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  1. Nothing to regret. New Mex is merely good; Arizona is great.
  2. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Balance Smole

    Yes, those other battleships didn’t run away via the decisions of their own captains, the Smolensk has the super double-throwdown multiple enemy rudder mind control consumable that made that happen.
  3. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    ST, New Year's celebration.

    @Umbaretz I like the idea of seeing the ship building process displayed in real time. Having worked in a shipyard myself, I’m not as keen on missing the visuals due to the progress continuing while I am offline (although in real life progress while you’re away is great). I hope there is a provision for being able to rewind and view the progression so you can see missed events.
  4. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Snowflakes are coming back

    Not first win of the day. First win after the event starts. Period. One and only one for each ship.
  5. MannyD_of_The_Sea


    Not gonna do it, you stinking perv, you.
  6. MannyD_of_The_Sea


    I don’t want an explanation of patch note when I devstrike someone.
  7. MannyD_of_The_Sea


    Clint Eastwood of his Dirty Harry prime. Every time you DevStrike somebody, you hear him growl: “A man’s GOT to know his limitations!”
  8. There is the special “Free XP Camo”, which makes it look and perform exactly like the T6 ship. The camo is so effective the reds will think you left the Mont E. Coli. back in port. It won’t be available for purchase until the line drops in 8.10, though.
  9. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Naval Battles Not Scoring?

    Last two battles, things worked for all of our division. Thanks, guys.
  10. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Naval Battles Not Scoring?

    Our clan’s attempts aren’t being counted or scored, and our total score and that of our opponent have not changed in a couple of houts. Anyone else having issues?
  11. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Clan Battle Participation

    From what I’m reading, you have no argument for my point.
  12. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Clan Battle Participation

    At 432 battles, unless your account is a re-roll, your aggravation is due you not being ready to participate. Rather than exhorting WG to “git” rid of the a mode for which you are unprepared, you need “git” out of the mode and git better at the game first.
  13. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Twilight Battles, no hall of fame rewards

    No need. My own lack of a victory doesn’t prove it can’t happen. I’m just saying I would like to see anyone post a result screenshot that shows a Twilight battle “Victory!” has been attained.
  14. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Twilight Battles, no hall of fame rewards

    Someone please post a result screenshot from a Twilight Battle that declares “Victory!”, not merely “Successful Raid”, to demonstrate that there is a “victory” condition in this mode. I’m not certain that “victory” is scored or defined for the Twilight Battle mode. I’m not saying of a certainty that victory doesn’t exist, I’m stating I haven’t seen it yet. And if it isn’t, it renders all the criticisms of truces as a violation of the TOS (“throwing battles”), utter nonsense, because you can’t throw a battle for which neither victory nor defeat is defined.
  15. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    PSA: Opt-in for 1-day Saipan and Kaga rental!!!

    Uuuuyyyyyyy... OK, there was a real-world event associated with the date Dec. 7, in which the real-world Kaga participated. A date which will “live in infamy,” but only if succeeding generations are taught it, and care enough to remember it. I really hope that helps.