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  1. Senpai, Im sorry. Heres a little something from me.

    *Burp* Guys, I feel funny...
  2. I'm back after about 1 1/2 years

    Well, I got a few things. Lots of credits, though I'm not sure about the exact amount. I got plenty of flags and camouflages. I must admit though, the most surprising thing I received was these two premium ships: Giulio Cesare, and the De Grasse. I have no idea what these ships were like so I took out at least one for a spin, the Giulio. I must admit, she feels like Kongo, but better in almost every way except for range.... I still have a soft spot for Kongo though. As for De Grasse, I will probably end up doing some more research on her before testing her out myself. I am very unfamiliar with the french cruisers since they were just released as I was kicked from an update a while back. Giulio I found was much easier to get into since I already was a fast BB/Battle-cruiser main.
  3. I'm back after about 1 1/2 years

    After about a Year and a half after the Mac wrapper kicked me from the game; I have finally returned. The game has changed dramatically since I left. I almost feel like a fossil that has bizarrely returned. I managed to return by using my roommate's much nicer PC computer than the macbook I have played on in the past. What I don't understand is why the macwrapper suddenly failed to run with my computer no matter how much I tried. At the time, I even tried contacting customer support only to get the response "The Mac Wrapper for World of Warships is not an official wrapper for the game client, and it is for this reason it is out of our jurisdiction." For an "Unofficial" Mac Wrapper, they certainly went out of their way to advertise it on their main sites... I also wonder how many other mac players were given the boot from technical errors even after they invested money in the game. Regardless, I have returned. I may never invest money into this game again because of a severe a lack of trust, but it is a start.
  4. Rest in Peace dseehafer.

    I just returned to wows after a year and found out about the news just now. Cheers mate, and rest in peace.
  5. There is a fair portion of the player base that suffer from disabilities and impairments that prevent them from enjoying a large portion of things in life. Would preventing them from playing high tier ships just because they are not as proficient as the rest of the player base be truly justified? I think not. Learn to live with it, and realize everyone has a right to play this game, even if they may not be very good at it!
  6. 0.6.9 WIP / Speculation - Smoke Firing Nerf

    This is evidence to a much larger problem. Coming from a BB main, there are already a variety of options Battleships have at their disposal for countering dds. When a Destroyer is in smoke for example: 1) Kite away from the smoke screen. This allows the Battleship to out run potential torpedo salvos by forcing them to travel a farther distance. It also makes the torpedo spread wider, allowing the player to take advantage of increased gaps in the salvo. It also exploits the dd's worse shell flight time and range. This gives the destroyer two options, either pursue the battleship and risk detection getting into effective range, or stay put in a potentially wasted smoke screen with less targets to shoot at. 2) Shoot at the destroyer's gun flashes. Since destroyers have a high rate of fire, the shells leaving the ship are relatively easy to spot, allowing a keen BB player to get an approximate position and even understand if they are moving or not. This gives the Battleship a possibility of returning fire on a stationary target often delivering a punishing salvo. This is even more effective against British cruisers since they often make the mistake of sitting broadside on when concealed and potentially eat citadels as a result. 3) Launch a fighter/spotter plane. This gives Battleships the opportunity of spotting torpedoes early without hydro. It also has the added bonus of occasionally finding destroyers sitting behind smoke instead of being directly inside it's barrier. 4) Use an anti-destroyer build. A battleship with a decreased chance of being set on fire cuts out a significant amount of damage from small caliber destroyer guns due to the large amounts of shatters they receive. Making a secondary build also soft counters destroyers because it creates an area of denial around your ship, forcing destroyers to stay farther away, or risk taking potential damage trying to close the distance. In short, I hope this change is not added to the live server without giving destroyers some much needed attention. My sympathies to the dd mains out there! You guys have it rough!
  7. I think there's something in the water..

    Well, that's just great. Looks like your Kongo is the harbinger of the apocalypse. "RN BBs are coming, BRACE YOURSELVES!"
  8. Invisible ship bug

    I will give that a try, hopefully it fixes the problem. Thanks for the input.
  9. Invisible ship bug

    I've been having a problem ever since the previous update. My ship when in game becomes invisible except it's shadow underneath, life-boats, railings, and anchors. This also occasionally happens to other ships in game around me. It gets particularly difficult to aim at an enemy ship when most of their model is invisible. I don't have any mods, but play the game using the mac wrapper. I'm curious if anyone else is having the same problem.
  10. Konig question

    Accuracy mod would be a better choice for the Konig. Unlike most German BBs, Konig can fight at longer ranges with a good amount of success for two reasons: 1) It's main battery accuracy is impressive, easily beating out most German dispersion patterns that proceed it down the line. 2) The Konig has fantastic shell velocity. This means the shells have far less travel time when reaching the target, giving the enemy less time to react. If you wish to give your secondaries a bit of workabillity, I recommend giving it AFT. Most of the Konig's AA Dps is at long range. As a result, it will benefit greatly by giving your ship an area of denial for enemy CVs as well as increasing secondary range.
  11. German BB nerfs on premiums, wallet is closed

    People complaining about premium ship re-balancing is the reason why the Imperator Nikolai exists in it's current form. I would rather let the devs give a small nerf than know I'm contributing to a possible premium power-creep. If that happens, this game will be just like World of Tanks.
  12. WoWS

  13. WoWS

    Gifs also make this thread 1000% better.
  14. WoWS

  15. WoWS