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  1. Alabamastan

    ST, Tier 10 Pan European Premium Cruiser

    In my opinion this will work well in division with the Russian premium CV that gets smoke screen and sinks dry docks. All we need is the William D Porter to round it out and we will be unstoppable in randoms.
  2. Alabamastan

    GK - The Phoenix?

    Their chances of burning are no more or no less than any other BB of the same tier. Running a captain that maximizes your fire and flood prevention as well as the ship upgrades and signal flags helps. If you with to go a few steps further you can also decrease the cooldown time on your DCP and heals with captain skills and signal flags.
  3. Alabamastan

    2 Forgotten Japanese DDs

    Hatsu is still a wicked ship at its tier. Torps have a fairly fast reload, ship has good detection, decent AA and great maneuverability, the guns recently were buffed.
  4. Alabamastan

    4km Torpoedos

    Coming out is yolo rushing … if they are going to drive by your island anyway you literally don't have to come out, just be patient … they can also be used defensively in your own smoke screen in case of one of those "oh excrement" moments where someone you didn't realize was there rushes you. If you are looking at any of the Russian DDs in the tech tree past T4 and salivating over the torps and how you want to use them then you may want to look harder at the ships. They have great speed, largely garbage handling, very forgiving gunnery due to the velocity of the shells, and some of the better AP In game for DDs. You are a ranged gun boat, unless your name is Ognevoi, even Groz is a gun boat that happens to have usable torps. The European lines torps are fairly speedy with a low detection range and fairly quick reload meaning it is easier to hit with them all things being equal. Take in the whole ship then figure out how they can fit into the game as you understand it, as you play more you will learn more.
  5. Alabamastan

    Honey Badgers Show Amazing Intelligence

    Possibly the best post of the day my friend.
  6. There are other clans and many other players in clans who will div with people who want help or are trying to learn. The forums are supposed to be a good place to find some of those people, but there are also discord servers and whatnot to help facilitate that. The quality of some 'seal clubbers' is quite suspect and I have a feeling with some coaching and game experience you can club some of those would be seal clubbers yourself. The game can and will be frustrating at times, when its not fun take a break.
  7. Don't go bringing logic to a troll post, that is punishable by memes of the most confusing and possibly unrelated order!
  8. Alabamastan

    What should be my next tier X?

  9. In most ships you get it in you are trading the ability to directly pen and get direct pen damage which is an assured thing for fire, which is not. Most of those ships are high DPM for tier, should Kita even be able to start fires is a contender for a real question when you look at the fact it can and will be able to melt the ships that carry radar and hydro. Some ships will be outliers, those ships can be changed to accommodate if needed. My point was more to reinforce just how damn strong IFHE is now in ships that break the 32mm threshold or any threshold involving supposedly heavily armored ships in its MM with it, the minute you wield 300+ effective DPM against 80%+ of the armor in your MM spread it becomes a problem.
  10. I don't totally disagree with this, they could even make it ~60-75% reduction. I don't think some armor changes are bad but those could be done totally separate of all of this too and maybe on a nation per nation basis. The fact 18in guns litter the T8-T10 MM means 30mm is not really all that special now anyway. Maybe that's why the new Soviet cruisers are wearing more 50mm armor.
  11. Alabamastan

    Help picking a BB line

    The latest change log says they are changing IFHE to 25% vs 30% at the T8-10 range to address that, to be tested. https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/fab2mt/pt_ifhe_he_shells_penetration_and_balance_changes/
  12. Yugumo is probably one of the stronger DDs at tier once you learn its potentials. There is nothing wrong with playing other things then coming back to ships once you have new understandings of the game as well. The detection radius of the ship makes it extremely dangerous because it is able to out spot most of its would be hunters, if you build it appropriately it is one of the more able cap contesting/vision control DDs in game. It has high great detection, alpha HE for ambush and opportunity shots … and it has very capable torps on top of that.
  13. Alabamastan

    How to Japan? (Ship lines)

    Watch some good players on youtube or twitch, keep learning the game. As low as your battle count is just learning the basics of the ships and game will give you the most improvement overall right now. After you get done with a match think about what you did that did work and what didn't work and why, you will improve if you apply yourself and are honest about it. Find some experienced players who actually know the game to div with, that can help a lot as well.
  14. Alabamastan

    Not Enough DEV participation in these FORUMS

    There are a few of them who talk and answer things fairly regularly on the forums.
  15. Pensacola being thought of as UP is a player problem more than anything.