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  1. CaptainKiwi_2016

    Stop It

    Well, I have to agree, you do have a point there.
  2. CaptainKiwi_2016

    Stop It

    Any Destroyer that overcomes a CV is more proof that DDs can outdo CVs despite all the nonsense about DDs being utterly useless with CVs around.
  3. CaptainKiwi_2016

    Cv players Dont be baited

    Sorry, but I'm stealing this picture! XD
  4. Good advice indeed. Before the rework, the moment I saw CVs in Co-Op when entering a match as a Destroyer, I automatically turn my AA off. It helps, to an extent but it helps.
  5. CaptainKiwi_2016

    Have you ever.....

    Same with me. Another reason not to have manual secondaries on her.
  6. CaptainKiwi_2016

    Wreck of Wasp CV-7 Found!

    That is definitely the main event.
  7. CaptainKiwi_2016

    Wreck of Wasp CV-7 Found!

    This year has been a success too so far! Hiei, Hornet, Wasp, and many others were found as well this year. But last year was also a major success. Helena, Northampton, Vinceness, Astoria, and many more were found. And yes, in the past couple of years, Hood, Lexington, Indianapolis, and Musashi have been found.
  8. CaptainKiwi_2016

    Wreck of Wasp CV-7 Found!

    As soon as I get access to more photos I'll post them. I'm waiting for my buddy to download them from the Petrel Site.
  9. CaptainKiwi_2016

    Wreck of Wasp CV-7 Found!

    Especially the Long Lance. The Night Battles of Savo Island showed just how deadly they were to their targets. Then again, they were just as deadly to their operators too, which is well documented.
  10. CaptainKiwi_2016

    Wreck of Wasp CV-7 Found!

    I think that's what Paul wanted, and his younger sister is carrying on his legacy. If it weren't for him, these expeditions wouldn't have happened.
  11. CaptainKiwi_2016

    Wreck of Wasp CV-7 Found!

    They had an opportunity to do that with Enterprise and Saratoga, but in the end Enterprise fell to the cutter's torch and Saratoga met a watery fate (I still say that Enterprise should have at least become a dive reef).
  12. CaptainKiwi_2016

    Wreck of Wasp CV-7 Found!

    Nothing concrete at the moment, but I'm sure they might seeing that all four have now being found. I'm thinking of even doing a pencil drawing of the four Carriers in ghost form riding the waves together with the MV Petrel in the foreground. Looking at the photos of Wasp's wreck and listening to Celtic Woman's May It Be made for a real tear-jerking moment, knowing that all four have finally been found. Petrel just needs to find Langley, and then all original Pre-War USN Carriers sunk during the war will be found, and that will be a special occasion.
  13. CaptainKiwi_2016

    Wreck of Wasp CV-7 Found!

    According to my buddy on Discord, the Wasp is sitting upright in 4,345 meters (14,255 feet) of water. She looks in remarkably good shape.
  14. CaptainKiwi_2016

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare testing and premium ships status

    For one thing, at least the GC moan threads will stop.
  15. CaptainKiwi_2016

    “Play with Friends” Referral Program: New Rewards

    I haven't been playing for maybe 2-3 months because my computer needs an upgrade. Maybe by the time that happens a new ship might be given away, as I already have the Warspite, so being gifted her would be pointless.