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  1. Who have you seen in game

    You were, and yes that was a really good game. Came down to the last few minutes of the match to determine the winner.
  2. I find it odd that people dislike the New York so much. It is actually the battleship I have the best stats in. I do think the ship could be a bit better with a shorter reload but I never had a problem with her firing arcs. Yes you have to give a decent amount of broadside but that is the trade off for nearly any ship. I have always thought she was a decent ship.
  3. Who have you seen in game

    I didn't get a screen shot but I saw @iDuckman in a match a couple of days ago. He was as plucky as ever and we all had fun crushing the reds together.
  4. It's funny, you just described the patch/emblem system. They devoted time and effort to a system that has zero benefit for gameplay, grinding, or anything else the player needs to do. I'm not going to stop playing over the patch system but I do wish I didn't have to see them.
  5. Mutsuki Frustration

    That sums it up perfectly. The activities that this game rewards are the ones that the Mutsuki is the worst at. The activities that help win games are the ones that the Mutsuki is good at. Maybe with the changes being tested on the PTR with adding in spotting and potential damage counters as well as nerfing plane spotting ranges will prop up the IJN ships that need help.
  6. SSD coming up

    I see lots of conflicting information and opinions here which I guess is understandable. You should place the OS on the SSD. The benefits are far larger reaching than just lowering the boot times. Everything your computer does will be faster. Playing games, surfing the internet, opening up a spreadsheet, pretty much anything the computer does will be faster. Everything the computer does touches the OS in some way and if the OS is on an SSD then everything will see a performance increase. People concerned about the life time of the SSD have very little to worry about these days. Anytime a file is written to an SSD it chips away at its total lifespan, this is true for all SSD. Newer software techniques and hardware manufacturing have greatly increased expected life span of SSDs. You can check out a few reports on SSD lifespan in the links below. Tech Report PC World Here is a quick excerpt from the PC World article. Defraging the SSD is turned off by default in Windows 8, 8.1, and 10. It is also turned off on Windows 7 after one of the windows updates. If you are on Vista or XP then god help you. I can't speak for any Linux or Mac distros. SSDs are probably the biggest upgrade you can make to a computer now days and they have very few downsides compared to their hard disk brethren. I have been using the RAIDR Express PCIe SSD for my OS drive and a Samsung 840 EVO 1TB for all of my game installs. Both of them hit 4 years old a couple of months ago and neither are showing any signs of degradation. If you set them up right and use them reasonably then they will last a really long time.
  7. Mutsuki Frustration

    I posted pretty much the same topic like a year ago I think. Mutsuki is probably the worst boat I have ever had to play. I think the stock A hull Fuso was actually better than upgraded Mutsuki. The guns suck and the torps take so long to reload you don't have any form of reliable damage. Your only reliable role is to spot and cap, and you can take torps of opportunity maybe. It is a very team oriented ship, you have to either support your team or have them support you. There is no soloing in the Mutsuki.
  8. I've noticed this lag too from the first time I started playing about 1.5 years ago. Like the OP I have a pretty decent computer and have even gone a step further and run wows on a Ramdisk. Load times are almost nonexistent on a ramdisk. I also have a good gpu(AMD R9 290X) for this game and do not have fps issues in port or in battle. This lag or slowdown only occurs when switching between things in the port. Clicking on modules, swapping ships, going to see my combat missions, changing camo or flags, even opening captain skills. There is always a half second or more lag, and as far as I can remember it's always been there. I've just gotten used to it now but I would like to see it go away in the future.
  9. Ultimate Frontier Buffed?

