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  1. tanking damage is helping the team, just like shooting the enemy, why not equally reward it?
  2. bots won't take much potential damage, but take real damage and sink quickly as about income inflation, you can reduce damage delivered reward to balance, so income still the same right now it's very unfair for those who push and get focus fired, they get very little reward, that makes everyone stay back and camp, that's bad game for everyone
  3. right now potential damage taken reward just too little, should bump it greatly to promote more active play, think about it, any damage coming is damage avoided by team members, it's as important as damage delivered to the enemy team
  4. Generous WG

    can anyone play corgi? how do we join for the premium time?
  5. AFK solution

    i like wow's bg setup, afk for 5 mins you are kicked, with a deserter flag which means you can't play the game for 1/2hr, and in his place, someone else in the queue is filled in
  6. Suggestion of new game modes

    can't wait for more game modes imagine, bb drivers can just shoot each other to your hearts content, dd drivers and swim in torpedo soup and that's the ultimate test of wasd skills, lol
  7. Suggestion of new game modes

    if WG is smart they will think about it, get more players, make more $$$, what's the problem? lol you don't like it you can just ignore it, i mean even if WG adds the modes, you can still play the way you like in the mix mode, what's your problem?
  8. Suggestion of new game modes

    LOL, the game is "balanced" by inclusion of all ships??? lol let me tell you the truth, the game is NOT balanced, and adding more types of ships will only make it harder to balance, not easier if we have a BB game mode, it's very easy to balance, and they can shoot each other, balanced adding other types, will only make it very unbalanced, especially at microscopic level, at each close direct encounter, it's VERY unbalanced, BB meets DD for example, it's a slaughter, not a balanced play, that's why it creates so much rage, and so many players quit
  9. Suggestion of new game modes

    apparently you have reading comprehension problem...
  10. Suggestion of new game modes

    I have no problem with no CA mode, I like to shoot guns, and I don't like to have to keep looking over my back end for some sneaky dds there's a reason that you see No DD mode or no CV mode requests popping up time and again, because there's such a need, and WG as a game developer should provide when there's demand, that's how business works and how they make money again, you as a DD player got nothing to lose, what's your problem? you and those who are against here can still play with each other in this mix mode to show how good you are (duh), or even duke each other for more challenge, as people have suggested above, they want more challenge to destroy pixels, what an achievement lol
  11. Suggestion of new game modes

    nope, I am just asking to ADD more game modes, you can still play the current mode to show your "skills" and your worry of player base is unfounded, this is NOT a zero sum game, more options will attract more players, all you guys who are so good and enjoy this mixed mode will still play current mix mode, right? right? so what's your problem? lol
  12. Suggestion of new game modes

    LOL, pathetic, you just want to play your DD and stealth torpedo BBs, to feel better about yourself let me tell you something, maybe this is a job for you to feel better about your "skill and knowledge" (LOL), but it's a game for me, for entertainment, I play how I like to play
  13. Suggestion of new game modes

    I can choose what kind of game I want to play, I just want options, I don't have to play in a mode that I don't enjoy, what's wrong with that? destroyer players can still play in a all-inclusive mode, or in DD only mode that might be even more fun and chaotic lol, have an open mind
  14. Suggestion of new game modes

    you need to remember this is a GAME, a GAME, for entertainment I don't want to deal with multiple classes, so what? the whole purpose of this GAME is have FUN if I drive a BB and have to constantly worry about DD and torpedo soup, I have to stay back, I find it no fun, not enjoyable, so? either I can quit the game, or WG provide a mode that will be enjoyable for me, what's the problem? I bet there are tens of thousands of players tried, but don't like current single-minded setup, so they leave, so we are left with pathetic 10k people, why don't we create more game modes so more players will play this game, and that translates to shorter wait time, more $$$$$ for WG, what's the problem again? if you like to play DD, no problem, you can duke it out with other DD players in DD mode see how good you really are, or if you really find hunting BB is more fun, the current mode still exists and you can play this all-inclusive mode