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  1. driedjello

    Happy Shipsmas?

    It's the Fujin, identical to the Kamikaze. I bought it from the premium shop aaaages ago, I didn't know how OP it was, just liked the colors. :)
  2. driedjello

    Happy Shipsmas?

    I was wondering if Wargaming was ever going to do a really fun Xmas flag again like they did on the first year they offered Santa crates? The little fishy with a Santa hat is my favorite flag. I have read through their announcements and don't see anything...
  3. driedjello


    play pink and strike fear in the hearts of your teammates
  4. driedjello

    Cannot get into battle?

    Yep, we got kicked out of a game right as their platform crashed. It was going to be an epic win, wouldn't ya know! :P
  5. driedjello

    I wanna get excellent

    Watch lots of Flamu and Flambass on youtube. Learn when not to shoot! Watch your own replays for mistakes.
  6. driedjello

    Help my Ship is Full of Dirt

    I think they wash it off for us after each match, hence all the silver they charge for maintenance.
  7. driedjello

    Okay, what is better to get! Dallas or Pensacola?

    I do love the heck out of the Omaha, a much underrated ship.
  8. driedjello

    Good golly, thank you Wargaming!

    Oooh, didn't realize that might be situational. They even gave a supercrate for a line I was regrinding...
  9. AA Defense Expert returns The coolest new port to date Supercontainers raining down like raindrops. (I think I will get 22 of them) Free Captain Respec Fantastic New Missions Your generosity is simply stupefying this patch... Bravo!!! Edit: and a belated thank you for the Somers! My Dad was a chief machinist on the USS Jouett, a Somers class DD in WWII. I was super excited to get her in game and she's treating me well!
  10. absolutely my favorite emblem!
  11. driedjello

    Request from a wallet whale

    Hey now, somebody had to be a forum idiot to keep you all entertained!
  12. driedjello

    These Two Words Will Say It All "I'm Done"

    +1, good advice.
  13. driedjello

    These Two Words Will Say It All "I'm Done"

    I agree with the OP. This game may not provide a great experience for the new player, learning from better players is one thing, but getting instagibed provides very little potential to learn. I believe the matchmaker holds to key to providing a better environment for new players. It should place new players with other new players, an arena to learn the mechanics with other players with just a few games under their belts. WG is tone deaf with any concept of adding any logic to their MM and I believe it limits the playerbase unnecessarily.
  14. Okay, love the new year's streamer camo because it makes grinding sooo much easier! I bought 1000 of them when they went on sale. 100% XP, 150% Commander XP and 100% Free XP, not too shabby. They now have the new Post Apocalypse camo with the same stats. I am warming up the wallet for it/when this stuff hits the premium shop. Same stats but looks 100% better, IMHO. Any news on if/when?