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  1. o0_sTiCk_0o

    Ranked Question

    Very, very true.... I've been crushing smol's with my Shima.... which is funny as I don't see bb's blind firing smoke often (unicum/super unicum players are the exception).
  2. o0_sTiCk_0o

    Ranked Question

    I've had a pretty good experience this ranked season, funny how people always have something to b!4tch and moan about. MM has gotten better as I've progressed, seems like there are a lot less 30%-40% winrate/low average damage players at the higher ranks.
  3. o0_sTiCk_0o

    Question about steel and ranked.

    ....there's your problem!
  4. o0_sTiCk_0o

    Khabarovsk in ranked

    So you don't want to discuss why its not an ideal choice, funny how you average 40somthingish k but are clearly a khab expert. When it comes to dd's in ranked/cb's.... i'm not sure sitting in smoke is every good. Show me a screen shot of you khab ranked stats, then maybe I'll be impressed.
  5. o0_sTiCk_0o

    Khabarovsk in ranked

    My $.02 on the khaba.... and my response is two fold. First it's not an ideal dd for ranked, second smoke khaba is just garbage and surely will not allow your team to have "fun"..... even if you do. Another bigger consideration is are you good in the khaba.... unicum or super unicum? Yes/no/maybe.... if the answer is no, then leave it in port. There is no magic ship for rank IMO, play what you're good with as long as it has a place in ranked. The Shima is a boat I love, and while you might not think it has a place in ranked (but the khab does, lol)..... I've managed a 75% winrate in it....and 80K+ average damage. Am I an average Shima player, I don't know... but either way if you play for the team you can surely have a big impact in a ship that some would right off.
  6. o0_sTiCk_0o

    I need a new goal.

    I have about 300 games @T6, wish I had less. I don't find low tier games very fun, as the skill level is so low (with the exception of the normal seal clubbers). Go play your Shima and see if you can maintain the same winrate and double the the average damage, now that would be a true goal.
  7. o0_sTiCk_0o

    Poll on 8.0 patch

    Worse patch I've ever seen released (in any game) heads should roll at WG.... this is a f'n insult to the player base, and especially to those that have made a substantial financial investment into this game. Won't spend another cent on this game. My gripes in no specific order: AA is inconsistent at best, one minute it shoots down all planes.... the next nothing. Keep getting this loud gun fire sounds behind me, but no ships are actually behind me. CV's aircraft keep everything spotted, and make it across the map in no time. Who thought it would be a good idea to allow two CV's per team, are u f'n kidding me....?!?!?!?!?! How long do these idiots expect us to deal with this?
  8. o0_sTiCk_0o

    Lunar New Year Bundle #1

    Be interesting to see how it plays once the CV nonsense dies down some.
  9. o0_sTiCk_0o

    Lunar New Year Bundle #1

    Didn't even think about that, and maybe I got the Irian because I had all the PA premiums. I think the x-mas containers gave you ships u didn't have, instead of duplicates (and the doubloon value).
  10. o0_sTiCk_0o

    What does manual control for AA do now?

    You can't manually select squadrons now. Manual fire control reduces the time to switch sectors by 20%, and increases the efficiency of the selected sector by 20%. Use "~" key to select sectors. Hope that helps.
  11. o0_sTiCk_0o

    Lunar New Year Bundle #1

    Yep, that would make sense. Forgot about the camo. So getting all 4 premium camo's plus the ship really made the second/third bundles cover the cost of each..... well that isn't really that bad of a deal.
  12. o0_sTiCk_0o

    Lunar New Year Bundle #1

    ^in that case it wouldn't be worth it, but I seem to have made out pretty well, be curious to hear others made out.
  13. o0_sTiCk_0o

    Lunar New Year Bundle #1

    I went and purchased the 2nd bundle, it deducted 8888 doubloons and gave me 5000 doubloons before I even opened a single container. I then purchased the 3rd bundle, 8888 doubloons were deducted and I was given 11500 doubloon before opening any of the remain containers. It would appear that if you get the Irian in the first set, you more or less get doubloons to compensate for the majority of the 2nd/3rd bundle. In the second bundle I got a mixture of doubloons, camo's, and premium time..... in the third bundle it was all camo's..... worth it..... I think so, at least the way it played out for me.
  14. o0_sTiCk_0o

    Lunar New Year Bundle #1

    I didn't think about that.... hmmm
  15. o0_sTiCk_0o

    Lunar New Year Bundle #1

    I made out pretty good, guess the only thing I'm missing is the PA special capt, but I don't think another 17776 worth of doubloons would be justify it.