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  1. Well there seem to be a lot of people within this game that don't want Coop Players to have fun and to have double the grind of Random players. I started a thread suggesting improving Coop with rewards equal to that of Random battles and a few of the users are just... Toxic. Seriously don't get why PvE should be a worse experience for those who wish to simply relax and have fun but still want to make progress within the game.
  2. Ya. That's what I thought and have been reading around the forums. @Taylor3006 Saw you had replied in my other thread and here's a good suggest as to why Coop rewards need to be buffed. Coop players are still being harmed with events such as this.
  3. Except from what I am reading, no one knows if you can even get win points unless you complete the main objective. And if that's the case then I don't get why they even allowed Coop Players to take part if you can't get any points within Coop. Overall, sounds like they gave all their Coop players a massive slap in the face. That's what it sounds like to me at least.
  4. So this one is for any and all Coop Players. Are you able to get the 1250 Base XP for the current Battle of the Philippine Sea event? For the IJN ships that is. Are you able to get it at T4 or T5? Is this realistically possible? Meaning within reason and without having the feeling of wanting to pull your hair out. Since the event allows the use of Coop, but I know Coop gives almost nothing when it comes to rewards for players who use the mode, I am curious to hear if anyone who mains Coop has been able to get 1250 base XP. Thanks!
  5. The news article for the Battle of the Philippine Sea event is incredibly unclear about how the Main Objective is being calculated. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/great-marinated-turkey-soup/ Because of the wording, I am led to rationally believe that this means over multiple battles you can earn the needed Base XP. That is it Cumulative, not per a single battle. If it is within a single battle that may I suggest this be clarified? I've seen a lot of confusion and frustration on the forums about this one event and how nothing is very well communicated to the community by WGing. If it is per a single battle, then changing the wording to "in a single batter" or "per one battle" would go to great lengths to better communicate this to the community. There is also the issue I've seen around that is not being clarified that if you meet the requirements for the secondary objective but are unable to get the needed Base XP (if it's within one battle), if the secondary objective being met still count. So you'd still get 1 Team point. Instead of 2 (if you complete the main) or 3 (if you are able to complete both). This is also very vague and more clear wording would help alleviate some of this community confusion.
  6. Phasferous

    No confirmation flag for Battle of Philippine Sea

    I'd like to say that I had the same issue as the OP. I did not get the flag and while the website says I am sided with the side I picked (IJN), I have had no confirmation if the game itself is counting my Opt-in or not. Since the game has no progress tracker for the event, I have no way of knowing if WGing's servers actually got the message about my pressing the button to opt in. Also I've been seeing around the forums that the website is having a slew of issues with this event and so I am not too keen to believe that I am actually participating within the event, even though I never got the flag within the game to confirm it.
  7. I don't get why WGing is so bent on using base XP. Like seriously what's wrong with total XP? I mean even with Prem your base XP never changes. Base XP is a nightmare just to get enough of. I honestly with they'd stop using it for almost all of their events. Even the Combat Missions use it. It's like rewarding players is a taboo honestly. God forbid accepting the basic human psychology fact that we do better when we put effort in and get rewarded for it. I don't get why they included Coop for this event, no seriously. Why bother if you are going to use base XP, which is substantially harder to earn in Coop, next to impossible. Since there are less rewards given and also less ships. I mean why even bother offering a Coop Mode if the people who want to play in said mode get punished for it?
  8. WGing: 1250 Base XP at T4-6? Sure, that's totally doable. Sounds like a great idea to give our players a false sense of involvement. Community: The heck are you smoking WGing? Do you even play your own games?
  9. You'd think that's a smart idea for a video game to do, but when it's a money making scheme that's now how it ever works out. :D Because that mean money spent and less money in WGing's pocket. Even though I have a sinking (pun intended) feeling that they are taking on losses due to a struggling player population. Since that means less people buying ships and more money spent on making new ships to then hopefully get more people to buy them. They are stuck in their own destructive feedback loop if you think about it. Which then of course causes the player base to suffer so...ya. *shrugs* They will either have to learn to swim, or their end up sinking to the bottom.
  10. I wasn't by any means saying it's as hard as they are making it out to be. Apologies if that's how it came across. I was more so showing the ludicrouscy of their claim that it's "too much effort" to have such a system in place. A system that would remove just about all of this confusion and would mean players would know if their in-game actions are being counted or not. Since that's a great way for players to get direct in-game feedback. It's a positive feedback loop if you will. What we have now though...well it's not even a loop since WGing isn't being very good with PR about this event. Silence is golden to them, but it also means community unrest, which can lead to chaos if players aren't being talked to and communicated with and when the event ends and their efforts aren't counted. Well you can probably imagine how much of a fire storm that could become.
  11. As a additional note, Game developers like WGing aren't interested in the long term/longevity of their game. It's all about those short term gains for them. Building and creating systems that would mean the game would have a healthier and more beneficial (for both players and developers) in the long term isn't something these sort of companies either understand or know how to do. It's....sad really. Making works of art and enjoyable and entertainment is something game developers like WGing could care less about, or they just don't understand.
  12. It's not so much they, they are just lazy. They don't charge for the game upfront so there is no accountability on their end. I mean if you want to look at it in a round about way. Technically they could just all game modes and just sell ships and people would probably still buy them. Since WGing isn't selling you a game, they are selling you in-game models (sort of like a game development market place), they game/system can be as broken and incomplete as they want because the systems aren't what you are buying. The ships are. The rest of the game can be as void of content and incomplete systems as they want to make it, because they aren't selling you those. Welcome to F2P (pay to progress) games. *shrugs*
  13. Making a good product is not something WGing is good at. Making money is something they are good at however. As the old saying goes, less is more. But in this case they are excelling at the opposite of how it's usually used. I mean as the bogus excuse I've seen so much it's just destructive goes, they are a company and need to make money. I mean I am a part time employee and a student, and I need to make money. But don't I do it in the most dishonest, disingenuous, lazy way.
  14. Or making their game better. xD More modes, more non-prem ships. More...well you know? Content to play with.
  15. This event seems like a complete and utter mess. With requirements not making any sense, a near total lack of transparency or clarification from WGing and no player tools for us to know if we are making progress or not. I kind of wonder if people who never clicked the Opt-in button will still get rewards because from the sound of it, their system is a buggy mess. Really wish we the players has a sure fire way to track all this because right now, it's nothing but a game of chance if we are actually participating or not. Heck I didn't even the confirmation Zulu flag that's supposed to be given out and when asked for proof (which I was able to provide on my end) they just shrugged and told me they can't provide such a thing. I mean the way the news article is worded, XP is cumulative, not per battle. So I am going off their words as the needed XP is is cumulative because that's what information they have given us as the players. So ya, anyone else part taking in this event should consider it the same. Since WGing seems to have sort of...half arsed this event with the lack of needed clarification, documentation and player tools for us to be able to know what things we are doing are being counted. Cause and effect if you will.