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  1. Happy668

    New auctions announced for 0.10.5

    price will go down over time, not go up
  2. Happy668


    I agree, it's a piece of crap
  3. Happy668

    This has to stop

    yeah MM is a POS
  4. Happy668

    Countdown to Missouri Auction

    i have been climbing tech trees all the time, it seems to be pretty balanced, namely when i need to buy a ship, grinding there got me enough credit to buy it, never need to pay $ to buy credits at all, nor do i need to buy MO and grind credit for other ships for people who don't climb the tech trees, they got even more credit they don't know what to do with them, lol
  5. Happy668

    Countdown to Missouri Auction

    well just do the math, if x million credit is what you ever need, no need to waste it on MO and have to grind it back later, lol if you already have the milk, no need to buy the cow
  6. Happy668

    Countdown to Missouri Auction

    what's so special about Missouri? it prints credit, but if we need to spend huge amount of $ or credit to buy it, why? we can just use the $ and credit to get.. credit, don't even need to grind it, lol
  7. where's auction? how to access it?
  8. same problem, one computer stays at 4, but the other one always resets to 2, don't know why ps, running windows 10 (stays at 4), and windows 7 (auto reset), so would that be the cause? no idea
  9. well Shimikazi can do this now, friendly ships are at such close distance she can do this easily without hitting teammates
  10. that's pretty stupid, we want to disable team damage penalty so we can shoot/launch more freely which leads to more active game play, not to keep the penalty while doing no damage, lol
  11. Happy668

    PSA: Team Kong vs Team Godzilla Mission Opt In

    what are the final rewards in boxes? oh nevermind, got it
  12. until i see the last mission for kirov 65 cit or kill or torp? yeah forget it, wg can keep it lol