Does anyone *not* run priority target?

    I do not use it... Just saying...
  10. MichaelJakaSwifty

    6 more veterans that i knew quit the game last week

    You heard it here...
  11. MichaelJakaSwifty

    Tier 9 donskoi

    I use concealment for that slot of Donskoi...
  12. The oil accrues within the clan... The clan uses the oil to build out the Clan Port... As the Clan Port builds out the clan members get benefits such as an extra 7% of coal from a daily container that drops coal... That is my simple explanation, hope it helps...
  13. MichaelJakaSwifty

    Good luck guys (Leaving WOWS)

  14. MichaelJakaSwifty

    UK Heavy Cruisers' Armor Broke?

    Lucas electrics...