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  1. Utt_Buggly

    West Virginia '44 any good?

    No, I didnt forget: by most objective measures, California is better - better WR, better damage, average frags, aircraft downed, etc. I’m not saying it’s good, just better than Coloturdo. It even gives you twelve barrels so you don’t end up stiffed not getting jack on a salvo so often. Of course not. And I don’t think you’re expecting P2win from California, either. There is a big difference in expecting P2win and merely expecting P2NSA.*
  2. And people wonder why WG doesn’t respect the player base.
  3. Utt_Buggly

    WV 41' or Gamble

    That is one Butt Ugly paint job. So butt ugly that even Utt_Buggly doesn’t like.
  4. Utt_Buggly

    West Virginia '44 any good?

    Every T7 BB is superior to Colorado in the same tier. About the only ship you can even quibble regarding the “outright” descriptor, is Gneisenausea, because it has approx. 1% lower damage. I would submit that the bludgeoning of the main battery somewhat forces it to be played differently, rather than allows it. But, more to the point, “balanced compared to” the worst piece of shi……..p at T7 is an unacceptable level to offer in the expectation of money in return (time will tell if that’s what they put on the table), and it’s too low of a standard for the player base to hold WG to. I suppose it is ludicrous right now to gripe about Wv’44 being “a different flavor of Turdarado” as it stands atop T7 performance right now. I’ve got a dead flat 70% win rate in it right now, myself. But, it has that same “inconsequential ship” feel to it that Kansas gave me. It made no impact in the winning of those seven games, and never had a chance to turn the other three. It’s not a “not my style” kind of thing, because I like to mix it up - it just isn’t making pivotal plays. But, as of my button press on na.wows-numbers.com, there have been 1158 battles played with WV’44. The leaderboard has only 14 players who meet the minimum 30 battles criteria to be on it. Together, they have played 655 battles, or 56.65% of the total battles on the NA server for the ship. Three of them have losing records. Four have WRs below the server average for the ship. If we subtract out the top 9 with above average winrates, “the rest of the WV’44-playing world” has a 57.07% winrate. So, the statistics are being driven up by a small number of successful players, “the rest of the WV’44-playing world” is doing pretty well. Of course, “the rest of the WV’44-playing world” may also be a small subset of the player base. But right now, a superficial look at the numbers suggests the Turd(arado) is at least somewhat polished in its WV’44 form, at least in the hands of those who are playing it right now. And that’s what we all want: a polished turd in/on our hands…uhhh, right?
  5. Utt_Buggly

    Tier 6 premium BB's

    Clue in. I wasn’t saying A THING about better or worse. I was challenging your assertion that Warspite can do anything any other T6 BB can do. And it can’t launch a torpedo. Not even one. Since you couldn’t recognize an obvious mistake in what you said, you obviously needed it pointed out to you. Sorry my subtlety was too much for you. Now, if meaningless babble was your original goal, then you achieved it easily.
  6. Utt_Buggly

    Tier 6 premium BB's

    Really? What’s the range, damage, & reload of Warspite’s torpedoes compared to Mutsu’s?
  7. Utt_Buggly

    Premium Ship Review - West Virginia '44

    If you haven’t spent your Independence Day event tokens yet, the 7000 doubloons you can get it for now, is probably as cheap as it will get. Expect its barebones price to be ~ 9500 doubloons, +/-, when it comes out for general availability, and even with a coupon, it’ll cost over 7000, unless the basic asking price is under 9334 doubloons.
  8. Utt_Buggly

    WV 41' or Gamble

    Not to mention that WV’41 is very solid ship. The other ships not only have low odds of dropping, but they aren’t necessarily better in their respective tiers.
  9. In my book, that would have only been disguised as an act of good will. A free switch from a good T6 to a turd of a T7 is no upgrade, free or otherwise. To me , it reminds me of Kansas, which I always characterized with the word “inconsequential.” I won 58.82% in Kansas, never skipped any of the grind with FXP, but never felt it made any difference in the battle outcome. Even my best 3-kill, 150,000 battle (a win), I never felt I was changing the outcome of a single battle. It’s the same with WV ‘44: my best 128,000 battle, three kills (also a win), I never felt like I made a difference in that outcome. It’s the most inconsequential 75% WR ship I have. 62.5% WR in WV ‘41, and i felt/feel like I routinely make/made plays that contributed toward positive outcomes. Considering that WG “resolved” that one in weeks, instead of years, that takes away MUCH of the “same” assertion. The cynic in me leaned toward the use of the word “contrived” rather than “resolved.” Awww, I’ll just out with it - even the naive optimist in me wanted to say “contrived.” Or cooked up, hatched, schemed - whatever. “when”…? The proposition of “if” is still waiting to be settled. I, having both, see myself much more likely to pick up and play 41, not “still,” but “instead.” All that having been said, I think your made a good choice with ship selection for your tokens. I’m sure I surprise no one in with that opinion
  10. Utt_Buggly

    Spotting damage bugged? Or…

    Well, you have to couple that with the description of what spotting damage is, because that is what they use to score the mission task. If you’re going to do spotting damage in a DD, in co-op, take a fast destroyer with smoke, run out ahead, and before the spotting starts, turn and run your smoke ahead of your team, across their path, to block their ability to spot. In randoms, that’s decidedly a bad thing. In co-op, it’s inconsequential. Your teammates will hate you in both.
  11. Utt_Buggly

    Gameplay in Phases

    What don’t you get told already??? At the start, you get an ominous chord from the orchestra, and a big “battle start” message. You get an “enemy force detected “ message opun initial contact, and various “enemy (blahblahblah) detected throughout. See the little red ship icons at the top of the screen, minimap, and over ships on the main display??? They gotta be, you know, kinda, sorta, well, sunk! See those red circles on the map??? They gotta be turned green. And the chat and minimap are peppered all game long with pings and messages telling you what some other player thinks you ought to do. We’re “told” what you want already. And people disregard that, or don’t know what to do with that already. As bad as players are, I’d prefer their input over an “expert system” made by WG any day. (Except for the 36% WR, dead New Orleans admiral wanna-be trying to steer everybody in the random I just left.)
  12. Utt_Buggly

    Gameplay in Phases

    If you need to be told…
  13. Utt_Buggly

    Thinking about returning...

    1. You can queue up for battle without one. Of your own. Everyone else is free to bring ‘em. Only when there is odd-tier-only ranked or clan battles or brawls, etc. 2. Yep.
  14. Utt_Buggly

    Reverse-Asymetric Battles?

    Many human ships, few targets. Yeah, gonna be fun. Hard to decide whether to do that, or walk across the road to hear the corn grow. Lemmee think that over a spell… Ok, Ive decided… Gonna go check out that corn.
  15. Utt_Buggly

    West Virginia '44 any good?

    Don’t the shells used in Donskoi (ostensibly the same shell in at least four different ships) have four four different values for damage , pen, fire chance, velocity, etc.?