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  1. Scharn info... new review???

    She did a fairly recent re-review of Tirpitz. The captain skills should translate fairly well to Scharnhorst.
  2. Let's see... Its present stats on wows-numbers.com for the NA server show it has the highest win rate among T9 cruisers, by a margin of 2.5%, it is tops for damage, doing 16% more damage than #2 on the board, and it is #1 for K/D ratio, more than 25% higher than the 2 ship on the board. I plan on getting the Kronshtadt, and have enough doubloons to convert the Free XP I lack. I'm trying to be frugal with the doubloons and grind more Free XP so as to have 5000 doubloons available for a T10 permacamo for my new Des Moines. There are two things that could affect my plan: 1. Alaska, and how it is acquired. Alhough the laser gun vs. floaty shell arc consideration pretty much sets it in stone for me: I don't plan on getting a T9 FreeXP cruiser to hide behind islands with it. 2. The new and various WoWs economies (coal, steel, Free XP, etc.) we now have. My plan right now says Free XP for Kronshtadt, coal for Musashi...but what if WoWs moves ships between economies? Yeah, right now, both of those are available via Free XP, but I'll have have enough coal for a T9 premium long before I have enough Free XP to grab a second, after spending the current wad on the first. What if I grab Kronshtadt via Free XP, eagerly anticipating soon thereafter a Musashi from coal, only to hear the Musashi is being switched out of the arsenal? Do I allow myself to become paralyzed, waiting until I have enough coal AND enough Free XP? That's the difficulty with these various economies now...more ways to acquire things, but more ways to get weeks-long/months-long plans voided.
  3. WG Just Made the Choice Hard

    Simmer down, you're both right: Mary Ann Summers over Ginger Grant, any day of the week, Bailey Quarters over Jennifer Marlowe, any day of the week.
  4. Free so and regular xp

    No open port slots?
  5. Question about Permanent Campaigns

    That sounds like the Wrong Way, Feldman!
  6. Getting Credits without doing anything

    Of course, your credits earnings will go down (although premium consumables may help you stay in your battles longer and actually help you earn more in the end), but yeah, doubloons come from REAL MONEY, and you want to minimize spending that!
  7. Marius_60

    OK, Marius, Some folks will likely come along and tell you not to buy a premium ship that is above your current highest tier, or of an unfamiliar ship type. And some of them may be condescending flaming rectal openings toward you. I'm not one of those people; I think a player has (and ought to have) liberty to chose what his/her interests and budget support. That having been said, their advice is not particularly bad. Unless you are a natural, your performance (and your teams' performances) will suffer by taking on a high tier ship as a new player. And unless you're thick-skinned against insults and resilient in the face of defeat (and you'll earn both insults and defeat), it'll frustrate you and maybe even make you drop a game you might otherwise enjoy. I was one of those guys who jumped in like that. Bought a Prinz Eugen on Day 1. That was a bad deal. My prescription for that was to pick up the Tirpitz in a week. That wasn't a whole lot better. Fortunately for me, I had the thick-skinned and resilient part of it down. So, do whatever floats your boat; but if you can, start out by floating a smartly chosen boat.
  8. Getting Credits without doing anything

    Tier 6 has low operating costs. Your operating cost for the battle was so low that it didn't even add up to the cost of one premium consumable, which means you had all standard consumables loaded. Your doubloons you spent on signals have nothing to do with credit earnings unless you spend them on credit-earning signals or camos. Load up on premium consumables (choose to pay in credits, not doubloons), and soon you will not be offended at profiting from battles like that one.
  9. Summer Sale - What are you hoping for?

    You can help RNG along with this very sales event. By snapping up premium ships on the cheap, you increase the likelihood of duplicates. And last year, ship duplicates resulted in a re-roll of another ship until it rolled one you didn't own. Also, last year, all of the Santa crate-eligible hips were T5 and higher. Of course, there are no guarantees that things will be the same come later this year.
  10. WG Just Made the Choice Hard

    What's scary is when someone can't spell a five-letter, one-syllable word that is supposedly central to his point. It's "chick"
  11. Summer Sale - What are you hoping for?

    Now, if I would only be wrong about them not discounting more than 50%, too!! (Hey, WG: 70% off Roma tomorrow? I'm in!)
  12. Summer Sale - What are you hoping for?

    Atlanta today. 50% off at T7. You might be the one who is right!
  13. Duke of York vs Lyon

    You shoot 16 guns, and whattaya get? Another penetration and one more cit, Don'tcha call me Davey Jones, cause I cain't gooooooooooooooooo, I'm not goin' down 'til I sink one moooooooooooooooo'
  14. WG Just Made the Choice Hard

    Yeah, I see their pictures and Glenn Miller & Andrews Sisters music starts playing in my head.
  15. Summer Sale - What are you hoping for?

    Dern, the one thing that doesn't make sense is why I didn't bite on the Warspite deal yesterday, now that I think about it.