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  1. 1. Logging in 2. Assuming my teammates are competent 3. Attempting to carry in a Russian cruiser
  2. After reading the newest Paper Ships article about the Dallas it seems like WG has some talented ship designers on the payroll. I am not talking about the graphic artists, I know they are great too. I am referring to actually designing a viable ocean going vessel. You guys compensated for the narrow beam, recalculated the displacement and adjusted other variables. To me that sounds more like an actual ship building company, not a video game company . So my question/suggestion is this: would WG be open to hosting some sort of competition to design or redesign a warship? This would be something the public could do or even collaborate on for some reward. WG could assist us by laying out some basic guidelines like displacement, gun size or type, and ship classification. Any sort of basic tools like displacement calculators, basic physics calculators, and gun ballistics calculators would be a great help. We could follow the same guidelines as the naval treaties or go wild and make whatever. I think it would be really amazing to see what the community could come up with. You might even be able to find some new talent!
  3. Who have you seen in game

    I just saw @Soshi_Sone not driving a BB! for Shame! We both had a pretty good game and I got a Kraken but we still lost.
  4. I'm really hyped about Satisfactory. It appears to be a 3d version of Factorio, and it's also made by the guys who did Goat Simulator. Hopefully they get the factory/simulation part right and add in a little GoatSim humor to go with it. C&C on a smart phone? I'll pass on that. I would much rather have a new Supreme Commander or an updated version of one of the old Dune RTS games, on PC of course. TES6 and Starfield I am interested in what these turn out to be. I started the franchise with Skyrim so I am hoping for something along those lines in both gameplay terms and mod integration. I am having a hard time remembering the last space based RGP I played so Starfield might be a welcome change. No news on the FF7 remake from Square :( I didn't really care about any of their other news or releases.
  5. Hey @Pigeon_of_War would it be possible to look into the New Year 2017 promotional camo? It is the only promotional camo I can find that does not include the -3% to surface detectability range, and +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship. I have like 100 of these sitting in my inventory and I would love to use them like I use all of the other camos I have. New Year 2017 Not for sale. +200% Free experience earned in the battle.
  6. 1. New RTS game on the scale of Total Annihilation or Supreme Commander. Planetary Annihilation just didn't hold the same appeal as those two games did. 2. Factorio and RimWorld going 1.0 and being fully released. 3. Final Fantasy 7 remake to finally be released with proper PC support, not a port. 4. WoW Classic, because I need a "new" game to sink all of my time in besides Warships. 5. A Tank game with the tanks and time period of Armored Warfare and the PvE Options of Armored Warfare but not run by Mail.RU or whoever took over after Obsidian left. If WG wants to take over that mantle I would gladly give you even more money. That's probably about it. I don't have near enough time to play all of those games and the one I currently have but I can always dream.
  7. I'm going to have to agree with most of the people here that fire is not a problem. I will concede that it may be a problem in tiers below 5 when most people don't have the captain skills or upgrade slots to reduce it's impact. From T5 and up fire should become less and less of an issue for battleship captains. If you are having a problem with fires then you need to evaluate some things. Are your captain skills being utilized to reduce fire impact? Are your ship upgrades helping reduce fire duration? Are you using the fire reduction flag or the heal increasing flag? If you are using all of these things and fire is still an issue then you need to evaluate your gameplay decisions. Are you too far forward? Are you too outnumbered? Here is a game I played last night in the Gneisenau in a 6-8 match. I was up in front nearly the whole time, never turned around, and earned dreadnought and fireproof, and helped secure the win. If you use proper positioning, target selection, and map awareness you can do well even when there are lots of fires being spread around.
