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  1. Saw two, in back-to-back battles, on Friday.
  2. Utt_Buggly

    Stat shaming in ranked

    MMM. Matchmaker Monitor. Downloadable via Aslain’s modpack. Shows stats snapshot of every player in the current battle. Green team, Red team. Works for randoms, ranked, co-op. Might show stats for other modes as well. Have you ever thought through how to utilize it to enhance your experience?
  3. “The Last Moment” on the booster packs (original thread subject) is pretty close: The first mission group gives three shipbuilding phases. Second mission group unlocks on Monday. (provided you complete group 1) The booster packs go away as soon as you get your 4th phase unlocked. I finished group 1 last night. I’m sure many other did as well. My decision clock begins ticking come the beginning of gameplay on Monday. The only ways to gain decision time are to: 1. Not play until decision is made 2. Play below T5 until decision is made 3. Ration play to avoid getting phase 4 until decision is made. All of those delaying options have the drawback of taking away grind time you might wish you had when the end of the event gets close.
  4. Utt_Buggly

    Your thoughts on the Puerto Rico

    Wait…the wife or the ship???
  5. Utt_Buggly

    11.7 Audio

    You hear guns in non-battle mode?
  6. Utt_Buggly

    XP in Inventory

    Sell? Like folks are saying, you gotta pay to get rid of it!
  7. Utt_Buggly

    Back after 2.5 Year hiatus, need minor help

    An even better bargain: at 1.2M!!! Get them before they go out of style!
  8. Utt_Buggly

    Back after 2.5 Year hiatus, need minor help

    Better? That’s a relative term, when it comes to the captain rework. You can’t make a captain better, at 21 points now, than what he used to be at 19 points under the old system. The reason for that is some skills were fundamentally nerfed, some skills had their points cost increased. The best you can do is make a captain, at 21 points, close to what he was at 19 in the old system.
  9. There is no aspect of the UI that hasn’t gotten more dull and uninteresting, and even more uninformative, since they started overhauling it some time back to “improve the in-port frame rate.” Yeah, it really is a frame rate hog to keep ship XP displayed on all the tabs. When they first overhauled the ”Equipment” tab, not only did they make all the buttons drab and relatively colorless, but they put a full-screen background on it, and blurred the port image behind it. Used to be, when you upgraded to a B hull or C hull, you could watch the little additional AA mounts pop up, or watch the bridge design update on Iowa,, the little life rafts populate empty spaces on turrets, etc. You could see some aspects of the upgrade being applied All gone now. Sacrificed to entrance and dazzle us by their staggering achievement of implementing a landscape of monochromatic buttons.
  10. Utt_Buggly

    Content and Content

    80% sounds about right. I think I would like it better with fewer ship rollouts.
  11. Well, the way the inventory works now, you can only buy one of each. That’ll be maybe 100 enemy-taunting battles. Don’t waste ‘em in co-op.
  12. No triples, but Ive been stumbling over doubles left and right, and the “More signals” containers have been dropping coal in the center slot 40-50% of the time.
  13. You can’t do it for every ship, you can only do it once for every camo. So the chance to make really good bank is cut off at the ankles.
  14. I get you there. BTW, I estimate its maybe 500k to 700k credits profit if you buy every available one, and sell them after the sale. And it’s a monstrously tedious process. If someone is struggling for credits and has just 4 or 5 million, the million-ish they can make might be more meaningful to them. It is really a boring process. Can probably make the same amount and have more fun playing a T9 premium to a good result.
  15. Because consumable camos are on sale for 60% off for two more days, if you go to dump any consumable camos from your inventory, your selloff price will be cut by 60%, too. So, hold off and don’t take any losses you don’t have to. And this just occurred to me: if you BUY consumable camos for credits at 60% off right now, you can sell them after the sale ends at regular price, and make 10%. Ok, I just tested this out: if you buy ONE of a camo, even if mounted on a ship, it is considered in inventory, and you can’t buy any more to have one mounted on each ship. The most you can do is buy one of every consumable kind with credits. So, no stocking up to make another camo killing.