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  1. skillztowin

    Encouraging Growth, Game Rejects

    Agreed! you know you are not playing with a full deck of cards when you hit battle and you do not have all modules or captain skills. this gives you the feeling that you are at a disadvantage, even if the majority of your opponents are likely to be in the same situation.
  2. skillztowin

    Encouraging Growth, Game Rejects

    Looking forward to seeing your write up. To summarize- I also have experienced your recruiting experience. The newer power crept ships and modules are making the game more challenging for the new player. I hope more players with your experience post. I would like to the game continue to grow. The longer version... The methodical gameplay aspects of this game does not cater to the average twitchy FPS jockey. Your friends frustrations are not unique. 3 of the 4 friends I brought into the game .. quit quickly. The 4th spent a lot upfront and plays very very causally. (Perhaps that’s WG’s goal?) problems begin at T4. Getting deleted quickly (as happens at t5,t6 with cruisers) and begins the frustration. Then while waiting for your ship to return to port, you look at the grind to get the next module, next ship, and up to T10. Nothing in the game says you earn more exp as you go up the tiers. So when you see your battle results reward you with 3k exp (at t5) and you just saw you need 260k for the T10 (sans all the modules in between), and another 7 battles to earn enough to upgrade the modules to make your ship whole. With the additional Feeling like you are entering battle with your hands tied behind your back. you get that.. not worth it kinda feeling at the pit of your gut. And we didn’t even broach the concept of captain skills yet. Some players battle through the growing pains. I loved the challenge. But most players. Well, they just want to blow things up quickly and win. This game is not for them. I’m not entirely sure how to remedy the new player pummeling. Except perhaps MORE game modes.
  3. skillztowin

    Fixing Carriers - Five Tweaks

    so true... Also, i agree with your observations about cvs. cv vs cv mechanics must be implemented.
  4. skillztowin

    The fundamental problem with the CV rework.

    agreed. Bring on the era of CV vs CV. strap a few spitfire cannons onto the front of those rocket planes and let cloud wars rage. Bring on the plane rain!
  5. skillztowin

    *Serious* CVs need new nick name.

    Good luck to the both of you. o7.
  6. skillztowin

    *Serious* CVs need new nick name.

    out of respect and observation for a very serious and devastating illness, please stop referring to cvs as sky cancer. lets find a new name: any name. seriously, its not "if" your life will be impacted by cancer, its "when"... I wish it upon none of you ever.
  7. skillztowin

    Ranked - Why X and CVs?

    sigh. t10 ranked is a waste for community of captains
  8. agreed. but also need to introduce cv vs cv mechanics
  9. Radar is in a competitive state. Cvs need tweaking. That tweak is cv Vs cv
  10. I also have seen a change in gameplay. perhaps this is a viable source (of many) for the change. agreed here. earnings need to stay true to the team play objectives (like winning the battle) or the min / max'ers will bring game play chaos to every random game.
  11. Someone has to shoot at BBs. they don't just sink by themselves. and, another thing.... dds don't exactly make themselves readably available to shoot. I bet you also have 800 battles empty handed because that enemy dd remained elusive to your efforts. and you ended up not helping your team as you were kitted away from the battle. dd captains survive by being a ghost. And both comments show how damage and kills are more consistently rewarded over completing the objectives and winning. the results are correlated with the reward structure.
  12. cv vs cv mechanics need to be put into the game ASAP. Bring in fighters and allow cvs to hash out their domain for a while. and boost the rewards for administrating Plane damage for all players. this will alleviate CV to Ship interactions.
  13. worth repeating. The issue isn't the players, it is the reward system. It encourages damage farming over everything else I feel there has been an additional to tweak post game rewards in addition to a nerf, a redistribution, the loser and winner teams are closer in earnings then they use to be.
  14. HDMI has Video and Audio. if you have your monitors hooked up with HDMI, perhaps the computer is sending the audio there. However, you might be experiencing a couple of issues... With my prior laptop I had trouble changing the audio sources, felt like the setting wouldn't save or adapt to the new settings. luckily the default was my headset so my issue only mattered once when I was trying to show others the game.