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  1. FullTimeOutlaw

    Extra reward for sinking this Maskarado!

    Thanks if I do get something
  2. FullTimeOutlaw

    Extra reward for sinking this Maskarado!

    Massachutes, Didnt know about the call out.....
  3. FullTimeOutlaw

    Extra reward for sinking this Maskarado!

    I sunk you, so now what? Never had this happen before...... You were driving the MAss
  4. FullTimeOutlaw

    Airborne Shima Detonation

    Coolbreeze66 and his Alaska with a Shima Detonation in front of me.....
  5. FullTimeOutlaw

    Alaska is trash as it currently sits

    Well that was what I was thinking..... LOL lesson learned
  6. FullTimeOutlaw


    Power goes out in the neighborhood, get loaded back in as quickly as possible. Get the ban for leaving the game early or inactivity. Then I go back to play what would be a second game and it takes 6 min to load in through this server. I die and move to another, the board still shows my GK, Mino still in battle almost 40 min later. Please take due diligence when passing out suspensions and TK penalties on uncontrollable items. And fix you program while you are at it as well.
  7. FullTimeOutlaw

    Transaction Error

    Yeah, I did...... Nothing yet
  8. Adding flags, modules etc a box pops up in the lower right corner that states there is a transaction error and to try again later. I have exited game, tried different ships, exited server, shut down and rebooted all with no different results.