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  1. KM line is still a better brawler and a better tank in close combat than the Russian counterparts. the issue I see, is the increasing difficulty for the KM battleship to close the gap with all the recent introduction of fast firing ships. in a random battle my fdg often loss 1/4 of its hit points just closing the gap. Ive seen a few KM battleships at the back of the map, outside of secondary range, and trying to snipe. That strategy will only frustrate a player. I think decreasing the dispersion is probably going to increase this problem. I recommend instead to buff the top speed of the KM BBs and a slight decrease in detectability.
  2. the reasons are straight forward. List of reasons.... 1) Don't want to 2) Cant type fast 3) too busy to type 4) have nothing productive to say 5) don't want to come off salty 6) doesn't matter anyway I was thinking about the voice chat too, but then you would end up with a HOT mess of communication. think about the speed at which the salt could fly if the salty didn't have to type it in.
  3. skillztowin

    Thoughts after ranking out in this sprint

    So. the idea of not walling leagues means that WG statistically created teams broadly from all ranks. your observation of escalating salt was a perception in relation to your own rank, but unlike other seasons, your rank had no impact on the MM. the salt was consistent. some games were sans salt, others made oceans cry.
  4. skillztowin

    Clan Wars at 4 DD meta

    we ran into this, we had enough sonar and radar to overcome this line up. but, IT WAS A NAIL BITTER. definitely Clawed back into that battle.
  5. skillztowin

    Thoughts after ranking out in this sprint

    made division easier. but the games were consistent, no increase in intensity. many times it felt like a race to sink the reds instead of a cap contest. but, i had a mix of both types of games.
  6. So, a smoked kit is useless without proper team spotting, and team spotting is hard with all the dds smoked up trying to farm. throughout the season I was more worried about a Mogador flank, Nuestrahyma unicom, or a musashi hitting the delete button. I did really well against kits when I played FDG. And I think I did great in the FDG, Because it spots caps with hydro. going back to point 1, there was a lack of dd spotting.
  7. skillztowin


    then you will always have an excuse against learning how to get gud. I have a friend that always complains about getting deleted and he refuses to watch a single game mechanic tutorial.
  8. speaking for myself, I would like to use more tech tree ships... but when you are on the grind, captains tend to be moved around and it costs vital resources to re-commission a ship you mothballed. Premium ships allow you to slap a captain in and set sail. I would bet the three top ships used in a T10 Ranked season would be tech tree ships. and that this latest R6 sprint, will have premium contenders because of the convenience.
  9. I ranked out. my WR in randoms is 48%, but my WR in ranked was 52%. - and a few of the ships I sailed had WR up to 60% in ranked. I guess I take ranked more seriously. When you create metrics you have to consider how someone would go about achieving them. Save a star already makes some believe its a viable plan, just imagine how teams would play when you completely eliminate the team win aspects from progression. I disagree, the idea is not fair and balanced and actually goes against the goal of rewarding team play.
  10. ^This is how I remember this Ranked season. I saw meta shifts between leagues as well as the time of day. At the end of the season I used my best two PR ships bringing my niche to the battle and I ranked out for my very first time.
  11. good thing WG fixed this already. you cant save a star for doing nothing. The peak in the graph also includes players who stopped at T10. the wall is a skill wall not a MM wall. each league places you with players that have "earned" getting into the league. R10 is no longer a irrevocable rank. which means you are facing players who are continuously good enough to be within R10-R6. Turst me when I say, the third league (R5-R1) is MORE BRUTAL. the players down there did not get there by accident. and if they did, they are quickly booted back up to second league within a few games. Ranked is a skill based MM without explicitly using statistics. you earn your way into progressively harder MM brackets.
  12. skillztowin

    Karma system: why does this even exist?

    if the karma system was so meaningless, why do you care if it exists?
  13. skillztowin

    If You're Going to Play Co-Op like it's a Random battle...

    ditto in coop. sounds like you need to adapt.
  14. skillztowin

    enabled game in NAVAL BATTLES not counted!

    this has happened to me too... no discernible pattern as to when it happens. I thought it was when two people were going for the same star, and the first one to finish failed.
  15. skillztowin

    Value of Priority Target on destroyers?

    depends on the ship and its build. Stealth torp boat - i do not use PT - I assume the worst every time, Gun boat - yes, I need to know if I can open water fire.