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  1. Happy668

    What to do about Musashi?

    the turret turn is still 72sec? yamato got buffed, did WG buff musashi too?
  2. damage win games, kill more red ships than losing your own, most of the time you win the game. yeah capping matters, but kill>cap. of course some player will argue about repairable damage blah blah, if they want to nick pick everything then i don't have the time nor desire to argue
  3. lol, just another proof win rate is not about you, you only count for 1/12th +- pocket change, it's the MM that's win rate god that dictates if you win or lose, so don't take win rate too seriously, instead focus on something like damage which is what you can control 100%
  4. Happy668

    Snowflake Steel and Coal amounts announced

    there are 22 T10 ships?
  5. i wonder what will happen to the premium time you get from containers, it will act as "wows only" premium time?
  6. if 50% churn rate is true, it's very alarming
  7. i actually started a poll before how many want to pay monthly subscription fee, in exchange for making the game fun rather than annoying, i remember most of players said no, lol
  8. just think about it, everyone will be happily playing t6 or t8 games, forever, for FREE, who is going to pay the bills for WG?
  9. Happy668

    HMS Exeter!!! Dev Blog Post

    British cruiser shooot HE? that's welcome change
  10. i don't recall kronstat can be bought with coal? i remember it's FXP
  11. Happy668

    What to do about Musashi?

    there's not much point playing a t9 when you mostly will face t10 anyway
  12. we should get to see coral and colorful fishes after sunk, like scuba diving...
  13. Happy668

    BONUS CODE: 15 Dec 2018

    the step 4 asked me to enter steam account and password on a unknown 3rd party site? wouldn't that be security problem? the 3rd party will get your steam account basically
  14. Happy668

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    i would be happy if they have fast reload, like 20 sec