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  1. yeah i think the silent majority get CV 50% of the time (if lucky), then each may get you 5 kills (if lucky), that's 12 games already sure those who are lucky may get it done sooner, but that's not the norm for those who get it done in 3 or 4 games, i'd like to know each game how many kills, and why the CV love you so much lol
  2. mind telling us how it's done? like each game you have to get a CV, and he always has to send planes to you to get shot down, and after initial kills, he still send more planes to you...
  3. i know right, unless you have a CV to play, otherwise this mission is just bull unless you are extremely lucky that CV shows up AND will send lots of planes your way, it probably will take dozens of games to get 30 plane kills, not going to waste time on that my last game CV did show up, but he sent his fighters to our CV since he wants the mission complete too lol
  4. but 4 games i got 0 plane kills, only last game when i was driving cleveland did CV show up but he ignored me lol i am going to skip that mission
  5. get on cleveland, shouldn't be hard to get 150 hits, my last game i got 324 hits lol
  6. LOL, still 0 plane kills, but finished the other mission, top chart with 2249 base xp :)
  7. this kind of stupid mission just screw up game play, last game a BB actually just go alone to nowhere to attract the CV to attack him, and get sunk, just to get the planes kills, stupid after 3 games, 0 planes score :( i am about to skip this
  8. i looked at New Mexico as suggested above and Colorado, all seems similar, will give them a try
  9. so new orleans? what are the good ships
  10. bad idea, too many currencies, very confusing and dilute the sense of game progress
  11. Ship prices in Steel and Coal

    yup, no interest in coal or steel, WG can keep them if the game gets "harder" to play without these new currencies, i will play other games
  12. lol, there's another thread a while ago that guy got 300k FXP and a few free ships, for NOT PLAYING when i said that's not fair, lots of WG diehards or whatever jumped on me and you wonder why more and more loyal players left...
  13. i think enemy get more points if our team get wiped out, and we gain less xp/credit, right?
  14. that's why i say tiny armor belt buff is not going to cut it, reduce turning radius to at least Yamato level is what needs to be done