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  1. Is MISSOURI coming back?

    even if MO is up again, i doubt i will buy it even though i have the FXP, i don't really enjoy the high tier BB play anymore, I would rather play ship that i really enjoy, and have fun, after all, this is just a game for entertainment, not a job that i have to "work hard" on, lol
  2. Is MISSOURI coming back?

    lol ok you MO owners will mind, and would love to keep printing credit while the rest don't get the chance, enjoy your ship, and WG enjoy the screwed up economy :) i don't give a damn actually, wows is just a game, not like MO is printing real $$$ that will put food on the table, lol
  3. Is MISSOURI coming back?

    to solve that problem, they can nerf the credit printing a bit, otherwise those who have her (could be quite a lot) will still keep printing and screw up the economy, nerf her and make it available to all of us, that will win more support from player base, that's the least resistance solution to WG's problem, instead of removing her and pretend she doesn't exist
  4. Is MISSOURI coming back?

    i understand those who already had her would mind, but to be fair to all players, they already reap the credit printing benefit for a year? time to reduce that to provide level playing field, at the same time, let way more players enjoy WG's work
  5. Is MISSOURI coming back?

    as a ship of historical significance, i'd like WG to bring back MO, you spent tons of time developed/tested this, why not make it available to the masses to reap the most benefit for your work? as about printing too much credit, you can nerf that we don't mind
  6. How pathetic can this site get?

    damage saturation is too simplistic and should be nerfed, and it's not how real damage works
  7. seriously, can the WG just put everything (exchange rate, expiration date, whatever) IN GAME, IN PLACE, please? spell them out in plain english, don't have to be pretty, just make it simple and easy to read who the hell want to dig around the web site to cross check everything just make life easier for players - i.e, your customers, then you will keep them and get bills paid i did check website/forums blah blah and i know them all, but i feel for those who missed it, make it simple wg, it's good for the game, and year end bonus
  8. i agree losing streak is bad business for WG, if your customers are not happy, you don't get to keep them and that hurts the bottom line here's what i propose, after you lose 3 in a row, start keeping count, the higher the count, MM should put the player in a better and better teams (MM has all the stats of each team that's for sure, as well as hardware data like captain points of each team), until he wins and reset, if a player keep losing 9 games, it's sure the fault of the MM keep in mind, win or lose, MM that assembles the teams counts for 90%, player as 1/12 member only counts 10% on average of the outcome
  9. lol, and after all these missions, directives, blah blah for 3 months, 3 months! what do we get? a meh warspite (and it's not even guaranteed)? sorry but not interested i'd just play as before as if event doesn't exist
  10. i don't brawl in cruiser unless being forced to, stay afloat then you can do damage and win games, get sunk doesn't help team in any way, it's not bravery but stupidity, 81k average damage over 165 games i sure did my part for the team
  11. i took a screenshot for your convenience :)
  12. i love Roon and Donskoi, after complete grind through my kill/death of Roon is 4.09, 81k average damage lol
  13. nope, i rarely say a ship sucks, unless it really sucks, lol
  14. how do you draw that conclusion? even from my OP i love DM, lol
  15. any ship can cit her at any angle, lol, the shells take forever to land until wg fix it, not going to play anymore, i have a feeling from cleveland to worcester, this line just sucks so glad i got the DM perma camo instead of worcester from go navy event