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  1. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    Why almost all good players hate CVs

    This was posted by Feminist about a year ago, but it seemed too perfect not to put in this thread. You can find the original discussion here:
  2. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    How do you get a 60% win rate at tiers 8 and up?

    Well, I finally managed to do it, I know this thread is old, but I decided to post my findings here anyhow. So far my GK is sitting at a 64% win rate with over 90 battles played. Most are solo, but there is a few occasional games in a platoon of two. The average damage per game is a bit low at 88k though. I'm just surprised it was in the GK at all. I hated the Bismarck and loathed the FDG. I honestly grind-ed to the GK just to get it as a trophy ship, oh boy was I WRONG! I seriously underestimated this floating sausage. Here is the build I used, I will acquire Expert marksman next for additional turret rotation once I get the points, and use the legendary mod once it is unlocked. So far I will keep using this ship as a trainer for tier 10 battles to see if I can keep the stats consistent. Thanks for the advice guys, it was helpful!
  3. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    Mac users: any change in the broken Mac client?

    When the game first came out, I played exclusively on a Mac Laptop. Update after update occurred causing the wrapper to run worse and worse until the game crashed after the new launcher came out. To make matters worse, my computer was not able to run Windows. Concerned with the issue, I sent a support ticket to WG and they simply responded with "We do not officially support the Mac client" Funny... because for a while they advertised an "official" Mac Wrapper directly off of their website. This essentially kicked me from the game for over a year and a half. Moral of the story: Mac users are expendable. I luckily got the funds and upgraded to a gaming PC years later, but the damage was already done. I haven't spent a single dime on this game since then, and I probably wont forgive them for it anytime soon. I recommend upgrading to a pc as soon as possible before you suffer the same fate.
  4. Why should I have a thoughtful debate when instead I can press this fast little button on the corner of the screen?
  5. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    Graphics for Detonations & Devestating Strikes

    I always found detonations to be in bad taste, but if we get sudden and violent explosions like the sinking of HMS Hood, I would sign up for this any day of the week. Another interesting mechanic that would be a cool addition, are ships being caught in the explosion taking minor damage from the debris!
  6. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    How do you get a 60% win rate at tiers 8 and up?

    Interesting, thanks for the help. I will change my strategy and perhaps consider changing which ships I bring into high tier games. I believe that perhaps one of my issues is planning turns in the Moskva and Donskoi. In the Friedrich D. and Richelieu, I struggled to attain DPS, not killing enemies fast enough to make a difference. This could be the reason why the Alabama is performing far better for me. I suspect it is compensating for some of the flaws in my play-style by having a tight turning circle and high-pen guns. I will use the Alabama as a training ship since it is statistically my highest performer in the 8+ bracket. I will try to look for flanks to see if I can catch a cross-fire more often. I will also grind the USN BB line to try grabbing the NC, Iowa, and Montana in the hopes of finding ships similar to the Alabama's play-style. Hopefully this will get my "foot in the door" when it comes to Tier X gameplay.
  7. Before I post, I must lay down a disclaimer: I look at win rate as a personal high score that reflects a form of progress in the game. I do not look at it as a way to shame other players and even find the concept of doing so shameful at best. I always had the mentality that even "bad" players should have the opportunity to try this game. That is purely subjective and just my opinion. With that out of the way, I am a Battleship main with some cruiser experience. I have done pretty well at tier 7 and below, scoring a 60+ win rate in most of my ships in this bracket while solo, routinely picking up new ones to try new styles. However, I notice a massive change in the meta at tier 8 and up. I found that the only ship that serviced me decently in this bracket was the Alabama that straddles pretty close to it but is shy of the mark. I struggled in Bismarck despite once having a 240k game in her. I also did poorly in both the chappy and the Donskoi russian cruisers respectively while mastering the Shchors and Budyonny before it. The other ships I used recently were the Richelieu and the Friedrich Der G. In both of these ships I at first tried to push for objectives early on, hoping to cause some early damage. I quickly discovered that fires and crossfire will usually kill the first ships that push forward if not the torpedo walls that follow it. After a few frustrating games using both and being set on fire repeatedly by tier X cruisers, I ended up selling both of them instead of facing boredom in the back of the map. Next I tried to stay second line and HE spam with an occasional ap volley in my Moskva. I unfortunately found that I was not able to influence the match as quickly and was usually cornered as one of the remaining ships alive on my team. My question is, What is the difference in the meta between tier 8-10 vs tier 7-4. What are some of the tactics that exist in 8+ that are not found in the lower brackets? I hope this discussion can also help others with a similar predicament as myself that have their own goals in mind. Any help is welcome!
  8. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    Giulio - why should I EVER buy a premium again, Wargaming?

    I understand that power-creep will happen in most online games with new content, but there are safety measures that can be put into place to slow it down, or even make it manageable. Another issue the Giulio has is the fact it over-performs dramatically while costing money. This invites a pay-to-win aspect that is not just unhealthy, but unethical in games. Look at the Panzer II J for example in World of Tanks. It ended up in bundles that costed nearly 100$ for a reason...
  9. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    Giulio - why should I EVER buy a premium again, Wargaming?

