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  1. Alabamastan

    why is detonation a mechanic

    I love detonations and wish they would go back to full health detonations. #MAKE DETONATIONS GREAT AGAIN!!!!
  2. Alabamastan

    ASW is no counter to Subs

    So what you are saying is that subs will be heavily reliant on other ships to keep DDs off of them and are effectively tied to either the fleet or a support detachment? The epiphany that DDs can't just wade in and attack subs in front of the whole world is not really game breaking and is not new to this game. Two DDs gun fighting or torp jousting in a cap between the opposing fleets actually don't generally do that well as is. I will agree that it can add a whole new level of depth (puns are cool right?) to engagements and threat profiles. I think that's good and healthy. I have not seen anything that tells me this just absolutely can not make it into game, but I have not seen anything that says it is or is even considered internally as ready to be released.
  3. The picture above lists the main battery HE pen of Eitel Friedrich Note the highlighted section of Pyotr between X and Y turrets is listed as citadel deck and only 38mm in thickness. If I had to make a guess you landed HE in this area. If this tells us one thing its the PEF is completely OP and needs to be nerfed, it is the only reasonable outcome for this.
  4. Alabamastan

    Mogador constructive criticism

    It does have strong hard hitting guns compared to other DDs. Game mechanics are still game mechanics. 139mm guns only pen so much, in game it is 22mm without IFHE. Look at the ships in your MM spread with the armor viewer. How many of them have large sections of their armor exceeding this thickness? One option for less shatters is to familiarize yourself with the general armor profile of your targets and then focus on hitting those areas. For instance every DD with the exception of sections of Khaba and every ships super structure is less than 22mm so it can be penned. Another option is to ADD IFHE which will increase your guns penetration to 29mm which will then allow you to pen most sections of all light cruisers and most heavy cruisers. Either of these things will help and doing both is probably even better in the long run.
  5. Alabamastan

    div-up help for serious noob

  6. Alabamastan

    USN DD commander builds

    To me the good thing bout the USN DD line and having multiple commanders like that is you can actually tie them to your tech tree ships and they will be just as viable after T8. Both Fletcher and Gearing can work just as well with a Torp build or a Gun build IMO. Anything below that is more of a gun or generalist build.
  7. Alabamastan

    USN DD commander builds

    I personally think the Hill and Sims can share a commander and Benham and Monaghan need a separate one they can share. Reason being Hill and Sims jive very well with gun builds and Monaghan and Benham both would be more useful for torp builds in my opinion. Something that should work with both in ops.
  8. Alabamastan

    Please fix the match making

    Aoba suffers and that's all that can be said. Please buff?
  9. So what you are saying is I can reset ship lines, re grind them, get all the FXP I would normally get grinding back through them AND a resource to buy more FXP with?!?!?!?! Sadly I already have all the FXP ships, but if I did not and they interested me greatly I would probably be happy to have another way to basically get bulk FXP for free.
  10. Alabamastan

    I can’t seem to find a DD line I want to play

    I think they are all great. It will all depend on the play style you like or are best suited for. Having gone up all the lines I think I had the most ease with the Brits (I had accumulated the experience of all the other lines before going through them), learned the most about cap contesting and flex adaptability from the US and KM. They all give a little different nuance or even totally different playstyles. Most lines don't really start coming into their own until around T5-6 IMO. If you find Colorado inaccurate you may want to spend more time in it practicing gunnery or maybe try the IJN or possibly RU BB line. Roon will take away the engine loss Hipper can suffer from and give you more HP to play with but the gunnery will largely be the same.
  11. Alabamastan

    Please stop rewarding cowards

    If what you do normally does not win you games try something else. In this game the only thing you can control is your own ship and actions. People who manage to win more than half of their games over a statistically meaningful sample are likely doing something to facilitate that. I don't think anyone likes play they feel is sub optimal, the problem is there are many viable answers as to what a successful way to play the game should be.
  12. I'll take Richard O'Kane or Eugene Fluckey for USN skippers NP.
  13. Alabamastan

    First time since the rework!

    They are not mutually exclusive, all one needs to get the Dev Strike is that the target meets the req HP when it detonates.
  14. Alabamastan

    What If CE Was Built into Every Ship?

    Only you do not get to take the island with you and if you are forced to open water or disengage concealment is king. It is not that you can or can not play around a larger concealment radius, its just that having better concealment gives you an edge and more flexibility. That is why it can and In most cases should be taken unless you know exactly what you are doing and why. More tactical flexibility reason it gets taken on BBs along with fire prevention. No matter what people think about what battleships should or should not be doing there are times when too many people are pointing guns at you and its better to be able to pull back and heal rather than just sail into oblivion. Hell I take CE on Conq even, and it has cruiser levels of concealment. Why would I do that? Because being 12 KM from a target is better than being 13 and change. The longer the range the more dispersion becomes an issue and more importantly the longer the shell flight time is giving the target time to react to that shot.
  15. They get nuclear meltdown with a new captain as a special skill. Instead of healing once HP reaches a certain point your sub just sinks and slowly drains the HP of all the opposing teams ships within X km. You do not want to know what happens in the event of a 'detonation'.