  8. Chicken of the Sea

    A clan battle option that my team can compete at! We might actually win something
  9. Research points help

    Whew just read this thread. I am glad you decided to give it another shot though. Hopefully I can explain some things in a better way than most people did here. They got real defensive and quite mean pretty fast. Research points - You get two types of research points, or exp. Ship exp which can only be used to research upgrades on that specific ship. Free exp(it's green instead of white) can be used to research upgrades on any ship. Silver/Money - That can be spent on any ship, upgrade, modification, camouflage. Account unlocks - Separate from any ship research points you have a personal account level that unlocks certain things. Free EXP is unlocked at Rank 5, Modifications are unlocked at Rank 6, Captain/Commanders at Rank 7, Signal Flags at Rank 10, and Ship Camo at Rank 11. These are very important steps and will change the way your ship performs and how enemy ships affect you. You can see all of the account unlocks at this link: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Account_Level Protected Matchmaking - For better or worse you are in a protected matchmaking bracket for your first 100 battles. Randoms battles are filled with a few real players who are also in the protected bracket and the rest are filled with bots. This is there to protect the new player from seal clubbers and allow them to learn the basics of the game. I think you can get out of that bracket by forming a division with someone who has more than 100 battles. Monetization - You have definitely discovered one of the more irritating mechanics of the game and that is its monetization scheme. You CAN pay real money for doubloons to convert locked ship exp into Free EXP to be used anywhere. Occasionally WG has sales on Free EXP conversion which allows you to use less doubloons. Another form of monetization are purchasing premium time which gives you a 50% boost to ALL earned exp and silver. You can also buy premium ships which earn increased amount of ship exp, free exp, and silver. They can also be used to train/retrain commanders. Do not expect this monitezation scheme to change in the foreseeable future. Ship visibility - In your last post you mentioned not being able to see ships at some ranges near or far. The far ranges are somewhat based on historical accuracy and somewhat based on balance. Ships could only see so far in the past due to the curvature of the earth. That's why nearly all ships old and new have lookouts high up in the masts, so they can see farther. Larger and taller ships like Battleships have a natural sight advantage to smaller shorter ships like destroyers. As for seeing them up close I highly suspect that the ship you couldn''t see was hiding in a smokescreen. I can't be certain but that is the likely culprit. you can read more about vision and spotting mechanics for this game in the wiki. They are not exactly how you would expect them to work in real life, so it can cause issues. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Detection Storyline - There is absolutely no storyline in this game. It is 100% ship vs ship deathmatches from T1 to T10. There are PVE scenarios that have a very limited story for that mission only, and there are historical campaigns that happen from time to time based on some real life story that happened. No one expects this to change in the foreseeable future. Knowing everything - I think this is where you got most people upset at you. The basic controls of this game are really simple, like you have said. The underlying mechanics are fairly complex and definitely not explained in the game screen and only partially explained in the Wiki. Did you know that HE shells can deal damage any where they hit but AP shells can be bounced off of your armor? Did you know that torpedoes have a minimum arming distance? Did you know that Carriers have a special matchmaking tiers separate from every other ship? These are the types of things that are never displayed in game and can only be learned from experience, research, and investigation. Please never assume you know everything about any game, including this one. There is always something you can learn. Check out the wiki in your free time: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships I do hope that you can give this game a fair chance because it is extremely fun for lots of people. There are definitely problems with the game, its players, and underlying mechanics but on the whole I think it is fairly well done and deserving of peoples time and attention. Feel free to reach out to people and make friends!
  10. Need help with CVs

    You are in for a world of RNG in the carrier. Some people have touched on various things here but I will try to combine everything for you. 1. All AA is RNG based. Fighter planes, bomber tail gunners, ship based AA guns, it's all dice rolls. The DPS listed for the AA gun is compared to the HP of the fighters and some dice roll to determine if a plane is lost. 2. Low tier ship AA is awful. Some ships have no AA, some ships have single digit AA values, some ships have acceptable AA. That Phoenix with a 10 point AA captain and it's C Hull would have 42 AA DPS, which is less than your squad of fighters. A few of the tech tree BBs have acceptable DPS. The Ishizuchi, and Imperator Nikolai I have abysmal AA so don't plan on them helping. 3. Planes have tiers. The skill Dogfighting Expert is based off of the tier of the planes not the carrier they are launched from. A stock Zuhio has Mitsubishi A5M4 fighters which are Tier 5. The upgraded fighters are Mitsubishi A6M2 and they are Tier 6. There are actually quite a few differences between those two planes. Here is a video by Ichase that demonstrates the wide ranging RNG in fighter fights. Don't give up on CVs, we need competent carrier captains(especially on my team). Good luck out there!
  11. I do love the OR as well and that beautiful CCCP camo. I am looking forward to putting that new Soviet commander I just got in there. Speccing the Commander for Superintendent and Concealment Expert gives the ship a lot of survival options. Those twelve 12" guns are amazing for punishing broadsides and if you spec for AA she can be pretty competitive, but still can't reach the Texas AA suite. The OR is a really flexible ship and can do almost anything that you spec it for. I really wish we could use this thing in operations.
  12. I enjoyed my time in the New York and did ok in it, 53% win rate and 1455 WTR. It's true that you won't get to use that number 3 turret all that much but you still get the front 2 turrets and if you angle right at least one or two of the back turrets. Against T7 ships it can struggle some but if you pick your battles and targets wisely you can come out on top. Hopefully you get the ship to work for you and can see it shine.
