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  1. Hey, you were the one who capitalized "monitor", and used the definite article....I thought you were talking about the ship! (Wellllllllll...that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.)
  2. Now, if only I could get my Arizona to latch on to a friendly Bismarck like that...
  3. I had been thinking this very thing. And further: on the past two weekends, we've had coupons/discount codes on T8 premiums purchased via the premium shop, and doubloon discounts on in-game T8 premium purchases. aaaaannnnnd...30% silver discounts on the tech tree T8s this past weekend, as well.
  4. The Merrimack???? (CSS Virginia?)
  5. Greed is more about what you WANT, than it is about what you GET. sirthom: "No free stuff???? Waaaahhhhh!!!!!"
  6. In the second photo, I see one of the boats hanging from a light-duty set of davits on the port side of the stern area. Also, I see one ship's launch amidships, between the funnels. I don't have the Kutuzov myself - are the amidship boats there?
  7. What MKzhou said in response already was good as far as it goes, but adding further...this offer had red flags all over it from the beginning: The whole "-25%" tattooed all over it, when it cost MORE than the separately purchased items was a big "don't buy this" in my book. It stank from the word go: 1. Even with the 15% discount on a premium T8 ship, you could "save" at most, what, about eight bucks? - combined with the extra $4 and the bundle cost, and you were saving at most, $4. 2. Even if you could apply it to the base Enterprise that was for sale this past weekend, the biggest discount you could get would have been $9, minus the $4+ extra outlay, meant saving five bucks. There was never a "real" 25% savings to be had. 3. This business of "Hey, buy this now and get a discount (but only if you spend more money on something else) later" is a crock. 4. Basing the prospective 25% discount on a cash value for the mission XP bonuses, etc., was preposterous. Frankly, for me, the whole business of execrable marketing verbiage began with the June monthly mission briefings, and the sale preview: A certain week/weekend was advertised as going to have premium time on discount. Well, the week before that, they put 30-day and 90-day subscriptions on discount. That's good, I thought, but I'll wait until the proper week and see what the discounts are. Well, when that weekend rolls around (German weekend, it was), the discounts were on 7-day and 3-day subscriptions. But this business of "Hey, buy this now and get a discount (but only if you buy something else) later" is a crock. Likewise, I thought the 5% discount coupons that expired at the end of August were quite the steaming hot pile in the way they were presented, as well. Remember?: "Not applicapble to other bundles or discounts." Very well, I went to buy doubloons from the "Purchase any amount of doubloons" option, then. Coupon would not apply. But wait: it would apply to the combination of Silver and doubloons that was being sold. (Yeah, being sold and cost more). But wait...isn't doubloons BUNDLED with Silver a, ummmm, ummmm, oh, what is the word, a ummm, oh, yeah: a BUNDLE?????? I submitted a ticket to Wargaming over this; the response was likewise unsatisfactory as was the OP's. And the Alabama was on sale during that time. Despite the standalone ship being offered at its initial offering (and presumably un-discounted) price, the coupon could not be applied to it. HOWEVER: it could be applied to the DISCOUNTED "Alabama Ultimate" BUNDLE. No CLARITY, no CONSISTENCY whatsoever. And it's starting to absolutely reek, and everyone is beginning to smell it.
  8. I gotta think you're right...I have both the FDG and a Missouri, and you can't help but LOVE the Mizzou/Iowa GUNS, baby!! FDG, not so much. Played a GK in the public test for the first time last night...the kind of happy that just makes your eyes roll back in your head.
  9. This offer draws heap big vacuum.
  10. Played them both fairly heavily. Like them both. Played them both in Ranked Season #5. (January-February this year). Started out with the Scharnhorst as my main, and the Gneisenau as my go-to boat whenever I lost in the Scharn - don't wait for two losses in a row, go the the Gneisenau. We'll, losing became less than rare in the Scharn, and my Gneisenau was SO effective as a loss-stopper, that I switched their roles. After doing this a while, i looked up my stats, and in that ranked season, at peak, I had: 75% win percentage in Gneisenau 61% win percentage in Scharnhorst Average damage was nearly identical, but the Scharnhorst has a much higher Kill/death ratio. (I ended up playing them both to the point of frustration in ranked, and tanked both of their wining percentages by 10%. Don't you go do that.) I concluded that the faster relaod and traverse, and more main gun barrels of the Sharnhorst made it much more effective at putting down DDs and cruisers - when you needed to get one or two shells on the wiggly red to finish him off, Scharnhorst excelled. The Gneisenau 's bigger shells were better at damaging other battleships. The smaller maps and closer fighting ranges of ranked play minimized the issues you get with bad dispersion and the lower salvo size of the Gneisenau. I still have and respect my Gneisenau, but she doesn't see the open ocean much since I ground to the Bismarck. The Scharnhorst plays host to my only 19-point German Commander (I rotate him through a few premium ships). Outside of ranked, my Random battle winrate in the Scharn is 60%, Gneiseanu is 44%. That comparison isn't really fair, as a lot of my Gneisenau play was early in my time with WoWs, where I was REALLY bad. I tend to favor the Scharn heavily between the two, mainly due to getting more Elite Commander XP on a premium ship. Once I "feed the monster" with enough Elite Commander XP to get My Bismark Captain to 19 points, then the Gneisenau will likely become the tech tree ship home of my current 19-pointer (it's presently Bayern - blame the last ranked season for that.) After spouting all that, my recommendation would be consider the role you have for the ship (Bismarck grinder = Gneisenau, Captain/Free XP grinder = Scharnhorst). Of course, the Bismarck grinder role is only temporary, and the Gneisenau is the only ship that can do it (apart from free XP), but at least you can acquire a Gneisenau for free. The Captain/Free XP grinder role lasts longer, even beyond the point of grinding him to 19 points. But, beyond that, consider the role YOU play best in a battle, and which ship will best suit that role, then chose accordingly.
  11. Yes, one James Earl Carter, Jr. did great work to destabilize the Middle East. Regarding glorification of war in computer games being something offensive to you: the name of this game is "World of WARships". One would think your consciences would have compelled you to uninstall before now.
  12. I work in automobile racing, and a couple of years ago, a certain driver known for "good luck" (not luck , really) was characterized inside the sport as having a "golden horseshoe up his (ummmmm, "posterior," we shall say.)" You, with a ship, 30 days premium, and 2000 doubloons in your four draws, Misterrrrr President, have a golden horseshoe up your after hawsepipe.
  13. Maybe there are alternatives between hanging back and hoping for the best, and charging a cap early. Maybe like smoking up at a well-chosen please outside, or in, a cap early to screen friendlies, and skedaddling from the smoke to be some eyes. Ambushing a straggler, or someone who has overextended. Lying in wait as an opportunity develops, or moving to a developing opportunity.
  14. Yep. No different than a quarteback "eye-faking" to another receiver to move the defense before coming back to his target.
  15. Awww, I wanted to be the first on this, and mised by a mile. But carrying it out further: Yes, progressive tax rates on the credit-wealthy. Use the credits taxed to pay the repair costs of lower-credit players. Subsidize their premium consumables costs as well. Just like we have the Earned Income Tax Credit to give tax refunds to those that don't pay taxes, create the "Earned Credit Tax Credit" to pay the credit taxes of those who already pay none. And WG can be the IRS/government bureaucracy equivalent of all this and administrate it all, and pay out 15 credits for every hundred it rakes in, and feed the bureaucracy (i.e., themselves) with the rest.