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  1. Well lets go straight with the personal attacks then... I am not one of OP's white knights, I don't think I have ever interacted with him until this thread. I am asking for this information to be displayed. I am capable of understanding it. I want to learn more about the game I am playing so that I can become better at it. If the rest of the players of this game are incapable or unwilling to understand this information then that is on them, not me. Now to the stats themselves. I do not understand how you nor anyone else could say that the values of sigma and armor penetration are worthless and do not mean anything. These values are extremely important in how a ship performs in battle. Now if you mean that they are not worthwhile to display to the player then I can understand your position even if I don't agree with it.
  2. The fact that you think these stats are worthless points to the specific issue at hand. These stats are extremely important. A ship with a sigma of 1 would have its shots land evenly across the entire dispersion ellipse. A ship with a 0.1 would have almost all of them land at the edge of the ellipse. You would never know that by looking at the stats in the port. You would just say "this ship can't hit anything" and call it a bad ship. You wouldn't be able to explain why its a bad ship because all of the visible stats say it should at least be average. The same goes for armor penetration. What if they tuned the penetration values way down on the Yamatos guns? Maybe the Japanese loaded them with balsa wood shells. Sure the overmatch mechanic, which is explained nowhere in game, would still allow it to penetrate the forward bulkhead but it would shatter on the citadel front plate. You would be getting tons of 0 damage penetrations, and let me tell you how confusing that already is. The armor pen values in the Armada videos are perfectly fine for anyone to read and understand, and they should be included in the game somewhere. The sigma value might be harder to display but I like the circle chart that mouse made. That seems simple enough for me.
  3. You could always play Coop. The teams are perfectly balanced and the enemy is full of yolo potatoes.
  4. Is Kutz Rare?

    She gets pretty decent smoke now, I don't know if that was changed or not before I bought her. She has 1 smoke charge stock and up to 3 with super and premium. The smoke last about 90 seconds and makes a decent sized cloud for several ships to sit in if needed. She also still has that incredible range on her guns. The ship has similar problems to an Atlanta, the stigma of the ship is strong. As soon as I become spotted Priority Target immediately lights up. People REALLY want to kill that ship. That combined with the nearly nonexistant armor and large citadel means it is a hard ship to casually play. You need a lot of map awareness to know where to position yourself for smoke firing and having a good escape route when smoke is gone. You need IFHE to do any appreciable damage to battleships, I routinely had 50% shatters before I got that skill. Concealment Expert is really recommended as well. The base detection range on the Kutuzov is really high. Full Concealment build brings it down to 11.14km. She is a long paper thin ship with a large citadel that starts fires like a dragon and everyone hates. It takes a decent player to do well in her.
  5. Two annoying game mechanics that should be removed? Random and Ranked!
  6. The combat and economic bonuses are the same as her normal premium camo, but the visual look is completely different and quite beautiful. I did the math on the two different ultimate bundles. The Ultimate #2 bundle contained about $140 worth of items(premium time, signal flags, and silver/doubloons). To me the ship was considered "free". I bought it and proceeded to unlock and complete the New Year's raid campaign for the Scharnhorst camo. Along the way I got enough North Cape containers to complete that collection and get the Arctic camo for the DoY as well. The ship itself may not have been worth the ~$45 but the amount of time and stress buying the bundle saved me was well worth the cost. The extra silver(from ships I already owned), camos, port slots, and commanders I got out of the campaigns were a nice bonus as well.
  7. Such a great movie. Minimal dialog and lots of action. I fell for one of @Lert's older click bait titles a while back and he said pretty much the same thing. Have a plan of where you want to be in the next two minutes. That did really get me thinking and I believe helped me become a better player. Assessing all of your options before going into a situation helps out immensely. @VGLance also gave some great advice to adapt your plans when the enemy fouls them up. Have an plan for every contingency you can think of and be ready to adapt your plan if you see that it needs changing.
  8. This was a good read, I got a good laugh. While I will agree the Ranger is the weakest of the T7 CV(46% Winrate vs 63% for Saipan), you can still be useful. Most of the CV gameplay revolves around watching the minimap. You have to know where the enemy planes are, where the enemy ships are in relation to you, and if there are any lone enemies you can strike. If you are facing a Saipan then use your strengths against them, use your team's AA. keep your planes near your teams ships and strike the ships they are in combat with. Don't try and strike something way out of the way where those T9 fighters can have free reign over you. Although it is pretty worthless when fighting other CVs the Dogfighting Expert skill will help against Saipan fighters. When facing the Kaga just know that you will not stop his strikes against your team. The Kaga has weaker fighters than the Ranger but more squads. If you ware worried about a CV snipe then keep your fighters near your CV and make sure you are moving your ship. A CV turning circles in it's spawn will be harder to hit than one that is sitting still. Once you have survived the CV Snipe your planes should be fairly free to strike whoever you want. Make sure to layer your strikes to maximize dot stacks. You can always upgrade the AA on your ship if you are that worried about snipes. Treat the Hiryu the same as the Kaga for the most part. You will most likely see the 2/2/2 version of that CV. His smaller squads should melt pretty easy against your larger fighter squad. Having the Air Superiority captain skill should make that an even larger advantage. Either stick near your team and help strike their targets or wait till after the Hiryu strikes and then send your strike out against someone. The Ranger isn't going to bully anyone out of the skies, but you can still affect the battle if you play smart. It is a force multiplier, so assist your team.
