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  1. Waylon112

    Any good coal/steel/RB ships (for co-op) coming soon???

    This is just my opinion. For co-op my favorite ship is Colbert. If you like Worcester, you will love Colbert. With a speed boost and non-stop guns It's a no gimmicks play style that literally eats destroyers and burns everything to the ground. I have the Smolensk, I don't think it compares to the Colbert. Colbert gets where it needs to be much faster and Its guns are just relentless...if you like that play style.
  2. Waylon112

    Ships you never knew..but became a favorite.

    You won't be disappointed. It's comfortable, fun, fast and handles like a sport bike not a "cruiser." I had the Termignoni exhaust on mine, it was awesome.
  3. Waylon112

    Ships you never knew..but became a favorite.

    Off topic but, have either of you ever ride the Ducati Diavel? If the answer is no don't laugh until you have, that bike is amazing. It really surprised me. It shouldn't be able to do any of the things that it does. It's probably the best bike I've ever owned. I quit street riding about 5 years ago too many distracted drivers, it's become graveyard out there. Edit, wanted to clarify the Diavel as a street bike, it does not compare obviously to a 999 or a Panigale on the track.
  4. Waylon112

    I like these things about the game.

    The main guns sound amazing with this update. My Worcester's guns sound bad to the bone!
  5. Each of the Jinan's 13.5 k torps do 20k damage. She has 40 of them with the reload booster. I think she can defend herself.
  6. Waylon112

    First Impressions: Paolo "Yolo" Emilio.

    I can count the number of games on one hand I've had in the yolo Emilio that did not have a CV. It's amazing but every time I play that ship in co-op is a 99% chance I have a CV in the game. For me I will make a couple hard turns left and right or go part throttle for the first 30 seconds and then back to full throttle to get the torps to load, like others have said, bypass the DD and you have two kills in front of you either BBs or cruisers whatever RNG gives you. Engine boost lasts 20 seconds longer than smoke so if the ship is say 12 km out I'll hit the speed boost for 20 seconds and then go into smoke right before I get detected then the bigger health ship gets the two torp drop the smaller health ship gets a single torp drop. At that point you're over 100k and if you're still alive and they're still ships left by the time you reload, it's a real big game.
  7. Waylon112

    Why are BB's Blind?

    Why do we park in a driveway and drive on a parkway? I'm full of questions.
  8. Waylon112

    Coop only players, what's your reasoning?

    This^ many times other players will ask for certain things, anytime I can help I always do. Yesterday a player ask for the last kill, he needed it for a mission. I gladly held my fire let him take the kill, just how it is in co-op.
  9. Waylon112

    Coop only players, what's your reasoning?

    All good points made above but I'll add to that. I've never had a bot report me, down vote me, complain a ship is OP, or that I HE spammed him or devstruck him. I played world of tanks for a long time. The single reason I left was because of the people complaining about gold ammo. A game gives you different levels of ammo why would you not pick the best performing one? If they had a PVE mode I'd probably still be playing. That said I'm also different than most people as I only play co-op and when I say that I mean I don't do any type of ops, I don't Div up with others I just want to play the game and be left alone. On the flip side of that I'm not one of these people that could care less how I play. Its co-op so winning is 98% given but I always want to be at the top of the leaderboard if I don't finish top three the game was a fail, I spec my captains out, I run flags, I even run steel ships in co-op so it's not that I'm not competitive I just don't expect much from people that get to hide behind the keyboard.
  10. Cheech and Chong man. Dirty Harry. Duke Nukem.
  11. Waylon112

    Ragnar rage is real

    I don't have any help to offer you but I do have a question. Is Ragnar rage cause because the ship is dangerous and they want to take it out? Or is it because it's a steel ship and some players are jealous? If it's the the latter the answer is get the 10k steel camo!
  12. Waylon112

    Audio settings...

    I was wondering if some of the computer experts on this forum could lend some insight into the new settings to maximize the audio for the game. I haven't seen any up-to-date YouTube videos on the latest settings like wide dynamic range? Loudness compensation? I'm running a 2080 TI and quality speakers so I'm not worried about taxing my system. I'm just interested in the best sound especially the guns firing. The other question which is less important but I'm still curious is the graphic settings anti-aliasing FXAA? Anti-aliasing TXAA? AMD FSR 1.0? And game browser hardware acceleration. There is a lot of new stuff I'm looking to maximize the graphics and the audio any help would be awesome I know we have people on this forum that forgot more than I will ever know so your input would be great thanks in advance. And just for FYI I have googled everything I posted above and it is not real clear to me. I have read the definitions of what each do but I'm not real sure what is optimal.
  13. Waylon112

    Email Bonus Codes

  14. Waylon112

    We need tier 11 and tier 12.

    I think this would be as popular as 24 point Captains!