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  1. Shima is the best balanced in the cross-meta- evolution of the game, versatil and deadly if you know how to play it. ranked out whit it. only smalland better, but not best. for camo you should tcheck for events (halloween etc.. you get sommes for free.
  2. I'm a DD player, want play DD and want win with DD, so it's not easy Remember a season where i play more than 600 games, finish to R5, want reach R1, After that, i get a better level. what i learn: -always keep an eye on who is where on the minimap, friend/cover, ennemi/radar, dd -communication and sight, who need support or do i.. -radars/hydro range -ships detection range -hotspot on a maps -torp range Thats it, all u have to know, in many situations the MM will challenge you, bad teaming, cvs in ranked, premium vs reg. may you have to anticipate your friends ships. you will see greats players, and one thing a great player use its his own ship characteristics, you know it , you beat it. i play : T8 Fantasque,Olland T9 Mogador, t10 Shima, Kleber, Halland depending of the meta.
  3. starblood13

    Ranked-out server

    By growing community it maybe possible one day, ty for answer
  4. starblood13

    Ranked-out server

    May add a random server limited to 7vs7 tier 8-10 /?
  5. starblood13

    Ranked-out server

    i just ranked out from bronze and now, i have to wait.. i'd allready ranked gold out last saison, and had to go back to random .. its a litle deceptive , i really like the challenge of ranked in a 7/7 format, play reel great game with strong player skill and a really competitives matches. when we are out, would be fun to have a ranked out server, because when you come back from ranked to random, i feel like im in a coop game. So have a limited practice server, for ranked-out people could be fun
  6. starblood13

    Interested in Marceau- Take a Peek at what She Offers Here

    Just get it for a couple of games , i can say it's a deception, cant get the feeling i have with Mogador first and Kleber. Fast gun bun high and long arc mean 1/3 of ur shot lost and after that 1/3 lost with ricochets and bounces so maybe you place 180 shots but dammage outpout come very low for the amount of shots fired. Torpedo is very very slow reload to be really effective with the speed u use. think now its a backyard ship not like Mog or KLeb who give you a real offensive role .
  7. starblood13

    Hung up on Kleber Captain skills?

    my build, offensive torp and gun pm,ifa,em,se,rl ,ce whith meta you need rdf (hunting dd), or just play as support.. i think thats the best for kleber after 350 games lots of loss after last nerfes, i prefer play Mogador, he's more effective whit possible 7.5 concellement.
  8. starblood13

    Ranked Help

    Hardcore DD Driver...Shima,Daring,Kleber Star saver advice May you bring your big potato in game and wait 40 km away behind a rock trying to save your prescious star...but for me you just planning an epic fail. Trying to save your star mean you wil not in the action at all and dont plan to win...and that's a waste of secondary support. Climb to rank 5 and drop fast asap with this kind of play, dont become frustrate about losing a star, but i did for my poor teamate Ranked rely on a minimal teamwork and strategie to success,
  9. Touch R5 around 160 battles, probleme is at 5 you can wait many hours to get a single game since very few player at that level higher you go , greater game you get..
  10. ALMOST Shima (ninja) , Daring (ghost) and Kleber (good as cv counter) but inferior to mogador since patch, I'm DD player all the way, touch rank 5 Hard time with CV and russians radar, but they're some way ,never give up on DD..
  11. starblood13

    Ranked Battles: the Fifteenth Season

    STUCK AT RANK 5, 4 HRS waiting MM, game doesn't start..?% is it all about player range ? i luve ranked, high quality (competive ) play , do something pls...