  13. Newport is very hard to solo carry unless you are an amazing CV player. Back when you could have T5 ships in these ops I routinely did well in my BBs and the stronger cruisers like the Taco. Like most of these ops you need to be at least a competent player if you want to achieve 4 or 5 stars regularly. If you over extend you have a high chance of dieng to focus fire. If you sit back and play very passively you will fail some parts of the mission and lose stars. Every ship on your team can be useful if played to their strengths. BB - Punish the enemy cruisers and then engage the enemy BB. Don't be afraid to lose some health if it means saving a friendly DD or Cruiser(assuming that player is worth saving). CA/CL - Focus on the enemy DD first, then their cruisers, then lastly the BBs. If you are AA spec let your friendly CV know so they can bait enemy planes over you. Gun DD - Focus on the enemy DD first. Try to use your smoke where it is an advantage to more than just yourself, friendly cruisers can use that smoke too. IJN DD - Unfortunately you are probably the weakest fish in this pond. Your best bet is to provide smoke cover for your team and live to the end game. If you can live to the end when the big enemy BB spawns you can really wreak some havoc on it when the rest of your team may be really hurting. Play smart with your torpedoes, if one launcher will take out a target don't dump all of your fish at once. CV - You have two main roles in the beginning, spotting smaller targets and taking out larger ones. Don't waste your planes at the start of the match on those few cruisers that all seem to have DFAA. Watch for the DFAA on all the other cruisers that spawn as well. Bait it out, wait till it wears off, then make your strike. Your planes will last much longer and over the course of the game you will contribute more. All ships need to be able to flex around the map, getting too far off to one side means you are out of the battle for several minutes when the next wave spawns. One of the best pieces of advice I can offer I got from @Lert, have a plan of where you want to be in the next two minutes.
  14. The Atlanta wins for me. It was the first premium ship that someone bought for me when I was still a noob. I also ended up having probably my best game ever in it with 6 kills and over 100k damage. The Scharnhorst does look super cool in the ice camo though
  15. I'll put in a few suggestions. 1. Chat upgrades like persistent chat and actual chat channels. Armored Warfare has persistent chat, that means what you say in port carriers over into battle and that carriers back over into port. It makes things so much easier to carry on a conversation with your division. 1a. The multiple chat windows in port are incredibly obtrusive and having one for divisions, clan, and personal chats just makes the port screen unusable. You have to minimize the chat windows to change any setting on your ships, look at stats, look at the tech tree, or look at your commander skills. I suggest giving us a single window with the ability to create more if we want. Inside of that one window have multiple chat channels like many other MMOs(WoW, Diablo, FF14) currently do. Give us the ability to assign colors to channels or people, create new channels, and adjust location and opacity of the current window. 2. Replays. Can we get official ingame support for the replay system. Changing config files or installing a modpack is not what I consider official ingame support. Give us the ability to turn on/off replays in the game client. Allow us to watch replays from the client without exiting the client and navigating folders to find the file. Publish official controls and make them key mapable from inside the client. 2a. Replay system wishlist. Allow the Division leader to "show" a replay to their div. Everyone in the div can be in spectator mode. Allow us to make a clip of the current replay we are watching. It would be nice to have it automatically output some video format. There are a few open source video formats that I think you could use like x264/x265. 3. FPS Locks. This is also part of adjusting config files or installing mod packs. Can we have official ingame support to cap FPS at some of the common framerates like 30, 60, 120, 144? 4. Demount all flags/consumables. These have been suggested many times and I too would like to see those options. 5. Ability to pay for premium consumables using currencies WITHOUT using the current stockpile. I want to actually be able to take advantage of those consumable sales you guys put on but I can't until I run completely out. 6. Slight tweak of daily containers. Currently it seems some of the options (credits, consumables, signals) are a little out of balance compared to each other. The consumables option gives you two sets of three premium consumables plus a third random item. This nets you with the equivalent of 135k silver. The More Credits option I believe gives you two 50k silver safes plus a third item. This nets you with 100k silver. I am pretty sure the signals and camo option nets you with even less silver but I haven't used it in so long it may have changed. 7. A collaboration with Alestorm! The collaboration with Sabaton and WoT seemed to go pretty well so I would like to suggest one with Alestorm. They are a self proclaimed heavy metal pirate band. Alestorm is from Perth Scotland so that could be an easy Royal Navy tie in. You could also do something with the Commonwealth Perth. Hopefully that's enough suggestions for now! Thanks for listening to the community Pigeon.