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  1. He was using an analogy. What I think he means is if your machine can barely run the game then you shouldn't expect the same results as someone who can run the game smoothly. Have you looked into a mod that reduces texture sizes for the game like this one(Mod)? They can greatly speed up loading times and reduces the strain on your video card. They will make the game look like crap though.
  2. That is pretty much the idea I had come up with. Fighter strafe would be used to attack the decks of ships and suppress/reduce their AA effectiveness for a short time. They would still be able to right click and attack enemy squadrons as well.
  3. I had not really considered the perma spotting portion yet but just thought of a quick idea. This would also help the "my ship can be everywhere" issue. What if each squadron had a fuel timer that would limit how far away from the CV they could go? Say for low to mid tiers the strike aircraft could reach 1/3-1/2 of the map distance from their spawn and high tiers could do 1/2-2/3 of the map. Fighters could reach a bit further but not much. I feel like if a plane is loitering in a holding pattern their timer shouldn't run down but if they are following another squadron or have been directed to move by the player then the fuel will count down. When the fuel runs out then the squadron returns to the ship on the shortest path to rearm. Mods and captain skills could be used to adjust how much fuel a squadron has. Obviously things like concealment, armor, HP, and speed would need to be adjusted for those ships to be that much closer to the action. This would give CV local control over their area but not total map control. They will need to move their ship closer to the fleet to be effective.
  4. I wanted to see if I could get everyone's opinion on what they feel is wrong with carriers, if anything. I want to know what you think is wrong with the concept of how carriers are implemented. I don't want to see the debate on which line is better or worse, or premiums vs tech tree ships. I have been brainstorming an idea on how to change the CV class and before I present it to the world I wanted to make sure I wasn't designing something in a vacuum. The biggest thing I feel is wrong with the CV class currently is how they scale with player skill. A secondary concern is how little RNG affects some builds and how much it affects others, but that is out of scope for this conversation. I feel like a they reward good play too much and punish bad play too much. Questions to consider when providing an answer. What makes carriers so powerful that only 1 or 2 are limited in a match? What makes them so imbalanced that they are not allowed in T10 clan battles? Why do you think WG removed the ALT abilities of all T4 and T5 CV?
  5. First off, I like this idea as well. However I do see the argument from both sides. These exclusive goods do have small amount of prestige tied to them. Like the Arkansas Beta and the Iwaki Alpha, both of which cannot be obtained anymore(maybe in Santa Crates). Exclusive items show off to other players that the person driving them is just a tiny bit special. Some people see that as a good thing and some see it as a bad thing. I come from Eve Online and had been playing that for a long time, I have several items that were only handed out at special events or at specific times. There is a finite number of those items in game and that makes those items and the players that have them a little bit prestigious. That is one of the reasons to collect them. They are special enough that some players started an in game museum of these pieces. Eve Museum Handing these special items out to everyone no matter the amount of work involved does reduce the perceived value of those items. If everyone could get an Alabama ST then doesn't that take away some of the intrinsic value of a ship that was only given out to Supertesters? On the other hand it does feel nice to eventually get a reward for an event you missed. I never completed the Dunkirk or Bismark missions either and I would like the Bismark camo eventually. This would be a good way to eventually earn those items and complete the collections. As for rerunning the campaign events next year that is a double edged sword. Players that didn't run them before or didn't finish them the first time will enjoy the content. The players that have already completed them will most likely not care as they have done it all. Adding in new stuff for the players that have completed the campaign will make them happy but will leave other players always trying to catch up. Either way someone will not be happy about the change if implemented.
