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  1. Izumo's buffs

    I'm really not sure what you're talking about here to be honest. It's legitimately very durable against non-46cm AP if you're angling it correctly (46cm is a different story because it'll overmatch through the plating, but you don't see too much of it) and the 57cm deck as well as the turrets cover a decently large area of the ship and will shatter all cruiser HE that hits them, it's definitely lowered the damage she takes, and while kiting away especially only a small amount of 32mm stern is presented which means you'll last quite some time against cruisers, certainly more than before. The detection is by no means terrible either, it's not even close to the worst in it's own tier. It'll outspot all T10 BBs bar the Conq and several T9 and 10 cruisers, as well as a number of other T8 and 9 BBs since it's stealth is only 300m worse than a Hindenburg, and about on par with the Richelieu or Alsace which have distinctly worse armor.
  2. Izumo's buffs

    The Izumo's guns were the only good thing about her, before the buffs. They're completely fine, you have some of the best accuracy for the tier, almost the best penetration, high alpha, decent gun arcs, not even too bad turret traverse. The deck armor change and the better concealment were huge tbh, the ship went from being fodder for any cruiser to having parts of the ship that shattered all cruiser HE along with a distinct lack of superstructure which makes it relatively hard for small caliber guns like DDs to get meaningful HE damage, and with a full anti-fire build she's definitely less vulnerable to HE spam than she used to be some time ago. This combined with generally good resistance to non-46cm AP and now improved stealth means that she's a reasonable hard ship to kill if you are careful about your positioning and can now finally disengage better while running a stealth build. Definitely an enjoyable T9 BB to play now, even if she's definitely still not as good as the Musashi. I've seen complaints about her 3rd gun turret, and yes while being an all-forward gun BB without a Nelson style layout is a missed opportunity, it's no worse than any other BB that has to angle to present a rear turret that's otherwise blocked by the superstructure. At this point I just hopes she gets a visual redesign to fix the mess that is her superstructure design.
  3. Does WOW purposely screw over DDs?

    If DD play was dead we wouldn't still have 10 DDs in almost every T10 match. DDs are exceptionally powerful and can often decide the game's outcome, it's just that they become less forgiving of mistakes as the tier increases like every other ship in the game. Having played a lot of high tier DD lately, it's made me realize that it's not really that hard to do well in high tier DDs, it's that other DD players make a lot of mistakes, usually involving being over eager to contest caps when they clearly shouldn't, being in parts of the map they have no way of really affecting the battle in, not knowing radar ranges or where radar ships are likely to be, or just plain smoking up the moment they get to the cap without spotting anything and then wondering why they get torped or radared.
  4. What can I do with Yamato

    It absolutely was not nerfed, I can assure you of that. I've played a lot of games in this ship and there hasn't been any noticable difference in the last few months to a year at all.
  5. It'll be just like Akizuki. Most people that play her will try to play her like a standard IJN/USN DD, get blown up instantly, and then stop playing her or complain she's too weak. Then there will be the players who already have loads of experience with Akizuki who know how to play these ships, who will sail around just murdering everything in the game because they can out damage basically everything they come across because of the nature of the 10cm guns and know how to pick smart fights where they don't lose all of their HP for a single ship kill.
  6. The funny thing is that this is literally already the case, the point change is exactly the same no matter whether the enemy team or your own team got the kill meaning that TK'ing your own ship is exactly as if the enemy team had gotten the kill themselves and only serves to put the TK'ing team at the exact same points disadvantage. It's just that the OP of the thread and the other clan members making the accusations of cheating just don't actually know how the game mechanics work, despite multiple posts in this very thread showing that they're wrong.
  7. USSR wants compensation

    This is very annoying as we were definitely going to make it to Typhoon today. Very unacceptable for this to happen during Clan Battles.
  8. Thanks For Clan Battles

    Of course what is probably my most embarrassing moment of the season is immortalized in video. Though that'll teach me not to skimp on the ramming flags just because I didn't think I'd be taking that ship into CB's (I think it ended up being 73k I took from ramming damage that game too, if I remember correctly). Though yeah, I've really enjoyed CBs overall, I thought it ended up being pretty well implemented, and a nice change of pace from the regular random battles, I actually kind of like how it turned out with the ship restrictions and all. Though I can say that after having played over 300 matches across 2 servers to help people get flags, I'm glad for the break.
  9. During today's Clan Battle session our clan made it to the Typhoon league, though following this we quickly made it back on to a demotion series pretty quickly. We won this without issue but almost immediately were booted back to a 2nd demotion series after just a single game (we had 2 divs running, both had queued up during the promo series but because the team that won finished first our loss put us straight back). This made me curious to check WG's CB system announcement again as I thought there was a system in place to allow you some kind of breathing room and not be on a 2nd demotion series within 5 minutes of just having won our last, where I found that is specifically stated that "Alternatively, if your Clan loses enough points to fall to the bottom of their current League, they must win three out of five Relegation Battles to keep from getting kicked down to the league below with a 35-point penalty. However, they get a 35-point bonus if they succeed." which is where my issue arose, we didn't get that 35 points, we didn't even get half of that amount. Instead we got 15. I searched through the patch notes for any mention of changes, but couldn't find any mention of changes to it, so as far as I can tell this is a broken feature.
  10. just ran into HOTEL in a pub match, they seemed nice, no complaints here. Would like to div with them if they invited me
  11. Let's talk about mods

    The 'regular' view of the game doesn't have any indication of ships that are no longer being rendered (in smoke or in a cyclone past a certain distance or not spotted), while the minimap normally has no way to accurately display where your guns are aiming, which leads to having to judge from tracers or hits on invisible ships, which is possible but requires some skill and a bit of luck. With this mod however you get a real-time display of where your guns are aiming on the minimap, allowing you to combine it with the last spotted/outside of render range icons on the map to very accurately aim (using the X on the minimap as crosshairs instead of your usual crosshairs in the 'regular' view of the game) at non-rendered ships in ways that other players without the mod couldn't.
  12. Let's talk about mods

    Definitely feel the same way. The old aim assist from back in the CBT days was deemed to be a banned mod and rightfully so, this kind of thing doesn't seem much different. Being able to hit ships that aren't rendered should be skill based, not through use of a mod.
  13. You just need to find the preferences.xml file, and replace "<game_type> RandomBattle </game_type>" with "<game_type> TrainingBattle </game_type>". When you log into the game it'll say Co-op up the top, but just select whatever ship you want to sail and start the battle and it'll bring up the regular training room interface. You might need to resave the xml file after starting/using the test room though if you want to get back into it.