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  1. No, a captain assigned to the reserve, is "assigned" to the reserve. He retains his specialization with a ship, but he is "assigned" to the reserve. If I take my sixteen point Cleveland captain and send him to the reserve and assign a zero-pointer to the Cleveland before the split takes place, who do you think will get transferred to the new Tier 6 CL?
  2. In another thread, someone mentioned you could wait until the day before the split hits, and send your Cleveland captain to the reserve.
  3. vroom vroom

    I think I could settle for stock.
  4. It is not the gameplay that is boring and tiresome. Something else (or really, someone else) is. And (bear in mind that your posts are too tedious to find and quote them all, so you're getting the gist of things here), I don't think it is the early ships that are hot, steaming piles of, errrrrrrrr...junk.
  5. I thought hydroponics was good for growing tomatoes and other vegetables. Learn somethin' new every day. And here I thought only hydrophones could do that job. I know, probably a victim of auto-un-correct. Of course you've never seen them, they're invisible...That's the beauty of it!
  6. That is an abject failure of reading and comprehension. Quoting the referenced second sentence from the wiki: "Earning the first collection item via completion of the campaign of purchase of special containers from the Wargaming store unlocks the ability for collection items to drop from regular Containers earned through daily missions." Now, this means: 1. You unlock the ability to start earing collection items either by completing the Yamamoto campaign, or by buying one or more Yamamoto containers from the premium shop. 2. Collection items drop from regular containers. I can attest that they do. The wording "daily missions" is unfortunate, as there are no more "daily missions". What they mean, though, is the regular cycle of daily play that earns you up to three containers per day. Now, you can choose to not believe me, just like you have chosen with everyone else, but you need to realize that you are the only one keeping yourself in the dark. The burden of proof is now on you: Prove that you're worth any more time from ANYONE on this matter. Prove that your request for proof is worth responding to. You're being thick-headed. Maybe you can't help it.
  7. It's a deep water torpedo.
  8. Newark, NJ: Predicted high temperature tomorrow, 36°F; predicted overnight low, 23°F. Pay up, suit up, man up.
  9. After 2675 battles, you should have known before getting the Missouri that there is a wide disparity in earning between premium time and non-premium time. It is displayed side-by-side in the fourth result tab after every battle. And if you had any doubt about whether the earnings you expected were with premium time or not, you could have, y'know, kind of...asked!
  10. It all depends on the job. If the job also is to include communicating that one possesses marginal literacy, then yes, that job is done as well, and THAT rather effectively. In the vast majority of cases in internet forums such as these, the entirety of what one person knows about another is what, and how, the other person writes. if they show me that they are capable only of writing carelessly or unclearly, I can only presume that that is how they think, as well. "Then" for "than". It's becoming more common to see people writing "defiantly" when they mean "definitely", as if they have never bother to pronounce the word in real life, so even notice that the word contains sounds not even made by the letters they type.. Sometimes I want to definitely agree with them defiantly, and hurl verbal invective at them (a la Michael Palin accidentally going into the Abuse Clinic in the Monty Python Argument Clinic sketch) Then, there is "beck and call." I'll wager less than one percent of you clowns that use that expression even have an inkling that you are flaunting a poor vocabulary. (It is "beckon call", by the way. get a dictionary, look up "beckon," look up "beck." The next time any of you wants to deride a "wall of text" post, stop and realize that the writer thereof is only producing in volume the very things that you claim "get the job done." I could go on. So, yeah, it "gets the job done". Just be aware that often you're doing more than one job at the same time. Yes, legions of you don't care. I already know. Go ahead, advance the vanguards of ignorance and apathy to your heart's content. Frankly, your success is virtually assured. Wear that success with pride.
  11. I said "Other" for social media, and entered "WoWs Forums". And for the other social meia forms to recommend to them, I entered "WoWs forums." I, like others here, do not do social media, and do not wish to register for any social media platform solely for the purpose of obtaining a WoWs (or any other) benefit. I went straight to the surveygizmo link to fill it out.
  12. 'Tis a pity we can't evaluate the effectiveness of your targeting in even the most general sense, o ye of hidden stats.
  13. With all of the negative remarks about this one, I'm surprised I haven't heard it mentioned yet, but I'll step forward and own up to it: Prinz Eugenics
  14. Well, until a ship is lend-leased to the Soviets, it can't get a stalinium upgrade, comrade!! But now, "OPaF"..."Opaf"... I like that, "Opaf"...even sounds like it could be stronk Russian word!!!
  15. Sending him to the US cruiser line will be like a punishment once you move him to Pensacola and New Orleans. Maybe send him to the Montana. You'll probably be hooked on the Missouri a while once you get it; you can roll over all the elite commander XP onto Segal. Your Montna captain will still be good to switch back, in the event you want to take the Montana into clan battles or something.