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  1. Waylon112

    PVE Clans

    Are there any co-op only clans? I'm a dinosaur thinking about joining a clan but I'm really a lone wolf, no coms, and I never division up. I literally only play co-op. I don't want to be bothered with all the technical stuff but I do produce a lot of oil. I'm just looking for the clan bonus, only if it's not a hassle.
  2. Waylon112

    Can Halsey be ground out in coop only?

    I appreciate the replies most of these missions get me screwed up. But now that I know I can do multiple missions over that is great. I will grind it out, l appreciate all the input
  3. From what I am seeing mission wise the answer is no. But I have heard people say it is possible. Can anyone shed some light. I suck at missions, I just play the game.
  4. Waylon112


    I would like to second that request!
  5. Waylon112

    Spotting should be more rewarding

    IMO, surface ships should get 50% of the damage to any ship you spot while it remains lit and a percentage just for spotting it. I don't know what should be done with CVs and spotting damage. That would make the game less passive in my opinion It would be an incentive to spot. In wot spotting plays a much bigger roll bonus wise and it gives people an incentive to push.
  6. Waylon112

    Paper Warships

    Aside from the paper ships I think he's mostly talking about Godzilla versus King Kong. WOT console and to a lesser extent WOT, has gotten to the point where it looks like a Saturday morning kids cartoon, stickers on the tanks, giant clown faces, it's beyond ridiculous and in my opinion kills the game, unless you're 7 to 10 years old.
  7. I remember a couple years ago when I was playing WOT, They had a $900 tank package, I don't know how many tanks it had but it was quite a few. I was amazed at how many people bought it!
  8. Waylon112

    Zath Chat - Auctions 785 10.3

    I think the auctions are a great idea. Unlike the boxes, you know what you're buying/bidding on. So there are no surprises, you put the money up for a certain ship and if you get that ship you're a happy camper, if you don't want to spend any money or you don't like the ship keep your wallet in your pocket. Either way there's no surprises and nobody's crying.
  9. What do you think will be the time frame for the Christopher Columbo before it gets an ultimate upgrade in the armory? Just curious on thoughts, Will it even get one?
  10. Carbine Carlito on youtube did a review this morning on the ZF-6
  11. Waylon112

    Aptly named Marco Polo

    They are best in class for finding the bottom of the ocean. Nothing can sink faster than a Marco Polo for example. The entire line absolutely excels at mediocrity. Paulo Emilio was adopted.
  12. Waylon112

    We lost one recently, rest in peace Brandyn

    Godspeed brother. My condolences to family and friends.
  13. Waylon112

    First impressions of Marco polo?

    I think lepanto is better all around than the Marco Polo. Hands down.
  14. Waylon112

    Taking Randoms Too Serious

    Best post of the year! I sprayed my coffee everywhere!
  15. Waylon112

    X New Jersey post in SEA forum.

    Yeah I get it, like I said a lot of people keep saying we have 30 Iowa class ships in the game. I understand that, the only point I'm trying to get across is 99% of the people that served on, with, or around the ships in this game are 6-ft under. The only ship I'm aware of anybody could have done service with in this game is the USS New Jersey and if their (WG) objective is to make money I know for a fact that ship would sell. If they were going to put only two Iowa class battleships in this game it should have been the Missouri and the New Jersey. They would have made five times more money, but what do I know.