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  1. @Hapa_Fodder I already opened on the DMZ ports for War of Warships and "everything" works fine. I have not to clear my blacklist and so far, everything works good. Not problems at all. The Professional Game Programmer is a member of our Clan. It was just easy as share my screen in Discord and follow his instructions. In less than two minutes, every problems with the game gone. Once again, I think that Wargaming should give to the players a tool to check and open ports and finish with the recurrent problem of this issue. It is just my opinion, which would be arguable; as any kind of opinion.
  2. @Hapa_Fodder After thousands of actions like shut off the antivirus and others, thanks to a Professional Game Programmer who is member of our Clan, he gave me the solution; following my actions when I shared my screen and the BIG ISSUE was that not all the "ports" were open. World of Warships, according to the IT programmer ; use differents ports. One for the game itself. Another for the Armory Room. Other for the In Game Chat and so on... And another for the Shipyard... And here is were the game crash because the port is not open. So, he drove me through the configuration of my modem router until find the "DMZ" setup. DMZ (desmilitarized zone) where all ports for "this" game were opened. And voilá! Everything works okay! The Professional Game Programmer (member of our Clan) told me that this is the easy way. Open all for Wargaming because it is not a security risk because its a game. The other way is have full access to the modem router and open port by port. Wargaming technical support knows which are; and do the proper adjustment. I took the easy way. Found the DMZ set up. Input my IPv6 (unique for every computer even in a home net) and done! I got the chat back again. The IPv6 can be see using the DOS command: ipconfig. Not always is uninstall and install is the solution... The matter is to find the problem and get the solution. Have to say that every modem router has its own way to access, user, password and setup menu. Hope it helps... PS: I would like that Wargaming upload a tool to check if all ports are open. And if the check results that not all ports are open, this tool let the player do the ports open. It will save a lot of time to the player and to the technical support. I know that are several programs to do this, like Port Forwarding https://portforward.com/ports.htm, but it is not a free program and World of Warships is not listed. (https://portforward.com/tactical/#W)
  3. Same here! As @capt_carl wrote... I will wait for the release 10.1.
  4. Exactly!!! That's what I want to do since hours ago... I touch every single place where a link exists and nothing...
  5. Go4U

    Habilidades de Comandante

    Hola! ¿Existe alguna manera de ver "Comandante" por "Comandante" (o Capitán) de manera individual? Así que como era antes de esta super modificación... Que se podía acceder a cada Capitán de manera individual... Los mostraba todos juntos, ordenados por nacionalidades... Para mi, opinión personal, subjetiva y rebatible; podía "ver" mejor qué tenía y hasta resetear independimiente cada capitán. Ahora no sé cómo resetear "un" capitán, sin afectar a todos... gracias por el tiempo en responder!
  6. Hola a todos! Quizás sea una pregunta tonta... Pero no encuentro --como antes-- todos los comandantes para llevarlos a "cero habilidad" antes del 17 de febrero de 2021. Esta nueva forma de habilidades de Comandantes... Hum... Me reventó... Seguramente muchos encontrarán que está buena... Por mi parte estoy tratando de re.adaptarme a la nueva forma... Pero necesito ayuda de dónde corchos están todos los capitanes de reserva para resetearlos a cero antes del 17 de febrero... Solo logro ver los comandantes en reserva PERO asignándolos a una nueva nave. Yo quiero que el Comandante esté solito... Sin asignar a ningún lado... Quiero resetear sus habilidades sin costo. Gracias! PD: probé todos las ventanas de menúes... pero busco "esa" que me de acceso al Comandante y ponerlo en cero. Gracias!
  7. Hi!  @Hapa_Fodder Is there any schedule for the next Clan War season? Tier class? Or there will come Rank Battles firts? Thank you for your kindly answer... There is a big expectation in my Clan.

  8. @MatroseFuchs I tried write him into the Russian Forum, but I can't. The Forum rules says that I have to play at least 5 battles... I have not account in Russian Server... Just one in NA Server. Is there is any other way to reach him? Thank you!
  9. @MatroseFuchs I just updated the minimap from AutoSpy... The ModStation did it for it self. Now I will check it out in game. How could I thank to the author since he is from Russia?
  10. I'm a long time user of the "World Of Warships ModStation", where there are many mods from different authors. One of the function is the "AutoSpy Minimap" which I really love it. Does anybody knows when the author will update that minimap mod? He is from Russia and as I play in NA Server (I can't write on their forum) and as I do not speak russian; I don't see another way to find out what will be of it, if it is not through this post. Thanks for any new about it!
  11. Go4U

    0.9.9 - Problemas con FPS

    @Navalpride33 Gracias!
  12. Go4U

    0.9.9 - Problemas con FPS

    Hola @ParceNautico! Sirve para la actualización ???
  13. Success is not final. 
    Failure is not fatal.
    It is the courage to continue that counts.