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  1. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Closest game ever recorded!!

    I remember playing in one Ranked battle, when the timer reached zero and the scoreboard and all the graphics went away, we were behind on points...then when the results popped up, the victory happy music played.
  2. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    lvl 9 iowa

    I don’t know about Iowa‘s guns, but someone’s spelling certainly has missed the mark.
  3. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    It was nice of them to ask my permission this time...

    The port slots I freed up two years ago are still filled with the ships I bought two years ago; that’s kind of long-term. The ships I bought with the credits from the sale of ARP ships two years ago are still bought, as are their modules and upgrades. Their stock hulls and upgrades are still sold for credits returned to me, and the credits usefully employed, two years ago. Thats also kind of long-term. And the ships that I bought two years ago to grind steel snowflakes with (kept the Takao, just for this purpose) got me Stalingrad with only 47 steel to spare, two years ago, so that was kind of long-term. Haven’t got a port slot through regular gameplay since the More Resources container was introduced. (The Halloween port slot handout doesn’t count as regular gameplay.) Because I choose the resource container over the credits container. And selling the ARP ships didn’t stop me from earning further credits through regular gameplay. But it did give me the port slots I decided to forego when I made the resource container my daily go-to. A false evaluation: missing coal is much more heavily impacted by your daily container choice than by keeping a small handful of ships. If you chose the credit container all the time for the occasional port slot, you’re foregoing much more coal than what the ARO ships will earn you. I kept Takao because of the steel. The rest -their coal crop yield was negligible - plowed ‘em under for slots. I have more ships than I can play in a day - any day. And the fact that they’re premium ships means the XP is dead-ended anyway - unless conversion is your goal, and XP doesn’t have to be on premium ships for conversion. Four identical Myokos or identical Kongos isn’t really options, its merely repetition. The only benefit along these lines is having duplicates for Operations to avoid the 75-doubloon shakedown for “awaiting orders.” Of course, you have to be convinced that the ARP ship and its prototype are THE superior ship to bring into the Op, or Ranked or whatnot. And I have to agree with @CrazyHorse_Denver, managing my fleet is easier without the ARP ships - all those Captains have undergone gender reassignment and are serving in more important posts throughout my IJN task force, in ships I actually play. Further, those were 10-point Captains, their skillpoints were wasted on assignment among a bunch of clone premium ships, but they gave a much-needed boost to the strength of each ship to which they were reassigned. Yes, I could have reassigned them anyway - but the specialization I gave them has made them less than optimal for their original ARP assignments, anyway. And I have enough 19-point captains in tier 7-8-9-10 ships such that earn more Elite Commander XP than the ARP ships could ever hope to, so the “captain training in premiums” argument doesn’t hold up, either. I would say that I have no idea in the world why people brag about having no idea in the world about something, when even cursory thinking would give them an idea...but I do have an idea about why they say that, so I won’t.
  4. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Chat ban rules

    No, it’s like getting a chat ban on WoWs’ game and not getting to chat on WoWs’ game. Given the roots of the developers, this surprises you?
  5. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Lack of Obtainable Tier IV Premiums

    If you look in the quote bar at the top of the box where he is quoting you, it says “advanced issue found.” In the dark green bar. And there is a zero above it. At least I see it. When I try to parse someone’s statement while quoting it on my cell phone (‘cause I can’t highlight a portion for the “quote selection” button) odd stuff will happen often during the paring down of the quote.
  6. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    How much longer?

    You mean Qa Rong and Da Rong?
  7. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    I finally got me an 'Awkins!

    Down in these parts, ” ‘Awkins” the company that kills termites and roaches.
  8. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Anyone Seen New PA Ships?

    Not even one, clanbro. But then again, I’ve not even so much as heard the Pennsylvania was coming to the game.
  9. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    When to Grind and when to Pay

    That statement and the supporting argument only hold water if the ability to trade the grind time for time spent earning the cost actually exists. (i.e., you actually have the choice to earn additional money with a given amount of time or grind the game with that amount of time.) If the additional paid hours are not available to you, then the economic argument is moot.
  10. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    My God! It's full of st... er, ships!

    A reasonably interesting book (read it a couple of times as a young teenager), but a movie that I could never watch for more than 15 minutes. Ever. I’d rather go EVA naked and untethered to replace the AE-35 unit, than watch the movie.
  11. MannyD_of_The_Sea


    The OP, or any OP, determines, his or her self, in large part how much respect their post deserves. If a forumite with 22 months of documented (and in reality probably longer) exposure to the forums, and over 10,000 battles, posts with a “read this or I’m outta here” title, and the body of the post says “I haven’t come to terms with the basics of Windows File Manager,” then I submit their post invites very little respect. And if my tacit implication of “post not good enough - do better” turns the OP’s attention grabbing, “low-effort-effort” around on him with some wit, I submit your description as a “crappost” to be rather strained. I submit further that to politely answer such an effort from a poster with a cookie and a pat on the head only suggests to that poster that such low effort is good enough, and will result in more of the same from them, with ultimately very limited respect being accorded to the poster, anyway. I appreciate your efforts to encourage better treatment if new posters; I just submit the OP doesn’t qualify. With the NFL in postseason swing, an analogy naturally arises: The OP isn’t a forum rookie; he’s a 2nd-year player we ho has never been on an active roster, but he’s been in maybe half-a-dozen training- and mini-camps and practice squads, and generally knows the ropes of the league by now.
  12. MannyD_of_The_Sea


    Actually read your thread there, earlier today. I gotta say my sentiments lie with those who say that tone matters. People have viewed the OP’s profile as far back as March 2018, so, been around the forums nearly two years, at the least.
  13. MannyD_of_The_Sea


    Before I read, you gotta go.
  14. Well, OP, unless you’ve spent a career acquiring a “particular set of skills” that will allow you to hunt down, find, and see those numbers... ...you’re going to have to settle for hearing WG dismissively tell you”good luck” in a Slavic accent.
  15. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    British Heavy Cruisers

    I was always told by a guy that did time in the big house, that dropping the soap isn’t when you get you citadel penetrated...it’s when you bend over to pick it up.