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  1. skillztowin

    Very laggy since patch

    I am also experiencing UI issues. They happen during “transitions” around the port. However, once in battle the game works as expected. The following in game moments seems to completely halt the game for 6-10 seconds for me. Selecting a ship Hitting battle button Entering battle summary Coming back into port when a ship returns to port after battle
  2. I am in awe. Thank you Kongo_Pride. you stepped up and hit many of the key points better than I could ever imagined. You also successfully showed the captain can control their destiny and overcome the disadvantages of the stock configuration.
  3. skillztowin

    Statistic Project Help

    bear in mind your data will be skewed by a small population of players which participate in the forums. its important to keep in mind how you sample. but, perhaps that is why you chose not to use the stats site. 36 yrs old @ 9/9/2016. players who haven't played for two weeks will be unlikely to respond and could be considered as filtered by your sample method.
  4. skillztowin

    Icarus/mid tier UK DDs are AWFUL

    i remember the mid tier birtish CA's being tough too, but they were worth the grind.
  5. skillztowin

    Why BBs Camp & Snipe

    I can agree with the opening statement. there is a some sniping and camping. However, I disagree with your arguments. Does not matter what type of ship you sail, you will find meta that melts, sinks, or blows you up. The game provides you the choice to counter the meta which affects you the most. A player that sails with 8 flags, camo, 19pt captain, upgrades and modules installed has the tools to make an impact to any battle in any ship. to superman your argument.the real reason captains camp. FEAR. Being afraid of getting deleted, driven by a lack of confidence, due to low map awareness, or not understanding the enemy ship capabilities, or worse, not taking the time to understand the ship the captain chose to sail. Each captain is responsible to weigh the effects and maximize to their play style before they ship out. And I certainly do appreciate captains that don't.
  6. skillztowin

    Just a frustration rant

    t5 was challenging and t6 was harder (but more fun for me). Buying into the game can expedite your progress. but you don't have to go crazy. premium time will do the trick until about t7. I recommend some 20% discount item with doubloons in the shop. at t5 you learn the importance of ammunition types and angling. if you are aiming properly you should have had the "first time" shock moment where you "delete" a ship. btw... that never gets old... use islands for cover and pay attention to the minimap!. This game rewards those who do not quit. anyone who joined the game in the last two years have all been hazed through the tiers. so there will not be a ton of pity thrown your way. Keep this in mind. there is no need to rush through the tiers. the ships are different and more complex as you increase in tiers, but the game modes are the same. Play in the upcoming t5 ranked season. you will appreciate the tier limitation. Good luck and have fun.
  7. skillztowin

    The "Stock win challenge"

    Thanks for stepping up to the challenge Kongo! .
  8. three pages of responses. but i didnt seen anyone bring up you blending the w/r of the individual ship against to profile w/r. which would be very different numbers and where the W/r mod fails.
  9. skillztowin

    Ships that have me tearing my hair out.

    Mahan was one of the first ships i saw a gameplay style decision within her modules selection. I played her with Hull B. because I wanted that extra gun. and I learned how to attack in smoke with her. I had fun with the Mahan. I made play-style decisions with other DDs at T7 too. I remember the Fushun was a tough ship to grind and i flagged heavily to expedite her grind The ghadja is so worth it. There are many responses. So its possible someone else said the same thing.
  10. skillztowin

    The "Stock win challenge"

    I believe the structure you clarified fits the challenge. Be sure to capture W/R and also the ship XP earned.. I think having premium is ok for this too. (in case you are running it) as it simulates a minimal game investment. THANKS AGAIN ! Good Luck and Have Fun Kongo_Pride!
  11. skillztowin

    The "Stock win challenge"

    AWESOME! THANKS. Perhaps we can tier within the replies of this post. What is the best tier to test this on? I feel it needs to be mid tier. like 6. but i want to see if the community will comment for the best tier.
  12. skillztowin

    The "Stock win challenge"

    Respectfully. with 7k battles and a registration date in 2014. you probably started your grind early release of the game. the number of maxed out players were probably minimal. you likely climbing the hill before it became a mountain. I expect you to benefit from this system providing you with disadvantaged opponents.
  13. I want to challenge our best in game players to play for a week bare bones STOCK. I feel the grind for a new player to play on a level playing field is only getting taller and steeper. I want to be wrong. I want to watch a uni-com CC go stock for one week and tally win rates along with posting their game play videos. I want them to play with stock ship modules, no camo or flags, non- legendary 8 pt captain, no premium consumables. essentially I want to test the player vs grind gimmick. If someone does step up (I don't think any CC will risk their Win Rate to do it), i want the community to determine the best tier to run this test in. Can you play stock and still win in this game?
  14. skillztowin

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    I see this too. 3 of 3 friend invites to the game quit within 3 months. I also see within my clan, captains below 1500 battles, are at risk for going inactive. But MM was not the issue. starting this game from scratch is daunting and frustrating. All three friends pointed at the the unimaginable tier climb and felt their time was better placed in games they could get somewhere in. A player of this game is asked to grind impeded (grinding ships, captains, and modules) spending years just to earn the right to play on a level playing field. The mountain continues to get taller with legendary modules, and reward ships.
  15. skillztowin

    whats up with arms race

    Jester... meet doom doom... meet jester