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  1. Carniolan

    Lunar New Year Bundle #1

    I got diddly squat. 8888 doubloons for camo and premium days. Bunch of @#$% if you ask me.
  2. Carniolan

    Considering the Indianapolis

    Being that I'm from Indy, I just want to say that I want to reach out and smack any of you, through the computer screen, that refer to her as the Indi. Just stop. That said, I only got the ship because of her name and her importance to our city. She's horrible to play.
  3. Just got 4 in one game with the Nelson. Two each on two other Nelsons... ;)
  4. has to be Tier 5 for the Royal Navy mission.
  5. This is driving me nuts. Been taking a variety of cruisers and BBs into Coop to get me some Cits but the damn DDs keep killing all the cruisers too darn quick. What is the best approach?
  6. Carniolan

    Cossack vs. Lightning?

    I have the Gallant and Icarus, and the DD captain was trained in the Gallant to start. Problem is now the Gallant has six digit XP and the Icarus has next to none. So I guess I'm skipping the Jervis.
  7. I already have the Lightning, and I'm building up all these Guineas. Do I let them convert to currency or buy another Tier 8 Brit DD? What makes it any better than what I already have?
  8. Carniolan

    PSA: British Early-Access Destroyers, Final Call.

    Say you have a high point captain you WANT to transfer to one of these ships. Can you place him there WITH retraining required and have him be RETRAINED for free?
  9. Carniolan

    What is & Where is the "Aim Lock" ?

    Its all about ellipses my man, ellipses...
  10. I thought with the 10/17 update, Royal Navy crates go away? Does that mean that the sovereigns I have now are it?
  11. Carniolan

    Best use of Sovereigns?

    I needed the (T&/T8) ships at that point. Now I have Lightning. Now I'm saving for Gallant and Dubloons.
  12. Carniolan

    Best use of Sovereigns?

    5 So if you spend 60 to get five crates, you'll get 25 back making net cost of 35 sovereigns. I got two of the ships this way.
  13. Carniolan

    Best use of Sovereigns?

    I can buy dubloons. I think Sierra Mikes and India Deltas are the way to go.
  14. Carniolan

    Best use of Sovereigns?

    that's a lot of dubs
  15. Carniolan

    Best use of Sovereigns?

    I have Gallant, if I buy it, what is the dubloon value? I do like the HP recovery flag too. When I put it on my British BBs, I become an unkillable zombie.