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  1. UK DD Event Orders

    I might've "done did a bad thing." Now that I called it out, if one o' the mods sees it and gets it, you might have to change it.
  2. UK DD Event Orders

    I know for a fact that you cannot. However, since you are an internet stranger to me, be advised that I don't know Jack Schitz.
  3. How to play in an antisocial team?

    I've known many people working on the their Ph.D. dissertations, and none of them was ever planning to turn in a battleship, they all were planning to turn in their dissertations. The faculty wouldn't know what to do with the battleship even if you did turn it in to them. But seriously, if it's a recurring theme in your games, why are you responding by repeating the same tactics?
  4. Sovereigns and Guineas question

    Hey Kiz/KV, I know you said you confirmed with WG that the Sovereigns cash-in date was a month before the end of the event, and I even remember seeing the thread where you asked, but do you have a link to their answer on that subject? I can't recall having seen that.
  5. Renamed User??

    Nuthin'. In my day, the commercial jingle was "What would you do for a Klondike bar?" For one of them, I might do something.
  6. Yuck!! Too Much Information. (The less suggestive expression would be "than when I had first strapped into a Cleveland."
  7. Use The Force to resist squandering your coal: "These are not the coal ships and mods we're looking for!"
  8. Renamed User??

    Report me for bad taste over Whitman's. I'm offended!! I'm-a gonna report you!!!! Look up my post history, I have a lot of stuff that's in much worse taste!
  9. You need to open an account with the Musashi First Imperial Savings & Loan.
  10. Renamed User??

    So, lemmee get this straight: My favorite brand of boxed chocolates pays SS pensions and supports skinheads????
  11. Renamed User??

    There's not a whit of wit in it!
  12. Sovereigns and Guineas question

    Hmmm. Probably easier for me to think of you simply as K.V. of the Navy.
  13. Here, Misterr dead-Prez. Ol' Bob Dylan of yer white House days can tell ya:
  14. Sovereigns and Guineas question

    Got the Musashi nearly four weeks ago for coal. You'll have fun. BTW, do you pronounce it Key-czar or Kaiser -vexis?
  15. Sovereigns and Guineas question

    Jus' lookin' fer a little coal in muh stockin' on the run-up to Christmas so's Santa will have to give me sumpthun' else's!