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  1. Those strikes refer to egregious forum violations like continually using foul language or naming and shaming. You would get email messages about each one and continued violations after x number of strikes would get you banned from the forum. Those emails would not require a response but rather only ceasing to commit the offense.

    What you received were more serious and required a response. They may have been due to illegal mod violations. Whether their detection was valid or a false positive is irrelevant. You did not respond to find out what the email was about so the problem could be corrected.

    Use of illegal mods is not tolerated so your not responding got you banned.

  2. Hi all, when I checked wows rules, it said the 5th strike is permanent ban, but for me, it is only the 3rd strike. Is it still 5 strike or 3 strike now? https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/rules-violations-policy-updates/
  3. It has been a year since I last played, and due to some reasons, I got a 3rd warning and got banned permanently. I am not finding an excuse for it, but just wondering if anyone ever appealed for a permanent ban and succeed? Thank you.