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  1. Hotel_a_QT

    WoWS Dev Blog: Bourgogne for Steel. FML!

    He's not talking about you specifically though? Or any particular player. He's right too, anyone in the player base can just get it if they actually put in work for it.
  2. Hotel_a_QT

    WoWS Dev Blog: Bourgogne for Steel. FML!

    Because the players who have been playing CBs in the highest leagues since it started have gotten the steel T10 ship already in the game? Without a new ship there isn't anything for them to work to, it's entirely why there was a lot of speculation about this ship (and a few others like Alaska and Jean Bart) on whether they were going to come out for steel. Should they not get a reward for continuing to do well that isn't the exact same thing they could get by not playing more competitive modes?
  3. Hotel_a_QT

    WoWS Dev Blog: Bourgogne for Steel. FML!

    And you're just insulting people with no attempt at addressing any points at all.
  4. Hotel_a_QT

    WoWS Dev Blog: Bourgogne for Steel. FML!

    Except T10 might actually be one of the least dull and repetitive lineups of ships due to it being where all the lines come to be their most ridiculous, and helpfully where all the classes are actually pretty strong and viable. There's always going to be a more limited pool of T10 ships than some of the lower tiers because so many people just don't have the time to get more than a few of them, usually the oldest or most popular (Yamato, Shimakaze, DM, Gearing for example) so player's selections are always going to be more limited, even when you don't factor in harder to get ships like the Stalingrad or this new one. Also it's not like non-CB/ranked players who play a lot aren't rewarded, ships like Salem, Musashi, formerly Missouri, Nelson, Jean Bart all basically exist literally for this purpose already. You're acting like non-steel players are being treated like garbage because they can't get 2 whole ships out of 200 or so. Why not reward the good players who put in the effort to do well in CBs and ranked?
  5. Hotel_a_QT

    The Stalingrad

    From the few games I've played in her so far (11 as of writing) she really doesn't feel too OP, not bad, but not gamebrakingly busted. She very much feels like a Moskva turned up to 11, and I mean that in every way. An even bigger target that's going to be under fire even more, but with even more devastating AP if you let her use it. She has a terrible time trying to disengage and has to play relatively safe especially early on since she's still vulnerable to focus fire which is exactly what happens every time you get lit up (which will be a lot with the worst stealth in high tiers). She has a dreadful turning circle and is vulnerable to any kind of cross fire. She's got very powerful AP against broadsides and poorly angles ships (and also DDs weirdly enough, though they have issues with AP pens from higher caliber guns already not specific to the Stalin), but if you start angling against her then she's FAR less threatening. If she can't pen you with AP, which she lacks overmatch potential compared to BBs so she's not going to just waft shots through your bow/stern like a Yamato would, she only has her HE to fall back on. Her HE is absolutely terrible. So far in my range of games (where I've played a number of them pretty badly myself) my best results have been off the back of the enemy team just not playing well against her, namely just giving her broadside. It doesn't really matter what in either, she'll eat the broadsides of cruisers or BBs for breakfast. When I've been limited it's because the enemy team wasn't giving me chances to just freely farm their sides with AP, and in those situations she seems far from OP. Playing against angled DMs or Salems for instance who never gave good opportunities to get at their side made life very difficult due to having quite literally double my HE DPM, and that is if only I have reload mod and they don't. Sure, she can get some crazy scores on the board, and have VERY good games, but I'd say that's down to the nature of random battles not really giving her an opposition who actually tries to punish her weaknesses or play to counter her strengths, combined with the fact that most people you see playing her are going to be better than the average player. Basically she has counterplay, but it's up to players to know what it is and take advantage of it, because not doing so is just going to be a good way to feed the Stalingrad player free kills.
  6. Hotel_a_QT

    The Tier 9 and 10 Premium Ship Balance Issue

    I'd say I agree with Edgecase in that they're two distinct issues, that also cross over sometimes. Theoretically every ship in the game except a few of the ships, ironically most often called OP like the Flint and Black (and Stalingrad when she comes out, but I'm waiting until I get a chance to play her on live before I comment on her balance), can be acquired with money in some form or another. Whether that be by buying them directly for cash or gold, or by converting XP from another ship to fXP to then use it to "buy" a tech tree ship, or even in the extreme case, the madmen who buy a gorillion crates in order to get the coal for a ship like Salem. This is different to ships that can only be bought by spending money, the traditional premiums (and I'm not even going to get into the mess that is discontinued premiums like the MK or Nikolai). Balance of these and other ships is a totally separate issue in a sense, because it affects every ship in the game no matter the acquisition method. Having a ship be far better or far worse than the general average power level of the tier is no fun no matter what, whether it's one anyone can grind to for free or whether its one only people who are willing to open their wallets for, or even a "free" reward ship. You're right in that problems definitely arise when a ship that can only be bought for real money provides a significant advantage over its contemporaries. It's almost certainly one of my biggest problems with sub-T9 ships, there's a number of ships I'd say were big mistakes like the MK, the Belfast, the Nikolai ect. T9 and T10 are somewhat different though if only because none of these ships are exclusively acquired for money, and even though sure I understand that plenty of people spent money to get that XP, none of them are locked behind a paywall. But I'll get to my main point, the wonky balance of these ships isn't really an issue of them being pseudo-premiums, it's that they're unbalanced as ships. Money doesn't really factor into their specific issues if only because all of them can be acquired totally for free or can't be bought at all. It's not so much about the place of money or role of premiums and their problem of powercreep as it is just the age old question of basic ship balance.
  7. Hotel_a_QT

    Does WOW purposely screw over DDs?

