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  1. WarGaming Wants to Shorten Game Times?

    "No" to shorter games. Just No.
  2. 9 straight losses I blame myself

    What a bunch of putzes taking responsibility for your lack of success like that. No conspiracy theories, matchmaker blame - nothing!!! No one will rally to a thread like thiis!
  3. Aigle Marathon mission is to vague!

    1. I have answered that question for you already. 2. You simply have a distaste for the answer. 3. Your complaint about the vagueness of the mission is rather unique, which should tell you something. 4. Given point #2, you quandary is rather unsurprising. I read to the end, haven't seen a strong argument yet. Well, given your stated disdain/distaste for reading, you make a very poor case that anyone should extend even minimal effort to write you an explanation, or furnish a link to one. You could have you answers by now.
  4. Aigle Marathon mission is to vague!

    You're missing the almost obvious fact that the individual Aigle Missions you have been completing are what constitutes the progress you have been making in the Aigle marathon mission. I say "almost" obvious because there is nothing compelling you to select those missions, which would draw your attention to them. IF, however, you read the webpage news with anything remotely resembling regularity, the news has been front and center, and is retrievable. The missions have also been discussed some frequency here in the forums, and would likely have been visible. If you were a regular reader of the forums/webpage, the "almost" would need to be removed.
  5. Advice to the Red team in-game? Most of your karma downers probably came from the Green team.
  6. Positive re-inforcement

    OK, since you asked: 1. It is "no one," as in "no one likes to be criticized..."; which brings me to: 2. It is "criticized", not "criticised", although posters in Britain may favor spelling it "criticise" (actually, they wouldn't - they would "favour" spelling it "criticise."), but this is the NA server, not the EU, so... 3. One generally "makes" a mistake, and does not "do" a mistake. Well, you can "do" a mistake, but that's a topic that would get you a ban on the WoWs forum. There you have it: Criticism, instruction and humor all at once. Not to be just bashing you, I feel you pain here: I got a kid in his teens, and he blows me away on his FPS games. But, get him to sit down for a while at WoWs to division up...and he doesn't keep pace. And I still can take him in arm wrestling, too. But his day is coming. It is coming.
  7. Mouse problem

    Yes, you essentially have to hold the mouse button down longer than the ping time. So if your ping time is lousy, you will have the mouse button down for a long time ensure the server "sees" the left mouse click command. Last week I was on travel, and the wifi available was giving me a ping of 2500+ milliseconds, and sure enough, I had to hold the mouse button down some three seconds for the guns to fire.
  8. it's in the "BB Pride" thread.
  9. I'm not a stat-shamer, and I'm not going even to look at you're stats, but just looking at your battle count of 180 battles, that is a pretty low count to be strapping into T8 in a premium ship. There is a lot to learn on the way up to Tier 8. And I know this how? I know it because I hopped into a Tirpitz at a low battle count as well. It was not pretty. I deny no one the liberty or right to even do so, but I invite you to consider the wisdom of backing down to tiers you have more familiarty in, and work up as you learn.
  10. You'd have been cussing a blue streak yesterday at the guy who wrote "sticks in stones may break..." When people cannot or will not distinguish between "and" and "in", I'm afraid all is possibly lost. Such people need to seriously consider whether they are capable of communicating via a written medium.
  11. Gold of France Reward Question

    Any one who has completed the Gold of Fance campaign, please shed some light for me: The final rewards for the Gold of France camo are idenified as p.o. permanent camouflage for Dunquerque, Richelieu, or Gascogne. The part that gives me pause is the usage of the word "or" - as in not all of them. What determines which among them you receive? Ships in port at time of completion? Lootbox? Or is it really all of them going to inventory? Asking because I have none of the French T8 battleships yet.
  12. I cannot provide more detail than others have, but the most commonbasic types of masts used in the era covered by the game (Russo-Japanese War to the 1950s) are: Pole mast Basket Mast (an early type of cage mast - See South Carolina in-game, USS West Virginia, California, and Tennessee in Pearl Harbor configuration, stock Bayern in game?) Tripod Mast (Many in-game examples, USS Arizona, New Mexico, HMS Hood) Modern Lattice Mast (HMS Belfast, although this is its modernized post-WWII appearance) Pagoda Mast/superstucture Regarding "masses," the author of "Requiem for Battleship Yamato" (Yoshido Mitsuru) converted to Catholicism and later to Protestantism after WWII (per the translators notes), but since the book contains his memoirs of his wartime experience prior to his conversion, the subject of masses gets no coverage in the book, so unless someone with more cultural experience in this aspect chimes in, you'll have to settle for this and Clutch Cargo's response.
  13. U.S. Cruiser line split.

    I don't, and I don't know anyone who does, outside of multiple accounts. If you have multiple accounts, each account is independent.