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  1. Happy668

    PSA: Prime Gaming Rewards are back.

    Got Weimar, pretty happy, thanks!
  2. seems to get notification on the collection, what drops it now? too bad italian destroyer container doesn't drop it
  3. remove sub/cv is easy, just remove them from mm it may be for the better without all the development team trying to justify their pay and keep adding new "features", people have been wondering why they keep adding things like cv/subs without player actually asking for them? it's to keep devs jobs lol. as far as i am concerned, i am happy with the current game play, just need new ships and missions etc to keep it going, there's no need to add much to the game
  4. maybe this is for the better without much "development", so there won't be cv/sub/missiles that will dramatically change the game, just give us new ships/camos from time to time and keep the current gameplay
  5. don't buy anything unless it's really great, only then wg will release more great ships, otherwise if they can sell junk, why sell good ones
  6. Happy668

    Found a great ship tool

    the first thing i did is clear the cache, didn't work, i just tried again, still doesn't work, new page is just blank, don't know how to revert back to old version
  7. Happy668

    Found a great ship tool

    I saw there's "new version" so I clicked load, but it ended up in total blank white page with nothing, can we at least get the old version link? since refresh doesn't "revert back", I am using older version of firefox... now can't use the site anymore, thanks
  8. every rank you reached should have a gift
  9. nvm, in port cpu/gpu still go nuts :(
  10. nvidia card has fps limiter global setting, set that to 60 should work, amd should have similar thing i guess
  11. i will wait for direct sale, buying containers most likely get more dupes and cost way more than 175k, could be as bad as 280k
  12. Happy668

    Every. Freaking. Game.

    not saying this will stop it completely and solved the problem, but it sure helps, why not? as about slow down the matching, it will not affect anything, just MM like right now, then if the sum of all captains points of two teams are too different, say 1 team has sum of 200, the other has 50, then swap team members so the sum will be about the same, say 130 vs 120, then it's a much better balanced game, it's just that simple, there's no need and not possible to match captain points 1 by 1, just the sum of it will be a big improvement
  13. Happy668

    Every. Freaking. Game.

    i have suggested this before and i will say it again, match the "tier+type+captain points", teams will be better balanced
  14. Happy668

    And Yet Another Thing About the MM

    i only know the first game of everyday is almost always in bad team and gets a loss, so much so that i pretty much lose interest in playing games, bad MM is bad