    I ran this twice last night and had mixed results. First round I was in a Nagato and was the only ship that headed NE to take out the Omaha and Atlanta. I did that but we lost our NPC Aoba and then turned to the west. I took a few pot shots at the Wyoming and NY before the died. The rest of my team gathered at the heal fountain while I steamed West to prepare for the next wave and CV that come from that side. A group of 3 or 4 Cruisers spawned on the east side of the map and made a beeline to the Aerodrome. My entire team was out of position and we didn't even get shots off at that spawn. The next round I played in an AS Saipan. I used my fighters to spot the early DD and keep the BB spotted. Then I started noticing things I didn't remember. One of our cruisers had managed to make it to the heal circle about the same time as the first wave of BB died. He managed to spot some DD around there so I vectored my fighters over the area and uncovered a few of them. This wasn't the whiskey strike force that spawns later though. We killed those off and I was getting ready for that unexpected cruiser spawn from my Nagato game and it never appeared. The Raptor CV and its task force showed up and we started taking them out while I kept the CV spotted and planes occupied. The Whiskey force spawned and they died relatively fast and we finished taking out the rest of the enemy ships. The fighting had actually stopped and then all of a sudden there comes that cruiser spawn from the east. My ship was parked near the east side forts and came under fire so I started moving away at full speed. We managed to take them out but lost 2 forts and a couple of buildings in the process ending up with a 4 star win. I don't think they made the scenario any harder as the spawns seemed to be the same ships but I do think they varied the timing of those spawns. You can't plan out where to be or what too look for anymore so that's what makes the mission harder. As a side note I feel like WG should look at possibly raising the exp for spotting damage. I did about 30k direct damage mostly to DD, which is pretty low overall but I feel is acceptable for an AA heavy op in an AS Saipan. I also shot down more than half of the planes downed by my entire team. The real issue is I also had 256k spotting damage for that op which to me that feels like a lot. I ended up dead last on base exp with about 950. The first place team mate had about 1400. The rest of the team was spread pretty evenly. It seems to me like spotting damage is not weighted heavily enough in these operations. For PVP it probably works because you also get capture and defense exp to help out those ships that are primarily scouting. In operations no one gets those points so maybe some compensation for spotting and even potential damage is in order.
  10. You guys suggesting Fredericksburg TX are making me laugh way too much. Yes it has the Nimitz and WW2 museums and those are great things to see and learn from, but that town definitely does not fit the criteria. The town has about 10k people, no commercial airport, and is about 2 hours from San Antonio or Austin. As much as I would enjoy everyone getting to visit a town close to where I grew up I just do not see WG considering it. USS Texas - La Porte, TX - This might be doable but I do not believe there is any buildings nearby to host the gathering at and there is insufficient space inside the ship for a large group. There is a place called Monument Inn less than a mile down the road that may be able to host us. USS Lexington - Corpus Christi, TX - WG has hosted an event here before so it should be easy to do it again. There is plenty of space inside the ship and there are plenty of hotels within walking distance of the ship. USS Kidd - Baton Rouge, LA - Right in the middle of the city with plenty of hotels and other activities around. While there isn't enough room to host a gathering on the ship there are several hotels with conference rooms within walking distance that could do. Other places I would love to visit are the Missouri in Hawaii along with all of the other memorials there, the Iowa in Los Angeles, and the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola Florida.
  11. He should go in the Harekaze with the Isoroku camo! Also! Thank you Wargamming for making these missions available to coop and operations. It is much appreciated.
  12. Maybe they will go to PAX South next year since they moved to Austin. San Antonio isn't that far away.
  13. weekly operations

    Well what they could do is something similar to how campaigns work. Take all of the stars you have earned and add them together. Every 10 stars you get a crate or something. It would just be a running tally of however many stars you have earned. They could also treat them like a currency and have you trade them in. 5 Stars = 5 regular flags 10 Stars = 1 crate 15 Stars = 1 Ocean Soul camo 20 Stars = 1 Day of Premium They could add in whatever they want to make things balanced for their economy. It would give a use to the stars after we have earned the normal rewards.
  14. After 4 pages OP is still at it. That's impressive. So here is the thing OP, you do get participation rewards. You just have to participate to get them. Everyone on both teams gets the exact same amount of EXP and Credits for the same actions. Capping, defending, dealing damage, spotting, tanking(maybe), shooting down planes, and destroying ships all earn both teams the exact same amount of EXP and credits. The only difference comes in at the very end when the winner is actually determined. People on the winning team have their EXP and Credits multiplied by 1.5. I personally have earned more base EXP on the losing team than the top person on the winning team on multiple occasions. I did that by participating in the battle to the best of my ability. In some situation my teammates may have helped and in others I may have helped my teammates, but in all cases it is what I did that gained me those rewards. I fired those shots, I spotted those ships, I capped/assisted that point, I made the difference in the game. The more you participate and the quality of your participation will increase the amount of reward you are receiving.
  15. Got Cats now...

    Somewhat off topic but it's another cool bear story from WW2.