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  1. Kyralee

    Playing against CV's just feels awful.

    I haven't read this whole thread but I will just put my thoughts in here for now. Playing against the new CV is not enjoyable. Yes I can spec my ship or commander for it, yes I can use the sector controls, and yes I can make an AA deathball with the rest of my team. I can play and do fairly well in any match with a CV, even if I am targeted by that CV constantly. What it comes down to, for me at least, is that I do not enjoy the tactics I have to employ to properly mitigate the new CV mechanics. When a game isn't fun to play anymore, I stop playing it. I have played two nights over the last month. One was to help my team win a naval battle and one was a night of space battles. I used to play this game every night and long times on the weekends, but I don't even want to login anymore. The CV rework may have been a success, but it has certainly driven me away from a game I used to enjoy.
  2. Do you realize the Grozovoi is an AA platform? It has dual purpose main guns and DFAA. A lot of captains also spec into BFT/AFT to increase the performance of their 130mm guns. You are complaining about DD wiping squads when you picked one of the worst DD to measure that against. CV still suck to play against though.
  3. Kyralee

    Space Battle Appreciation

    I like the ascetics and sounds the most. I am a space and sci-fi nerd even more than a warship nerd. I also like techno and trance music a lot. The spaceship themed camos, the music and sound effects, and the play environments really hit all of the right buttons for me. The new game modes are ok I guess. I like the modified epicenter more than the shrinking cap circles. I'm looking forward to the new base assault style modes coming up in the next few weeks.
  4. Thank you Wargaming for adding water back into the space battles this year. While some could argue it's not realistic or immersion breaking, I absolutely love it. Last year I was unable to play the space games due to getting terrible headaches after just a couple of battles. I never had this problem in any other mode in this game, only the space battles. I suspected that it was due to the grid that the ships "floated" on. Last night I played 6 or 7 games and didn't get any sort of headache or discomfort, and I had a great time. So thank you again WG.
  5. Kyralee


    All I could hear in St Anger is Lars hammering away at trash can lids. I knew they were done making music after that.
  6. I stayed at a La Quinta in Laporte that was less than 5 minutes away from the ship. Houston proper is like 15-20 minutes away from the ship.
  7. Kyralee

    LOOK DDs

    I've had multiple games in the rework where I shoot down more planes than anyone else in my Ognevoi. Only AA skill I have is AFT for the gun range upgrade. DDs can live, DDs can play, and DDs can assist the team. It's just so much damn work to be constantly switch sectors, avoiding shells and rockets, and navigating terrain. I can do it, it just isn't very fun anymore.
  8. Kyralee

    Fantastic Friday!

    My favorite has to be the Graf Spee. The idea behind it, the construction and design, and the story behind it all. The Germans designed some really amazing ships.
  9. Lord of the Rings Trilogy - I can't pick just one! Ong Bak 1 - With Tony Jaa Who am I? - With Jackie Chan The Raid: Redemption Dredd
  10. Kyralee

    Dumb Dallas Question

    To me it is the second best T6 CL behind the Budy. I do pretty well in the Dallas and recommend getting it.
  11. Kyralee

    Manual AA skill (as of 8.0.2)

    The secondaries.
  12. This was in season 1 so they hadn't amped up that much yet. There was some gun fights but I think they just used pistols. They didn't start adding nukes until the 6th or 7th season
  13. It was also featured in the Season 1 Episode 7 of the new Hawaii Five-0 series. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1733367/
  14. This is pretty much why I stopped caring about his opinion. I only bother to watch the videos now if there is nothing else to watch on my feed.
  15. Kyralee

    Twitch and Daily Containers

    I "watch" streams while I'm at work. Just start a stream, turn the sound off, and minimize it. Check back once an hour or so to make sure the stream is still running. Then go home and collect your loot. It's pretty easy to do and nets you free stuff.