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  1. skillztowin

    Defeated... Mission Failed: Albemarle Ranked

    appears its not... I got my Drake mixed up with the Albemarle.
  2. skillztowin

    What to do w MIA clan commander?

    your farming oil for a dead clan. gather your remaining players and herd them into an active clan. so that your resource gathering means something. Your treasury is useless to you in that clan.
  3. skillztowin

    Defeated... Mission Failed: Albemarle Ranked

    I took on the same challenge, It was not easy, but i did cross the finish line including quals. It was easy to be deleted in her. so being astute was a requirement.
  4. no. they are not off base un balanced. you can still put a georgia in the hands of a new player and it would under preform.
  5. skillztowin

    First ever in Rank.. CV never launched a plane

    I was that CV once. and.. it happened to be the Perceval. LOL. I hit the battle button and got sent to the sign on screen. My internet had cut out for 30 minutes. I was unaware I even was in the Que, but when I logged back in I was handed a pink penalty along with three karma reports noted in my game log. after a brief confused state, I started laughing. it was what it was.
  6. you can continue the right of the graph all the way to 100%, the line will be relatively linear, relatively flat and be limited to the number of stars required to rank out (100% w/r). The number of stars is actually the reason why each league line shift upwards.
  7. exactly. for some (nearly half of the players in gold) will drop below 50% while playing in gold. this is how the salt shaker gets loaded with salt.
  8. Yes!!!. exactly! that's what happens first week in gold. and why so many are salty. Happens as you go up in leagues, The winners are now playing against there own kind and a new bell curve is drawn, which means some winners begin to lose.
  9. Yes Exactly!!. now looking at your very graphs. Gold - 50% w/r with 1/7 save a star take ~300 battles Gold -50% w/r without save a star OFF THE CHART!!! > 600 Battles. The goal isn't to save the star its to win, but without save a star, even good players cant play enough games to finish.
  10. Well done. I like making simulations as well. I ran one for the prior ranked. if you want to shock everyone... Remove Save a star and post those graphs. save a star dramatically reduces the number of games for players that can feasibly rank out.
  11. so much truth here. its blinding the OP. careful, you might get sued.
  12. It seems that you have a widely different perspective, I recognize you are a player that is in a top clan and participated in the most competitive areas of the game, you consistently play against the top 5% of the game. much respect. your comment just spits at the skill level of the server. The stats of a Ranked season support that a players had to indeed play well to rank out. the players who ranked out with 400+ games were exaggeratingly in the minority of total players. sure there were "many players" but in relative terms, they were outliers. I always appreciated when WG would create the post ranked summary as seen below. In ranked season 8 (the first summary I could find) Consider that there were over 271K global participants, and only 2% ranked out. and over half of the total players (53%) did not rank past R12. R12 being the irrevocable, it means player hit the skill wall. These stats certainly do not reflect your perception about the ease to rank out. If I recall correctly of the first season I ranked out, less than 10% of the players reached R5 or lower.
  13. solid tips for ranking out. you have verbalized my unconscious decisions when I am on the home stretch to rank out. 2 more tips, watch the cue for skewed ship counts and then counter it. (ex. 34 BBs - bring a torp DD) minimize your salt - stay light hearted. if your being salty, your distracting yourself out of the game and running towards the edge of tilt. When Green players salt you. its best not to respond, because it distracts the whole team. Green salt leads to losses.
  14. as an individual player, I have enough ships to compensate the bans... As a Clan leader, bans will affect any newer clan's ability to field teams.
  15. rank's existence is to have a competitive mode. working with and around 44% W/r increases the challenge. you still have to rise up to influence the battle. a lot of players complain about ranked because they don't win. BECAUSE ITS HARD AND COMPETATIVE. Only a minority of players rank out, by design. as a result, the majority of the community gets butt-hurt.