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  1. Go4U

    WOW crashing

    I have the same problem. I do not change even a single cable of my PC and with the last update... bang! Lag... Ping jumping all the time from 100 ms to 180ms... Impossible to play happy. Quarantine day 4... 10 days to go...
  2. Go4U

    Connection lost

    Connection issues from Argentina too! Yesterday and today --just right now-- the game suddenly kick me out. The ping is around 100ms to 130ms... to 180ms... jumping all the time. My internet connection is by cable --no wireless antenna-- and even so, the connection is bad. Too bad!!! I wonder why WOW do not make like other games that let the player choose among different servers to connect with the game.
  3. Go4U

    Other way to earn "steel"

    I'm wondering is there is another way to earn "steel" resources instead of the Clan Wars. In my case, I'm not always can connect in time with my clan mates because my job or my free time. So... Besides "Clan Wars", is there is any other way to earn "steel"? Thank you for answering.
  4. Thanks to all of you! I found out the problem! The issue is in my Internet Provider. For some unknow reason I can surf along Internet, less login in World of Warships... I tried login using my cell phone and worked fine. So, the issue is with my Internet Provider... And that is the kind of "software check" (simple one!) that I would like that Technical Support develop to avoid frustrations trying to find out what is wrong. Best battles to all!!!
  5. Dear Technical Support... Is there any simple way to run a batch or any other .exe from WoW to check if there is a problem between the client and the server... or if there is a problem between the client and the local Internet Provider... Thank you! PS: Guessing where the problem is, it is really painfull and frustrating. I know that there are tools from WoW to check Firewall, Game Integrity... But a simple .exe to check the connection with the game server will be so much usefull... Hope that some Technician takes this and make it so.
  6. Go4U

    Game not fully unloading when quiting.

    @Elo_J_Fudpucker Posted Thursday at 04:33 PM As it says, the game is leaving some remnent of it's executable active, such that when I try to restart the game, it indicates it is already running. The remedy is to Alt-Ctrl-Del and kill it off in program manager. This is repeatable. Same here
  7. I think that the makers tried to give some kind of virtual reallity. But in fact, it is horrible!!! Reallity with space camouflages or apocaliptics? It is incongruous. Or they try to design real ships... or they take them to science fiction. In truth, they do both to reach a larger audience, among adults (veterans) and youth. Anyway, still hoping that the Modstation update the glare remove. I got used to this mod even id Aslain's seems more powerful. But as WOW presents ModStation as "official" mod, I prefer to use it. Even so when the technical support, before any further thing, puts the blame on mods. (the easy way to put the blame in something or somebody before go further into the problem)
  8. @turbo07 I have to say that after this post and its comments, seems that there few/less "shiny" battle scenarios. I don't know if some corrections were made. If so, THANK YOU!!!
  9. @Ozium Really? Do you really think the same? Did you see the screenshots? Seriously, don't you see any difference? I can not believe it! At this point, I wonder if being a "beta tester" means saying yes to all development departments ... Come on, guys! HILL (I think that was the name of the cruise) was a failure (for now!) And I saw TWO beta tester played the ship without any enthusiasm ... And I realized that they were beta tester because I asked how they got that ships. Come on, you Beta Testers!!! Tell the truth... the glare.. the shine... is there... boooo... and can reach and eat all of us... ha! ha! ha!
  10. Hi! I use the recommended mod from World of Warships. I tried first with the anti-glare... No results at all! Today I checked for updates for the mod and by itself, the anti-glare check-box was unchecked. So, with or without the mod, I have the glare... One more time, I really do appreciate the great job to give more realistics effects to the game... but for the most players that use reading glasses, it is an issue... a big issue... So, again, I would like to suggest to add some kind of "turn-off" button of that effect into the graphics settings. I think that as well are players that has issues with the "glare", others not. So, it would be fair for all if there is a chance to turn it off.
  11. @BearlyHereBear Seriously? Are you saying to me that I should to buy some extra reading glasses to correct a "glare effect under review" for a game? It is not eye strain. I'm short of view! I use reading glasses! And by the way... to prevent eye strain on games, would you suggest to play no more than two hours a day to World of Warship? May I give you the diopter measurements of my reading lenses and you buy it from me? I promise that if the "glare effect under review" is solved, I send you back the glasses. I understand that you simpathize at any cost with World of Warships developers to keep your beta tester position, but please... disagree with them is not bad... it is part of your job. If I had hearing problems, which would be your suggestion? Please... do not offense... I just find your answer very funny!!! My excuses if you take it bad. It is not my true intention.
  12. It happened the same to me. Now I have no doubt that there is a problem with the so call "glare enhancement". It is horrible!!! Wonderful software job. But not everybody enjoys it. If the developers add a box to uncheck that "glare enhacement" in the setting, I think that everybody will be happy. To those that like it, they can keep it. To those ones that don't like it, they can take it out.
  13. Thank for your answer. I add the icon "confused" to your kind answer because to me, maybe I'm being selfish; it is not a improvement. As some of my playmates from my Clan, we use reading glasses and it's horrible to us the "new improvement".I don't know if wear sun glasses or what!!! Hoping that nobody has to use reading glasses, trust me; it is horrible "the improvement". I keep the hope that the developers take that in consideration. I'm attaching a screen shoots as example... Maybe for the non user of reading glasses they has no problem. But I do... buaaaahhhh...