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  1. Are There Ever Permacamo Discounts?

    Look, dirtbag, all I've asked is if they are known to have discounts on it. No one asked for or merited your pontificating bilge, which you dispense with regularity. But, why would they do that, really?? Why did they offer Christmas sales on ships.? They have no competition, so why? But they did. Why do they offer discounts on premium time? They have no competition, so why? But again, they did.. Free XP conversion discounts? Why would they do that? But they do. Port slot discounts? Why? Yet, they do. Commander respecification discounts? Why? But they do. So go ahead and ask bankrupt, baiting questions, and give yourself a chortle. You run your mouth and take your little potshots all the time at people who ask a reasonable question. Maybe my question was about PLANNING and WAITING, if discounts are known to occur. You prove the old adage true about people with the smallest minds having the biggest mouths. Planning and waiting on your presence in these forums to be less malignant is doublessly a longer wait than for a perma camo discount. Its a wait I'll not suffer. Ignored.
  2. Are There Ever Permacamo Discounts?

    I cannot recall having seen a permacamo sale/discount before. I'm within hailing distance of the Hindenburg, but at about 4500 doubloons. I know the 250 for level 11 of ranked wont get me there, and I'm not going to get the 2500 of Rank 1. Have permacamo discounts been offered periodically, and if so, when do they show?
  3. Good heavens. If you don't value them, don't buy any, and manage your use so you dont spend by accident. Just don't use auto renew and use them when you want to get XP. It isnt that hard. An you dont have to use auto-complain, either.
  4. funny question about MO going away

    Thanks, Lert. I have the Missouri and remember the 1 credit; it's been long enough that I do not remember if the transactions are separate. Once you buy a ship, the transaction details no longer show in the tech tree. I suppose the same thing can be seen if I look at the Nelson? First, coffee asnd breakfast. One point to note: the game does regard it as a premium ship in matters of captain training/handling, and free permacamo included with purchase. My greater point is that there are zero-cost ways to, if necessary, free up a credit and a port slot.
  5. Do you complain about having toilet paper because you might run out of it? It costs real life money to renew it, too, you know.
  6. funny question about MO going away

    With the Missouri being a premium ship, is unlocking without buying at the same time even possible? And the OP DOESN'T say he did this; he poses a "let's say" hypothetical. If this IS possible, and one is out of port slots and credits, then play an Erie or some other T1 that has no operating cost. Then sell the Erie. (It sells for zero credits, thus the need to play a battle to get the credit.) Or sell the tech tree ship you have least love for. Non-problem solved.
  7. This. When you need to acquire XP quickly, like for the final task of every North Cape level, the Type 59 camo gets you through them quickly. Worried about running out and spending doubloons, OP? Easy: Keep your doubloon balance below 125, or just pay some attention to usage...you receieved sixty of the things. Dont be paralized by your abundance, or live in your fears.
  8. It's 50% off for a few more days, at 2600 doubloons in the tech tree. That's reason enough to not wait. Didn't AC/DC do a song about this?.... "Bat-tleships and they're sold dirt cheap, Bat-tleships and they're sold dirt cheap, Armor, Turrets, Armor-piecing shells, HIGH EXPLOSIVE!!!!! SOLD DIRT CHEAP!!!!"
  9. I'm in need of advice fellas

    Yep. All tier 5 and below are 50% off doubloon cost, all T6-7 are 30% off, and T8 are 15% off. Back when they had the doubloon purchase bonus going, it was possible to shave 15% of of those numbers.
  10. captain points list

    Here is a forum thread, the final post of which has the corrected table with the XP conversion costs (both at 25:1 and 35:1): https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/130248-commander-experience-and-the-sliding-scale/?tab=comments#comment-3141061
  11. A friendly PSA

    Same birthday here, different age.
  12. The Awesome Dreaded 200% XP Day

    Your missing the fact that the poll question has no meaning. I mean, what does "worth the level of play" mean?
  13. So is not being Richard Cranium, to some people.
  14. I do NOT understand the Iowa

    Well, if you want the Montana, you gotta move in with the Iowa for a while, or free XP past her. I have this same dilemma, I have the MO, and am about 25k from unlocking the Iowa. I expect my Iowa time to be a snoozefest. I'm Free XP-poor, so bypassing is not an option. And a soon-to-be Hindenburg has prior claim on my 30M credits. So, with the Missouri already in port, I'm in no hurry for Iowa.
  15. Waypoints and bomber landing

    Thank you both. A clanmate told me last night, after I posted here, about the F key, but I didn't know it could be added in conjunction with waypoints. That additional information is most helpful. Thank you.