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  1. skillztowin

    Artic Camo - Limited Time

    Who can confirm and post that all these camo's are cosmetic changes only?
  2. Same experience here.. I want to think it's because the player base is getting more competitive. And even in my own clan, CB has made a very positive impact in terms of swaying and culturing a competitive attitude within the clan mates.
  3. skillztowin

    Almost every game is a blowout now?

    I can second this experience... Something about the cap control in T10 battles feels different and kills seem to mean more. A larger portion of my high tier games has multiple cap turn overs. The mini map at ten minutes of the game is no longer a great predictor.
  4. skillztowin

    DD Suicides Creating Game In-balance

    Oh man. I play all ship types, but I'm not poor. I play all ship types because they are all fun in their own way. And Sun Tzu - “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” To address the topic: DDs sail on the fine line of destruction. Sometimes you just get caught. In Every battles's Early minutes The dd is in front of the fleet and rolling the detectability dice until all ships are accounted for on the mini map. Even scrambling from the battle can be perilous if islands are present. To survive you have to know your red ships, who has radar, what the red dds dectability is, what the strategies are for red dd ship types, reading the minimap as well... But this statement with a few amendments fits all ship types. Radar does not brake the game, but it did change the game. I believe that radar slowed the game down. Because Dds can't depend on flank speed to cap anymore. A DD Capping alerts the enemy of your presence and when combined with decidability alert, RDF, and teammates, you can start to triangulate exact locations and begin the hunt. Lowering the Dds chances to survive. And last point... Killing DDs is the goal of every ship type.... And many captains are good at it. Sometimes it's great anti dd play that killed all the red dds.
  5. skillztowin

    Why you will never get Missouri

    This post reads a bit like swallowing bitter medicine. I feel the urge to go look at myself in the mirror and chant... "I'm. Good enough, I'm smart enough' and gosh darn it, people like me!"
  6. skillztowin

    Santa didn't deliver that ship you want?

    Ditto.ugh. Toasted burnt feeling. "no one can be that unlucky" - yeah.. Yeah they can...
  7. Yes yes!. MOAR T8's ! People solve plenty of issues by throwing MORE money at it. Let's solve T8 MM by getting more players to play T8!
  8. I propose an event. Where WG offeres rewards for playing and/or winning in any T8 ship. The goal of the event is to saturate the random MM que with T8 ships. We all take stats during the event to see if T8's are predominantly still bottom tier. I call the event - TIERMIN8TOR. next week I will post a solution for world hunger.
  9. skillztowin

    Match Maker

    I disagree. I bet MM has been designed around the most straightforward path to form two similar and opposing teams by ship type and tier. With sub goals of minimizing que times where the varying que demand became the limiting factor which created +/-2 MM. most technical designs live and die by the KISS principle. (Keep It Simple Stupid) I would bet, the T8 MM issue would be decreased if you and your friends played MORE T8. I know that sounds backwards. But part of the problem is the low population of players. At Peak server population, My T8 MM is more T8. But at low server population T8 mm is mostly t10.
  10. skillztowin

    What ever WG did to the T8 MM it made it worse.

    I think t8 cruisers suffer the most from t10 MM, BBs a little less, but a well played dd can be competitive in a t10 battle. And the only real limiter is number of radar ships. The earnings for a well played t8 are also larger. t5 had a learning curve, and so does t8 in a similar way. The game changes at T8, the meta is dangerous, the tactics are important. The game gets serious. And not everyone wants to deal with change. I say BRING IT on!... *(stop whining)
  11. Any one got the pulse on the price the warships only premium will be? There are a few posts about leveraging gold from the roll out. However, I was thinking there is a possibility the new offer will come at a decreased price. I mean, if 1 yr for premium account for 3 games is $100. Could it be that WG offers a Warships only at $33. ? I don't think 15% increase in earnings will justify the product being offered at the same price. Thoughts?
  12. skillztowin

    Advice for Uptiered DD players

    Akatsuki - Torp boat like the fubiki. Send the torps. the AKI is worth it. (EDIT:kill everything, then cap. Super awesome with a spotting dd buddy. Stop the enemy from capping. - sorry this advice is for the akisuki )  Leningrad - don't have one. I want one. I don't like it when I see one. They tend to be flighty and rail gun dangerous. Sims - brute force cap contender. With long smoke. Sit in cap with exit strategy, make long smoke chain. Move within smoke and make fires on everything if you have spotting. If you don't have spotting, smoke for your team and spot for them. Don't get caught by radar. Can't rely on torps, the reload is long. Get RPF. Jervis - brute force cap contender. Use concealment to try and spot red dd. Use smoke like a Houdini to vanish. Don't get caught by radar. Torps reload fairly fast, and can nail a dd. Get RPF. Use sonar if you know there is a dd contesting against you to spot torps. Worth the grind for the Lightning.
  13. I believe the clear indicator is the number of bots placed in random matches for new players. My friends represent a sample of new player experiences. I am glad your experience has been better.
  14. skillztowin

    Never mind

    he didn't like your back seat sailing and left