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  1. A_Horde_of_Sharks


  2. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    Torpedoes Are Broken? (Flamu)

    It is a good thing this glitch simply causes the torpedoes to sail "off target" rather than cause an actual curve to their trajectory. I imagine experienced players would exploit the curve by causing the torpedoes to sail around gentle corners to hit concealed targets.
  3. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    Desired changes for WoWs.

    I would like more historical warships and concepts instead of fantasy designs introduced into the game. Some examples include: HMS Rodney (With her torpedoes!) USS Yorktown A second German BB line that incorporates Battle-cruisers such as SMS Von der Tann, the Derfflinger class, and the O-class battlecruiser.
  4. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    rockets are now useless on carriers

    Where have I heard of stuff like this before... Oh yeah! The Dark Souls community! Everyone knows that they are the most accepting people and love to give constructive feedback to eachother for self-improvement. I also believe they like to call each-other cool nicknames for the spirit of the game.
  5. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    Very Low Win Rates

    The longest losing streak I ever had was 24 games in a row, I wouldn't beat yourself so much over it. Losing streaks even happen to the best of us.
  6. Coming from someone who enjoys using CVs on occasion, I've always thought rockets were far too easy to use in comparison to the other plane types. However, the present nerf felt like it was too heavy handed and inspecific. Due to the delay, if a dd turns off their aa until the last moment it makes it nearly impossible to see the target you are aiming at until you fly over them let alone leading the target. It also unfortunately didn't affect all CV lines equally. Most Japanese CVs feel horrible after the change due to already having weak AP dive-bombers. Take away the rockets on them and now they only have 1 good plane type. Meanwhile the American CVs feel much better because the HE dive-bombers can still fill the role of a dd hunter while still having decent torpedoes, giving them 2 good plane types. The change was a step in the right direction, but I wish there was an option to include a ''happy medium" between pre-nerf and post-nerf.
  7. I wouldn't read into it too much. People on the forums can be surprisingly toxic and unpredictable. The recent CV threads have been largely populated by extremist views on both ends.
  8. Generally, the most outspoken people on the forums will have strong opinions toward CV related topics for a variety of reasons. I suspect it is much easier to down-vote someone than engaging in a meaningful conversation that leads to a respectful disagreement.
  9. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    So long Deadeye

    I'm aware of that. I figured since the update is coming very soon it would still be relevant.
  10. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    So long Deadeye

  11. Wait, a historical warship that actually existed? Nope, sorry. It seems too difficult to add to the game. Wargaming would prefer implementing ships the proper way. By implementing heavily altered versions of ship designs that came from a scribble on the back of a used napkin.....
  12. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    Oh no....

    So far I got 6 tier 8 matches in the ranger. 5 out of 6 were moderate damage victories like this one. The two kills in this battle were from a Flint and a Massachusetts. I will likely play more games in this ship to increase the sample size. I've noticed some interesting things when trying out CV for the first time: 1) Your karma disappears faster than a pot-roast in front of a 600 lb man in an all you can eat buffet. 2) I've so far had destroyers try to team kill me at the beginning of two separate games. (One gave up, the other must have been autobanned because he stopped moving after doing some damage.) 3) No one expects you to brawl in a CV. This trick caught many people off guard...... 4) There is no shortage of ''fan-mail'' in the chat box. The better you do in a CV, the more fan-mail you get. Particularly from the enemy team. As requested, I will try to acquire some tier 8 carriers soon. I don't run premium so it may take me some time. So far I just unlocked the Weser and Ranger yesterday. At this point I plan on grinding all of the cv lines except the British. Patience, proving forum-ites wrong takes some time! I will try to flip the win-rate in the Weser later next week.