  6. Let's see if the OP is onto something here, but first a disclaimer. I fully believe fire damage and duration is fine as it is. There are a multitude of things you can do to mitigate it, but many of those things do not come into play until mid or high tier. I think that may be one thing some people are forgetting. TL;DR: Yes newbies and lower tiers have some tools to manage fire, but it may not be as many as you think. Lets assume you get into your brand new T3 BB, I'm using the South Carolina as an example, and put a fresh 1 point captain spending that 10k silver. If I am reading the Wiki right it will take a total of 6120 exp to fully unlock the SoCar and research the Wyoming. That amount of captain exp will leave you just shy of your 3rd commander point, you need 8000 and you only have 6120+1500=7620. Since retraining is based on the number of skill points a captain has it is better for this example to move right onto the Wyoming. So you buy the Wyoming and move the captain over opting to pay the 200k retraining cost to speed things up a bit. That means you have to earn 750 exp to retrain your captain. To fully upgrade the Wyoming and unlock the New York takes a total of 16,200 exp. Your captain will have earned a total of 15,700 applicable exp towards his skills for a total of 23,320 exp. That is just slightly more than you need to have a 5 point captain. Lets move onto the New York then and again pay the 200k retrain fee. That means a total of 2,500 exp wasted on retraining. It takes a total of 16,000 exp to unlock all of the New York's upgrades and start the grind to the New Mexico. That will get out captain to an applicable total of 36,820. That is just shy of the 37,000 exp needed for a 6 point captain. Lets tally the commander skills up. You will be partially through your T4 ship when you get the first skill that will help with fires, High Alert or Jack of All trades. You will be 30% of the way towards a T6 ship when you get your second skill to help with fires, Basics of Survivability. Now lets look at ship modifications. T3 you get the Damage Control Mod1. It isn't that much but it does help some and for battleships it's the only real choice anyways. T6 is where you get the Damage Control Mod2 that reduces fire duration. The last thing that can help fires is signal flags. If you are a new player you are not going to have an abundance of signal flags to spend on helping with fire unfortunately. The only way to earn them is the Fireproof achievement or a daily crates that drop random flags. Next are consumables and baked in fire reduction. A premium Damage Control is going to set you back either 22,500 silver or 15 doubloons. A new player probably isn't going to be spending doubloons on DCP2 and spending that much silver is probably not that attractive to them but it is an option. They can earn them in crates but then you give up the chance of earning the signal flags. You are trading one fire prevention for another. Lastly there is a baked in fire prevention modifier on ship hulls starting at T3. It gets progressively better at each tier and by using the max hull for your ship. This however is not something that is really within the players control. In conclusion a new player at T3 and T4 actually has very few tools at their disposal to combat fires. It isn't until T5 and T6 that they get the commander skills and ship mods that reduce fire duration. More established players are much more likely to spend the silver/doubloons on premium consumables, have the signal flags stockpiled, and have the higher commander skills required to make fires much more manageable. I feel like this might be skewing some of your perceptions on fire management. Yes newbies and lower tiers have some tools to manage fire, but it may not be as many as you think.
  7. Well I feel like there is too big of a gap in the difficulty of the operations and that is due to the overall mission objectives. The easier ones to me are Raptor Rescue and Operation Aegis. This is because they almost complete themselves. The primary objectives can be completed by just killing all the red ships in the order you see them. Most of the secondaries can be completed by cruiser and even some BB. Defense of Naval Station Newport is sort of in the middle of difficulty. You can lose it with a bad group but you can also 5 star it with a mediocre group. A CV isn't needed but helps out immensely. The one operation that stands out is Killer Whale. Most of the secondary objectives are easy enough to complete but the carrier kills and the primary objective are sometimes counter intuitive. You can get all of the secondaries and have all of your ships live but if you don;t make it to the evac point then its a hard loss. Twenty minutes of perfect work for nothing possibly. Couple that with the fact that the two carriers you have to kill can spawn on the opposite end of the map from the evac point and it makes that mission even tougher. You either need a CV to strike them or someone has to sacrifice their ship because there is no way a ship can kill those CV and still make it to the north evac point. This Halloween event feels like it is in between Newport and Killer Whale. Some of the secondaries are easy like kill catapults and kill 16 ships. The really hard part is killing Rasputin combined with the Transylvania not stopping. You need to get in close to the Trans to protect it from fire which speeds the ship up and makes it run into Rasputin even faster. Three and four star wins are not too difficult with a mediocre team but a five star win is nearly impossible unless you have a good team. My clan managed to get a five star win by having the battleships ram Rasputin as soon as they could. Some of the ops are fairly tater friendly and some are quite punishing to the taters. Some are to the point if you have a few taters the unicums can't carry hard enough. I'm sure we can all agree that playing your best game ever and still losing is quite frustrating.
  8. It was in the patch notes as a legitimate change. I have no idea why though.
  9. See this is what I just don't understand about some people. Why do you always assume someone is seal clubbing? I got called out for seal clubbing this weekend in my Hosho. I had the Type 1 camo, 4 flags and a 3 point captain. With the removal of manual drops from T4-5 CVs I don't understand how anyone could call what I was doing seal clubbing. Both myself and the October Revolution on my team ended up with Krakens. We both just had a really good game. As for Kat, it looks like you had a great game too and that other guy was just salty. Keep up the good playing!