    I don't know what to tell you then. Because I've been playing a lot of high tier DD lately both in divisions and solo, and it is absolutely more common by far to get 4 or 5 DDs per team than only 1 or 2. More often than not there's been less cruisers than either BB or DD, I've seen no significant lack of DDs, in any of my T10 DDs, nor my Akizuki or Asashio and certainly not in Shima where almost always a 3rd or more of the enemy team is DDs. Again this is for both solo and division play in the last few months.
  8. Hotel_a_QT

    Next Free Experience Ship

    Even if we ignore that the game isn't 1v1s, I'm not sure you want to be 1v1'ing a ship that has a massive overmatch advantage on you.
  9. Hotel_a_QT

    Next Free Experience Ship

    Musashi is OP compared to the regular tech tree roster of T9 BBs, and is probably the 2nd best credit and XP printer in the game after the Missouri, no idea why she's some kind of bust? You can argue about them not being worth the time to grind out, but 750k XP isn't that far off what it takes to get to T10 in a regular line and they're still "worth" it.
  10. Hotel_a_QT

    Izumo's buffs

    I'm really not sure what you're talking about here to be honest. It's legitimately very durable against non-46cm AP if you're angling it correctly (46cm is a different story because it'll overmatch through the plating, but you don't see too much of it) and the 57cm deck as well as the turrets cover a decently large area of the ship and will shatter all cruiser HE that hits them, it's definitely lowered the damage she takes, and while kiting away especially only a small amount of 32mm stern is presented which means you'll last quite some time against cruisers, certainly more than before. The detection is by no means terrible either, it's not even close to the worst in it's own tier. It'll outspot all T10 BBs bar the Conq and several T9 and 10 cruisers, as well as a number of other T8 and 9 BBs since it's stealth is only 300m worse than a Hindenburg, and about on par with the Richelieu or Alsace which have distinctly worse armor.
  11. Hotel_a_QT

    Izumo's buffs

    The Izumo's guns were the only good thing about her, before the buffs. They're completely fine, you have some of the best accuracy for the tier, almost the best penetration, high alpha, decent gun arcs, not even too bad turret traverse. The deck armor change and the better concealment were huge tbh, the ship went from being fodder for any cruiser to having parts of the ship that shattered all cruiser HE along with a distinct lack of superstructure which makes it relatively hard for small caliber guns like DDs to get meaningful HE damage, and with a full anti-fire build she's definitely less vulnerable to HE spam than she used to be some time ago. This combined with generally good resistance to non-46cm AP and now improved stealth means that she's a reasonable hard ship to kill if you are careful about your positioning and can now finally disengage better while running a stealth build. Definitely an enjoyable T9 BB to play now, even if she's definitely still not as good as the Musashi. I've seen complaints about her 3rd gun turret, and yes while being an all-forward gun BB without a Nelson style layout is a missed opportunity, it's no worse than any other BB that has to angle to present a rear turret that's otherwise blocked by the superstructure. At this point I just hopes she gets a visual redesign to fix the mess that is her superstructure design.
  12. Hotel_a_QT

    Does WOW purposely screw over DDs?

    If DD play was dead we wouldn't still have 10 DDs in almost every T10 match. DDs are exceptionally powerful and can often decide the game's outcome, it's just that they become less forgiving of mistakes as the tier increases like every other ship in the game. Having played a lot of high tier DD lately, it's made me realize that it's not really that hard to do well in high tier DDs, it's that other DD players make a lot of mistakes, usually involving being over eager to contest caps when they clearly shouldn't, being in parts of the map they have no way of really affecting the battle in, not knowing radar ranges or where radar ships are likely to be, or just plain smoking up the moment they get to the cap without spotting anything and then wondering why they get torped or radared.
  13. Hotel_a_QT

    What can I do with Yamato

    It absolutely was not nerfed, I can assure you of that. I've played a lot of games in this ship and there hasn't been any noticable difference in the last few months to a year at all.
  14. It'll be just like Akizuki. Most people that play her will try to play her like a standard IJN/USN DD, get blown up instantly, and then stop playing her or complain she's too weak. Then there will be the players who already have loads of experience with Akizuki who know how to play these ships, who will sail around just murdering everything in the game because they can out damage basically everything they come across because of the nature of the 10cm guns and know how to pick smart fights where they don't lose all of their HP for a single ship kill.
  15. Hotel_a_QT

    USSR wants compensation

    This is very annoying as we were definitely going to make it to Typhoon today. Very unacceptable for this to happen during Clan Battles.