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  1. CaptnBerner

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.4

    I am not a fan of games using the "Auction house" method to try and further drive sales. This is a REALLY bad idea WGing and I hope you take your community seriously with their possible backlash over it. Just like you make claims in your Twitch streams that you "Listen to your community". Which begs the question: Is WGing becoming more and more greedy, or are they having serious financial problems if they are resorting to one of the most hated features invented in video game history (remember Diablo 3's Auction house?)
  2. CaptnBerner

    Am I missing something??

    Am I missing something here with this Combat task? I I can't find a single available BB for the Italian Navy that has Torps and is between T5-T10. Not the Roma, not the Marco and none of the Early Access BBs. So then...what the heck am I missing here? Criteria states it has to be between T5 and 10, has to be a BB and has to be Italian. Help would be appreciated.
  3. Thank you and amen to you. Some of the people here have no context of rules or just don't care about them. Many would probably break said rules with some of the posts I've read here. Ask a question on here apparently gets you shat on for taking the only route to keep people accountable in a game that (you said it best) has rules and when you log into the game you are agreeing to those rules. Bummer but oh well. Thank you for the heads up and not jumping on the bandwagon many here seem to be jumping onto.
  4. It's been so, both in-game and in a ticket. I've been doing my best to have the rule of thumb of being kind to others, as they could have it worse then I do. So I go with that mindset but I also don't stand for such hate and vile behavior. Being on edge in 2020 is understandable, directing that to someone who doesn't deserve it isn't. But ya. Hope he gets the ban hammer and this can be another tale of tales in this community.
  5. User in question should play [edited]. I came back from there and [edited] Naval and boy oh boy that crap that the Naval section of the community gets is bad. The user who went off on me would fit RIGHT in there. Ha ha ha. But I agree, that is a excuse and it's how people like the one in question have been allowed to remain still. They get another "Get out of Jail Free" card each time someone gives them a excuse to remain.
  6. It's all good, and ya. Was in Port. Was post-match. Guy just went off his rocker on me. Gotta wonder why these sort of people play games that will inherently cause them to get so worked up and peeved that they lash out uncontrollably at someone else who did them no actual wrong. Like man, take a chill pill. You know?
  7. Not tied into a knot, unless it's a sailors not then I am not sure how to tie that. Ha ha ha. And people like this kill off new blood, so I tend to not tolerate such crappy behavior. However since I am without the power to do anything about it, all I can do it pass it onto those who do have the power. Lifes too short, you know? So best to leave it to those who can dish out the punishment and are the ones being paid to do it. ;)
  8. Sarcasm I take it? I mean if not that must be nice to be in a community and be okay with toxic and hateful behavior. Wasn't in a game/match, so replay wouldn't be necessary. Right? Screenshots, name and the rest has been handled however. And I'll know if he's banded. He's a leader of a clan so it'll be pretty obvious. Thank you for the advise and heads up. :)
  9. Thank you. User in question is even the leader of a sizable clan. So maybe they think they are untouchable and can act this way with no repercussions? Got back to port and the user just let loose with all the foul language. Sure is nice to be treated like garbage in a game.
  10. As the title says, was just cussed out in chat. Which staff member here on the forums should I PM about this? Screenshots have already been taken of the offending user. It's nice being welcomed back after a long break with being cussed out the wazoo by a angry and pissed off user...
  11. Well there seem to be a lot of people within this game that don't want Coop Players to have fun and to have double the grind of Random players. I started a thread suggesting improving Coop with rewards equal to that of Random battles and a few of the users are just... Toxic. Seriously don't get why PvE should be a worse experience for those who wish to simply relax and have fun but still want to make progress within the game.
  12. Ya. That's what I thought and have been reading around the forums. @Taylor3006 Saw you had replied in my other thread and here's a good suggest as to why Coop rewards need to be buffed. Coop players are still being harmed with events such as this.
  13. Except from what I am reading, no one knows if you can even get win points unless you complete the main objective. And if that's the case then I don't get why they even allowed Coop Players to take part if you can't get any points within Coop. Overall, sounds like they gave all their Coop players a massive slap in the face. That's what it sounds like to me at least.
  14. So this one is for any and all Coop Players. Are you able to get the 1250 Base XP for the current Battle of the Philippine Sea event? For the IJN ships that is. Are you able to get it at T4 or T5? Is this realistically possible? Meaning within reason and without having the feeling of wanting to pull your hair out. Since the event allows the use of Coop, but I know Coop gives almost nothing when it comes to rewards for players who use the mode, I am curious to hear if anyone who mains Coop has been able to get 1250 base XP. Thanks!
  15. The news article for the Battle of the Philippine Sea event is incredibly unclear about how the Main Objective is being calculated. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/great-marinated-turkey-soup/ Because of the wording, I am led to rationally believe that this means over multiple battles you can earn the needed Base XP. That is it Cumulative, not per a single battle. If it is within a single battle that may I suggest this be clarified? I've seen a lot of confusion and frustration on the forums about this one event and how nothing is very well communicated to the community by WGing. If it is per a single battle, then changing the wording to "in a single batter" or "per one battle" would go to great lengths to better communicate this to the community. There is also the issue I've seen around that is not being clarified that if you meet the requirements for the secondary objective but are unable to get the needed Base XP (if it's within one battle), if the secondary objective being met still count. So you'd still get 1 Team point. Instead of 2 (if you complete the main) or 3 (if you are able to complete both). This is also very vague and more clear wording would help alleviate some of this community confusion.