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  1. Something for everyone means exactly that, doesn't mean everyone gets everything no matter what. How many people do you think will get all the British cruisers for free with the tokens? Getting PR for free in that event was almost literally getting everything for nothing. Two ships some perma camos coal steel regular camos … etc. I am by no means saying I liked the idea of the Puerto Rico or its grind, I thought it was excessive, but if you are going to compare the two things you really should try and do it in the most honest way possible.
  2. I myself am deeply offended, we need to do something about this outrage. What if children are reading this?
  3. Alabamastan

    An evolving pattern of releasing crap premiums

    I honestly think you need to go back and retry some of these ships you are listing as bad. I think some of the problem is not the ship.
  4. Alabamastan

    Who have you seen in game

    indeed, good game
  5. Alabamastan

    My take on the PR scandal.

    Bill will need to pay as well if he wants in the pit or wants to be right. It is almost as if I literally made fun of every party involved. Apparently I was way too slick with how I passed off the whole making money off of other peoples discomfort and it not mattering who was right in all the fighting because in the end I had the money. I will take this as proof of my true mastery of the forums and give myself a gold star, bow before my greatness.
  6. Alabamastan

    My take on the PR scandal.

    All these angry words will solve nothing. Let me remind everyone the time of year it is and what it means, this is not a time for anger and bickering and grudges over events that nobody here had a hand in. Is this really how you want your new year to start, full of weebs anger, rage , jealousy, stupidity ignorance, paranoia, delusions and tin foil conspiracies? The only way to really solve this problem is to dig a big pit and let everyone who wants to fight about it drop into it two at a time and go at each other with pointy sticks. I will sell tickets and collect the money. Whoever wins was right all along. Let us all hold hands and bring those hurt by these words to a place of healing!
  7. Alabamastan

    What makes the Alaska so special

    You jut have to aim lower. Also anything using the USN 16/45 slam dunks it from pretty much any angle at any range because of the turtle paced shells like to have more angle in their fall. I have been trashing them in NC on my regrind.
  8. Alabamastan

    Who have you seen in game

    This is the wrong time of year for lies and slander good sir! Gimme a yell if you need someone to bring planes.
  9. It's no more a leap to say that then to say you can't or shouldn't use AP in any DD that is not IJN or UK. The bottom line is you always have to keep in mind what you can and can not do with the guns your have or the ship you have and how you have it set up.
  10. AP bombs are not powerful at all (against DD's), HE could be toned down AP brought up
  11. You then have to change how bombs interact with DDs, it could work.
  12. Alabamastan

    S14 worst Ranked season 2019

    Yeah, Belfast is undoubtedly broken, nobody in their right mind would argue otherwise. The minute you have a ranked at a tier that has a dominant or hand full of dominant ships running the counter for those ships becomes especially pleasing to me, the fact the ship that counters it is panned as being bad and was available for free is just icing on that cake.
  13. Alabamastan

    S14 worst Ranked season 2019

    Tech tree only could be an interesting spin as well, but that then cuts into sales bumps.
  14. Alabamastan

    S14 worst Ranked season 2019

    People will just run Indianapolis to make lulz with all the people in Payfast. Wrong tier, Bayard is 8