  9. I am glad someone finally mentioned Last Stand. I cannot think of another must have skill for any other ship that is as important as Last Stand is for a destroyer. If there is any skill that needs to be rolled into some baseline thing it is Last Stand. There are lots of carrier skills that are this way as well just due to the fact that carriers operate so differently than any other ship. IFHE is unique in that some ships it is nearly required for some cruisers but not others. I think instead of making that baseline they should look at the actual damage mechanics. Maybe make HE shatters do 10% damage instead of no damage, but then make it to where fire chance only occurs on full pens. You would still get some damage but not full damage. At that point IFHE would be a trade between alpha strike or dot damage(numbers would need rebalancing obviously). The underlying issue has been present in WoT, AW, and WoWs. The issue is armor provides immunity and not damage reduction. Armor degrades, armor isn't perfect, ships shouldn't be invincible on one side and completely vulnerable on the other.
  10. Didn't we see a similar thing with the Blyskawika and the OWSF nerf? The ship stats showed lower amount of games played but the overall stats for the ship were better. So that leaves 2 possible conclusions. Either the ship performed better after the OWSF nerf or the players that still played her are just better. I never had either ship before the smoke fire nerf but in the Kutuzov I have a higher win rate and more EXP than the average, but lower damage overall. It took me a while to grind up to 10 points for IFHE. Hopefully I am bringing these stats up and not down.
  11. While that is true, they do not use all of the info they are provided. Warships today only uses 3 of the 10+ statistics provided to them. @Spartias has created a spreadsheet that factors in many more stats and re-balances their weights. You can find it here. Warships today really needs to factor in EXP earned, main battery hits, and torpedo hits, and the other stats. Wargamming really should open up the API to show things like cap/defense points, potential damage, and the other team play statistics. That would allow us to accurately judge how we play and how we can improve.
  12. Well you guys made me do it so I started researching the the patents held by Wargaming and I found some interesting results. The patent I read can be found here. This is a patent for WOT but I have no reason to believe that it wouldn't be used in ships or at least modified somehow. Let me paste some parts of the patent in here for you all to read. We can equate this to CVs in ships since there is a maximum of 2 CV per team. Here they reference weights, and they do not mean tonnage, of tanks, pairs of tanks, and crews and commanders. It seems like they could balance things out in ships by weighting captain skills and even upgrades on ships. This could address 19 point seal clubbing Clemsons. Here is where things get interesting. Each tank is assigned an arbitrary battle level and each match played is also assigned an arbitrary battle level by the server. Battle levels are not Tiers, think of them more as power levels. For example an Iowa might be a battle level 9 and a Missouri might be a battle level 10. It seems here that the matchmaking server can arbitrarily increase or decrease the battle level that your tank is assigned to. Now it gets real interesting. It seems that they have the ability to help influence winrates by placing people into harder or easier battle levels. Been losing your butt off fighting T7's in your T5, well we can throw you a bone and feed you some easier T4s. They don't go into specifics of exactly how but do provide two methods of how they might decide to manipulate battle level as noted below. It seems like they can slowly make the games harder for you or just flip a switch and crank it up to 11. I am sure there are other options they have created over the years too. Here it seems they can limit the battle tier based on how many battles you have played in a tank. Say your first 5 battles in an A Hull stock Furutaka you won't see any T7 battles. Once you have had enough time to unlock at least one upgrade they can open up the whole pool. There are a few more examples of mach maker manipulation in the patent but these are the biggest points. The algorithm is already pretty complex and it could easily be tweaked around to provide different results. As I am sure some people have pointed out concerns about matchmaking are based on lots of decisions. Business decisions like keeping the paying customer motivated/paying, profit decisions like keeping the paying customer happy with their purchases so they buy more, and game balance decisions like making sure the paying customer has targets to shoot. I know that may sound cynical but it's the truth. A non paying player is not a customer, they are part of the product being sold. Now let's see what everyone has to say about matchmaking bias.
  13. Correct. Agreed. I had the T1-3 Pan Asian ships in my port before this event. Now I have the Fushin as well which is the T6 ship. I still do not have the T4-5 Pan Asian ships unlocked or purchased.
  14. About a month ago I decided to try for more super containers so I started rolling the Try Your Luck options. Did that for about 3 weeks and didn't get anything. I went back to rolling More Consumables since I was getting low in Damage Controls. On the second night I rolled two supercontainers in a row with the More Consumables option. I didn't get any ships but I got some dragon flags and some other flags.
  15. DoY mission rigging

    Would you mind sharing your build and upgrades? I'm at work now but I am pretty sure I have Priority Target, AR, Super, and Concealment for my commander skills. For my upgrades I am using Main Arms Mod 1, Damage Control Mod 1, AA Guns Mod 2, Damage control Mod 2. For my targeting I fire AP at cruisers, AP at broadside BB aiming at the upper belt, HE at angled BB, and whatever I have in the guns at DD but switch to HE after I fire. I try to stay between 10-15km of my targets and avoid brawling. I'm probably doing most of that wrong because it doesn't seem to be working too well.