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  1. absolutely, it's very retarded removing that when i grind, that's the number i watch, now i don't see the number, less grind less game less $$ for wg
  2. Happy668

    Stream Code for German Carriers

    where's the code that works? ;)
  3. hope to reset a couple of commanders, thanks
  4. Happy668

    Why? For the love of god WHY?

    i agree, also, please put the ship xp back, it should be shown at all times, not have to mouse over, it's THE most important number when we are grinding, why the hell hide it?
  5. Happy668

    0.9.6 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    why the f hide ship xp? that's most important number we see, wg is pretty stupid to be honest
  6. Happy668

    Is Wargaming Trying To End WOWs!?

    the biggest problem is not cv, it's 1 sided losing streak, that kills morale, sometimes you just want to say f wg lol
  7. Happy668

    Coal ships

    how? at 5% so the IFHE will cut only 2.5%, close to original, no?
  8. Happy668

    Coal ships

    thanks, i don't have atlanta so flint will be interesting
  9. Happy668

    Coal ships

    only dds?
  10. i agree IFHE nerf is total [edited], with 4 points you got to give a boost not a downgrade, i find i do less damage with IFHE
  11. Happy668

    One Stop Moskva 9.5 Thread

    but if you don't spend gold to demount, just sell all modules at 1/2 price, you will get 3.5M, so refill all slots your net loss is 3.5M, so selling moskva will net you 9-3.5=5.5M?
  12. Happy668

    For those that still have the Moskva

    wth seriously? lol, why can't WG just end all these guessing
  13. Happy668

    One Stop Moskva 9.5 Thread

    so I have moskva and no camo, I should sell it at 1/2 credit, and will be given a new one? no selling no credit?
  14. Happy668

    Missing Supercontainer

    what are these SCs from?