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  1. We have Ocean and I think its great ,we now need Continent. The man has spoken and has a point!
  2. Alabamastan

    NEWSFLASH: WG admits CVS are not balanced!

    As true as this may be in this case people still have feelings.
  3. As someone who has a long played this game and has dedicated much if not most of that time to refining just how well I can either sink myself or get others to sink me I can tell you unequivocally that you are in for a treat. Just sail around broadside to the enemy team at full speed in this bad boy and you will no doubt leave the match as early as you like and likely tie some records for fastest time to lose all your HP in a ship.
  4. Alabamastan

    Kansas worse BB VIII??

    And she has an exposed citadel and 15" guns with no so great firing angles to trade. I didn't have an issue with Monarch, I don't have an issue with Kansas. They are two different ships with different playstyles. I feel that in any given match I can have more presence in a game in Kansas for the simple fact if I need to I can tank. Sometimes just the fact you can keep or force people out of areas with your bulk and HP is worth it in a BB. If nothing else I can do that, I don't have to play a class of ship that does not have any of the benefits of that class and then rely on someone else to do my job for me. Monarch is very bad at doing BB things and not overly great at doing cruiser things, but that's the British BB line from T7 onward really.
  5. Alabamastan

    Kansas worse BB VIII??

    Kansas is better than Monarch. Its not that bad of a ship, it does require game knowledge and at times a touch of RNG but it is serviceable.
  6. Close in its not uncommon to shoot the front turrets of a BB and destroy/disable the 2nd or third just from over pens due to fuse time at higher tiers. Same on cruisers really.
  7. Play it all, especially if its not supposed to do well in the meta. It is the ranked sprint tradition.
  8. Alabamastan

    Commonwealth tech tree line removed in 9.8 ?

    If they ever add Frigates and Corvettes into the game Canada will be a force to be reckoned with.
  9. Alabamastan

    Salty Player shoots me

    There is nothing wrong with taking a break from the game until you want to play it. That said, much like real life, sometimes things will not go in your favor or seem extremely unfair. You can quit or you can keep playing and find the fun in the game how you see fit. If you do either of those just make sure it is because you want to ... not to suit anyone else.
  10. Alabamastan

    How do Captains take their Coffee?

    Great value brand ... and by the gallon
  11. Assuming nothing changed and my brain has not lead me down a path to ruin, You get XP/Credits for the amount of damage you do relative to a targets HP pool over the duration of the match. The only thing you are not getting really is the kill. This means you get the bulk just not the ribbon, which if I recall adds some XP itself. There is a practical reason for people finishing off targets though, ships that are not sunk have the ability to sink others. BBs and DDs in particular who are not sunk still retain the ability to dev strike other ships even with only 1hp left, all they have to do is send their best ordinance down range.
  12. Alabamastan

    Help Me Understand?

    It is all game mechanics. The ships and types of ships may give a nod to real life in the names they use and what their armament is listed as but after that its a matter of trying to fit it all into different 'roles' and translate it all to what damage hits with different ammunitions should be worth and how much damage a ship of a size and tier can take. Destroyers are far more stealthy than other ship types, Light cruisers generally speaking are the next stealthy … but somehow you run into the paradox of battleships having better concealment than some of the heavy cruisers. Its all just how they went about trying to balance the game … much like other MMORPG type games.
  13. Alabamastan

    IJN CA Captain Skills

    Rudder loss stops being a real thing with Zao. If you plan on carrying the captain the whole way up and not reset his skills LS may want to be something you skip out on. You honestly have most of the basics covered. Once you get to T9 you will probably want either SI (Superintendent) or 3 point free to get it. AR is as strong as you can situationally take advantage of it. It can be super strong on some ships because you never have to reveal yourself or it can go to waste in other situations where being low health and firing is not the best idea. I am not saying do not take it, by any means, it is a good skill. I just wanted to frame it within the practical situations you may find yourself in.
  14. Alabamastan

    You are amagii. What to do with CAs broadsiding you < 10KM?

    At 10km the shell is traveling at 1,824.60 feet per second. Fusing time on the shells is .033 second. If I math that right it is 60 feet worth of travel assuming NO change in resistance from any armor or water hit. How many heavy cruisers in that MM bracket are less than 60 feet wide? I can think of 2 off the top of my head, but there may be one or two more. The arming threshold is 68mm for Amagi so what that means is generally speaking if you don't hit water, belt, barbette, or citadel armor while aiming at the hull the shells will not arm and you will over pen. RNG must just not like you.