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  1. You can disable the BW on unresearched ships by either installing a mod which was in Aslains iirc, or you can disable it by turning off post processing in the graphics options, this unfortunately also disables FXAA however.
  2. Update Updated the USS Washington skin. The front of the barrels of the main battery are now unpainted, since the texture for the muzzle now is mirrored on the third barrel for some reason. Also made some (very) slight improvements on the Saint Paul and Heermann, fixing some small errors. They are barely noticable, but I just couldn't leave them be.
  3. Update Added the USS Des Moines. I will update some of my previous skins, the Washington skin for example has a few issues with the guns because of recent patches.
  4. The file is named "AM226_Gun_Deck_a", you can find it under content>gameplay>usa>misc.
  5. North Carolina's main battery turrets are different from Iowa/Montana, the secondaries, AA guns and some other details are shared.
  6. I can't access navsource for some reason atm :/ I imagine you mean Farragut's MS 31/7d camo? If so, there's already someone who made a skin for that, which is why I only made the MS 21 camo. As for wooden decks: to my knowledge, the US navy painted horizontal surfaces like decks in 'deck blue'. I take most of my references from shipcamouflage.com, it says on most camouflage measures: "Wood decks except on submarines and carriers shall be darkened to the color Deck Blue. Deck Blue paint shall be used in lieu of stain for this purpose."
  7. Update Updated the MS 21 mod for 5.15. Added the USS Gearing in her MS 33 camo. I had planned to do this pattern once I research the Gearing, but seeing as WG used the same pattern for the Gearing's perma camo, I decided to make it now, since most of the work was just copy paste at that point.
  8. Unless I screwed up with the folder structure, you just drop the content folder and the .xml file into your WoWS folder -> res_mods -> Everytime the game receives a patch, you'll have to move both the content folder and the .xml file to the new version's res_mods folder. Do note though, that the .xml file is written for version It will work with future versions, but if WG adds new camouflages or ships with new camouflages to the game, the new ones will be invisible.
  9. I tinkered around with the colours a bit, still not quite sure . Anyway, here's the USS William D. Porter DD 579: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/10ip6dfm4mhns2n/USS+William+D+Porter.zip
  10. Well, I already made two skins for the Fletcher, one of them being Johnston in the MS 21 camo. I'm not 100% happy with the colour, it's really wonky depending on the light. It's a camouflages.xml mod, so it replaces the ingame camouflage for the Fletcher. Changing the hull number would be the only edit I'd have to make to turn it into the Willie D.
  11. NP. Glad you enjoy the skins!
  12. Looking at the files/textures/colour values, I think the Ocean Soul camo is listed as 'camo_cn_special_tile', you may want to check that entry out.
  13. Update Updated the MS 21 mod with the addition of the USS Farragut.
  14. Remodels are not possible afaik. The closest thing I found was a skin based on the Iowa after the 80's refit on the SEA forum.
  15. Update Added the USS New Orleans CA 32 in her 1945 appearance, the MS 22 pattern. Took me a while to release this, but finishing the Takao mission was just more important . Never thought I'd make this many skins. With this release I also have finished pretty much all ships that I really wanted to do (why are they all USN tho? lol), I might make a few more additions for the MS 21 mod and the probably the Gearing at some point.