  10. I visited the Texas in August of 2017 and she was not leaning that bad. They are making some repairs to her and as many have said a plan is in the works to get her in a drydock/berthing. It was truly amazing to see just how massive that ship is. I have some pictures I took of the trip on my phone and I'll share them with you all here. Be warned they are photatos and lots of them are vertical. There are also a few photos at the begining that are on the beach and a few at the end of the San Jacinto monument nearby. Full Texas Trip https://imgur.com/a/qcZPU You can also see the Texas any time here: https://www.earthcam.com/usa/texas/laporte/?cam=sanjacinto
  11. This could work with specific ships and loadouts. T2 Mikasas only, T3 Derzkis only, things like that. Otherwise some ships would have a major advantage over others.
  12. The dive bombers are inherently inferior to torpedo bombers on nearly all carriers. This has been one of the issues with American CV for a long time. They do less damage and are RNG based whereas torpedo bombers drop exactly where you tell them to and do more damage. The Bogue is a really odd ship due to its loadouts and limited hanger. You don't have a 1/1/1 balanced loadout like the Langley before it did. The strike loadout has no fighters unlike the IJN CVs do and the air superiority loadout has no torpedo bombers like the IJN CV do. Your best bet is to go full AS and just protect your team mates. Use the dive bombers on targets that you know have taken torpedo hits so that your fires might do some damage to them.
  13. With the upcoming changes planned for smoke and the crazy amount of torpedoes being thrown around I decided to try to play the RN Cruiser line without smoke. I came here to ask people opinions on captain skills and in game tactics. I've been somewhat successful so far by treating my Emerald like an Atlanta since it has similar shell arcs and HP pool. My plan for captain skills in order of getting them. My plan is very heavy on surviving and hiding when I need to. I've noticed that these ships take huge amounts of damage when spotted so I wanted to reduce the chance of getting hit and the impact of damaged modules. Priority Target, Last Stand, Basics of Survivability, Concealment Expert, High Alert, Superintendent, Jack of all Trades, Adrenaline Rush. For signal flags I will probably run the HP regen one and the one that lowers consumable cooldown since i have like 350 of those. For equipment I was planning on the following. Will the turret traverse be too bad with Main Battery 3? Should I trade out any of the steering gear mods? Main Armaments 1, Aiming Systems 1, Main Battery 3, Surveillance Radar 1 or Steering Gears 1 before Radar is available, Steering Gears 2, Concealment 1. As for play style I was thinking this ship would be best used to support DDs that are capping or a group of cruisers or BB pushing without DD support. These ships have enough torps to punish anyone that tries to brawl their group and the radar with the super AP should make short work of DD that stray too close. I suspect if I am caught alone or there are very few teammates left I am going to have to play very cautiously similar to an IJN DD. Picking my fights carefully or ambushing someone around an island is probably going to be the best in that case. So what does everyone think? Do I need to change something about my playstyle or equipment? Is this a fools errand? Let me know! I can provide some replays later if anyone wants to analyse how I am playing.
  14. As many have said you just have to know how to kill it. Its broadside protection will not stop any BB shell, but its angled protection will. But due to turret layout you can only get 1 or 2 turrets on target when angled. The AA is ok if you aren't specced for it but a good cross drop will still do tons of damage. The biggest advantage that ship has if properly specced is the 11.4km detection range. You can get in close, hit them hard a couple of times and then go dark to make your escape. The best thing you can do to fight that ship is keep it spotted. If it is spotted it can't reliably show its broadside to make a turn to get away. It will get punished hard. Play smart and you will either limit what the ship can do or you'll outplay the other captain and take him out.
  15. T1 - Black Swan - I love the AP machine gun. T2 - Mikasa - German secondaries before it was cool. T3 - Derzki - So many torps! I had a British BB driver ask me how many I had one match :) T4 - Izyaslav - This ship has everything I like, speed, guns, and a Russian torps T5 - Texas - I'm from Texas and have actually been on the ship so this one is more sentimental. I really want an Okhotnik and that might replace the Texas. T6 - Budyonny - It's like a bigger Izyaslav with a citadel. Graf Spee is a very close second due to its unique play style. T7 - Atlanta - All the Dakka! I don't have any T8-10 I'm attached to.