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  1. Notser: Fix XP (ranked)

    Am I the only person who disagrees with the video? The motivation in ranked to do the right thing is winning, because winning is the only way to guarantee getting a new star. I think this video only serves to further frustrate the frustrated players looking for an excuse. Where is the video that talks about the keys to winning more ranked games? For me, the difference between winning and losing has been engagement of teamwork and plan agreement within the first 10 seconds. To me, the teamwork is what separates ranked from random.
  2. 1) Observe the ships that you spawn next to, the ships that sail with you (sometimes different than spawn), or the ships you decide to support and follow. Read the mini map. Use the in game chat system to communicate your next move to your sail mates. watch for teammate acknowledgement. I have a high success rate in creating team play dynamics with this tactic. 2) Learn strengths and weaknesses of opposing ships by sailing them yourself. leverage your new understanding when you sail your preferred ship. You quoted the art of war : "To defeat an enemy you must know them.", now live up to it. 3) ask yourself - "Am I entertained?" - act upon that answer.
  3. Pretty bad average player stats.

    UM. WOW. Id like to see that replay / screen shot
  4. 51% WR Player, Looking for Clan

    I feel you would fit right into the Komodo syndicate. {TKS}. We are looking for team players who want to build a team from the ground up. feel free to apply in game.
  5. Ramming is bugged

    My first (and only so far) survived "Ram" - I was a BB and red was a DD and he tried to Ram me. He died, i think my paint got scratched. There is a write up about how the mechanic works in the wiki. Ramming isn't straightforward.
  6. Clan LF New Leader

    Sure, Ill take it. I fit your criteria, i am not in a clan.
  7. Gameplay Quality Going Down Fast

    the title of this post is misleading. However, the video has a good point. the training for smart game play can be done through game play with a proper feedback system. (reward system). along with some of the ideas presented in the video, Perhaps flash badges that you are eligible for in gray or transparent, and award them if you survive. At least something to provide some positive reinforcement.