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  1. I can only guess that player retention is at an all time high when 9 out of 10 games look like this. It's an amazing thrill to play a game with pre-determined outcomes. The player base must be growing by the day for this type of engagement. somuchfun.cpt
  2. SatansOilcan

    Testing the Shortlist theory.

    The crates used to be amazing but they have been getting worse and worse. $5 bucks and most likely winding up with a few crappy camos. Nope.
  3. SatansOilcan

    Statistical proof that MM is NOT RIGGED

    the game is in a crap state, curb stomps are the norm for random. I expect the whales to go out to sea.
  4. We all know the spreadsheets say we're having "fun". Nearly every game is a complete blowout for one team. Talent, through randomness is largely, statistically one sided. The gaming experience is just becoming crap. Wargaming gives surveys about would I recommend this game, but no text field to describe why. It used to be an absolute yes, but I would never ever recommend this game to anyone based upon the play experience today. I need somebody with some business acumen to help me understand the model they are using. New player experience is terrible with the "just dodge" saturation of CVs that can't be counterplayed. Experienced players have widely become disenchanted with 90% of the games predetermined by matchmaker staking talent on one team. I don't see how this game is fun for anyone save the very small number of players that don't care about competing for a win.
  5. SatansOilcan

    Iron Cross camo

    Yeah, I am a whale and absolutely don't plan to try to get these. I am becoming disillusioned with the game in general.
  6. SatansOilcan

    WG: shot across the bow with sync droppers

    I have a feeling that Wargaming doesn't care... about anything. The gaming experience is been on a continuous decline. Clans are talking boycott of clan battles because of CVs. Most games are a blowout because of the crap matchmaker. It's perplexing. Syncdropping could be fixed by a few lines of code.
  7. SatansOilcan

    Where Do You Stand?

    Interesting... I usually assume they are really bad but every once in a while, there's a unicum hiding their stats...
  8. SatansOilcan

    Where Do You Stand?

    I wish I didn't play hundreds and hundreds of battles as a complete noob. I am paying the penance for the trying to get my winrate up every tenth percent!
  9. SatansOilcan

    Tier 4 - SIX CV's???

    Sad thing is this is the new player experience. If any new player gets to Tier 4 and doesn't immediately uninstall, I don't know what motivates them.
  10. I have all the Dashas. It's hilarious to hear her speak Russian on other nationality ships!
  11. SatansOilcan

    Warning this will make you jump in your DDs. Greyhound.

    Smart money for Wargaming would be to get an ad trailer to run before the movie. The new accounts would come pouring in.
  12. SatansOilcan

    Happy Shipsmas?

    It's the Fujin, identical to the Kamikaze. I bought it from the premium shop aaaages ago, I didn't know how OP it was, just liked the colors. :)
  13. SatansOilcan

    Happy Shipsmas?

    I was wondering if Wargaming was ever going to do a really fun Xmas flag again like they did on the first year they offered Santa crates? The little fishy with a Santa hat is my favorite flag. I have read through their announcements and don't see anything...
  14. SatansOilcan


    play pink and strike fear in the hearts of your teammates
  15. SatansOilcan

    Cannot get into battle?

    Yep, we got kicked out of a game right as their platform crashed. It was going to be an epic win, wouldn't ya know! :P