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  1. skillztowin

    6 more veterans that i knew quit the game last week

    I’m not seeing the “Blow outs” like your claiming. I know that when my team melts, it’s noticeable moment. But I’ve played plenty of games where I caused the reds to melt. Celebrate good play when you see it. However, I did I get burned out from event overload. I really thought WG screwed up with PR. I was wondering if the community was going to blow up like it did with NTC. But ... the community didn’t. And, even more surprising.... I saw a PR in nearly every random game. Each PR is A positive vote of confidence for WG from a happy paying player. Take note. There are WAY more of them... than you. get gud, stop whining.
  2. skillztowin

    Do you get XP for kills?

    "Its called Kill secure"... and that is how i would have responded. your always better off not holding a kill shot back.
  3. skillztowin

    LFC for Clan Battles

    you will! yes, the pace of the game can be slow, but this has an inverse effect on urgency. when the battle rages, decisions have to be even faster because of the long transition times for units. text written commands, divide your concentration and have a HIGH risk of being vague. For example, you have three radar cruisers, two at one cap, and one at another.... "plz radar" - in text is too vague. exposing the risk that all three cruisers hit their radar at the same time. to be less vague, requires more typing.... "Player 1, plz radar when Cap B is starting to flip" - more words, more likeliness for typos, no time for correcting your mistakes.... Take notice of Hold my beers comment, Voice comms from a battle commander immediately improve your teams chance of success. and the improve battle performance increases as the number of players on the team can provide information verbally. I have no doubt that within 1 season of CB, you will not only understand, you will demand voice comms.
  4. skillztowin

    LFC for Clan Battles

    good luck winning in that clan.
  5. skillztowin

    Conundrum: Lütgens or Thunderer?

    I skipped Smolensk for Lutjens. :-O
  6. skillztowin

    I just can't handle the... whatever... anymore.

    Lert’s witty truth shines through this post: “we never see these posts when players are winning. “. Reflect on the possibility that your loss is directly attributed to your team being out played by the red team in a single battle. and less about the remaining potato on the team. That the reds in this battle made decisions that lead to victory. Unfortunate to read you have grouped “winning” with “fun”. But, I can at least empathize with you. you can get use to winning (without checking your stats, I assume you are a good player). It sucks to lose a few more battles than normal, especially the close ones.
  7. I see it the way you are describing it. 1 player can not be split between the two teams. so, 1 team is always going to get the good player. The WG employee is saying that because teams are random, sometimes the best player from both teams is you. addition. Just because a player is sunk quickly doesn't mean they are a bad player. players can make mistakes or get caught by an unexpected push, that wouldn't work 80-100 tries. your comment also overlooks players who take the time to understand who is in the game. I will often read the list of players on each team and Identify players in unicom clans. Even more fun to do this in divisions, we will target these players specifically and at times we will sink the player out of the game early. (its hard to do. they are often... well.... GOOD players!). The salt is so sweet when they rant the chat for dying early. we often are so quick to vilify our green teammates before we celebrate solid red team play. The continuous forum posts crying for better MM are starting to bleed together into a big ball of players expecting to be carried to win more.
  8. skillztowin

    ST, ships balance changes

    This is what made the Henry, the Henry! And now WG is taking this away. I fear shooting at the Henri at long ranges. but it was still fun. And a still fair felt fair. And it’s fun sailing the Henri, but you get clobbered in the Henri if you hang around too long anywhere. I also felt the Henry was a progression from ST. Louis. *sad day for the line of WG processes this idea
  9. skillztowin

    Unique Upgrades-No to RB

    ^someone get the Morgan freeman “you know he’s right” meme please... He’s so right, I am absolutely shocked this type of thought Flew completely Over the decision makers at WG. RB interrupts the fun I have playing this game. Most frustrating when you are a part of a division, and you can’t play the ship you want to because; it’s not unlocked, or it’s now it’s completely stock and would take 10 minutes to set up while your div mates are waiting.... so you select another ship, not the one you want to play.
  10. skillztowin

    Come on Ranked season 15!

    @BarneyStyle, if your not in one, join one.
  11. skillztowin

    Come on Ranked season 15!

    if your that close, play some CB
  12. skillztowin

    Ranked 1 v 1 and Tirpitz

    That's why she was an "un expected" pleasant surprise. She can choose to have smoke or radar. radar countered any dd in smoke.. It helps that I do not usually use smoke for personal gain when playing dd because only the rare random teammate will continue to spot for you. so the trade out for radar over smoke in 1v1 was advantageous. and if she can gun down a lightning, she can gun down the others... but yeah, I loaded up the Hsiengyang and crossed my fingers for a lucky strike and shake of the flake (cuz, that is the challenge). And was pleasantly surprised at her fierceness in battle.
  13. skillztowin

    Ranked 1 v 1 and Tirpitz

    I played every t8 ship because I used the mode to knock off snowflakes. The hipper memorably stood out as a great tech tree performer. I even found her to be remarkably stronger in battle than Eugene. low performers- mogami, asashio, ognovoi, charels Martel unexpected pleasant surprise- hsienyang. Won against a good player in a lightning, in a tough match.
  14. skillztowin

    Ranked 1 v 1 and Tirpitz

    complete 180 to the forum posts less than a month ago.... "improve German lines" I think WG was proving a point, you do not want to be 1 v 1 against a German ship. Tirpz wasn't an instant win, but it was definitely the Goliath in the battle.