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  1. absolutely my favorite emblem!
  2. driedjello

    Request from a wallet whale

    Hey now, somebody had to be a forum idiot to keep you all entertained!
  3. driedjello

    These Two Words Will Say It All "I'm Done"

    +1, good advice.
  4. driedjello

    These Two Words Will Say It All "I'm Done"

    I agree with the OP. This game may not provide a great experience for the new player, learning from better players is one thing, but getting instagibed provides very little potential to learn. I believe the matchmaker holds to key to providing a better environment for new players. It should place new players with other new players, an arena to learn the mechanics with other players with just a few games under their belts. WG is tone deaf with any concept of adding any logic to their MM and I believe it limits the playerbase unnecessarily.
  5. Okay, love the new year's streamer camo because it makes grinding sooo much easier! I bought 1000 of them when they went on sale. 100% XP, 150% Commander XP and 100% Free XP, not too shabby. They now have the new Post Apocalypse camo with the same stats. I am warming up the wallet for it/when this stuff hits the premium shop. Same stats but looks 100% better, IMHO. Any news on if/when?
  6. driedjello

    Are you happy with the Current CV status?

    The randoms that don't have a CV start with people in chat rejoicing. I'd say that's a sign that people hate them.
  7. driedjello

    Hey developers, [edited]....

    I saw you in game... you have... the best name ever!
  8. driedjello

    Nerf the IJN gunboats already

    That made me think of this: (lmbo)
  9. driedjello

    The "Karma" Nonsense

    Good point I haven't considered before about it being a quiet relief valve... there's probably value there. LOL at the hippocampus take!
  10. driedjello

    The "Karma" Nonsense

    you said that the mechanic has little/no ingame value. my analogy is apt. thanks for noticing my avatar. I like yours too.
  11. driedjello

    The "Karma" Nonsense

    Makes me feel like a native while playing WoWs.
  12. driedjello

    AA defense expert

    I recently learned they took the achievement AA defense expert away? So a CV decides they will ruin your game and focus spot you the whole game and you don't even get some flags for knocking down 70 units of skycancer while your game is as fun as cleaning the bathroom? Smooth move, Wargaming.
  13. driedjello

    Unplayable Nightmare

    Truth. You know the meta is jacked when there are huge swaths of ships you won't play because of the prevalence of skycancer. I can't think of one major patch that didn't fix a broken mechanic until the new CV rework. This patch has rendered null what made warships fun: spotting mechanics. It's an arcade shooter now, not a game of careful strategy involving positioning.
  14. driedjello

    The "Karma" Nonsense

    Yet a middle finger at a traffic light might end up with a road-rage incident and two people going to jail/morgue. Gestures can trigger a strong reaction in the hippocampus.