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  1. Kyralee

    PSA Mountain Range

    You just made me think of something that might be a cool "weather" effect, the volcanic eruption. Start of the match till around 5-7 minutes in - Hydro consumable effect greatly reduced. Ship and torpedo spotting ranges would be reduced by 30% or so with hydro active. This would be due to the large amounts of seismic vibrations. This could also affect the subs pinging and tracking abilities eventually. 7-12 Minutes into the match the volcano erupts - This would throw molten rocks and debris around the map. Ships would be under constant bombardment by rocket plane style effects. Low pen, low fire chance, and low damage. There wouldn't be tons of these around to overwhelm any ship but there should be enough that you will get dinged a few times. Planes would also be affected by random "flak" clouds of bursting rocks. 12-17 Minutes into the match the ash cloud would form - This would cut down visibility similar to a cyclone. Maybe not as drastic as 8km or it could be based off of the ships default vision range and just reduce that. The ash cloud should also be radar opaque due to all of the hard particulate debris in the air. This would probably be too harsh to have in normal gameplay but I bet if you combined it with some impressive sounds and visuals it could make an amazing Halloween map.
  2. Kyralee

    More Random Than I Thought...

    Is a 35 year IT professional that "helped write" the standard troubleshooting handbook didn't try the built in game repair tool?
  3. Kyralee

    Something 1v1 Ranked Taught You

    That I don't like or want anymore 1v1 game modes. Played a single game in my Tirpitz against a hipper. Fired nothing but HE and secondaries at him and won. Some super skilled gameplay there.
  4. Kyralee

    Being a team player when playing CV

    This. Stop trying to please the team and actually start helping the team. See what ships need spotting help, see what flank needs assistance, find the priority targets and help eliminate them. Do what your team needs, not what your team wants. That is the path to victory.
  5. Kyralee

    OMG! CV vs DD

    I love how the video has a downvote and the forum post has some "borings". Its almost like people don't want to be shown what good playing is. GJ Soshi.
  6. Kyralee

    WG recent announcements

    This. They are letting people know about the change in the Legendary Module missions so that people have time to complete them, or not. They have given us the most important item of the whole process first, that the missions will end. What happens after they end is news for another day.
  7. Kyralee

    dockyard and 'points per minute'?

    Minutes of the day. The time scale that humans use on planet Earth. You gain points for every single minute of the day. Approximately 1440 minutes per day.
  8. See, I am perfectly fine with that. Stop making overpowered premiums just to sell them. Make premiums that people actually want to buy AND don't harm the game in the long run. Then sell those forever.
  9. That's pretty much exactly what happened to me. I tested in 3 of the PTR stages and tested live until around July before I was finally tired of it. I came back for a few Halloween scenarios and when they are gone I do not have any plans on returning until next Halloween. Hell, the only reason I am in the forums today was to make sure the Texas event was still going to happen tomorrow. I figured I'd hang around the forums a bit and see what is happening. Looks like the same old stuff. See a few of you tomorrow and the rest of you next year I guess.
  10. Kyralee

    Nomigram crosshar

    Part of me really hopes this was a joke. The other part of me is really wondering if it was. After 2800 battles I really hope it was a joke. As for the OP topic, I saw chases video and he confirmed some of the things I had observed myself. I downloaded the nomogram cross hair last night and played a few games, it seems pretty decent. I think after a bit of an adjustment period I will be used to it and hitting rather well.
  11. Kyralee

    Bored with game

    I am too. I pretty much login and make sure my clan wins the naval battles and that's it. Then I go play other games. Go have fun, even if it isn't here.
  12. Kyralee

    The Deal of the Year!

    I am fine with that. Better than OP premiums that either get nerfed later or stop being sold because they are too good.
  13. Kyralee

    How AA is changing from 8.4, 8.5 and 8.6

    It has to play the Sandy Song when you hit DFAA though. And hell yes I would buy it.
  14. Kyralee

    Wait, so they will nerf premiums?

    And here I was just about to feel like spending money again. I was one of the people that actually did pay money for the DoY. It's not a great ship and I do not play it that much but it is one that I paid real money for. Well if this change does make it through to live I guess I'll just have to write it off as a loss and learn my lesson.
  15. Kyralee

    The most you had to play to 'unpink'?

    The most I had was 5 games for nuking a friendly both that was going for a ram on the red bots. Do we really need the pink/orange penalty to apply to bots? Against a player I got 4 games. Green Tenryu was going to scrape some paint with an enemy cruiser but I thought I could get my shells there first. Sent some BB AP from my Nassau and watched the green cruiser explode . I had to check the after battle report, I only landed two shells on him, both citadels by the damage numbers.