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  1. Ranked out in 36 battles at 61%. Dabbled in Akizuki, Massachusetts, and Prinz Eugen, but made all the progress with a 65% winrate in Vladivostok.
  2. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Coal burning a hole in my pocket

  3. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    When will RU cruiser line be final and available?

    Fixed the title for you, Steeler_Nation_USA.
  4. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    *UPDATED* Problems claiming Twitch Prime rewards

    Will do!
  5. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Independence Weekend Freedom Spree, July 3 to 5 2020.

    It’s a Steel. Ground out the Odin and first Odin-derived steel package. Friday, used the Vladivostok to rocket to Rank 3 in the Sprint, on a really hot streak. with krakens, first bloods, dreadnoughts, and high calibers in tow. Saturday was much more of a win-loss affair, but still managed to rank out. Ground Riga from 120k EXP to ~200k. Randoms were brutal for outcomes, though.
  6. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Zao or Minotaur

    Depends on what you want to do: Do you want to spend your life in smoke, living every second in fear of instant deletion, running between island and smoke patches as if your very WoWs life depends on it? (which it will) Or do you want to run and gun with the wind in your face, and have the option to rain down holy fire or AP?
  7. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    *UPDATED* Problems claiming Twitch Prime rewards

    And now you have. Did all four last night, no rewards in port, none to claim in Twitch.
  8. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Premium Ship Review: California

    @LittleWhiteMouse, for future reviews, on the turning radius charts, how about making the circle for the subject ship the same color every time - a color that stands out against the blue sea, like white, or some other bright and unique color, so we can quickly see where the ship under review slots in? Maybe the approach could be extended to other charts, as well.
  9. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Please please WG implement a freakin CV filter

    Well it’s one for the BB, Two for DDs, Three to get ready, NOW, GO PLANES, GO!!!! But, don’t you, rag on muh Bad CEE-VEE!!! You can do anything, but lay off-a my Bad CEE-VEE!!
  10. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Premium Ship Review #150 - Siegfried & Agir

    @LittleWhiteMouse, c’mon, fess up: You did the whole two-ships-in-one-review thing just to beak out the Sigfreid & Roy joke, didn’t you?
  11. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Directive 4 Progress

    Better check your doubloons balance - the dockyard notes sez it credits compensation.
  12. I hope you were able to use some of Kirov’s XP to research the Budyonnyi before Kirov was converted, because like @shinytrashcan said above, Kirov’s XP isn’t going anywhere now. Otherwise, you have to back up at least to Tier 4 to grind XP for the new T5. Or spend to convert XP.
  13. NP. I recall being on of those early b!tchers. No, wait...it was a friend!
  14. Really?: This has been going on since the beginning of Elite Commander XP. There have been several Elite Commander XP conversion "sales", and each one accompanied by the b!tching that ensues when people didn't realize it wasn't for Elite Ship XP.
  15. Only for captains, not for ships...unless you pay money/doubloons to convert it to Free XP. Don't be that guy.