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  1. i have coal to buy thunderer, but no 25% coupon left, so i think it's better to wait until Dec to get it with coupon thus saves me 60k coal, or buy it now and get a super container?
  2. Happy668

    LWM Smolensk Review is up.

    strange no more post on this forum? try to promote new site?
  3. interesting idea, they should really sell port slot for coal lets do some math, 252k/15k=17, so that means with 17 port slot you get a T10 premium, that's about 5k dubloon, that's a steal, so coal is better saved to buy premium ship instead of buying port slot
  4. Happy668

    Overpen should cause flooding

    well, what happened to torpedo flooding? same thing as punching a hole in the ship, maybe a bigger hole, but still just a hole
  5. Happy668

    Overpen should cause flooding

    so for those that go at and below water line, we take 1/5 flooding, that's fine too, lol
  6. Happy668

    Overpen should cause flooding

    fine, each overpen should give us 1/10 flooding, that's fine too, lol
  7. you say overpen just punch a hole through ship's hull? fine, give us flooding then since there's a hole there, lol
  8. Happy668

    Did everyone get the Warspite?

    warspite, i am glad it's not dd which i rarely play, i can use her to do operations, extra credit because premium?
  9. sometimes there's a strange delay of mouse clicks till guns are shot, my ping is low <100ms, so shouldn't be ping problem, sometimes the delay could be 1-2 seconds, very frustrating, this doesn't happen before
  10. sure could happen, WoT did it, same company similar game, but to get there, WG need to seriously revise their game strategy, fix MM, make it more balanced, so players will stay instead of try and leave
  11. profitable per player, because WG milk us extra hard, each premium ship could cost $60+, with that money you can buy a full game off the shelf, here you only get 1 ship. as about player grow or increasing, i don't know about the data, but i can see everyday at any time, you get about 10k players that's it, instead of other games which can easily have 100k or 1m players at any one time. WG should have the player turn over data, how many players tried the game but left, if that's very high (which i would think so), try figure out why, that will help lol
  12. that depends of how big the player base is, if we have 500k or 1m players, then cosmetic could be sustainable, but since WG already chosen the current route, players are leaving in droves, only 10k hard core left, so they have to milk the remaining cows real hard, that's the current state. i am all for milk less and grow the playerbase to healthy levels, but WG obviously don't believe that
  13. that's the problem with F2P games, the company's interest is the opposite of the players', since if all players are happy playing free game, how can company make money (the only way then is selling cosmetic stuff but WG don't believe that), WG want to create pain so players will spend money to remove the pain for subscription based there's no such problem, the company actually want to make players happy since they are selling subscription fee only :)
  14. regardless, what's so hard or so bad for the game to balance the teams? adding captain points (which is just as powerful as tiers/types), player WR and experience to the game, you obviously care about "balance" since you already balance the ship tiers and types, why not do the job more thoroughly? why leave the job 1/2 done and create miserable gaming experience and piss off players and make them quit? PS, you know what, just realized WG doesn't really want team balance, you really only care about "balance" that can be seen, since tiers/types are listed so you want to make them appear to players that the teams are "balanced" but in fact they are not. So your MM is still coded to maximize profit, which I can understand, but the problem is you drive away too many players your profit will shrink, not grow, that's bad business, not good business practice. you seriously need to rethink about MM and fix it, it's far more important to this game's success than CV/subs/10 new ships