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  1. Dali Lama? Overhyped.
  2. Utt_Buggly

    Why Base XP?

    Yeah. Whenever I look at the name of the final (current) week of the French Cruisers event, I reflexively see it as “Overvaluing the Fleet”. Do all the required grinding and Flagging on the La Galissionere (or La Whatever it is), and you could grind to Cherbourg two or three times over.
  3. Utt_Buggly

    Jean Barts and Kearsarge in Ranked

    No, not adjustments. North Carolina and Iowa are tech tree ships that have their researchable engine upgrade modules. The Wiki “base” speed, is speed without the modules. Tier 10s and all premium ships lack these modules, but have the equivalent (for their class) effects of them built in.
  4. But… Cherbourg is the event final reward? Or is real life keeping you from getting across the finish line?
  5. Utt_Buggly

    AFK subs OP!

    Well, if you’re sorry afterward, how safe were you really? Where is @Crucis, asleep at the wheel? This particular one is in his wheelhouse.
  6. Utt_Buggly

    On the Lepanto's rather sloth-like reload.

    The Bard once said: “A LePantLoad by any other name would still smell like…” You figure it out. LePantLoad doesn’t leave a wake behind…it leaves a skidmark.
  7. Utt_Buggly

    3 dimensional chess

    “Run over” is two words, while you’re at it.
  8. Utt_Buggly

    Ship Restrctions in Brawl

    I read the OP’s post twice. Don’t see where he demanded JACK. Comprehension failure, likewise, is no counterpoint. Get over your self, and move on.
  9. Utt_Buggly

    6 Players with 2k in one game

    One above 1950, and another nearly to 1900, as well. With that much XP all-around, and only two survivors, that must gave been a reasonably good “back & forth” game, and not a steamroll. Not that much XP to be had when one team is grossly uncompetitive. I therefor call shenanigans, for as we all know, good battles don’t exist any more.
  10. Utt_Buggly

    Ashitaka - False information?

    So, somebody was actually given the job of coding this deactivation in for ranked, and spent labor hours on it? Why was this necessary ? Whose cornflakes get peed in, if ASW airstrikes remain active? If WG feels going this route was so necessary, why not deactivate AA in non-CV games? Or take it further - give back hydro (or whatever) when your DFAA-loaded ship drops into a no-CV battle?
  11. Utt_Buggly

    Almost forgot these were a thing : )

    Meh. What are you talking about? I get duplicate patches all the time.
  12. …me and my swing-ging Chzeckoslovakian brahh-therr Yorgi, we go to the swing-ging singles bar, and we look for the girls with the dog poop on their shoes!
  13. Wait… you mean your original post is already as good as it’s gonna get?
  14. Utt_Buggly

    Why is this such a salty game.

    Shut up and get off my frikking lawn already!