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  1. Wait, a historical warship that actually existed? Nope, sorry. It seems too difficult to add to the game. Wargaming would prefer implementing ships the proper way. By implementing heavily altered versions of ship designs that came from a scribble on the back of a used napkin.....
  2. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    Oh no....

    So far I got 6 tier 8 matches in the ranger. 5 out of 6 were moderate damage victories like this one. The two kills in this battle were from a Flint and a Massachusetts. I will likely play more games in this ship to increase the sample size. I've noticed some interesting things when trying out CV for the first time: 1) Your karma disappears faster than a pot-roast in front of a 600 lb man in an all you can eat buffet. 2) I've so far had destroyers try to team kill me at the beginning of two separate games. (One gave up, the other must have been autobanned because he stopped moving after doing some damage.) 3) No one expects you to brawl in a CV. This trick caught many people off guard...... 4) There is no shortage of ''fan-mail'' in the chat box. The better you do in a CV, the more fan-mail you get. Particularly from the enemy team. As requested, I will try to acquire some tier 8 carriers soon. I don't run premium so it may take me some time. So far I just unlocked the Weser and Ranger yesterday. At this point I plan on grinding all of the cv lines except the British. Patience, proving forum-ites wrong takes some time! I will try to flip the win-rate in the Weser later next week.
  3. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    Any Improvements to Ship Skills Since Rework Yet?

    Because not everything is about damage output. Spotting enemy ships or providing anti-air cover may not be flashy or impressive looking, but it can win games by providing crucial assistance to your allies.
  4. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    This Game Use To Be Fun

    Horrible losing streaks can happen to even the best of us. The longest losing streak I ever experienced I was 24 games in a row. At the end of the day it is important to remember that we are still only 1 of 12 people in a team. A player's ability to determine the outcome of the match will always be limited by a myriad of random factors. So in other words, don't be so hard on yourself. This game is an example of "feast or famine". Right now you are in a famine, the feast will come!
  5. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    Any Improvements to Ship Skills Since Rework Yet?

    There are some good signs regarding the upcoming skill changes. The removal of the 25% penalty to the carrier skill "Enhanced Reactions" to fighters and interceptors may indicate the developers are interested in encouraging more CV vs CV game-play. Currently, most cv builds focus exclusively on targeting surface ships. It isn't a big change, but it does provide a "litmus test" on what may come in future patches.
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  7. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    How to be a better player

    I couldn't have said it better. This advice alone is worth more than any basic guide could ever give. You seem to be doing well with battleships, particularly the germans. They have the lowest skill floor of all ship types but do provide some fantastic benefits for an advanced player. As a BB main, here is some advice I can give: The higher in tier you go, the more important crossfires become. Battleships rely on citadeling enemies more than any other ship class in the game. The speed of your warship can often determine what kind of crossfiring is available. For early USN battleships, playing the map center with islands covering your flanks is the best way to look for crossfires. This is because their slow speed can cause you to become isolated with no targets to shoot for minutes at a time. Holding a center position ensures there is always an abundance of enemies to shoot at. In a faster battleship such as Georgia and Alsace, taking flanking positions around the sides becomes a great alternative since their ability to reposition allows them to be more forgiving in open-water engagements. Learn how to angle your ship and memorize your autobounce angles to achieve the best results from your warship. This becomes especially important in ships with a raised citadel, such as Dunkerque or ships with vulnerable bow armor, such as Colorado. As eviltane said, finding a division to sail with is a great way to learn the game. Even the most well conceived plans rarely survive past the drawing board. Random matches are chaotic. Good players can adapt quickly to changes and formulate new strategies on the fly. Playing with these types of players can be very useful for learning the game. May the Kracken be with you! Always!
  8. "please read before responding"
  9. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    Why does the Alsace even have secondaries anymore?

    This is exactly why I don't spec Alsace for secondaries. The 155s will struggle to penetrate enemy armor. The only way to make those french secondaries shine is getting IFHE. Alternatively, boosting fire chance can be a nice cheap alternative. Besides, the fantastic top speed and dpm of her main battery guns are much better features to build around. My condolences for the match.
  10. A_Horde_of_Sharks

    Fuso amazing game Has so far

  11. The secondary skill rework has come up repeatedly in similar threads with people criticizing the numerous ships that were objectively harmed during the balance changes. This is understandable since some of their favorite ships have been heavily altered regardless of where you may stand on the issue. Some of my personal favorites have even been affected. The amount of feedback to wg regarding the changes has been..... well documented. However, one thing I've never seen discussed on the forums are the few ships that may have bizarrely benefited from the secondary rework; so I decided to create this thread dedicated to these rare gems. Feel free to leave your nominations below! These are my personal recommendations: Scharnhorst and Gneisenau: The secondary range of Scharnhorst before the update was limited to 7.6 km. After the rework you can now extend the range of your secondaries to a whopping 9.5km! Combining this with the buff to the base accuracy of German secondaries means you can get a massive zone of protection around your ship for relatively little investment. This is nice since you can afford to invest some of your skill points into other areas like fire prevention to improve your durability as you close the distance. I personally opted to avoid manual secondaries and instead invested in buffing the main battery reload speed since it is very common for enemies to be within your secondary range. The only issue I found with the build is the effective dispersion of your secondaries is still too great to consistently threaten dds until they start closing the distance. I instead use my main battery to target destroyers and aim my secondaries at larger targets that are harder to avoid like large cruisers and battleships. A division-mate of mine decided to copy the same setup on Gneisenau and got very similar results. Regardless, I would recommend giving a secondary build on these two a try. It gave fresh life into these often overlooked ships. Call me crazy, but I would dare claim that secondary builds on these two commerce raiders may actually their most optimal build! If your lovesick from your nerfed GK or your Bismarck, I fully recommend giving these two ships a go! Thanks for reading!