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  1. Friedrich Krupp Germaniawerft (I.A.) - Design-Offered - Battleship (Dreadnought) 1908. This was one of the designs offered to Argentina for the construction of their battleships Armament: Main Battery 12 x 305mm, Secondary Battery 16 x 150mm + 8 x 57mm, Antiaircraft and / or Machine Gun: s / d, Rocket and / or Torpedo: 4 x 570mm. Armor: Main Deck 25 mm, Main Belt: 230 mm. Dimensions: Length 160m, Width 26m. Mobility: Displacement 21,000t, Power 29,000shp, Speed 21n. Aircraft: 0. Information Source: Naval Publications Magazine 1908.
  2. Tier 8 Premium - Torcuato de Alvear (Argentina) The Riachuelo had multiple ideas on layout in terms of main battery. One of the concepts that was rejected by Gonzales was 8/16in guns in 2 quad turrets. He did not favor the layout of ships like the Nelson. So the most likely layout of the ship would have been one turret at the bow and one turret at the aft. While the overall weight would have been less than the 9/15in guns in 3 triple turrets Gonzales did not like having so many of the main guns contained in only 2 turret compared to three. However this ship is that take on the concept which would have lightened the ship by 5000 tonnes helping increased it's overall speed. Hit Points: 61000 Armament Main: 406mm/45 cal - 2x4 (Range - 20km) Secondary: 152mm/50 - 6x2 Secondary/AA: 89mm/50 - 6x2 AA: 37mm - 2x8; 16mm - 2x8 Armor Belt Main: 356mm Deck: 200mm Turrets: 350mm Tower: 381mm Maneuverability Speed: 32 knots Turning Circle: 850m Rudder Shift Time: 22 sec I hope you like it, try to make the most similar thing and I also hope that there is no problem with the use of the information
  3. "The Super-Rivadavia" or "The third battleship Rivadavia" In 1907-08 Brazil unleashed a naval arms race by buying 3 battleships. In 1909 Argentina agreed with Bethlehem to purchase 2 battleships with the option of a third party. In 1910, Brazil received its 2 battleships and speculated on canceling the third (identical to the previous ones), but since these were of worse quality than those hired by Argentina, it decided to reformulate the contract of the third, demanding characteristics of fire that surpass the Argentines and he sends to build Rio de Janeiro. In 1911 Argentina responded by restarting contacts to acquire its third battleship, from 34,000 to 36,000 tons. According to what I interpret, it is a battleship similar to the New York class (due to its evident increase in tone due to a repowering of cannons towards 356 instructions) but maintaining superior characteristics to it, as the traditional 305 mm Rivadavia did with the Wyoming class. Finally it is agreed that Brazil would not incorporate Rio de Janeiro (renamed Agincourt) nor would Argentina buy a new battleship.
  4. Here is a drawing that I made of what the Brazilian Tier 7 Premium Design 685A Battleship would look like