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  1. Happy668

    Missing Supercontainer

    what are these SCs from?
  2. Happy668

    5 new free weeb boats.

    what if you already have them, will get credit?
  3. 5% is immaterial I think overall it's a nerf rather than buff compares to TASM1
  4. so it's actually dd ships re-balance, buff the weak dds, nerf the good ones ~
  5. i want a ultimate sniper lol but wait, the shell speed is way too slow, when shells finally land the ship will be gone
  6. will perma camo of early access ships be kept after tech tree drops?
  7. i remember AION is even more grind and pvp fest, if one wants to relax, play world of warcraft in a PVE server, that is relaxing, probably that's what i should do...
  8. Happy668

    When is 0.9.0 coming?

    oh we are talking about different things, i was talking about Italian navy tokens, not ship building
  9. Happy668

    When is 0.9.0 coming?

    you sure? i remember mouse over tokens it says usable until the 15th?
  10. Happy668

    When is 0.9.0 coming?

    the italian navy tokens will be gone right? what's the auto convert credit rate?
  11. map square? doesn't it just point to the direction without distance info?
  12. ok your coins, spend it however that would make you happy, enjoy ~
  13. the thing is he will get stalingrad, wait for next event he will get it, so the fxp and credits are wasted just to keep stalingrad in port for extra say 5 months, during which time he might not even play it for 10 games, just silly imho
  14. lol, waste so much fxp and credit for stalingrad? totally not worth it, imagine you have it in the port, so? big deal, don't waste your resource that way imho