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  1. Speaking of “made of citadels,” I give you every Japanese itto junyōkan. We feel your pain. And then, in this corner with a big bowl of calamari, definitely Duca degli Abruzzi. But your point is valid. Submarines suck.
  2. Chados

    Get Down Mr. President.... Noooooo

    Wow, what a close call!
  3. Chados


    Ah, but the *most* fun is two CVs, two subs, and four DDs per side. And you’re a cruiser…and it’s a super carrier and U2501s on the other side.
  4. Chados

    People quitting the game

    But only if you’re right on top of them.
  5. Chados

    People quitting the game

    Yah, what’s why “etc.” There are a *lot* of U.S. ships that ought to strike fear into all CVs as AA platforms that don’t in the game. And by the way, if we have to have jets off supercarriers, shouldn’t we also have cruisers with Tartar, Terrier, and Talos missiles?
  6. Chados

    Bought Maya

    You can. I did buy the base Maya because I *don’t* have Atago or any of the ARP Takaos, but I do have the Eastern Dragon from the sale two years ago. The Japanese Lacquer camo is in the Exteriors tab for 4,000 doubloons and has the same exact values as the usual black exterior camo (which I like better, no lie-it’s historical and the ship’s name is on the stern in gold characters). It plays like an oversized DD. The torps could use an extra 2km range, and the guns a two second faster reload plus a spotter plane like Atago has, its DPM is nearly worst in tier and it has a base 17% HE fire chance, plus that 15.3 range is limiting. The main battery booster runs out so fast that you only get one, maybe two reloads between triggering it and it running out. On the other hand you can use captain skills to obtain 80kt torps and 25k damage…that’s nasty when people want to swoop in close for a quick kill on you and you need the speed because the torps can be seen from orbit-their 2.5km detection range is worse than Yūdachi. They’re fast ships, at 37 knots. And they can wiggle pretty well with the rudder mod-that’s not optional in my view. All in all, I like it as well as any cruiser I have and better than the Blue Dragon. I’m not sorry for the whale moment but glad I didn’t spring for a big pack. The smallest pack doesn’t come with a good captain, though-it has a zero point captain, which I immediately fired because I had a 10 pointer in storage and I’m trying to train up my Yamamoto anyway. It’s decently survivable because it’s got better deck armor. It’s got midrange-for-tier AA, and a decent hydrophone. And it has two heals, base, and you need them. It’s the only cruiser I have where Superintendent really was worth the points investment.
  7. Chados

    People quitting the game

    That 4km air strike range. Good God. And who came up with the bright idea of making cruisers have to do depth charge runs with stern racks and K-guns like a DD? Cruisers don’t have the maneuver power for that, or the stealth. Anyone trying a DC run is going to get slam focused down. I’d rather have to deal with stealth DDs AND CVs in the same game, frankly. At least if I have hydro on board I have a shot at detecting DD torpedoes and maybe even the DD itself. Submarines are the single most annoying class in the game to all but a few. AA needs to be tuned up, Mouse is right about that. When dedicated AA cruisers like Maya are getting called “weak” you know there’s an AA issue. American ships like Texas or Massachusetts etc ought to be death to incoming flights.
  8. Chados

    Underwater torpedo tube

    If we’re doing fixed tubes, Canarias would like to have a word.
  9. Chados

    Finally got the Venezia....

    The only T10 I have. It’s not bad, and it got my Sansonetti to level 20!
  10. Disregard. Found the answer in another post.
  11. Sherman. It’s an OP machine gun.
  12. Chados


    They could do plenty damage without that most annoying mechanic. DDs certainly don’t need it. They stalk you at point blank range but can’t be seen, then suddenly the unavoidable wall of skill appears so close that anything cruiser sized or larger can’t maneuver out of it. You all really think submarines that can see everything from 30+ meters underwater can’t do that just as well if not better?
  13. Chados

    Refuse to Play a Games with Subs

    They’re as annoying as being stalked by a stealth DD or a CV. Even more so. It’s worse when all three are in the game at the same time. There’s nothing that makes me put the game away and play something else faster than getting nickel and dimed to death by a sub AND a DD AND a CV all at the same time in a couple matches. Can’t see them. Can’t shoot back. Just soak up the torpedoes and the skipbombs and rockets till you detonate.
  14. Only if they activate all the 76mm guns on Viribus Unitis. VU has needed AA for such a long time.