    I own the Giulio and honestly look forward to the proposed change. If nerfs are not given to some of the blatant over-performers, the game could be subject to power-creep. Look at World of Tanks for example... There is no question this ship is one of the best, if not the best ship at tier 5. I ended up losing some enjoyment in her because her victories did not feel earned. I haven't even played her for months after receiving her because of it. Keep in mind, most of these games were solo, and I typically score around 62% on average for most of my ships. Regardless of the changes however, I do hope that players that are not so keen on balancing this ship are given proper compensation.
  10. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    CV Rework Feedback

  11. The new CV rework seemed to have some unintended consequences manifest that seem rarely talked about. One i'm starting to notice more, and more. It doesn't seem to have a name, so I'm just going to call it "cycle flooding" This is when a CV will send in torpedo bombers and attempt to land one torpedo on the bow or stern with the hopes of causing flooding. The carrier will wait for few seconds forcing the victim to repair the damage, then they return a few seconds later to deliver more torpedoes. This ensures permanent flooding with very little effort. This is detrimental because it is an almost guaranteed death in most situations since the damage control has a much longer cool-down; all in exchange for a minimum of two torpedo hits. It seems fairly frustrating on the receiving end of this. I'm curious if others have noticed if the rework has some other exploits that may not have been fully discussed...
  12. Sometimes you will find yourself in a situation where the enemy simply outnumbers you and you are defending an area of the map with little support from your team. Kiting is designed to counter this by playing to the strengths and weaknesses found in certain ships. What is Kiting? Kiting is a tactic that is designed to maximize survivability and distract the enemy from pursuing objectives when you are heavily outnumbered. When under enemy fire, you break off from the defense of a point and intentionally move into an area that is strategically unimportant, such as open water. You do not stealth up, and you gain as much distance as possible while still being able to angle and fire your guns effectively. You keep firing at the enemy, and force them to contend with you with the hopes they will slow down, pursue you instead, or break off their attack entirely. This tactic forces your enemies to contend with you even though killing you is in-ideal, and has very low yield for the enemy. It also distracts enemy players from capturing objectives or harming allies. It also has the potential of creating crossfire between you and your allies. This is ideal when you are outmatched on a single flank, and the enemy has a sizable force closing in on a capture point. Do not use this tactic when you have the numerical advantage, or your ship is still fairly healthy. Which warship is able to use this tactic the best? Most larger ships can use this tactic, including certain cruisers and battleships. Ideally, the best choice to implement this tactic are ships with poor concealment that cannot hide from the enemy. The ship should have fairly good protection coupled with good speed. Fast battleships and heavy cruisers are ideal for this task, but it is not always limited to them. Implementation In this example, we will use a Fast Battleship that is outnumbered by multiple enemies trying to defend one of three capture points. The enemy consists of a Battleship, a cruiser, and a single destroyer. No allies are nearby. Step one, Understand when you should start Kiting Use the following clues to start kitting: 1) Your ship is nearing 50% health. 2) The enemy vastly outnumbers you and they are closing in fast. 3) your allies have all died on the flank from focus fire. The enemy is starting to focus on you instead. Step two, plan your turn Plan your turn. if you are not careful, the enemy could punish your broadside, causing you to lose more health than what is necessary. Step three, commit to your turn. Do not relent on the rudder, you have a small window of opportunity after a battleship's guns have fired. There could also be torpedoes in the water you have not spotted headed for your position. Step four, Break away You are now likely safe from being punished by the enemy bb's large guns. Start moving away from the objective. Put on some speed as you need the range to help keep yourself alive while under-fire from multiple ships. Step five, Distract, Distract, DISTRACT This is what gives Kiting its name! Keep your guns firing, fire them as soon as possible and as fast as possible. You now have more range. This gives you time to fire the main guns while simultaneously allowing you to angle again if enemy shells are in the air headed for your position. Unless you are perilously low on health, do not go into stealth; stay spotted and within view of the enemy. Force the enemy to deal with you. Step six, know when to stop Kiting Understand that kiting for too long can also have unintended consequences. Stop kiting if the following happens: 1) If the enemy switches fire to another player, turn in and assume an aggressive stance until you can draw their fire again. 2) If there is an escape route and you are dangerously low on Hp, if at all possible, conceal your ship by ceasing fire, or hiding behind any cover nearby. 3) The enemy stops firing at you because you are too far away, turn in and assume an aggressive stance until they start firing at you again. 4) When your team has the upper hand on the flank, perhaps the enemy encountered crossfire, or multiple enemies were destroyed, stop kiting. Thanks for taking the time to read this guide! If you wish to see more posts like this one documenting other tactics by the playerbase, give me a shout-out, or leave a bucket of Mackerel in your local bay!
  13. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    This happened to Robocraft. It couldn't be more true.
  14. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    ^This^ +1 The culture of the game itself will change dramatically if the community focuses more on player ability. It could create undesirable consequences that many have simply not considered; This includes: 1) bantering others for a common mistake 2) hazing in clans 3) An over-competitive nature in random ques that will scare off the majority of players 4) stat-shaming (Note: I have seen what skill based matchmaking can do to a game. Robocraft was once at the top of steam charts as a free-to-play game. It is now heavily influenced by skill based matchmaking and the playerbase is no longer big enough to sustain it. Most of the fan-base simply left the game out of frustration.)