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  1. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    People are so angry now :(

    The OP forgot about F2P loaders, errrrr- players- F2P players, hating on paying players who keep the game running for them.
  2. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    WASP (CV-7)

    Fixed That For You
  3. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    How do you go on with a cursed ship?

  4. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Ironium Rush mission, Stage 2

    I hate to hike a leg on on your little diatribe, “champ”, but I finished my 625 Ironium. grind yesterday. The fact that I can see it and discuss it from an opposite perspective intelligently, quantitatively, and politely is an obvious difference between us , “champ.” I’ve heard of The Illuminati, but you and Burnsy represent its unavoidable internet counterpart, “The Ignoramati.” Actually, it makes you worse, because you are no longer ignorant of the tradeoffs, but you scoff at those who articulate them and point them out. You’ve crossed the line from ignorant to stupid. I have to point that out as it is unlikely you would draw that conclusion on your own. I mean really, a 100,000 XP grind is “a couple games?” It’s actually 85-95% of a complete grind from T7 to T8, “champ.” With the other phases associated with it, the entire grind to 600 Ironium is more on the magnitude of a complete T8-9 grind. “Champ.” And in another breath, you say it would take you “hundreds” of games to grind out a UU normally. And to be more complete on what participants in Space battles forego, their participation time, beyond the aforementioned, can preclude participation in: Naval Battles (that’s clan oil lost) Clan battles (that’s steel lost) and if your clan is chasing space battles, you can lose out on the above, even if you’re not doing space battles yourself. In short, “champ”, your response leaves me both unconvinced and unimpressed.
  5. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Ironium Rush mission, Stage 2

    Well, you could have done the math to realize your question has several easy answers: Any T7, 8, 9, or 10 fitted out with an XP boosting camo and the same flags you mentioned would have earned: Better ship XP Better commander XP Better Free XP and for Tiers 7-9, you could have played ships you were grinding to further those grinds Likewise, you could have been running your 19-point commanders in those ships, to build elite commander XP, or just as well, played the commanders that you would have been targeting for the Elite XP. That’s why those who did the math debate whether the upgrades or other purchasable rewards are worth the greatly diminished normal rewards you have to forego to participate in space battles.
  6. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Few play the attacking side on Space battles correctly

    Next time, try five. If you want better responses, don’t jack with folks between the tile and the content.
  7. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Which Legendary Upgrade is worth the grind?

    Except when it’s about April 15th... that gummint wants taxes filed on time!
  8. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Which Legendary Upgrade is worth the grind?

    Ummmmm, early morning Monday, April 15.
  9. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Space battles are great... but dat XP gain...

    Not necessarily. The defenders get to rack up more kills because the attackers respawn, so the have an opportunity for extra XP built in as well. Apart from the underperforming bottom five of the losing team, the XP disparity isn’t out of the norm for winning vs. losing.
  10. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Happy New Year !!!

    Swiping left on your topic. Moving on.
  11. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Me thinks some hijinks and shenanegins are afoot (re: tasks)

    I know. I just had domination mode in my battles, and lots of green team bots. They died quick, and that thinned out the multiple shooters, allowing the reds to make some cap progress between my shots. (Cleveland. Wait for reload. Count to 3. Fire. Defended ribbon every time. Rinse and repeat.)
  12. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Me thinks some hijinks and shenanegins are afoot (re: tasks)

    I had the other end of the luck spectrum: Got the 20 defended ribbons in two battles, nine in the first and 20 (yes, twenty) in the second.
  13. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    What has happened to tiers 8-10?

    Naaww, still a thousand years... ...because you didn't say anything about giving them a million typewriters.
  14. You can't. This inefficiency has been brought to you by the latest "improvements" to the port interface. Enjoy.
  15. I don’t think neither I nor the OP said we thought ourselves forced to do so. We are openly expressing the worth of continuing. Please quote for me my statement(s) where I indicate coercion being exercised upon me. I think every statement I have made was in discussion of the evaluation of the worth of a voluntary activity. Therefore: please don’t post non-applicable, reflexive forum boilerplate pedantism. It’s not like you are forced to.